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Disclaimer: As you all know, I am not JKR, so that says it all. It's her ideas, I'm just building on them.
Chapter 12: Stars in her eyes

The wedding party filed disorderly out of the ceremony tent, everyone keen to congratulate the happy couples. It was now almost two thirty in the afternoon, and dinner was going to begin at six. Now was the time for presents and congratulations to the two newly-wed couples.

Harry was holding Ginny's hand and beaming around at everyone in the vicinity. Everything seemed such a blur to him, the only clear thing Ginny's touch as she cupped his cheek and kissed him lightly, to great applause from the onlookers. Harry didn't know where to look or what to do, his heart felt so accelerated, racing beneath the yellow flower in his jacket pocket.

With a pang, it hit him that he dearly wished for his parents to be here with him, for them to see him here, having made it to a point in his life he had never believed he would reach.

Ron and Hermione were approaching Harry and Ginny, beaming. Harry let his right hand slip around Ginny's waist like he saw Ron's around Hermione's. This must be something from that book again, he thought, smiling despite of himself.

Harry and Ron grasped hands and Ron patted Harry on the shoulder. Harry kissed Hermione's cheek, and Ron hugged Ginny. The two girls then flung their arms around each others necks and both started sobbing and laughing hysterically. Harry, who felt at a loss for what to do, turned to Ron, who looked just as lost.

"Hey, Harry, what do you say we go get these girls a drink, eh?" Ron said, waving his hand toward the bar, where Fleur just happened to be standing at that moment. Harry raised his eyebrows at Ron, who laughed at Harry's expression and started making his way over to the champagne.

On their way to get drinks, Harry and Ron were stopped many times by guests, all who seemed to be delighted to be there and wanted to chat for a little longer than Harry and Ron might have wanted.

Two sunlit hours full of laughter and fun passed before Harry's eyes as though he was watching from the outside. It felt as though it was all too good to be true. Most of all he was thinking of his parents and the picture in the album he had. The picture of their wedding where Sirius was laughing in the background.

He wondered while looking at all these happy people, whether something was going to happen again, like the years that had passed where it looked as if nobody could ever be happy again. It felt to Harry that he was feeling happiness for all those people that he had left behind through his past. He finally managed to understand what Dumbledore had meant all those years ago.

"Do you think that the dead that we have loved ever really leave us?...Your father lives in you, Harry..."

He could feel that if only he thought about them, if only there was someone left that would think about them, they would never really die.

Ginny and Hermione appeared after a little while at Harry and Ron's respective sides. They had been so occupied by everyone talking to them that they had not gotten the chance to bring the Champagne to the girls. Harry handed Ginny her glass, but Ron realized that the glass he had for Hermione was now mysteriously empty, so he had to hurry off to get a new one for her.

The 'reception', as Mrs. Weasley called this part of the day went on with several toasts of congratulations to the couples and lots of chattering to old friends. Oliver Wood, who had recently been made permanent keeper for Puddlemere United, was causing quite a stir, especially with the younger generation of Weasley cousins.

Luna Lovegood came to join the group of exited young women now consisting of Hermione, Ginny, Parvati and Padma Patil, Lavender Brown, and Cho Chang. They were all gossiping and giggling like mad. Luna seemed very pleased to announce that it was her belief that now that Harry and Ron were married, it would only be a matter of time before a certain Mr. Longbottom would 'pop the question'.

“I mean,” she said seriously, “He needs to hurry up! Daddy has just introduced me to one of his colleagues, and he's a vampire, see, and he was hinting heavily that he liked my earrings. Neville says he likes my necklace as well, though, so he's still ahead, but I really hope he asks me soon...”

The other girls seemed slightly dumbfounded by this little speech, but quickly resumed chatting and laughing again.

Harry, who incidentally was standing right outside this little group talking to Neville, found himself looking questioningly over at his friend so as to confirm these rumors about plans of engagement. Neville turned an impressive shade of scarlet, grinned at his feet, and mumbled something completely incoherent.

Harry grinned triumphantly just as Ginny came over to him and wound her arm into his.

“Neville,” she said, “Luna wants to see you, she's right over there by the bar...” she pointed, and Neville shot off faster than Harry would have thought he could move.


