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I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours
It's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by
I watch the clock to make my timing just right
Would it be okay, would it be okay if I took your breath away?

You had me at hello- A day to Remember


“Loren, don’t you?!” A far away voice floated towards me.


I jumped off my swing underneath the apple tree in my backyard. The loose, white gown I was wearing billowed around me in the cool breeze. My locks lifted into the hair, blowing around me softy, I shivered violently in the cold air.


I looked up into the inky sky; the storm clouds circled each other menacingly. The energy from the up-coming storm charged through me raising the hairs on my arms and neck. I walked forward; my bare feet tickled by the grass. I raised my arms over my head, letting the electricity pervade through me. A streak of lightening filled the sky and I could almost literally taste the salt from the rain.


I looked up once more expectantly. A large, glistening drop fell through the air breaking the energy. It landed on my ivory cheek and slid down leaving a wet trail behind. I wiped it away as more fell around me, barely touching my exposed skin. I shivered again and turned and ran towards my house.


I stopped short of the house and remembered the voice, childish but older, sad but happy in some way. I closed my eyes, listening intently to the rain, rocking back and forth lightly. I brought my hand forward and opened the screen door, stepping past the threshold. I opened my mouth to call for my family but stopped abruptly, noticing the emptiness.


I ran to different rooms, the only object was a white sheet across each floor.


“Loren.” The voice sang to me but a different voice this time..


I sprinted up the stairs, missing the creak of the third stair. I gracefully stopped in my bedroom, ignoring the sheet upon the floor and stared at the person standing in the corner.


“Sirius, what are you doing?” I finally found my voice and pressed my gaze into him.


“Run with me Loren, please?” He asked again and I felt myself move towards him.


He grabbed my hand and pulled me gently towards the stairs. I questioned him again but he only shook his head and told me to be patient. We made it back to the door following out to the backyard and Sirius let go of my hand. I felt emptiness overcome me and I walked forward one step.


Sirius placed his hands out to stop me and lifted one finger, signaling me to wait. I wanted to ask him why he was leaving me but my voice was again lost and I looked at him, waiting.


He closed his eyes and his body shook, not light shivers but deep, violent tremors. He flexed his fists and he shook harder. I could still see the outline of where his body stood in the background of the storm but he was changing. His body convulsed and twisted. His arms and legs became much shorter and his body bent awkwardly.


I squeezed my eyes closed and waited, waited for something to happen to me. But nothing came; instead a soft growl surprised me. When I looked over to what used to be the form of Sirius I was greeted by a dog. Big, shaggy, and black, just like Canopus, the dog I received for my birthday from Sirius.


He shot back and ran towards the woods, at the entrance he turned back and barked at me. I ran forward after him, letting my legs take over for themselves. I sprinted to him and let him take the lead and followed without knowing where I was following.


We ran without stopping and just ran. The rain soaked me through and stuck my hair to my face in ebony clumps. Sirius was a damp, black blur and barked encouragingly once and awhile.


We stopped in a clearing and I clutched a stitch in my side that wasn’t noticeable before. I wiped away my hair and sat down on the muddy ground.


“Sirius why are we here?” He trod over to me and sat at my feet and nuzzled my legs, whimpering lightly.


“What’s wrong?” He raised his head off of his paws and looked past me. I followed his gaze over to a mound, blurred in the down pour. I stood and walked over to the shape. I leaned my head over, blocking the rain from my eyes and suppressed the gasp that bubbled in my chest.


The back of a body lay before me and I reached down and gently turned the body. I screamed deafeningly as I looked into the blank, lifeless eyes of my father.


I slammed my fist down on the alarm that woke me from my dream. I groggily opened my eyes and looked around at the still sleeping forms of my best friends. I was happy that I was awakened from my dream but still upset at the fact that it was 6:45 in the morning on the weekend and there was no hope of me getting back to sleep.


I checked my alarm to make sure it was off and stood up, throwing on a hoodie and grabbing my wand, stowing it in the pocket of my pj pants. I looked down at my nightstand and seen the diary James gave me and the bracelet and charms Lily gave me. I grabbed the diary and a quill and ink, deciding it was best to use the gift. Maybe it could help me in the long run.


I snuck out of the dormitory after promising Lily’s gift that it too would be used and solved. I sat down at the table in front of the window. I looked out into the haze and fog covering the grounds and wiped away the condensation that had pooled on the window.


I put the diary onto the table and set my arm down. I opened the book and tore out a piece of paper, set the inkwell down and dipped my quill.



