Hermione in love...? I haven’t always been like this you know. To feel such a deep emotion, was a thing I did not expect to come so early in my life. Do you know? Have you any idea how hard it is? Every day I feel so submerged in this strange emotion that I want to drown myself in the lake just so it will leave me alone. Have you guessed it? You probably have. That’s right me, Hermione Granger have fallen in love. That’s right laugh away. For who could possibly love a skinny, frizzy-haired bookworm. That’s the problem you see, I never said he liked me back. So who is this mystery person? That’s another problem, he just happens to be my best fiend. What? Ron? Are you daft? No offence to him of course, but not in this lifetime. No it’s not Ron, my other best friend. That’s right I’ve fallen head over heels for Harry James Potter. No need to re-read that part, it’s just a muggle saying. Infatuation I here you say? Well that’s what I thought at first, but hear me out and tell me if it’s just an infatuation. When Harry’s near me I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I’d swear to God that he carries a heater in his robes. Another thing, when he speaks with those beautiful, pink lips of his, I don’t even here what he is saying it’s as if he has put cotton in my ears. My eyes are totally focused on those darn lips of his. And his eyes! His eyes are even worse. When he looks at me with those sparkling eyes of his my legs turn to jelly. I get lost in his eyes in seconds; they must have some sort of maze in there for I can never seem to find a way to escape them. They enchant me. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he was performing attraction charms on himself! Convinced yet? I also experience passion currents. Heard of them? No? Well whenever I touch Harry or visa versa I feel a surge of electricity run through my entire body shaking it to its very core. Infatuation? I think not. So there you have it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’m standing at the lake- in the pouring rain I might add- crying my eyes out. You might think it silly for me to be crying because I’m in love but you do not yet know the whole story. Did I mention the fact that I saw Harry Potter kissing Cho Chang? That’s right Kissing Cho Chang! Whore! Oh my goodness! See what that infernal boy has done to me! She’s nice enough! Curse this! Curse them both! I have lost the only person I have ever loved without really having him in the first place! I walk to the lake and I am severely tempted to trow myself in, to end all this. To end the never-ending pain Harry brings me. Can he not see it? Can he not see the fact that just one of his accursed smiles makes me melt? Perhaps he can. Perhaps he has rejected me, thought me unsuitable for one such as him. Arrogant bastard. He’s right though, who am I to deserve the famous Harry Potter? I’m ugly, I have to speak out about everything, I’m a total bookworm and I’m a know-it-all. Perfect combination huh? I’m on the lakes edge now, and all these negative thoughts are really not helping. They’re leading me towards the decision of not having a normally long life span. What have I got to live for anyway? I have no-one. Nobody could ever like boring, dull, Hermionie. What do I have to offer? I am up to my ankles in the water when I hear a familiar voice call out my name. I turn to see him run towards me. Terrific, that’s just what I need. “Hermione!” His sweet voice called, unable to ignore him any longer I turn to face him. God, even when he’s dripping wet he’s sexy. “Hermione, what are you doing?” his oh, so sexy voice asks me “Jumping in the lake” I answer, I can’t lie to him but oh god that sounded stupid “Bit cold for swimming,” he said raising an eyebrow. God I hate it when he does that. I had to stop myself from swooning. “Who said I was swimming?” I asked dully and he frowned slightly studying my face. Finally noticing my red, blotchy eyes “You’ve been crying. What’s wrong? And what do you mean your not swimming? What else would you be do-oh” He stopped dead as he finally figured out what I had meant. God he could be thick sometimes. Yet he still managed to look adorable. Harry swallowed before saying “Hermionie, look in my eyes and tell me what you were planning to do in that lake,” He demanded. I felt so touched that he cared, but at the same time overwhelmed with sadness in knowing that he would only care on a friendship level. “Why should you care? Shouldn’t you be inside kissing Cho?” I snapped. Harry blushed. God he was so cute when he was embarrassed. Darn him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! “For the record I didn’t kiss her she kissed me. She wanted to start going out again, but I said no” Harry said mater-a-factly “Why?” I blurted out. Who cares why? He said ‘no’. Maybe I had a chance after all. “I told her I liked someone else,” he said going slightly red. Oh great more competition. No doubt this girl was beautiful if he gave up Cho Chang for her. “Who” I asked curious despite myself. It’s good to know who your enemy is. Ever heard the saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. My god what have I become? If Harry would be happy with this girl shouldn’t I be? If I truly loved him, I’d want him to be happy even if it’s not with me. “You’re changing the subject. Now why did you want to go drown yourself in the lake?” He asked me with a worried frown. “There are some things worse than death” I said knowing that wasn’t an actual answer. He wasn’t fooled. God with everything else he’s bright but he can’t even figure out I like him? He’s a daft git. And god, I love him for it. “Like what?” He persisted “Like loving someone who could never love me back. Like feeling so deeply for a person you feel that you will die from the sheer intensity of it. Like loosing that person, without having them in the first place” I said simply, looking into the depths of the lake. “Victor Krum?” He asked me. I couldn’t resist letting out a slight laugh at that idea “Krum? No Harry it’s not Krum” I said shaking my head “Who then?” He asked perplexed “I asked you first. Who’s your mystery girl?” I asked trying to keep the bitterness out of my voice. I failed magnificently and he took a step back looking at my face with a bewildered expression. Now I’d done it. “I just want you to be happy Harry. If you be happiest with her, that’s all that matters,” I whispered. Now he knew. There was no escaping it. He reached over and lifted my face to his, so that he was looking directly into my eyes. He took a step forward and all I could do was look into his eyes. I wont be able to look away now. “I’d be happiest with you,” he whispered before he kissed me. My mind went completely numb. I couldn’t think straight; in fact the first thing I thought was ‘don’t I have work to do?’ I knew after thinking that that I must be delirious. I was Kissing Harry! Oh my god! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!! And he had kissed me, not the other way around! He kissed me! He ended the kiss and looked at me for my reaction. All I could do was gape at him like an idiot. “What about that girl?” I managed to choke out “Honestly Hermionie, for the smartest girt in class you can sure be thick sometimes. YOU’RE the ‘mystery girl’” he said smiling at me “Me?” I asked dumbfounded “Yes, unless you don’t want me of course” he said quickly and I smiled “Now who’s slow? Of course I do Harry. I…. I love you,” I said shyly. I can’t believe this is happening. Somebody pinch me! “I love you too, Hermionie,” he said gently, before kissing me softly on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss. The rain and the sky seemed to look down in wonder at the two figures far below standing in the pouring rain, locked in a passionate embrace. As Harry took my hand we walked up to the castle together, knowing that neither of us would never have to be alone or scarred- or jump in any lakes- for we would always have the other to depend on and nothing could take that away from us. A/N: Hey, so what do you think? Please read & review!!! I think it’ sweet but I’m a bit bias on that opinion so I need yours! Tell the truth! I can take it! Lol! Just R&R ok? -Nat

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