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Chapter three: Taking Care of Hugo


          “Ok Hugo,” I said pointing a finger at my little brother, “No friends over, no leaving the house, and absolutely no magic. You got that?”

          “Can’t I have one friend over,” he said.

          “Why should I let you?”

          “I will leave you alone, for the whole weekend,” he said then he put his hands up, “I promise.”

          “Ok, one friend,” I told him, “but only one, and they have to leave before Mum and Draco get home. Got it?”

          “Got it.”

          “Now get out of my hair.”

          “Don’t get your wand in a knot, sis.”

          “Just go.”

          “I’m going, I’m going.”

          I left the entry way and went upstairs to my room. I loved my room, it was blue and white. My bed had fluffy white linens spread across it, with light blue pillows that matched my walls. All of my shelves were white, and were piled with all of my favorite books. Many people gave me a hard time because most of my walls were covered in book shelves and every shelf held as many books as they could.

          I threw myself onto the bed and remembered what happened earlier today.


          “None of your business, Hu-git,” I said back, putting much emphasis on git.

          I was walking down the aisle toward the manor when my Mum fell to the ground. I looked down and noticed I had stepped on the train of her dress, causing her to trip and fall flat on her face. She got up and turned to see what she had tripped on; her dress was now covered in grass stains. I bit my lip nervously.

          “Oops,” I said cautiously, “I’m sorry Mum.”

          She breathed in deep before turning and walking away without saying a word. Draco followed her after mouthing the words, it’s ok

          I couldn’t believe it, after everything went so smoothly, I had to trip my mother at her own wedding.


          I am such a klutz. I rubbed my temples to try and relieve the stress that I had built up since it happened. Then a soft tapping at my window stole my attention from my temple rubbing state. I got up and walked to the window. There was a large brown and white owl was sitting on the window sill outside. I recognized it at once as the Black family owl. I let the owl in and relieved him of the letter attached to its leg. I tore the letter open; it was from my best friend Willow.



                I was just wondering how the wedding went. I hope Hugo isn’t giving you too hard of a time. 

          I need to talk to you about something that has been bugging me all summer. It is hard to write, so I was hoping we could hang out some time, hopefully in the next day or two. Get back to me quickly please.

Willow Black


          I threw the letter on my desk and took out a fresh roll of parchment, my quill and quickly wrote down my reply. After reading it over I was happy with what I wrote:



                The wedding went well until I tripped my mum. But I guess we should have expected something to happen. Things like that always happen.

                Mum and Draco left a little while ago. But I can’t leave because I have to take care of Hu-git, as always. You can come hang out for the weekend though. That would make this weekend a lot better. So basically what I’m saying is, PLEASE COME OVER ASAP!!!

                You can come by Floo. That would be the most convenient way for you to get here. 



          I tied the letter to the owl’s leg and let it out the window. I watched the owl disappear into the setting sun. I grabbed a book I recently got, intending to read when I heard a crash downstairs. I tossed my book on my desk and ran downstairs to see what 

          My brother lay on the floor covered in glass.

          “What happened?” I yelled.

          “I was just playing with my friends,” he said, “a simple reparo will fix this, sis.”

          “I don’t care, you just jumped through our living room window!”

          “Technically I was pushed.”

          “You still broke the living room window!” I yelled, “and I can’t use a simple reparo, I can’t use magic!”

          Hugo didn’t say anything. 

          “Do something about it,” I said, “but no magic!”

          I started to leave the room when green flames irrupted in the fireplace and Willow appeared. Her dark hair was pulled back by a thick purple head band and her long dark bangs hung in her face. She was wearing a dark purple tank top and a black skirt. She ran and hugged me before pulling away from me and examining Hugo covered in broken glass.

          “What happened here?” she said, “did you finally throw him through the window?”

          “If I was throwing him through a window I wouldn’t throw him into the house.”

          “Good point.”

          We laughed as we left the living room and walked up to my bedroom.

