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AN: Here is chapter 11. I am sorry for the long wait. I had issues loging on. But now that I can, here is chapter 11: The Battle of Hogwarts.

          They sprinted down corridor after corridor. Without warning Hermione threw herself at Ron, causing him to fall. Harry tripped and all three of them tumbled to the ground, as they were showered with bits of broken glass. Hermione felt the wind from a spell that had just few in from the window. Hermione looked at Harry’s watch, midnight.

          “The battle has begun,” Harry said as they cautiously got to their feet, “lets stay below the window sills so we don’t get hit.”

          They moved much slower now as the grounds below lit up as though lightning was being shot at the castle. A couple times a window near them would shatter. Hermione could feel blood drip down her cheek, shards of glass had left cuts on her face.

          “Why are we going to the Room of Requirement?” Ron asked.

          “I have been thinking of the Horcruxes since I have gotten back,” Harry told them, “Dumbledore said something about what the Horcruxes were when he explained them to me, one is Ravenclaw’s diadem. I was able to convince the Grey lady to tell me about it. She told the story to one other person, guess who.”

          Hermione gasped, “She told him?”

          “Yes, but I know where he hid it. Riddle hit it exactly where I hit my potions book last year. The same place everyone’s been hiding stuff for centuries. He thought he was the only one to find it.”

          The walls shook again, they went down a staircase and into the room of Requirement. The room was empty other than three women: Ginny, Tonks, and an elderly witch wearing a moth-eaten hat, Harry recognized her as Neville’s grandmother.

          “Ah,” she said, “can you tell us what it going on?”

          “Is everyone ok?” Tonks and Ginny said together.

          “As far as we know,” Harry said.

          “Have you seen my grandson,” said Mrs. Longbottom.

          “He’s out fighting,” Harry told her.

          “Naturally,” she said proudly, “now if you will excuse me, I must go and assist him.”

          “Where is Remus?” Tonks asked.

          “He was going to lead a group to fight on the grounds,” Harry told her.

Tonks sped off out of the room.

          “Ginny, we need to use the room, so you will need to leave,” Harry told Ginny, “but then I want you to come right back in when we are done.”

          Ginny kissed Harry one more time that night and left quickly.

          “Wait,” Ron said suddenly, “we’re forgetting about someone.”

          “Who?” Hermione asked.

          “The house-elves,” he said, “their still in the kitchen aren’t they? And we don’t want any more Dobbys.”

          Hermione threw herself at Ron as though they weren't going out already, she kissed him and he kissed her in return, lifting her off of the ground.

          “Do you guys have to do that here?”

          “Sorry,” Hermione said sheepishly.

          They walked out of the room, and could see flashes of green and red light on the grounds. Tonks and Ginny were crouched next to a window. Ginny stood up and sent a well aimed jinx into a crowd of Death Eaters.

          “Good girl!” Tonks told Ginny as she crouched again.

          “We’ll be back,” Harry told them, “Be safe!”

          Harry, Ron and Hermione entered the Room of Requirement and began looking for the diadem. After frantic looking Harry finally found it, but before he could even lay a finger on it he heard a male voice.

          “Potter!” it was the low voice of Crabbe, “Crucio!”

          Harry dived as the curse barely missed him. It hit the bust the diadem was sitting on, and the diadem disappeared as it flew over one of the piled of objects next to him.

          Then there was a sudden wave of heat as Crabbe sent a fiery serpent toward Harry. The serpent grew in size to the point where Crabbe could no longer control it.

          Ron had now turned a corner and saw the scene before sending a full Body-Bind Curse directly at Crabbe. Harry began to run full speed away from the serpent and quickly turned a corner. He saw two brooms sitting on a pile near him, he grabbed them up and ran back to where Ron was.

          “Find Hermione,” Harry told him, “I have to find the diadem!”

          Harry flew in the opposite direction of Ron. It didn’t take long to find the diadem again. He dived for the diadem, the fiery serpent tempting to hit him straight on. He pulled out of the dive just in time, with the diadem around his arm.

          He wheeled around to see the door standing open. He could faintly make out Ron flying thought the door. He leaned into the broom and sped off toward the door.

          He collided with the wall opposite the door and rolled over.

          “Harry!” Hermione yelled as she hugged him, “Is that the diadem?”

          He pulled the diadem off of his arm. It seemed to be leaking a blood-like substance. It began to vibrate and then it shattered in his hands.

          “Well it was the diadem,” Harry told her, “We have to get that snake.”

          The three of them ran off toward the grounds and saw him. Voldemort. He stood with his followers behind him.

          “Harry Potter,” Voldemort said as Harry stopped in front of him, “the boy who lived. I have been waiting for this moment for seventeen years now.”

          Harry said nothing.

          “After all these years and all you do is show up for me to kill you.”

          “You’re wrong!”

          “We’ll see about that,” Voldemort hissed, “AVADA KEDAVRA!”


          The power of the green jets of Voldemort’s spell hitting Harry’s red jets caused Voldemort’s wand to fly from his hand. Harry coughed it before sending a perfectly aimed curse at his snake around his neck. Its head rolled off as it’s master hit the floor, dead.

AN: I hope you like the story so far. I promise the next update should come faster than this one did. Thanks for reading. And if you would please be kind enough as to leave a review. Thanks


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