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Chapter Fourteen

Compromising Positions, Broken Jaws and Denial




Sometimes you gotta smile like nothing is wrong, sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, live like its heaven on earth, & pretend its all a dream.




Jessie Spring was sitting in the Gryffindor common room in her favorite yellow armchair reading when James and Lily walked in from patrols. However, her choice of seating was the only thing that seemed normal about her these days.


Usually when James and Lily would have returned from their nighttime wanderings they would have been greeted by Jessie chasing Sirius around the common room smacking him with a potions textbook, or Jessie lounging in front of the fire eating chocolate and talking to Mary, or Jessie would have normally sprinted up to them the moment they returned and begun shouting about something random like pink unicorns or crickets that wear sombreros. They were used to seeing her greet them in her sweats and with her blonde hair in disarray. They were used to coming back to her after patrols and being forced to, quite literally, drag her back up to her bed so she would go to sleep.


They were not used to coming home to the site of Jessie, still impeccably dressed in her school uniform with her hair neatly brushed till it shone, sitting neatly in her favorite armchair (ankles crossed) reading transfiguration theory. They were not used to her smiling and waving to them as a form of greeting. And they were definitely not used to seeing Jessie completely ignore the presence of her arch nemesis since age 11, especially when he was passing the time by sitting at a desk behind her and staring at her intently with a scowl on his face instead of at the page.


James and Lily collapsed on the sofa opposite Jessie. James stretched his legs and sprawled out over the coffee table, “Hi Jess.” he said yawning.


Jessie finished her sentence and tenderly closed her book. She carefully set it down on the table and smiled at James.


“Hello James. Hello Lily.” she said clasping her hands in her lap. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and leaned back in the chair.


James raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out.


“Jessie,” Lily said uncertainly.


“Yes, Lily?” Jessie said politely.


“What were you reading?” Lily said quickly, in order to hide her astonishment.


“Oh just a book Professor McGonagall recommended last week in class.” Jessie said sweetly. She picked up the book and handed it to Lily. We slowly took it from her friend’s hands. James continued to stare, this was not the same girl he had grown up with. This was not the Jessie he knew and loved.


“Jess…are you feeling alright?” James asked staring intently at the blonde across from him with a confused look on her face.


Jessie smiled serenely at him and smiled, “Of course James. Thank you for your concern.”


James blinked a few times and ran his fingers through his hair, What the bloody hell?” he muttered to himself. Normally Jessie would have yelled at him for being over protective or responded sarcastically- or had some other over the top reaction to his words.


Jessie turned and began to engage Lily in a conversation about the book she had just been reading. While they chatted amicably, Sirius slammed his book shut and stormed over to the group. He plopped down beside James and crossed his arms.


James noted with pleasure that Jessie’s eye twitched as Sirius settled into his spot on the couch.


“So Jimmy old boy, ready for the match?” Sirius said with a false smile. James raised an eyebrow, “Yes Sirius, the team will be prepared by next Saturday.” he said as Jess and Lily ended their conversation.


“Sirius.” Lily said smiling at him. Jessie’s eye twitched again.


“Lily darling!” Sirius said blowing her a kiss.


“Oi! Only I am allowed to do that!” James said shoving his friend. Sirius laughed and Lily rolled her eyes. Jessie’s eye twitched again, but she kept smiling sweetly.


“Spring.” Sirius muttered darkly as he looked at Jessie.


Jessie tossed her hair behind her shoulder, “Mister Black,” she said tersely.



Sirius fixed Jessie with a death glare and Jessie looked back at him, her face impassive.


“So how bout them Cannons?” James said loudly, his voice squeaking. He clapped his hands together and smiled. Lily rolled her eyes, and Jessie and Sirius both slowly turned to look at him.


“Nice James.” Jessie said shaking her head.


“Well someone had to break the tension!” he pouted, glaring at his two friends.


“There is no tension!” Jess and Sirius yelled glaring at him. James smirked- normal Jessie was making a comeback.


“Please you could cut it with a butter knife!” James retorted. Jess scoffed and put her hands on her hips, “ What are you on?” she yelled back.


“Whatever you are on.” Sirius muttered quietly to himself, but Jessie heard.


She whipped her head around and glared at him.


“Oh look she’s nearly back to normal.” Lily said happily as she picked up the text Jessie had been reading earlier. She flipped it open and began to read. James rolled his eyes and looked back at the fighting nemeses.


“Don’t even get me started on you!” Jess said angrily.


Sirius smirked, “You could begin by complementing me on my good looks.”


Jess rolled her eyes, “ Yes you’re tall, dark and obnoxious.”


Sirius scowled, this was obviously not the type of retort he had been going for.