          “So what did you want to talk about?” I said sitting down on the edge of my bed.

          Willow walked in my room closing the door behind her. She turned to look at me.

          “Willow, spit it out,” I said.

          “I think I like James,” she said quickly, “I have been thinking about it since we got back from school. I haven’t been able to get the thought of him from my mind.”

          “If you like him, then ask him out.”

          “Its not that simple,” she told me as she sat down, “I can’t just go up to your cousin, and say, ‘hey James, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me,’” she put her face in her hands, “he’s a year older than us, Rose.”

          “What does being a year older than us have to do with it?” I told her putting my hand on her back, “Willow, if you like the guy then ask him out, one year isn’t that bad, he has dated girls two or three years younger than himself.”

          “But he asked them out.”

          “Willow, look at me,” I told her, “he is a nice guy, I’m sure he would say yes, cause you are an amazing girl.”

          “Can you just make sure that he would?”

          “Yes, I can ask him about you.”

          “Ok, thanks,” she said, “now, what about you?”

          I looked at her with suspicion, “What?”

          “Who have you had your eye on?” she said.

          I looked away from her. She can’t be serious, I thought to myself, she just can’t be. First she was all worked up about who she liked and now that it is about me she is perfectly cheerful. Something isn’t right.

          “Rose?” she said waving her hand in front of my face, “Rose! Who have you had your eye on?”

          “Oh, what?” I said, “No one.”

          Crap, she is going to see right through that, I thought, oh crap she has that look, I hate that look.

          “Rose, we both know that is a lie,” she said, “I saw your notes last year. They had hearts all over them.”

          “That was last year,” I said trying to sound sure of myself.

          “That doesn’t just go away over the summer.”

          “Maybe it did.”

          She gave me this tell-me-who-it-is-or-you-won’t-be-happy-with-me look. I took a deep breath and let it out. I closed my eyes a prepared to tell her who was making me draw a bunch of hearts on my notes. I felt this cold feeling as I opened my mouth to-


          “What, Hugo?”

          “Rose!” there was a loud banging on the door, “Rose let me in!”


          “There is something out-”

          I opened my door to find my bother on the floor. A few feet down the hall was a large cloaked figure floating above the floor, the whole room felt cold. I grabbed my brother around his chest, and pulled him in my room. Willow closed the door behind us and I let go of Hugo near my bed. I grabbed my wand from my bed side table. Willow pulled hers from a pocket in her skirt. We both knew what to do, but we have never faced a real one before. We cautiously walked to the door of my room. I looked at her and we both nodded. I pulled the door open, wand held out before me.

          There it was, floating a few feet back, a Dementor. I thought of a happy thought, my mum walking down the aisle as happy as can be. I closed my eyes for a second. I opened them.

          “Expecto patronum!” I yelled, a very faint white mist came from the end of my wand, I heard a soft thud as Willow collapsed next to me, “EXPECTO PATRONUM!”

          A white misty cat emerged from the end of my wand. The Dementor fell back and left the house. Warmth came flooding back into my body. I ran downstairs to grab a block of chocolate. I ran back upstairs to where Willow and Hugo were. I pulled Willow into my room. I closed my door and sat down next to my friend and my brother, as I took a bite of the chocolate. Hugo began to stir and I shoved a piece of chocolate into his hands.

          “Thanks,” he said weakly.

          I pulled him into a hug, “I’m just glad you are alright.”

          “I thought you hated me.”

          “You’re my brother. I’m supposed to love you, even though you make me mad.”

          He smiled and ate the chocolate I gave to him. Willow tried to sit up as she rubbed her head.

          “What happened?” she said, “What happened after I passed out?”

          “It’s ok, it’s gone now,” I said as I handed her a piece of chocolate.

          “That’s good,” Willow said, “sorry I wasn’t much help with that Dementor.”

          “It’s ok,” I said, “this is going to be hard to explain to mum and Draco.”

The three of us laughed as we ate the chocolate.

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