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Chapter four: Letters from Hogwarts

After the previous night’s events I couldn’t wait for Mum and Draco to get home. The three of us didn’t do much today. But I was fully expecting a yelling at when my mum got home. After all that had happened, we ended up with a broken window and me, an underage witch, doing magic. Although anyone would admit that I did pull off a pretty spectacular Patronus.

The only good thing that came from the intrusion last night would be that I didn’t have to admit that I liked-


Oh crap, I thought, I think she saw the window.

“ROSE GET DOWN HERE!” my mum yelled, “NOW!”

I walked down the stairs leaving Willow in my room. As I entered the living room I saw Draco examining where the window use to be, and my mum standing with her hands on her hips, toe tapping impatiently.

“Rose, what happened?” she said trying to hold back her rage of the missing window.

“To tell you the truth,” I began.

“That would be a good Idea,” she said before I could finish my answer.

“I don’t know what happened,” I told her.

“You don’t know?” she said as her voice shook in rage, “Our window is missing and you don’t know what happened?”

“I was upstairs when it happened, mum,” I told her calmly.

“Mum, it wasn’t her fault,” Hugo yelled as he ran through the front door into the living room, “it’s my fault,” he gripped his side in pain, “I was playing with one of my friends and he pushed me into it. It was an accident, mum, don’t get Rose in trouble.”

She eyed him suspiciously before saying, “Rose, you may go,” she then turned to Hugo, “you however are grounded for the rest of the summer.”

He looked down at his feet and accepted his punishment. I started to walk to my room when an owl swooped in through the missing window and dropped a pile of letters on the floor at the feet of my mum. Draco bent down to get the letters.

“Hey Willow,” I yelled upstairs, “you should get down here.”

“Hogwarts letters?” Hugo said, “Sweet!”

“Hugo here’s yours,” Draco said handing one to Hugo, “and one for Rose,” he handed me one, “and here is one for Willow.”

“Thanks Mr. Malfoy,” she said as she accepted her letter.

“Please call me Draco,” he said with a laugh.

I opened my letter and read:

Dear Miss Rose Weasley,

Please note that the new school year will begin on September the first. The Hogwarts Express will leave from King’s Cross Station, platform nine and three-quarters, at eleven o’clock.

A list of books and supplies for the new school year is enclosed.

A selection of staff members have also decided to make you captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Enclosed is you Quidditch Captain Pin, please wear it at all times while at school this year.

Yours sincerely,

Professor M. McGonagall


“Quidditch captain!” Willow shouted as she finished reading over my shoulder.

“Congratulations sweetie!” my mum said as she hugged me.

I stared at the small pin in my hand and smiled inwardly. After being on the Quidditch team for four years and I was finally made Quidditch captain. I have wanted this for a few years now. And now I finally have it.

I took out the supply list a looked down at it:

Course Books:

You will require a copy of each of the following:

Advanced Potion-Making

Confronting the Faceless

Advanced Rune Translation

Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century

The Dream Oracle

Flesh-Eating Trees of the World

Guide to Advanced Transfiguration

The Stars and Beyond

Quintessence: A Quest

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles

New Theory of Numerology

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi

Muggles Who Notice

“You have a lot of books this year,” Willow commented.

“It’s only two more than your list.”

Willow said nothing as we both retreated to my room. We entered my room and there was a certain stillness in the house. One I knew all too well. Something wasn’t right-


“I should have expected that,” I said to Willow before I turned and left my room for the second time today.


“I’m coming mum!” I yelled back.

I entered the living room and saw what my mum was yelling at me for. I should have known it was coming. After what happened last night, seeing the envelope in her hand with a small purple seal, was expected, although I wish it wasn’t.

“Rose, would you mind explaining why this letter is here?”

“If I knew what it said I might be of some help.”

She pulled the letter out and read:

Dear Miss R. Weasley,

We have received intelligence that you performed the Partonus Charm at precisely nine thirty two last evening. Seeing as this strictly violates the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, and as this is your first offence, we will let you off with an official warning. If the Ministry of Magic is notified of any other illegal acts, it will lead to you immediate expulsion, pending only for a disciplinary hearing.

Sincerely yours,

Mafalda Hopkirk

Improper Use of Magic Office

Ministry of Magic

My mum looked at me for a moment before yelling, “What did you do?!”

“Mum don’t get angry,” I said, “there was a Dementor! I swear it!”

“Cause I haven’t heard that one before.”

“But that one was true!”

“And this one is a lie?”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Don’t take that tone with me young lady!”

“But mum!”

“Don’t but-”

“It’s true Mrs. Malfoy!” Willow yelled as she ran into the room, “Wow that was weird to say.”

“Not the point Willow,” I said through gritted teeth, “Mum, of all the times I’ve lied in the past, you should believe me on this one.”

“When have you li-”

“Forget that for the moment, Love,” Draco said stepping in, “the point is, she was attacked by a Dementor and she still has her soul.”

“And thanks to her, me and Hugo still have ours too,” Willow said standing next to me.

At that precise moment an owl with the Daily Profit arrived. After Draco paid it the usual amount, the owl left through the once living room window. Draco looked at the paper before handing it to my mum.

Within seconds of holding the paper she dropped it as if it was lit on fire. She threw herself at me and pulled me into a tight hug.

“I’m so glad you are alright!”

“Are you bipolar?”

“Sweetie, there is a criminal on the loose, and the Dementors are looking for him.”

“So there you have it, she wasn’t lying, and she saved their lives,” Draco told everyone.

“Rose, your still going to be grounded.”


“For smart mouthing me earlier.”

“Mum, that’s so not fair,” I told her, “If it wasn’t for me everyone would be dead.”

“Technically they would be worse than dead,” Draco said, “But listen to your mother.”

“Why do you have to take her side?” I groaned as I left the room.

“Cause I know what it is like to not be on her side, my nose still hurts from it,” Draco said rubbing his nose remembering all too well what happened.

AN: Hey all you readers out there, I was just gonna say that I hope you all like the story. I would appreciate it if you could leave some reviews, I don't know what you guys think of it. If you have anything to say, constructive criticism, telling me what you think of the story so far, anything really. I just want to know what you think. It would mean a lot to me to get a few reviews. Thanks.

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