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“So...Harry?” Lily asked, feeling extremely awkward trying to talk to him. She had tried, but after a few attempts, she had just given up trying to consider him her ‘son’ and was hoping to think of Harry as just another student. Needless to say, it wasn’t working out. Harry wasn’t just another student. He had her EYES. Still - she was attempting the impossible - meeting Harry in the Marauder’s “Room of Usefulness” during one of their free periods the day after their little talk in class.

“Hi Lily.” Was all Harry said, he was feeling quite jittery as well. “If you don’t mind me’d you get here?” He had decided to go with a non-maternal question to start...or maybe it would always go this way between them, Harry didn’t know. Actually, Harry found that didn’t even know if he wanted this Lily and James to even be here, interrupting the first Voldemort-free year of his life.

Lily visibly sighed, at least he started with an easy question. In hope to ease the tention, she dived into a complex explanation of their (Her, Remus, James, and Sirius’s) unorthodox arrival to the future, but even after she finished, she could feel the anxiety in the air.

“Oh...” Harry said after Lily had finished. Then, he single-handedly managed to create a very awkward moment, filling in the blanks with only errr’s, and ummm’s, and well’s. But once he found another question to ask, their conversations started flowing relatively freely, reminding Harry of his own time with Cho in his fifth year.

They had even been talking fairly animatedly for almost twenty minutes when a shrill bell sounded - signaling the beginning of their next class.

“Oh, dammit, we're going to be late!” Cursed Lily, horrified. Reminding Harry of Hermione, she hurried ut of the alcove, and out under the thick woolen tapestry in effort to grab her bags and get to her Potions class.

“Potter, Eriks.” Slughorn said rather fondly, allowing his two prized students slip into the Dungeon classroom’s door just after the second bell rang; much to Malfoy’s distaste - the rest of the class was already seated with their ingredients out in front of them.

The pair of them took their respective seats at the back of the classroom; Harry with Ron and Hermione, Lily sitting by James. While Slughorn wrote the ingredients to the Draught Of Peace, which they would be working on that day with their partners.

“Five...Four...three...” Sirius whispered, leaning back in his chair to talk to James, who was sitting behind him.

“Two...ONE!” James finished, eagerly watching the table of Slytherins on the other side of the room. James didn’t have to wait long, because with a BANG Goyle’s potion exploded all over his face and the rest of their table. On the other side of the room the Gryffindors exploded with laughter while Slughorn busied himself with cleaning it up.

“Dear, dear, you used a tad to much Dittany.” Slughorn said, vacuuming up the potion with his wand. “You’ll be receiving a zero on this, I’m sorry to say.”

James and Sirius high-five each other, Remus even turned towards them to grin. “Didn’t see that one coming!” James said gleefully.

“Pass the powdered spider, please Hermione?” Lily asked, pointedly ignoring the Marauders. The Draught was a immensely difficult one, and hers didn’t seem to be the precise shade of orange that the book showed.

Hermione handed her the vial, and stopped for a moment to admire Lily’s potion. “Your really quite good at this, look - mine’s more tangerine than orange, don’t you think?” Hermione’s potion, of course, was the exact shade as the book described, but still, Lily gave her advice.

“Try adding a clockwise stir for every seven counter-clockwise ones, see if that helps.” She advised her, turning back to her own potion.

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me?” James asked sweetly, turning to Lily, ignoring Sirius in the process.

“No.” She said, not bothering to look at him. The potion needed to be stirred fourteen times clockwise, then add a pinch...

“Then please start.” James replied, grinning cheerfully.


After Potions was over, they made their way up to the first floor for their Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Harry, Hermione, and Ron made their way in, discussing Ginny’s availability (Of all things.)

 Harry, whom had long since given in to the monster in side his head, was hoping to go out with her again, but Hermione was proving things otherwise. “Harry, you’ve got to understand how she feels!” She lectured. “You know that you were the one that broke up with her, not the other way around! What if she’s moved on? She was quite upset you know.”

“It’s true mate.” Ron said, somewhat reluctantly, but Hermione’s fierce nudges encouraged him on. “A-and I’ve heard...” He trailed off.

“Heard what?” Harry asked rather sharply, the monster reawakening, urging him on to pummel whoever would do something to Ginny.

“She might’ve...she could’ve...found someone else, Harry.” Hermione said very timidly, this conversation wasn’t going on at all as well as she had hoped. Harry would have continued this conversation on, but at that moment, a teacher walked through the Defense Against the Dark Arts’ classroom’s arched door.

He made his way up to the teachers desk, introducing himself as he went. “Hello, I’m Professor Lupin - I expect you remember me from your third year?” Anyways, I’ll be substituting for your Pro-” Professor Lupin broke off, watching a particular student in the far back row with an even more particular expression on his face.

The student in question, better known to us as Remus John Lupin, was staring open-mouthed back at him. Neither of the Remus Lupin’s uttered a word as they watched each other with shocked faces; the rest of the class looked back and forth between the two of them, taking in all of their similarities.

“Will you excuse me please, class?” Professor Lupin said faintly, dragging himself out the door. A white-faced Remus followed him out. The second that arched door closed, the entire class erupted in loud, urgent whispered, drowning out what they might’ve had a chance of overhearing of the two Lupin’s conversation.

“Who do you think they are?” A gossiping Parvati asked her best friend, Lavender.

“They’re identical! Do you think-” Another student whispered to their neighbor.

“I can’t wait to tell-”

“What about-” Another pupil pointed out.

Before long, the entire class was positive that Ryan was really Professor Lupin’s secret love child from Canada, whom he had known nothing about. Everyone was shocked to find out that their beloved Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher had done such a thing, but hey, it was true (And wait until their best friend found out!).