“Aww did Jessie hurt the poor babies feelings?” Jess cooed at Sirius. He glared at her and threw a sign in her direction that Professor McGonagall would have gained grey hair over.


“You know Jessie darling…” Sirius began.


“Do not all me darling!” Jessie hissed.


Sirius smirked and continued, “If we killed everyone who hates you, it would not qualify as murder. It would be genocide.”


“And you’re a lady-killer Black. Girls take one look of you any die from the horror of seeing your face.” Jessie seethed her face growing redder and hair growing frizzier by the minute.


“Yup, she’s back to normal.” Lily commented as she turned the page.


“And you have the compassion of an icicle.” Sirius said glaring.


“And we all know that romance brings the beast out in you- the jackass.” Jess spat bitterly. Her fists were clenched so hard, the knuckles were white.


“Ten gallons she punches him.” James muttered to Lily. Lily looked up from the book and raised an eyebrow, “ We are not betting on whether or not a student is going to attack a fellow student, we are Heads.” she shook her head and began reading again, “Besides, I don’t have ten gallons.”


James grinned and took out his wand, just in case.


“And we all know that you’re just and uptight, prideful, bitch who…” Sirius didn’t manage to spit out the rest of his sentence, for Jess had lunged at him and begun pummeling every inch of him she could reach. Her fist collided with his nose and blood began spurting out. Sirius shoved her and the two of them tumbled to the floor in a mess of tangled limbs and blood. He hit her in the stomach and Jess responded by hitting him as hard as she could on the jaw. There was a sickening crack and with a loud bang the two sprung apart. Above them stood James, who was looking at them horrified.


Lily sighed and set the book down and walked over. She rolled her eyes at James’ face, “Oh please James, like you didn’t see that coming.” she whipped out her wand and marched over to Jessie and Sirius. A few moments later he was blood free and his jaw was no longer broken; and her clothes were no longer sprayed with Sirius’ blood.


“Are you two quite finished.” Lily asked seriously. She frowned and crossed her arms. Jessie and Sirius glared at one another as they scrambled to get up.


Once Jessie was on her feet, Jess stormed over to Sirius and slapped him, hard, across the face. She returned the gesture he had shot in her direction earlier, “Now I’m finished.” she spat and flounced her way up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.


Sirius growled and marched towards the portrait hole. He kicked a book out of his way as he marched away. It slammed against the wall and fell to the ground, its pages scattering everywhere. He slammed the portrait behind him with a bang and Lily and James sighed.


“Oh fuck off everyone and get to bed!” James yelled at the group of Gryffindor in the common room, all of whom had been staring at the scene wide eyed.




You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.”- Julie de Laspinasse



Chocolate is a girl’s best friend. No seriously, it is especially when one is depressed or upset or angry or a mix of all three at one time. It’s comforting.


It’s kind of like an old worn out t-shirt. You know how even though you wear it way to much you never seem to get to wear it enough? Or how it is so comfortable it makes you feel happy and all warm and fuzzy inside? Chocolate is like that, you can never get enough and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even when things are sucking majorly.


And sucking majorly about describes my life right now. I can not bloody believe him! How could he do that? How could he? Seriously? He just had to kiss me didn’t he? And that’s not even the worst part!


Fucking prick.


“ I really do love you."
I really do love you my ass! Ugh! How dare he say that! How could he say that!? Fuck! I hate him so much! He does not love me and that’s final! I swear to Merlin, you can not tell someone you love them after harassing them for seven years after you totally destroy the friendship you had with that person because you‘re an arrogant, pompous, git who is more concerned with looking cool than with staying friends with someone that you’re supposedly best friends with! I mean, James and stayed friends. It wasn’t that hard! Granted, Sirius and I had more shit going on between us than James and I did, but still… 



Why isn’t the chocolate making me happy? Why?


I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.


Please, you won’t cry. You’ll breakdown and ball your eyes out like the other day.


Rodrigo I thought we had agreed to ignore my moment of weakness.


We agreed to no such thing. All that happened was you attempted to repress it.


Gee, I wonder why I did that.


Because it’s like James said, if you hate him so much why on earth did his words affect you so much?


Because I hate him!


Ah, love.


I do not love Black!


You keep telling yourself that…


Oh I will!


What if he was telling the truth Jessie? What if he really does love you?


Would you not say that! Its bad enough that I keep hearing it in my head constantly without having you say it as well!


Isn’t that technically the same thing?




But what if he does?


He doesn’t! He hates me as much as I hate him!


Well then I should start sending out the wedding invitations then, shouldn’t I.


Stupid cricket! No!


Here some the bride, here comes…


Shut the fuck up you idiotic bug!


