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A/N: It's really short, I know. I hope you like it - an idea that came to me a few nights ago. Please, please, please read and review!! Expect a new chapter of Behind the Tapestry soon too, to all my readers. Thanks for all your support! Enjoy!
Disclaimer: All characters, places, etc. belong to J.K. Rowling. Plot and some creatures courtesy of me :].

It was dusk; that time of day when the golden sun melts into the horizon, so the viewer cannot tell the difference between night and day. That time when the evening seems to carry away one’s worries and deposit them into the calmness of the timeless night. As she sat there, by the window, the hearth sparked and spluttered, struggling relentlessly to keep aflame. Scratch. Scratch. An exhausted 2nd year remained at the other side of the common room, scribbling an essay for her Charms class the following morning. Luna’s lips curved into a gentle smile. She could remember her nights of endless studying. Of course, that was before she became immaculately practiced in the art of completing one’s essay during Professor Binn’s droning lectures in History of Magic.

She returned her gaze to the landscape beyond the cool glass. She could see her reflection; her wispy blonde locks outlined in the warm hazy light emitting from the small fire. She looked the same, I suppose, as always, but she didn’t feel the same. It had been earlier that day, when she had realized that she was tired. She was tired of pretending to be something she wasn’t. She was clever, of course, but she hated that everyone who didn’t really know her thought she was completely nutty. Sure, she was interested in those Horn-snouted Kliphmies and Nargles, but none of them ever knew why.

When her mother had died, Luna was positive that it wasn’t because of her father’s explanation of a back-fired spell. She had seen her mother die, that memory would always haunt her, but she was certain that it wasn’t caused by the after affects of a spell. She had spent days and days as a young witch leafing through her mother’s observation journals, each one depicting a species of magical animal, and each one clearly showing her mother’s passion for them. And from her research, Luna had concluded that her mother had died because of a disease spread by the Moss-tooth Wirerotes. Everything fit. Except that she didn’t know who she was. Was she an editor of a magazine like her father? Was she curious and outgoing like her mother?

She moved on with her life, and she had decided that the only way she could be faithful to her mother would be for her to follow in her footsteps and grow a strong passion for rare creatures. And that’s exactly what she did. Except, she may have gone a little too far.

If she hadn’t understood it, Luna may have grown to except the nicknames; “Loony Lovegood.”, the most common. It was sad, in her opinion. These intelligent, mature people making fun of who she was.

But if only they knew. If only they knew that it was all a façade, if they knew that she really wasn’t that mad. She was just her, trying to find herself the only way she knew how. Of course, it was helpful that Harry Potter was one of her best friends, but popularity didn’t fix all of it.

That was it. She was done. She was done trying to hide herself behind her mother. She made a decision; a decision to go to class the next morning, and still talk about her rare creatures. But she was going to tell them why. She was going to explain why they were sentimental to her. And everyone would understand. Pretty much everyone knew what it was like to lose someone they loved. And pretty much everyone would change perspective; they would accept her for who she was and that was it. She would make it happen. She had to.

Luna sighed. The 2nd year yawned noisily. The hearth was cold and bare now; house elves must have already cleaned it up. Without the warmth of the fire, the thoughtful atmosphere of the common room had turned lonely and solemn. Luna stood. She stood with confidence, not grace. She walked across the room with determination, not airiness. She exited the common room, to find herself, a changed Luna Lovegood, standing in the middle of the corridor at eleven at night. Standing in the middle of the corridor, where it was so quiet that you could almost hear the sound of silence. So quiet, that if you listened hard enough, you might have been able to hear the steady breathing of the Feather-freckled Pixie. But no one knows for sure. 

A/N: See, I told you it was short :]. Please review! (It's the best and only reward we get!)

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