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I don’t own any of it except the plot!

Author’s Note:
Hello! Welcome to my most minor pairing story! This story is a challenge entry written in response to Axjion’s First Kiss Challenge. The pairing was issued by him, so if you like this story, a lot of credit goes to him for issuing the challenge! I know it isn’t my best piece and I really struggled with writing this one, so please leave me a review letting me know what you think :D All constructive critique gladly welcomed!

Bellatrix Lestrange waited in the dark and shadowy depths of the forest. The crooked branches and the high leafy canopy above caused a scene of immense turmoil. The strong scent of a blood bath clung to the air; sticky, thick and suffocating.

Bellatrix’s expression showed that of agitation. She paced from one thick tree trunk to another; the fallen summer leaves mashing softly under her frustrated footfalls. A slight rustling of leaves caused her to look around sharply. She quickly drew her want and slinked further in to the darkness. A figure walked forwards and a trace of moonlight crept in through the canopy above, throwing the tall, dark figure into relief. His blue eyes immediately found that of Bellatrix Lestrange. She stepped out of the darkness and looked at him. An unusually cold breeze swept through the forest causing Bellatrix to jump ever so slightly.

“The Dementors are coming,” she whispered ever so quietly, as though afraid someone else would hear what she had to say. She looked up into Charlie Weasley’s deep blue eyes.

Charlie looked down in to Bellatrix’s black eyes and took in his anxious posture. He placed his hand reassuringly on her shoulder. “You didn’t choose to make this happen.” Charlie spoke in a deep, reassuring voice. “It isn’t your fault.”

She looked up at him and smiled sadly. “You don’t understand Charlie.”

“What’s to understand Bella? There is no decision to make. Just choose the right side…our side.”

“It isn’t that simple.”

“Yes it is,” Charlie persisted.

“No,” she said, placing a callused hand softly on his cheek. “It isn’t.”

Raising his own hand, Charlie took her hand of his cheek and held it in his own.

“Make me understand.”

Bellatrix lowered her eyes to the ground. “I can’t just hand in a letter of resignation Charlie. Once you sign up to work with the Dark Lord, you pledge your allegiance. There’s no turning back.”

“You can.”

“No,” she said sadly. “You can’t. It’s too late to turn back now. If I do, I’ll be stuck in No - Man’s – Land. The Dark side won’t accept me because I’ll have rejected them. Then there’s Potter. He’d never understand; especially not after what happened to Sirius last year.”

“I’ll make him understand Bella. He’s human too, and he lost his father figure. Of course he’s bound to be upset, but believe it or not, he does give second chances.”

“No Charlie. I can’t change sides.”

“Bella, you don’t want to be a part of the Dark side but you don’t want to join the right side? What do you want Bella? There isn’t anything I can do for you if you don’t choose to fight for what’s right. Remember, if you decide to choose them over us, you’ll end up loosing me in the process.”

“Charlie please-”

“No.” Charlie said, a tone of resignation shrouding his face. “This is your choice. At the end of the day, what you decide will not only determine your future, but ours too. If you go against our side, I will be forced to fight back and don’t think I’ll play nice. This battle will occur right to the end. Which side do you choose?”

“I-I-Charlie -”

“I need an answer Bella. I can’t wait for you forever. At this very moment, my family are suffering and I can’t let that keep happening.”

“I think I’ve got my answer. Well Bellatrix, I guess this is going to be goodbye then.”

Bellatrix’s eyes were sparking with unshed tears and for once, she didn’t look like the woman who had committed many crimes or murders, she just looked like a woman who didn’t know what to do…who was completely lost. His face showed despair and Charlie’s registered disappointment.

“Charlie please -”

“I’m sorry,” Charlie replied in a slow and deep voice. A strong gust of wind blew through the darkened forest, seeming to push Bellatrix and Charlie together. Taking it as an indication, Charlie moved closer towards her until they were barely an inch apart. He looked down at her. Her eyes were lowered to the ground and she seemed unable to meet his gaze.