Err… anyways… I hate my life.


What the fuck?!




“Folie a deux- the madness of two”




The chunk of chocolate Jessie had been nibbling on dropped to the ground as the door to her dormitory slammed shut behind here. Her hands flew to her hips and she glared.


“What the fuck are you doing in here?” she yelled marching towards her bed. She stopped abruptly and a look of horror crossed her face. Not only was Sirius Black standing by her bed but he had a pink, sparkly notebook in his hands- her playbook.


“Black! Put the book down!”


Sirius shrugged and flipped the book so the front was facing him, he smirked at Jessie, “No I don’t think I will.”


“For Merlin’s sake Sirius! Put the damn book down!” Jess said as she walked slowly towards him, terrified he would open it up.


“No.” Sirius said. He flipped open the cover and Jessie screamed. She dashed over to him and dove towards the book. Sirius attempted to move out of the way at the last second, but Jess smashed into him and they went flying onto her bed.


“Give me the damn book!” Jess said socking his jaw once again. Sirius groaned and moved the book higher away. Jess lunged for it, but Sirius shoved her with his free hand and Jessie landed on the bed beside him. Before Jessie could jump on him again, Sirius straddled her and attempted to keep her from smashing his face in. But his efforts were in vain for Jess swung at his face again and got him right where a bruise was beginning to form from the previous attacks. Sirius yelped like a kicked puppy and grabbed his jaw with his free hand. Jess used the moment to her advantage and kneed him in the gut.


“Bitch!” Sirius swore. He grabbed Jessie’s arms and pinned them above her head and flattened himself against her to keep her from kneeing him anymore. Jessie glared at him and thrashed about in an attempt to free herself.


“Damn it Black get off of me!” Jessie yelled as she withered.


“No. Not until we talk!” Sirius said wincing, “Bloody hell Jazz, you sure have one hell of a punch.” he said rubbing the sore side of his jaw against his shoulder.


“Do not call me that!” Jessie hissed in a deadly tone. The glare she was sending in Sirius’ direction became even darker.


Sirius rolled his eyes and looked down at Jessie. Her blue eyes had turned a stormy gray color and he could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears. She was clearly livid. Sirius silently thanked whatever deity had so deemed it fit to make him stronger than her at the moment.


“Jess…” he said shakily.


“What?” Jessie spat, “Talk away Black because the sooner you spill your fucking guts the sooner I can get away from you.” She bit her lip and looked up at him angrily.


Sirius gulped, “Okay, just do me a favor.”


“What?” Jessie said acidly.


“Don’t bite your lip and don’t squirm.” Sirius said.


Jessie rolled her eyes and muttered something along the lines of “perverted bastard.” Sirius sighed and looked down at her. Jess was staring up at him crossly and breathing heavily. Sirius attempted to ignore the fact that he could feel her chest rise up and fall down under him and cleared his throat.


“Jess…. I… I… I really did mean what I said the other day.” Sirius said slowly. Jessie kept her mouth shut and continued glaring.


Sirius groaned, “ Come on Jess what do you want me to say? I bloody love you all right?”


Jessie tuned her head to the side and closed her eyes. She clenched her jaw and her fists, “I don’t want to hear it Sirius.” she said icily.


Sirius sighed and lowered his head, “I love you Jess.” Sirius whispered softly in her ear, his lips barely grazing the skin of her cheek. He rearranged their arms so he was holding onto both of Jessie’s with one hand. His other hand slipped down to Jessie’s head. He gently turned it so she was looking up at him. Jessie’s eyes were still a stormy gray color ( a sure sign she was angry), but they were quickly filling with unshed tears. Sirius could feel her body tense under his. He slowly lowered his head so his lips were centimeters from hers.


“Don’t you dare.” Jessie said furiously.


“Since when do I actually listen to what you say?” Sirius said softly.


“I truly, really, honestly do love you Jess.” he breathed out as his lips captured hers. Jessie’s eyes flickered shut and for one moment she actually kissed him back. Sirius let go of her wrists and his arm snaked around her waist as Jessie’s wrapped around his neck.


Then out of nowhere Jessie’s eyes flew open. She shoved Sirius off of her.


Sirius stumbled back and grabbed the post of the bed to keep from falling off, “ Jess…” he began, but Jessie was hearing none of it. She was livid.


“Get out Sirius!” she yelled yanking her wand out of her pocket. She pointed it in his direction. He threw his hands up in mock surrender and got off the bed. Jess stood up and shoved the tip of it into his chest. She marched him to the door.


“Get out Black.” she said quietly glaring at him.


Sirius smirked and grabbed the wrist of her wand hand, “ I love you.” he said as he leaned in and kissed her again. Jessie’s left fist smashed against his floating ribs and Sirius yelped and jumped away.


