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Chapter One: The Mess Up


One thing was for certain today, I wasn’t going to mess anything up. Today was my mum’s wedding to, what I must say, one of the most handsome wizards. If I was his age I would love to be in my mother’s place today. Now I’m not saying that my dad isn’t cool or anything, I am just saying that the first ten years of my life could have been better.

My dad was one those wizards who worked late. Every once in a while that was a true statement. But for the most part, let’s just say that he liked one too many of his co-workers at the Ministry. And when I say one too many I mean that one co-worker was one too many.

My mum was the kind of witch who helped everyone. She works at the Ministry as well. They both work in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, my dad is in the Auror Office, and my mum is in the Improper Use of Magic Office. They don’t see too much of each other, but they do bump into each other every once in a while, but for the most part they don’t see each other seeing as the paperwork is dealt with by secretaries and not handed off personally.

The man who is going to become my step-father is the manager of Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley, which is pretty cool considering I love Quidditch. I met him when the two of us went down to get my dad a new broom for his birthday. He helped us find a really nice one, and one that didn’t cost us our whole bag of Galleons. At the time I was seven.

About a year later the three of us went back and got my dad’s broom serviced and that is when my parents started to fight. I didn’t really understand why at first. But after I overheard a few fights I understood.

The three of them went to school together. And my dad and my soon to be step-dad didn’t get along. My dad made it a point to say this every time they fought. So I just assumed that my dad despised him.

Anyway, back to what I was saying originally, today is the day my mum gets married to-

“Rose!” yelled the unnaturally high pitched voice of my younger brother, interrupting my thoughts as usual, “Rose get out of the bathroom! Other people need to use the bathroom too!”

“Ok, ok!” I yelled back through the bathroom door.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My bright red hair was pulled back by a black headband. My honey brown eyes shone in the light from above the mirror. I left the bathroom and as I passed my younger, red headed brother I made sure to elbow him hard in the ribs.

My room was upstairs and at the end of the hall, right next to my brother’s room. My mum was in my soon to be step-dad’s room which was right next to the top landing of the stairs.

I walked in my room and sat on my bed. Today was going to be a good day. I wasn’t going to mess anything up. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing I messed up the day my mum got married. I mean I have messed up almost every other important day I can remember.

“Honey, get the door!” my mum yelled before turning to face me, “Now sweetie, I want you to behave yourself tonight. Remember my boss is coming to see if I deserve a promotion. He wants to make sure that my personal life doesn’t interfere with my work life.”

“Ok mum,” I told her.

“And remember to be nice to him,” she told me.

She led me to the sitting room where a man with graying hair was sitting and talking to my dad.

“Your husband and I were just talking about the Quidditch match coming up in a few weeks,” said the man.

“How lovely,” my mum said to him, “this is my daughter, Rose.” she told him motioning to me, “Rose, this is Mr. Jacobson.”

“And how old are you, Rose?” he said politely.

I held up my hand to show him five fingers and smiled.

“Five?” he said, “Wow.”

“Mr. Jacobson,” my mum interrupted, “can I offer you some tea?”

“That would be very nice, thank you Mrs. Weasley.”

My mum left the room and returned shortly after with a tray of teacups and a kettle of tea.

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, then turning to me, “Now Rose, I want you to blow on yours because it is still hot, ok?”

“Ok mummy.”

I did as my mother told me to, but when I took a sip it was still really hot. I spit the hot liquid from my mouth.

“Rose!” my dad said loudly.

I looked up and noticed I spit my drink on Mr. Jacobson. He looked at my mum before leaving the house.

That was just one of the many times I have messed things up. On my mum’s birthday one year I set the kitchen on fire when lighting the candles. Let’s just say that if something important is going on, I am most likely the one who will end up ruining the whole thing. But today, I was determined to not let anything happen.

There was a knock at the front door.

“Mum, I’ll see you later!” my brother, Hugo, said, “I’m gonna go get ready at Harry’s with the other guys!”

“Bye, Hugo!” mum yelled back.

Please tell me what you think. This is my first story so please go easy on me, but okease review.

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