“I’m so sorry Charlie…I – I”

Her words were stopped by the look that he was giving. She could feel the intensity of his gaze rather than see it. It was penetrating right into her soul and searing her. She was still unable to look at him but she knew that the look he gave her held that of danger, of power and also, regret.

“There’s really not much left for me to say,” Charlie whispered, his face even closer to Bellatrix’s now, barely enough room to breathe.

“I -”

Bellatrix’s words were cut off by Charlie’s lips, pressed delicately yet strongly to her own. He kissed her, soft, tender but heated and with a hidden secret. For that absolute instance, Bellatrix didn’t know what she wanted to do; she was completely lost in the feel of his lips on hers. It was their first kiss, and the intensity of it made her feel overwhelmed, powerless, defeated. Some distant part of her knew, however, that this was going to be their last kiss…their first kiss was their last one. Just as her mind fully adjusted to how completely right it felt, to be held in Charlie’s arms, he broke away.

She looked in to his eyes, breathing quickly, but to her complete dismay, she saw nothing. Charlie had made up his mind.

“Goodbye Bella,” he said quietly. Turning around, he walked away, slowly being enveloped by cold darkness. Bellatrix was, once again, left completely on her own to dwell in her conflicted mind. She had two choices; to listen to her heart and support Charlie, or listen to her brain and continue following to Dark Side. She would lose whichever she chose. It was like burning a candle at both ends; the light would either not burn, or burn her, as the holder. After all, if you play with fire, you only get burned.

Slowly, Bellatrix turned and walked in the same direction as Charlie. The frostiness of the night was picking up, but it wasn’t a cold frostiness…it was one of searing, burning heat. Bellatrix treaded through the grass and made her way out of the forest. Her and Charlie’s paths may have been the same, but their routes were different.

As Bellatrix made her way to Hogwarts, she could hear by the distant volleys of bangs and shouts that the battle of Hogwarts had begun. Swiftly, she made her way over to the crowd and blended in to the fray. Hopefully, in all the panic, her absence from the commencement of the battle had gone unnoticed.

The raging war continued, occasionally being broken up by the Dark Lord’s terrifying, magnified voice issuing above the battle. There then came a pause in the fighting. Bellatrix looked around as the dust settled into place. She could make out so many scattered bodies on the floor. She looked around, trying to spot Charlie in the haze, but he was no-where to be seen.

She walked back towards the clearing in the forest where the discussion for the next part of the plan was taking place. That’s when she received the shock of her life…for Harry Potter had turned up. It seemed that he had been lured there, and yet, he acted like his life didn’t matter to him…he knew what the meaning of his life was…she had yet to find hers.

She watched in sick fascination as Harry stood there defenceless and willing to give up his life. Then horror struck. Harry was lying motionless on the ground. So was the Dark Lord.


Bellatrix was fighting Mrs.Weasley in the Great Hall. Sparks were flying everywhere through the wreckage and dust. Charlie watched both women fighting in battle whilst, he himself, continued to duel. His gaze travelled from one woman to the next; one who had raised him and loved him, the other who had taught him to love and indirectly been responsible for the death of his brother Fred.

The women’s battle continued to rage, a fire within Charlie’s mother he had not known existed, burning anything that stood in her path. Somehow, deep within him, Charlie knew that Bellatrix had no choice but to take the Dark Side. She was fighting a losing battle and it seemed she knew that was how she was going to die.

Bellatrix wanted to die at the hand of one of the Weasley’s, knowing that the blood that had killed her, ran through the veins of her lover and would free her from this tortured double life. It was time for her to leave.

She made one final jab about the death of Fred and finally she saw the curse coming from Molly Weasley. The last look upon her face was of triumph and relief which she directed at Charlie as she felt her life leave her face, and then her heart.

She had made her final sacrifice for her lover’s mother, in the ain hope that her lover Charlie, would forgive her for everything she had been responsible for.

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