“See you at practice love! Toodles!’ he said slamming the door shut behind him.


Jessie screamed and slammed her fist repeatedly against the door, as tears rolled down her face. She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand and shuddered as the tears continued to fall from her eyes and roll down her face.




“I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.” -James Baldwin





“Formation Q now!” James screamed at his team. They collectively groaned as they flew into a circle around James, who was holding the quaffle.


“Now, move into formation XY!”


“Fucking a.” Jessie groaned as she flew into her spot. Practice was moving onto its fourth hour of formation practice and James was becoming more dictator-esque as time passed.


“James! James!” Jessie called as James yelled at the team to move faster, “ Potter!”


“What Spring!” he called back, “Formation LE!”


“James we need to take a water break! We’re dying!” Jess said as she rotated to her right and dove under her friend.


She licked her dry lips and glared up at him. James trolled his eyes, “Fine! Water Break Everyone!” he barked zooming off towards the stands.


“I love you.” O’ Brian said as he came to a rest by the rest of the team, all of whom were still sitting on their brooms ( they were to afraid they’d collapse if they got off) and gulping down water like their life depended on it. Sirius glared at the scrawny seeker and took a rather large gulp.


“Love you too.” Jess laughed passing him a bottle from the bench beside her.


Sirius scowled and crossed his arms, “Right, he can say that to her nonchalantly and get her to laugh and say it back; but I say it and mean it and I get hit. Life’s so fair” Sirius muttered to himself.


Jessie rolled her eyes, “Jealously doesn’t become you Black.” she twisted the cap back on her water bottle and set it down.


“Shut up Jessie!” Sirius said glaring at her.


“Aww is Siri in a bad mood? Did the mental hospital test to many drugs on him today?” Jessie said sympathetically. She pulled her hair out of it’s pony tail and shook it out.


Sirius tossed his hair in front of his eyes, “ You know something Spring, any similarity between you and a human being is purely coincidental.”


“And you know something Black if ignorance is bliss you must be orgasmic.” She closed her eyes and leaned forward on her broom to sit in a more comfortable position. The look on Sirius’ face became even darker. Jessie yawned and laid her head down on her arms.


“Hey no sleeping during practice!” Sirius yelled. Jess gave him the middle finger and yawned again. Sirius stuck his tongue out at her and took a sip of water. Suddenly his face lit up and he flew over to where Jess was napping. He twisted the cap off of his bottle and tipped it over her head.


“Black!” Jessie sputtered wiping her face off with the sleeve of her robe. Sirius began laughing and tossed the now empty bottle over to the bench.


“Has anyone tried locking them in a broom closet?” O’Brian said shaking his head.


“Yup. I think you were a first year when we did that. Jessie broke down the door.” James said.


“I am going to fucking murder you!” Jess said as she finished drying her face. Sirius stopped laughing and gulped as Jess came shooting towards him on her broom. Jess jumped off her broom and jumped at him. They both went flying through the sir and landed in the mud puddle that was below them with a giant splash.


The team groaned once again in unison and James buried his face in his hands and said something along the lines of “not again.”


He sighed, “Come on guys.” They flew over to where Jessie and Sirius were brawling like wild animals and hopped off of their brooms.


“You three grab her. Kerfs and I will grab Sirius.” James said. O’Brian let out a whimper as he, Mary McNeil and Luther walked towards Jessie.


About ten minutes later, James and company had succeeded in pulling Jessie and Sirius apart. The whole team was coated in mud and panting from the task. Sirius was once again holding his jaw and Jessie’s robes were torn.


“Bitch.” Sirius muttered spitting mud.


Jessie shook her hair out of her face, “Bastard.”


“That is enough!” James roared, “Detention both of you! For a week! Practice is over! Get your sorry asses in the changing rooms immediately! Not you two!” James said grabbing Jessie and Sirius by the collars. He turned them so they were facing him and he shook his head, “ I am so disappointed in both of you. The Slytherin match is in less than a week! Does that mean anything to you two?” he ran his fingers through his hair, “Despicable,” he said and marched off to the locker room.


Jess hung her head and turned to Sirius who sighed and looked up at Jessie sadly, he opened his mouth to speak but Jessie beat him to it, “Not a word Black.” she spat and stormed off to the locker rooms.




Tada! A dash of romance, a hint of conflict, a few cups of violence and a tablespoon of sarcasm… Well what did you think? Hopefully you enjoyed it!


Review! Seriously, I gave you another kiss, the least you can do is leave me a review… they make me happy!!! And speaking of reviews thank you to all who reviewed the last chapter!!!


-pensive princess


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