There was a loud commotion coming from the Great Hall as the seventh year Gryffindors came for dinner.

“What was that?” Ron asked nervously as he peeked around Hermione’s shoulder towards the now-menasing large oak doors. Living with Fred and George for seventeen years can do this to a person, you know.

“It’s nothing, Ron.” Hermione said to his Charms essay, crossing out the mistakes and doing everything short of writing it for him. “Go eat.”

Ron looked between Hermione and the dark doors, then sniffed the air. The odor of the house-elves’ delicious food was too much to resist, and he gingerly stepped down the long marble stairway, entranced by the smell of roast beef. Hermione took her eyes away from her homework for a moment to roll them in annoyance.

“Is that Professor Mcgonagall giving a speech?” Harry asked, bounding down the stairs towards them.

“Is it?” Hermione replied curiously not bothering to correct him, but craning her head to look through those oft-mentioned oak doors.

“-note I’d like to say that today I have the honor to introduce our brand new student, Miss Miranda Listing. She’s been home schooled before now, but Hogwarts is delighted to have her, aren’t we?” There was a chorus or yes' and absent-minded ‘mm-hmm’s’. She didn’t seem to notice as three of her (Although she would never admit it) favorite students slipped through the doors, and into an empty spot at the Gryffindor table.

“Miss Listing, if you would - ?” Professor McGonagall was speaking from Dumbledore’s old podium up at the staff table, dictating to the school. A bright red cheeked brunette slowly made her way towards Professor McGonagall, laughing nervously.

“Er, hi.” The new girl, Manda Listing said inaudibly to the crowd of Hogwartians. “I’m, er, Man-” Professor McGonagall silenced Manda, waved her wand towards Manda’s throat, and motioned her to start speaking again. “Er, hi.” Manda repeated, her voice magnifyed by twenty so it boomed throughout the Great Hall. “I’m, well, Manda Listing, as you probably know. So, um, yeah...” She turned even redder (If possible.) and backed away from Professor McGonagall.

“So we got the sorting hat out, just for the occasion, and we’ll now begin - please act as you would if I were still talking, and keep your mouths shut. And no, their will not be a song this year.” With the soundtrack of Hogwarts’ collective groan, she picked out a dirty patched old wizards hat out from under her podium.

“If you would, Miss Listing.” Professor McGonagall asked, gesturing for her to place it apon her head. Manda eyed it like it was filled with lice (It probably was...) but subordinately placed it on her head.

“Nevous, eh?” A quiet voice asked her from inside her head. “Not Slytherin then...not Gryfindoor either, I suppose.”

“Ravenclaw?” Manda whispered hopefully - she didn’t know how to talk to this..thing, but she knew it had been her mothers house.

“You do have a good set of brains on you, and if its not going to be Hufflepuff...” The hat agreed, then shouted out its decision for the school to hear. “RAVENCLAW!”

The Ravenclaw politely clapped (Even though they had no idea what to make of this situation - more new students? What next, dragons? Wait, never mind, they’ve already had those) as Manda stumbled and tripped her way over to their table, sitting down at the first empty seat she saw. Across the hall, someone was screaming ‘Peter’...maybe it was a school ritual...or something of the sort.

“Hello,” A long-haired blonde said, not bothering to look up from her sideways magazine, where the pages she was staring at were pitch black. “I’m Luna Lovegood.” Luna looked up at Manda, so she could get a full view of the bright orange goggles she was wearing; Manda guessed it was what she was using to see the black page.

“Manda.” She replied, her voice still a little shaky, but still she was courious to what the other girl was doing. “Can I see that when your done?”


Meanwhile, at the Gryfindoor table the seventh years were deep in conversation, with only Hermione bothering to listen to anything that Professor McGonagall was saying.

“You WERE a great teacher though.” Ron was adding, trying to be helpful. The thought was cute...but it wasn’t helping trainwreck Remus.

“What Peter would say...” Sirius was saying, shaking his shaggy hair mournfully, thinking of his poor friend that was left behind on this particular escapade. The five minutes of fame he would get when everyone was wondering where their beloved Marauders went (Peter wasn’t one of the ‘revered’ Marauders) simply wasn’t enough. But then again, Peter on this might not quite work.

“...If he heard that talk.” Remus was finishing, lost in his own thoughts. Everyone was quiet for a moment - perhaps paying the Headmistress some attention? Or is that too much to ask?

Then Harry broke the silence with a gasp and the sudden exclaimation of “Peter!”

“What about him?” James asked, concentrating on looking at Sirius. Not that he didn’t like Harry - it was just to disconcerting to look at him. Maybe because it was that same gorgeous face he saw in the mirror every day...or maybe because it was that same gorgeous eyes he coveted each day that looked back at him.

“Oh...” Hermione said, tearing herself away from the teacher’s table. “Peter...”

AUTHOR'S NOTE! First of all - I've had over 2000 reads, 40 reviews, and 40 favorites! That is so very, very, very awesome of you. And I would love to have even more review (I'm greedy) so please do! Thanks! And in other author news...Uh-oh, they remembered Peter! What's Harry going to do about this, with the Marauder's history and his own, this can't be good...Also, Remus met Remus! That would be weird don't you think? If you met yourself as a forty-five year old, just out of the blue? Then there's our new character - Manda! She's from another fanfiction I wrote with my friend, so she'll probably end up with a good sized part in here...if all goes well. Anyways, I haven't written any of chapter seven yet, so their won't be any preview (I wasn't expecting the validation to be so fast! So it might be a little while before the next chapter comes up...a week or two.) Also, sorry this one isn't very well written or all around great...the next chapter will be better.

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