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Chapter 6: What? How? When? WHY?

Ok. I know that I was obsessing over her and trying to deny it way to many times.

But her abortion was troubling me! Why? URGGH!! But I know I have to solve this Victor Krum mystery. I just know. Who had imper'iod her anyways? Maybe she was just driving me nuts. Like always. I tried to soothe my brain. So I sat listened to "River Flows in You". I replayed it atleast 50 times. Nicole came bursting into my office.

"AUGH!!! If I here that BLASTED song one- "


"Nicole!!!! MY LOVEE!!!!!"

"Oh! Mr. M, hide me!!!" she squeaked.

Before anything even processed through my brain, she was underneath my desk. I scooted my chair backwards and crawled underneath, I did not want to deal with him, either.

"Why don't you just ban him from coming? He couldn't possibly-"


Crap he was in the room now. Nicole put her finger to her lips. I knew that. But I was in a very uncomfortable position. I just had to change! While I removed my leg, I sort of moved closer to Nicole. And fate hated me so much to have Derik right there when our faces were inches away! Awgh! I was ONLY changing my damn position!!

"N-Nicole? Y-y-you and h-him? HOW COME YOU NEVER TOLD ME?!!!!!!"

Then suddenly, very quick, like in a blink of an eye, ( I was blinking), she put her mouth to mine. Am I always the victim here? I was taken by surprise. She put her hands on my face and squeezed. She let go.

She acted as if she just saw Derik there. And Derik's shocked expression was price less.

"Oh!! Derik?! My! I- oh I - can explain-"

He held up his hand.

"Nicole, when I look at your face, I see the your shinning bright, beautiful, brown eyes. Nicole when I look at your face, I see you always glowing. Nicole, when I see you I have this strong passion of love for you. But here, no, no Nicole, I don't see why you are with him." he whispered harshly, pointing a finger at me.

"Oh so Derik, you-"

"No Nicole, you tell me, you tell me, how long has this been going on? No! Don't tell me that, tell me what is so spesh-ial about him? Does he care for you as I do? DOES HE NICOLE?? YOU'RE SORT OF JUST STARING AT ME HERE!!! No, no no no, sorry Im okay. Yes I am fine." he shuddered and looked up, blinking. "Nicole I know that you must care for him so, but what about us? Does it not matter to you? When you go to dinner with him, he takes your hand- dont you ever remember our dates? Oh how much you used to love me! But now? How dare you cheat!!! HOW DARE!!- oh! sorry, ok ok ok, Nicci, I forgive." he smiled.

Wow. This drama is highly amusing, I never knew he can sum up everything so quick. I glanced at Nicole, why did I have the feeling he planned it from before?

Nicole, looked a little confused. But then anger boiled up in her.




"You cheated, dear.-"


I clapped my hand over her mouth. I had noticed Hermione was standing in the doorway. Her face in shock and confusion. I was still nervously looking at Hermione, when i felt something wet on my hand. Nicole was crying. Her tears were coming very quick. I quickly removed my hand. And before I knew it, Nicole had her full body against mine in a tight embrace.

"H-h-he m-m-akes me soo-oo ANGRY! I c-cant stop b-b-eing- OOhhh!" she sobbed more. I glanced at Hermione, her face showed no jealousy, no anger, no shock, but she just seemed concerned and sorry for Nicole. But, Nicole quicly contained her composture. She shrugged everything off and whipped around towards the door. I had just noticed Derik was gone. Probably, apparated. Nicole, turned around at the doorway. Her lips tugged upwards at the corners.

"Thanks." she whispered. "But im sorry, I still dont have interest for big ego doctor's." she smirked and whipped around again and head out.

I looked at Hermione.

"Dont explain." she said.

I grinned.

"So sorry about yesterday." she mumbled looking at her hands.

"You were very confusing. Found out who imper'iod you?"

She glanced up and nodded. She chuckled,

"Yeah, and... thanks for saving my life." She made air quotes with her hands on 'life'.

"No probl-"

"I need to tell you something."

"Ok.. go ahead Hermione."

"Well, I know I just couldnt tell Victor about our relationship in school. I knew I he would get frusterated. But I loved you so much Draco I honestly did. In fact, I knew you had been working here around 1 year ago!" she almost laughed. "But I didnt come. I dont know why. But I knew you had left me for good. But I wanted something of yours, Draco. I really did. And so now I have it..." she smiled glancing behind me at the window.

This was dumb. So she took something from me?

"What'd you take?"

"I, I t-t-took. Well, umm.. oh Draco! I dont know how to explain it!....."

"I cant help."

"Ok I took your-" she mumbled the rest.

"What? Louder."

"I. Took. Your.... sperm." she whispered.

I was frozen. I think my heart was frozen too. But then I breathed. I laughed out once. I laughed out again. But then now I was doubling in laughter. She was joking right? I knew she was going to laugh to and say NOT. But she didnt.

"W-what?" I managed. "That...funny!"

She looked down. "I knew you wouldnt believe me. But dont all doctor's in St. Mungos do tests of some sort? They end up putting their sperm in the fridge. So... I took... yours. And-"

"Dont tell me! You impregnanted yourself?" I gasped. "With my sperm? What kind of human are you?!!"

"No! I love you Draco I really do.. I did this because I wanted something of you-"

I was deaf at the moment. I couldnt understand anything.

"B-but why? Is it even possible?" I looked up to her stomach. I gasped.

"And you wanted an abortion!! " I sqeaked.

"I know! Im sorry! Sorry! Victor found out, you see. So I had to come here. I tried not to do it. But then he imper'iod me! Ohmigosh! Im so stupid. But now I have to tell you this.. Forgive me, Draco?"

I was still deaf. "My child. Is in... there?"

"Yes.. I... I am just.. so.. crazy! But I really-"

"Yes you are crazy." I didnt remove my eyes from her stomach.


"And so am I."


"For what I am about to say."


"I am.. well.. sort of happy that you have something of mine."

She stared at me incredulosly.



"Draco, Victor and I are divorced now. Will you... umm .. Will you marry me?"

And once more. I stood there frozen.


Hi! Thanks for reading!
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I know i sort of got the math wrong for Hermione and the baby :(

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