Waiting for Harry

Lily Potter glared at the long black haired male before her, her hands on her hips she narrowed her eyes further, if looked could kill one Sirius Black would have died twice over, she angrily as Sirius smiled sweetly at her, Lily throw the wooden spoon that was on her bench at him, with a dull thud the spoon hit Sirius between the eye, biting her lip Lily tried hard to stop tears from falling. 

“Gees, Lily it’s just cookie dough” Sirius stated as he picked up the spoon and handed it to her, rubbing his head he stated “that better not bruise” 

Lily burst into tears, picking up the spoon and throwing it at him again “it’s not just the cookie dough Sirius Black” 

Sirius ducked the spoon “stop throwing spoons at me, I wont eat cookie dough ever again I swear” 

Lily cried harder, throwing the bowl of cookie dough at him “I don’t care” she screamed sniffing she waddled out of the kitchen 

Sirius stared ahead of him, to be honest he was a tad bit scared of the hormonal witch that lived in the house “any one would think you have PMS” Sirius stated as he got up from his seat 

“I’m pregnant Sirius Black, I can’t get PMS” Lily yelled to him, she growled before yelling again “won’t he hurry up and be born” 

“Hormones” Sirius called as he walked through the Potter’s cottage 

James had been called into work, and being a Saturday Sirius had it off not realizing what he was doing he found himself looking after a very pregnant and very moody Mrs. Lillian Potter, so far she had yelled at him twelve times burst into tears four times and thrown objects at him a lot of times, and now he found himself stirring her up again. 

“Sirius Black” Lily snapped as she throw open the bathroom door, poking him in the chest “you try carrying around a fifty pound baby for nine months now, going from being really horny to wanting to kill every male in your vicinity, then go to really hungry then bursting into tears” her bottom lip quivered slightly 

Sirius was starring at her finger through her whole rant, looking up he seen her lip quiver, feeling a little guilty he wrapped his arms the best he could around her “I’m sorry” 

The dam broke Lily started sobbing into Sirius’ shirt 

Sirius winced he was never good with girls and there feelings, ever since James and 
Lily started dating he never was really close with women, then Lily come crashing into there little group, secrets were told and Sirius found himself welcoming Lily into his broken and battered heart, by the end of seventh year Lily was part of there little family.
“You know if James was madly in love with Lily I would think you’re trying to steal her” 

Lily pulled her face out of Sirius’ shirt “Remus your back” Lily waddled as fast as she could towards him. 

Remus Lupin smiled warmly at her 

Lily stood in front of him, smiling she raised her hand and slapped his arm “where the bloody hell have you been?” 

Remus jumped; rubbing his arm he cried “I went to get chocolate” 

Lily smiled “good” hugging him 

Remus stood open mouthed until; Sirius muttered “she’s now nine months pregnant, as she yelled before he won’t hurry up and get out” 

Lily pulled away from Remus, glaring at Sirius “what is that suppose to mean?” 

Sirius shook his head, his long hair hitting both sides of his face “nothing, I just want my godson here” 

Before Lily could say anything Remus asked “why is there a broken bowl and dough on the floor?” 

Lily glared at Sirius “Black was eating it while I was cooking it” 

Remus nodded as if that explained the whole reason why there was cookie dough on the floor. 

Waddling through the house Lily pulled out her wand and flicked it at the dough as it disappeared, and the bowl repaired itself lowering herself into a chair she placed her hands on her swollen belly “why wont he come out, it’s not like we haven’t tried everything” as she spoke a sharp pain went through her stomach, wincing slightly she had both men at her attention. 

“Lily are you alright?” They both asked 

Lily nodded “it’s just Braxton-Hicks contractions” 

“How long have you been having them?” Remus asked 

Lily winced again as another Braxton-Hicks hit her “since James left this morning” 

“How far are they apart, they could be real contractions” Remus said panic creeping into his voice 

Lily glared at him “I don’t know” 

Remus starred at her “what do you mean you don’t know?” 

Lily pushed the chair back standing as she went “what I mean is I don’t know how far they are apart, I just have them” 

“Remus don’t anger the pregnant red head” Sirius stated, walking in between them 

“how about a game of chess Lily” Sirius stated rather then questioned, as he pulled her out of the room and into the lounge room. 

The chess game was forgotten once they heard the sound of someone flooing in. As they all grabbed there wands they ran to the fire place (lily waddled) 

“I’m home” James shouted 

Another painful contraction hit Lily making her use the wall for support. 

“Lily what happened? Are you alright?” James asked pushing past his two friends 

Lily’s eyes widened as water gashed down her legs, gripping James’ hand. 

“God, Lily the bathroom is right down the hall, you didn’t have to do that in front of us” Sirius whined 

“Sirius you idiot” Remus stated as he slapped Sirius over the back of the head 

"I'm not the idiot, Lily peed all over the floor" Sirius stated waving his hands about

Ignoring the bickering pair Lily choked out “James my water just broke” 

James grinned lopsided “I’m going to be a dad, a little me is going to be running around soon” 

Lily’s smile turned into a grimace as another contraction hit 

“Right to the hospital” James called scooping Lily up in his arms 

Seven painful hours, and three broken fingers later Harry James Potter come into the world on the 31st of July. 

Ok, i only writed this story because i was stuck on Time Travel, i had the whole sstory writen... but due to my bad luck it went 'missing' anyway i hope you like it, ever though it is a one shot i really like reading what people think of my stories so please review.
                                                Lily Times

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