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Love Agianst the Will by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 5 : Rememberable Kiss
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After helping Albus return to his seat. Scorpius brought Albus out of shock from the howler. Scorpius and Rose ate lunch at the slytherin table. They finished their breakfast . They went to the get to the entrance hall

And left Albus there. They headed toward Hogsmeade.

“So where are we going Scorpy?” said Rose

“ we are going to look at the Shrieking Shack. From there we will head to honey dukes. I will buy some candy for you. Since it is a cold day, I thought we could go to Hog’s Head for butter beer.” Said Scorpius “During this I will explain relatives.”

They walked to the Shrieking Shack.. Scorpius had fun trying to tell her how she is related to Albus, it only left her more confused.

“So Albus is related to the famous Harry Potter! Cool!” Said Rose.

“ Well yeah but you are his cousin.” Rose only looked confused as he said that “ forget it. Do you remember any thing about the shrieking shack?”

“The only fact that I can remember is it is supposed to be the most haunted house in Britain.” said Rose

Scorpius smiled and said “ Let’s go to Honey dukes, my Rosie.”

Scorpius carefully escorted Rose through the crowed streets. He kept a keen eye out for Rose’s Trio of friends. They headed to Honeydukes. They went in .

“So what Sweet do you want, My Rosie?” said Scorpius

“ Chocolate because it melts in your mouth.” said Rose

Scorpius bought one giant sized chocolate bar. He brought some Fizzing Whizbees and Bertie Bott’s every flavor jelly beans. They left there. Scorpius still kept a keen eye out for the friends. They got to Hog’s Head.

“ Let me go get the butter beer and you grab a table.” said Scorpius “ then we can talk and maybe explain how you are related to Albus, Domie, Roxie, other Weasleys, Teddy, and Hugo, your brother.”

“ Sounds fun.” said Rose enthusiastically

Scorpius could only smirk at this response. He knew he wouldn’t even be at this point if Rose would not have amnesia. He wouldn’t ever get her out on a date. He went to the counter and order the butter beers. He went to where Rose picked to sit. It was near the back. He sat opposite her.

“so were do you want to begin?” said Scorpius.

“How about my brother did you say?” said Rose

“ First let’s start with your parents.” said Scorpius “you know the famous three who defeated He-Who-must not-be-named?”

“ Yeah, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.” said Rose

“ Well, Ron and Hermione got married. They had two kids. They had a daughter, that’s you my Rosie.” said Scorpius

“Awesome, my parents are famous.” said Rose “they had another kid . He is my brother Hugo.”

“Rosie you did it!” said Scorpius

“You mean we did it , Scorpy!” said Rose

They both got out of their seats and walk toward each other. They came together for their passionate almost real First kiss. The kiss was like a fuse on a Remember bomb. The bomb brought all her memories. She came to the realization that she was getting kissed by Scorpius Malfoy. she slapped him across his face.

“Ouch! What was that for my Rosie?” said Scorpius

“That was for taking a person who has amnesia on a date, who if they were in the right mind would never go IN THE FIRST PLACE.” said Rose enraged. “ This ( *Punching Scorpius hard in the jaw**Crunch*) is going with Albus’s plan. Last(*smashing his nose in two*) is for calling me your Rosie because you know I hate that name with every fiber of my being. BYE YOU GREAT UGLY FAT FERRET!”

Roses stormed out of Hog’s Head. She was crying tears of fury. She left Scorpius in a million piece on the ground. She head toward Hogwarts when she spot her trio of friends.

“Hey Domie, Roxie,& Tiff, can I have a hug?” said Rose draining her fury to sorrow.

“ROSE YOU HAVE YOUR MEMORY BACK!” they cried in unison. They ran to give Rose a huge hug. They released and notice she was sad.

“Rose, what happened?” said Domie

“Well, I was kind Of on a ’date’(*she put air quotes on that*) with Scorpius. Of course, me not knowing because of amnesia. he kissed me. my memory came back. I knocked the living snot out of him.” said Rose

“Wow, I wish I could have seen that.” said Roxie thrilled “break any of his bones.” she was smirking.

“yeah, maybe his nose and jaw.” said Rose “We should go to the castle. Ask professor Gwen what the password to Professor Myer’s office. So you can tell your parents your memory is back.”

“ Okay, but we should go back to help Scorpius.” said Rose

“Why?” said Roxie “ He deserves what he got.”

“We have to because he has no one to help him.” said Rose

“Oh, Fine but I am not going to like it.” said Roxie “ I just don’t want Malfoy cooties.”

They walked back to Hog’s Head. They walk in and find Scorpius on the floor.

“Scorpius! What did I do to you?!” said Rose panicked

“ You really did a number on him didn’t you.” said Tiffany

“Come on guys we should get Scorpius up to the castle.” said Domie

They all grabbed him from either one of the legs or arms. They started dragging him in the direction of the castle. They ran in to someone at the gate. That someone is Hagrid.

“ Hello girls,” said Hagrid “ Why are you dragging young Mr. Malfoy to the school?”

Rose was the first one to speak. “ I kind of got my memory came back and beat Scorpius up.” said Rose

“Rose, you got your memory back.” said Hagrid pulling her into a bone crushing hug almost forgetting about Scorpius. “Here(*taking Scorpius from the girls and holding Scorpius in a baby holding position*) you girls go to the gargoyle and say the password I somehow forgot what it was some sort of sweets.” Hagrid loosed some what confused.

“ It’s okay I know the password.” said a voice from the entrance hall. Albus came out of the oak doors.

“ okay all go with them and open the gargoyle.” said Hagrid. He walked in the direction of the Hospital wing.

“ I should go with to help explain.” said Domie. She ran after Hagrid’s retreating back.

Then all except Domie headed to the Headmistress. They went up five floors. Then down the hall and stopped at the Gargoyle.

“Chocolate Frogs.” Said Albus “ Oh Rose I am extremely sorry for giving you amnesia.” he flinched expecting Attack.

“ It’s okay, no permanent damage done.” Said Rose and she hugged him. Then she headed in for what ever punishment to come from hurting Scorpius.


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