A short while later, Mrs. Weasley's magically magnified voice rang out over the entire garden (everyone jumped).

“Dinner is now served in the large tent, everyone, the seating plan is posted by the door, as well as names by each of the seats! If you would all please make your way there now, it would be lovely, and if Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione could all come into the kitchen for a second! Thank you!”

Harry took Ginny's hand as they walked over to the kitchen door where Mrs. Weasley was waiting for them.

“Hello dears,” she exclaimed, beaming. “Are you enjoying yourselves? Yes? Oh, that's jolly good. I just thought you might like to know that at eleven tonight, your portkeys are destined to your respective destinations, alright? Just so you know. Now, hurry on, my dears, I have to run and check on the kitchen before we serve... I'm just not sure what one of those waiters in there is doing, last time I checked, he thought he was a bee, making buzzzz sounds... the others said they'd straighten him out but I really must go and see...” She rambled on.

“It's alright Mrs. Weasley, take your time,” Hermione said soothingly.

The four of them made their way back to the tent, where people were now confusedly trying to find their seats. There was a certain confusion as to the names on the name tags. Ron found his saying 'Roonil Wazlib'.

“Oh, no!” He laughed. “Don't tell mum, she'll have a fit, this must have been written with one of those spell checking pens of Fred and... I mean, George's! Only they never work properly.”

Ginny looked highly amused as she sat down by the name Vengira Wazlib, and Harry took his seat at Rory Patter, right beside her.

Hermione didn't seem to know whether to laugh or not as she took her place labeled Minnie Hermeg.

Despite of Mrs. Weasley's scandalized looks as she saw the name cards, most of the guests seemed highly amused by trying to figure out where they were sitting.

There was a menu in front of each person, now decorated with blue flowers, as the sky was quickly darkening. The whole tent had been redecorated in blues and silvers with lights glistening under the ceiling like real stars. There small globes of these small specks of light along each of the two long tables that had been set up. The setting gave the impression of sitting right in the middle of a starry sky.

Harry peered down at his menu, and saw that there was quite a variety of choice for each of the seven, seven, courses. He was briefly wondering how he was going to be able to eat seven courses, but was pulled away from this thought by Ginny prodding his arm with her finger.

“What are you having? I really can't decide, I'll just have the same as you.” She said quietly to him. He now realized that most people seemed to be waiting for him and Ron to make their orders first. Harry understood this dinner to work quite like that of the Yule Ball in their fourth year, but before he could say anything, Ron was already plunging into ordering his meal.
“I'll have a little bit of everything on this list of starters, then the onion soup, make that with bread, garlic please, then the small Italian plate, the roast beef as my main, and I'll tell you the rest later.” He stated all of this to his menu, and Hermione looked at him with an amused look on her face.

“Looks like you'll have to take some cooking classes with that one in the house,” Ginny laughed at Hermione, looking over at Ron.

“I guess I do have a lot to live up to after him having grown up here,” Hermione smiled back.

Harry placed his order, mostly copying Ron, but choosing only one of the starters (a bresaola plate with parmesan, whatever that meant). Ginny had caught on too, and was now telling her menu not to overcook the chicken she had wanted as a main course.

The rest of the guests were following suit, placing orders, and now the tent was slowly filling with delicious smells from the various dishes being sent in from the kitchen, appearing on the table.

Mr. Weasley, who was sitting to Harry's left had begun an interrogation about Mr. Dursley's microwave, of which he had heard from Kingsley.

“So all you have to do is turn that little knob and those little numbers in the diplays will show you how long your food will cook? And then press the button with start on it?”

“Err, yes,” Harry replied, highly amused by this lack of common knowledge, but of course not common to everyday wizards. “The numbers in the display will change as you turn the knob.”

“And then it just cooks whatever's inside? Just like that? Ingenious...” Mr. Weasley continued, fascinated.

The food was delicious, and the only interruption of the splendid evening came in the form of one of the waiters walking into the room chanting “I'm a buzzing” This was only until Mrs. Weasley had gotten up and ushered him back out, and told of the other workers in the kitchen for not watching him.
At around nine thirty, there was a small tinkle and a crack as Ron beat his fork a little too enthusiastically against his glass. The room went quiet. Ron hastily repaired his glass with a small wand movement and stood up.