        Honestly, did you think you were getting away that easy? I demand to know where my brother is and why are you being so reclusive when writing me. You barely wrote two sentences last time, I’m getting worried.

                                Loren Adalaide Evans.


I rolled the letter and pulled the hair tie from my hair and wrapped it around, setting it next to me. I then pulled the diary back and flipped to the second un-used page.


Well what do I write to something that won’t talk back?

I guess I could tell you a little about myself.

Hm, I have a wonderful boyfriend.

Some great best friends.

But I can’t be happy.

Why you might ask, well just so you know.

I ask the same thing


I closed it tight and ran back upstairs setting it in my drawer and skipped down the stairs and grabbed the letter, setting out to the owlery.


After 25 minutes of coaxing Kitty down to me I was back up in the common room, still the only one awake. It was now 7:30; I decided it was time for some people to wake up. I silently sprinted up the boy’s stair and snuck into their room. I choked back a laugh; I guess they never woke up after I left them. Sirius was still cuddled to his blanket; James was half way off the bed and had his legs still on and poor Remus had fallen off. I stood on top a chair and put my hands to my mouth.


“WAKEY WAKEY, EGGS AND BAKEY” I stopped yelling at the guys and noticed they didn’t even move an inch.


Think, think, think Loren. Oh ok, I’ve got it.


“YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE!!!! “ I screeched loudly


Both of the boys jumped up and started jumping around, smacking their hair. It took them a minute to realize I was standing their doubled over with laughter. When they did realize they stared at me peculiarly.


Finally after many seconds James spoke up. “Meanie!” I laughed again and stood up straight.


“Sorry guys but I’ve been awake and lonely for awhile. I needed company.” I looked over at Remus and did a double take, he never woke up!


“What the hell. How did he sleep through that?” I asked


“He can sleep through anything.” Sirius answered back and stressed his fabulous abs, err I mean… never mind.


“Well then how do I wake him up?”


At the exact moment the door to the dormitory opened up and smacked the chair I was standing on so it rocked unstably. I lurched forward and fell on top of Remus, pretty sure that that would wake him up. I landed over his back and my elbows connected with the floor dully. I felt the pain surge through my body and I let out a yelp of pain.


“Remus are you awake now?” I asked while holding back tears of pain.


“Yes Lor, I am. And are you ok?” He asked as he flipped around with me still on top of him so I lay on his tummy


“Yeah.” I groaned as I got up and massaged my elbows, I turned to look and see who knock me down. It wasn’t really necessary to look because James took the time to ask sternly, “Peter, where have you been all night?”


“None of your business Potter.” He spat with hostility in each word.


“Hey don’t you be mean, he just asked a question!” I said back in defense of James.


“Shut up, it’s none of your business.”


“Peter, STOP IT!” Remus’ voice was barely more then a whisper but it rang through and shut us all up. “Now Loren could you please get up? This isn’t too comfortable.” He laughed as he shifted around.


James walked over hooked his arms under mine and picked me up as if I weighed nothing.


“Wow Loren, you weigh nothing.” James said


Yeah that was weird. 


James pulled me behind him when I got my balance and asked peter again where he was. And again he answered with vague answers and got madder every time. Each time I tried to look over at him, James would push me back farther and Sirius would pull me back by my arm.


“Pete, just tell us!” Sirius pleased to him.


Pete starred incredulously, turned kicked the dresser and swore. And then like that he walked out of the door. I waited several seconds before walking out the sandwich that was made of me, Sirius and James.


“What was that all about?”


“I don’t’ know Loren... Go wake the girls and we can go to breakfast, yeah?”


I nodded solemnly and waked to my dormitory.




After waking the girls and getting dressed we were all walking down to the Great Hall in search of some much needed food. As we walked we caught a straggler: Sebastian. He walked over to me, laced his hand with mine and kissed my cheek.


“Hey babe, so what do you say, after breakfast we take a walk?” He squeezed my hand lightly urging me to answer.


“Sure, of course,” I said and laughed as his baby face lit up.


Sebastian and I parted at our two tables and the rest of us Gryffindors sat down to eat.


A few moments later the post came, I expected nothing I had wrote to my parents that morning, they wouldn’t have gotten the letter already. But a letter fell onto my plate anyway. I slide the paper out of the envelope and opened it up.


Aw, you and your boyfriend are so cute together Loren.

