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It was a quiet and still night, even on the wrong side of town. All that could be heard was the whine of cars running down a nearby street and the muffled blare of someone’s stereo. An ailing streetlamp outside the peeling front door of number thirteen flickered, momentarily illuminating the heavily graffitied road sign, ‘Grimmauld Place’.


The sound reverberated around the square. A gnarled head peered out from behind a tree, squinting suspiciously around with mismatched eyes. One of his eyes was very small and dark, the other… large and electric blue.

The man grunted. ‘Nymphadora, were we followed?’

The young lady who was crouched behind the tree cast him with a glare that would melt ice but did not reply.

Nymphadora?’ the man barked.

‘Mad-eye, call me that one more time and I will shove this wand where the sun don’t shine, understand?’

The woman, whose vivid pink hair was visible even in the dark, was half the bulk of the man before her, but Mad-Eye didn’t seem to take the threat lightly. He cleared his throat. ‘Let’s go then.’

Most of the Order of the Phoenix were already assembled within the downstairs kitchen of number twelve, Grimmauld Place when they arrived.

Remus Lupin had heard Kingsley when he had told Sirius that the new recruit was ‘quite a character’ and had been intrigued. It was not as though the Order didn’t have characters. How many kitchens around Britain would you find with an escaped convict, several undercover agents, a portly woman chopping vegetables and a werewolf discussing the weather?

Still, he had to admit, Tonks was something else.

Sirius had come with Lupin to get the door (the former having leapt after the latter when Mrs Weasley queried if anyone had seen the bottle of good mead).

‘This will be them,’ Sirius predicted, being careful to keep his voice low, as they drew back the heavy bolts of the door. Sure enough it was Mad-Eye Moody on their doorstep, who ushered a small figure inside.

After relocking the door, Lupin turned around to the new comer. Granted, he had not met that many Aurors in his life but she looked nothing like a dark wizard catcher. And being next to Moody only emphasised how small and cute looking she was!

‘This is Nymph-’ Moody began then cleared his throat heavily. ‘This is Tonks.’

Tonks beamed happily. ‘Wotcher!’

They all immediately hissed for her to keep her voice down.

‘Sirius Black,’ Moody introduced Sirius. ‘Escaped convict from Azkaban. And Remus Lupin, a werewolf.’

Lupin winced.

He was well learned on how people reacted to the news that he was a werewolf. The vast majority of people took several steps backwards and snarled at him with undisguised disgust, anger or fear. And the other people, his friends, all either avoided his eye or gazed at him with a combination of pity and curiosity.

That was until now.

‘A werewolf, eh?’ She cocked her sweet heart-shaped face to one side and grinned cheekily. ‘Kinky!’

As Moody led her on to meet the rest of the Order, Tonks turned back and winked at Lupin who was feeling slightly taken aback.

Sirius smirked and patted his friend on the shoulder. ‘I like that one! Tonks. Apparently she’s related to me!’

‘I think I can tell,’ Lupin muttered.

‘You mean because of her good looks and easy charm? Yeah, I agree. Hey, do you fancy a few drinks tonight after the meeting?’ Sirius chatted as they strolled back down to the kitchen.

‘A few drinks like those last week when you ended up confessing your deep, undying love for Molly Weasley?’

‘Hey!’ Sirius hissed as loud as he dared. ‘That woman makes one hell of a crème brulee!’

Lupin chuckled. ‘I’m afraid I could not tonight anyway. I’m on duty.’

‘Oh.’ Sirius was immediately downcast.

‘Maybe Wednesday night would work?’ Lupin suggested, feeling guilty for rubbing in that he would be busy with Order business.

‘Well, whenever!’ Sirius said grumpily, as they entered the busy kitchen. ‘It’s not exactly like I’ve got a hectic social schedule, is it!’

‘I couldn’t have put it better myself,’ sneered Snape as they passed.

‘Eff off, Snivellus,’ Sirius replied.

The kitchen was jam-packed with members of the Order and Lupin had to crane to make out Tonks being assailed with introductions. He smiled to himself. She seemed to taking this all in her stride, wearing a huge grin, her eyes sparkled with every new face.

Lupin already felt unexpectedly refreshed by this young, vibrant new addition to their number. It was great to see someone around here that was so… happy.


N.B. Hope you liked! My proper Lupin/Tonks story will be set several months after this (when they're buddies already!) - keep your eyes pealed =D *hugs*

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