“Hey, everyone, I was just wanting to say a few words, you know, just 'cause its my wedding day.” He began, and the crowd laughed.

“So Hermione, you actually married me in the end, didn't you? Haha, I mean, I had the impression you would rather hex me to oblivion than sit here with me today, but here you are, so I guess I must have irresistible charm or something, you know...” He grinned at Hermione, who beamed back.

“You look beautiful Herms, really, I doubt I even know myself how lucky I am to have you. Also, I'd like to say a big congratulations to my sister, who managed to run off with my best mate, I give up, I guess I'll have to approve now he's finally grown up and married her! Harry, I really dunno what to say, mate, just that I wouldn't mind being woken up being dangled by the ankles a few more times... it's grown on me, that spell has! And since I never told you, yes, I love Hermione, and I'm sorry I kept it from you for so long. I want to thank everyone here for coming, I mean who knew I was so popular? Cheers, guys!”

Everyone laughed and raised their glasses with Ron, who sat down, looking very pleased with himself, and even more so when Hermione kissed him on the cheek.

Finally, the final remains of their spectacular meal dispersed from their plates, after delicious deserts (of which Ron had three helpings). Mrs. Weasley stood up and told everyone to stand, and with a whoosh, the tables vanished and were replaced by about thirty smaller tables, surrounding a brilliant dance floor. Harry felt his face flush as a spotlight hit him and Ginny, out of nowhere, and so he offered his hand to her, she took it gracefully, and he brought her out to the dance floor.

Harry remembered the last time he had been made to dance in front of a large group of people. Back then it had just seemed awkward, but now it felt like the only right thing in the world. He lightly held his hand at Ginny's waist, the other grasped her free hand. They turned slowly, in tune with the music which was now being played from the podium. Harry saw Hermione having to drag Ron's hands, which were drifting a bit far south up to her waist, and grinned into Ginny's hair. Now they were being joined by the rest of the guests, who were quickly pairing up and coming out to join the couples.

Suddenly, Ginny dropped Harry's hand and moved both her hands to the back of his head. She placed her forehead against his for a second, saying softly,

“Take me with you, Harry, wherever you go... don't ever leave me again...”

Then she kissed him, and he pulled her closer, wrapping her in his arms, while still turning slowly on the spot to the music.

The evening went on, and Harry danced with Mrs. Weasley, Mrs. Granger, Hermione, Luna (who mysteriously managed not to tread on his feet), but must of the time with Ginny. She would lay her head onto his shoulder and let him stroke her hair. Again and again he reminded himself of how extremely lucky he was to have gotten this far in his life.

Then, as the clock approached eleven, George set off a breathtaking fireworks, a demonstration of his newest creation. The colors were so bright against the clear night sky. Beneath a giant flower that erupted above them, Harry took the liberty to kiss Ginny long and hard, she responding by ruffling his hair and grinning into his lips. He held her close as a giant green clover sprouted out of the sky, or so it seemed. Harry got a glimpse in his mind of a giant green skull with a snake winding out of its mouth...he held Ginny close and looked into her eyes.

All the guests gasped unanimously, everyone enjoying the festivities. Neville seemed to be enjoying them non-verbally with Luna, and Ron and Hermione stood together, Hermione's head against his shoulder.

“Harry, Ginny? Dears, it's time to leave!” Mrs. Weasley appeared by their side, holding two silvery flowers in her hand. “Everyone,” said her now magically enforced voice, “it's time to say goodbye to our special couples for tonight, I know they have appreciated you all being here, and we'll continue to see them further on in their lives, I'm sure! Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, I want you all to know we all love you very much, and we wish you so much luck in your lives, take a flower, both of you hold onto it, it will take you to the next destination this night offers! Enjoy! We love you!”

Harry and Ginny smiled and held onto one of the flowers. Harry suddenly felt the familiar sensation of a hook being fastened behind his navel, and pulling him quickly forward into a whirl of color and sound. This was certainly going to be a night he would never, ever, forget.

A/N: Ok, so here it is, I hope you liked it, I'm sorry for the long wait. I promise the next one will be longer! This was just a chapter to complete the wedding. Please review! Love you all my readers! Almost 15,000 reads! This is great!

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