I wonder how long it’ll last. And don’t deny it I know my last letter rattled you. Just remember everything gets worse before it gets better.


 I balled the paper up and threw it in the air, pointing my wand at it. It caught on fire and dissolved into a pile of ash. Why me?


“What was that?” Lily asked alarmed.


“Nothing.” I said


Everyone at the table starred for a second but just kept back to eating.


“Hey Lily, would you mind if we later we could study for the Transfiguration test together?” James said as he swallowed some food.


Ok the guys always talk with food in their mouth, when they don’t have food in their mouth they are quiet. But as soon as that food hits their mouth they become chatter boxes.


“Ugh yeah sure.” Lily said unsurely.


James could hardly hold back his smile as he looked back down I seen him bite his lip.


I poked Lily in her thigh and gave her a thumbs up when she looked at me.


“Good Job.” I mouthed to her and she smiled back at me a full toothed smile.



Maybe, finally Lily will realize they are perfect. The right amount of stubborn and dedication. As I thought about Lily and James being together I remember Lily’s gift to me.




“What?” She said after a second


“Explain to me fully what I have to do with those bracelets you got me.”


She took a bite of bagel and looked at me realization sweeping her face. “Oh each bracelet will say something, describing a person. And you have to guess which friend it fits. Me, you, or Ava. And then you have to give them to each friend and when you do they can put it on, if your assumption is right then they will lock on. They will stay on our wrists until we stop being friends.” Lily blew out her breath in a huff, having said all of this in one breath.


“So forever!” Ava took the time to speak up for the first time at breakfast.


“Yeah,” I agreed, “Forever!”


I finished up my breakfast, wiped my hands on my jeans like the slob I am, then jumped up and squeezed Lily around the neck. After her I ran around the table and squeezed Ava. After her I blew kisses to the guys, who each in turn pretended to grab the kisses and stick it to their cheeks. I laughed happily and skipped over to my boyfriend.


I thought: maybe I was happy.





Me and Sebastian walked along the path going around the lake, his arm around my waist and mine around his, my hand in his back pocket.


We talked about school and up coming holidays. The usual, I loved being with him. I felt so happy and safe with him.


Every few seconds he would lean down and sneak a kiss, kissing my forehead or my cheek. Once though I turned my head and caught his lips. He smiled into my lips and I smiled back.


He stopped us a few times and he would grab my hand and twirl me around and then dip me like we were ballroom dancing. The whole time I laughed and smiled content in my perfect little ball of a world.


After a while of walking we stopped and sat down on a bench Sebastian conjured up, what can I say I love magic! I looked across the lake and noticed someone with flaming red hair and jet black hair walking together. Lily and James.


I watched as the little flurries passed my head every once and awhile. It was only October and it was already attempting to snow.


“I love the snow, I can’t wait for the first real snow fall.” I stated as I tried catching a flurry in my palm, as soon as it made contact it turned into a of drop water.


“Yeah the snow is good, I love boarding.” I chuckled as Sebastian smiled at me. One of his favorite pastimes: snow boarding.


“So Loren love, what did you get in the mail this morning?”


The food in my stomach churned horribly and my dream and the mail hurtled back to my conscience.


“Nothing Love, nothing at all.” I kissed his cheek and tried catching another flake.


I looked over to the tree next to us and seen the pile of leaves. I jumped up and ran to the leaves, letting myself fall into them, giggling happily.


Sebastian walked over and laughed at me and I kneeled up.


“You have leaves in your hair love.” He said as he bit back laughter.


Everything was perfect, he was perfect. When I was with him everything was safe and nice but that never kept the bad dreams and the awful letters from coming but I would enjoy it no matter what. I needed him I need this. I don’t think I have been this joyous ever.


“I don’t care, join me.” I pulled him into the pile with me and pinned him down, pouring leaves all over him. He smiled that radiant, breath taking smile and I felt my heart speed up.


He retaliated by pinning me down in turn and tickling me. I was laughing mercilessly and squirming around when he bent down and kissed me.


It wasn’t short and fast but he didn’t shove his tongue down my throat either. It was perfect, light and full on. When he leaned back up his face was red and bright. I looked over at him as he plopped down next to me and I starred out into the lake.




“Huh?” I asked as I looked over at him.


“I think I love you.”

A/N OK, now that I'm putting this one into validation, I'm going to put the next one in too and that means I have no more pre-written chapters as for the last couple months I have had AWFUL writers block but I think I can managa to get going now! Soo, read and review it gives me some creativity!

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