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Chapter One

The Annoyance of Younger Sisters.

“Squib, squib, squib…”

“I am not!”

“Squib, squib, squib…”

“Not, not, not… DADDY!”

“James, pack it in!”

James looked up from his cereal in disbelief. Scowling across the table, he glared at Lily, who stuck her tongue out as soon as their father turned his head to turn the page of the Daily Prophet.

James Sirius Potter, in short, could not wait the few hours before he would be on the train back to Hogwarts. It wasn’t that he disliked his family, in fact, he liked his parents very much, he could even get along with Albus for nearly fifteen minutes at a time now that they were both over the age of ten and Albus knew how to take a joke. The problem, at home, was Lily. Lily Luna Potter… Who, as the only girl, and the youngest, was the most infuriating person on the planet!

While at home over the summer holidays, James had quickly learnt the problem with being the eldest child, and therefore attending Hogwarts first. His sister spent the entire year with their parents, and therefore, knew the ways to get James into trouble. More so, he’d learnt the two most evil and over used words in both the Muggle and Wizarding dictionaries… Mummy, and Daddy. It seemed, these days that all Lily had to do was shout either of these words, and four words would be instantly directed at him… “James, pack it in!”

He was longing to discover how these words worked, as it seemed when he said them, all he got was a roll of eyes and a patronising tone as he was told to leave his sister alone, she was younger than him, after all. They didn’t even seem to work for Albus. In fact, James was beginning to seriously believe that they didn’t work for boys at all. It was a female secret against boys… he’d have to find the precious key words that worked against girls!

“Is that from your girlfriend?” Lily asked in a sing song voice, reaching across the table and trying to grab the letter that James had laid next to his cereal bowl. Slamming his hand down onto the letter, James glared at his cereal, but tried not to snap back at her to mind her own business. It would only lead to the uttering of the evil word. Only a few hours to go. A few hours and he’d be safe… or at least, Lily wouldn’t.

James had been longing for this moment since about a week after he returned from Hogwarts for the first time. As a Hogwarts student, James was expected to be mature, and not fight with Albus and Lily. When Albus came to Hogwarts, it solved half the problem, but unfortunately, the other half became twice as annoying, and twice as hard to defeat, though, from the look on Albus’s face over the summer, he was missing Hogwarts nearly as much as James was.

Soon, Lily would be on the train with them to Hogwarts, and every table would turn. No more running to mummy or daddy when she didn’t get her way, no more calling on them as soon as James said a bad word or tried to ignore her. James and Albus were the well known ones at Hogwarts, Lily was… well, their brat sister. It was going to be awesome!

“James has got a girlfriend, James has got a girlfriend,” Lily began singing quietly, rocking her head from side to side.

“Oh, so I’ll tell Teddy he should put on a pink dress and change his hair then should I Lil’?” James snapped back, waving the letter in front of her.

Albus snorted into his juice. Lily, however, pouted.

“A letter from Teddy?” she asked, looking nervously to her father and James knew that the cogs were turning in that annoying little head of hers. Did she dare use the Daddy card again so soon? “Well, let me read it!”

“No!” James answered with satisfaction.

“James…” Lily whined. “He’s my God brother too.”

“But the letter’s to me…” James answered, mimicking her whining tone, continuing with what he knew would come next. “Daddy, James won’t let me read his letter.”

“It’s James’s letter, Lil’, let him read it,” their father answered absently as he got up from the table and walked away into the hallway.

Pumpkin juice came out of Albus’s nose, James roared with laughter, and Lily ran off to find their mother.

“So, what’s Teddy got to say?” Albus asked, wiping the juice away from his nose with his hand.

“Not a lot, just that he’s got back from Greece and may come up for the Hogsmeade visit,” James explained with a shrug.

“Awesome!” Albus answered, picking up his spoon again. “How long do you think it’ll be before Lily writes home because she can’t come to the village?”

“Are you kidding?” James asked, looking at his younger brother with a wicked grin. “I think the letter’s already packed in her trunk.”

“James, what’s this about you not letting Lily read a letter from Teddy?” his mother asked, coming into the kitchen and glaring at James in a way that was almost spookily like Grandma Weasley when James and Albus had traipsed mud through the kitchen after playing Quidditch.

James looked to Albus with a look that said ‘I’m going to make her life hell’ before holding up the letter and turning back to his mother.

“IT’S TO ME!” He shouted, knowing Lily was probably hiding around the corner waiting for James to get an earful. 

With a huff, Ginny Potter rolled her eyes and left the kitchen, her voice echoing back to her two boys.

“I want those trunks downstairs in ten minutes!”

After finishing his breakfast, James made his way up into his bedroom and made sure he had everything. He checked in his wardrobe and under his bed, he looked on the windowsill and behind the chest of drawers. He even glanced through Albus’s bedroom door to make sure there was nothing obviously his in there. When he could see that he hadn’t left anything vitally important, he was satisfied and began dragging his trunk down the stairs, the end bumping with every step.

Finally depositing it at the bottom of the stairs, he had a sudden thought and opened the trunk, quite a few items almost soaring from inside like they’d been thrown at a trampoline. After quickly checking the secret compartment of his trunk Teddy had helped him make, for the Maurader’s map and his other items he’d be told off for having, James gathered up the flying objects and placed them back in his trunk, holding them down just long enough to get the lid almost shut before he pulled his hand out and slammed the top down. Perfect. He was ready.

Albus was the next ready, holding his trunk by one end and pushing it down the stairs, gripping one handle with both hands so that it didn’t slip. He made it most of the way, but about five steps from the bottom, he lost his grip and his trunk slid the rest of the way and hit James’s with a crash. At the bottom of the stairs, Albus and James cringed and waited for what they both knew was coming. Sure enough, before James had even reached the usual count to five it took for these things to happen, he heard the thundering footsteps and the second scariest voice in the world rang out. (Second only because Grandma Weasley was much more terrifying as she had a little more girth to put behind the shouting.)

“How many times have I told you two to be careful when taking those things downstairs?” their mother snapped accusingly down the stairs.

“Sorry mum,” the boys chorused back to her.

“Get those out to the car, please boys,” she continued; her voice a little softer. “Harry, are you ready?”

“Yes, Gin’,” their father’s voice came from his office at the back of the house before he appeared, the Daily Prophet still clutched in his hand.

It was lucky their father had been able to get the morning off. Usually, he was out of the house by eight thirty in the morning, and only just got back in for dinner… and that was when he didn’t have to cover a night shift. James supposed Head of the Aurors was a very busy job. He’d definitely not go in for that one when he was older.

Giving James and Albus a wink, Harry flicked his wand and the two trunks rose into the air, floating happily through the front door and down the path. James grinned widely at Albus and accepted the Daily Prophet from his father with one hand, his other holding his barn owl Barnaby’s cage, turning instantly to the back pages for the recent Quidditch results.

Sitting in the back of the car side by side, Barnaby held on the floor between James’s legs, Zulu held between Albus’s, James and Albus held the paper between them, both reading through the Quidditch scores. James had to quell a ‘whoop’ of excitement as he saw that the Tornadoes had won their latest match. He knew his uncle Ron would never forgive him if he found out that James didn’t support the Chudley Cannons, but actually supported the more popular Tornadoes; and if Lily found out, it was only a matter of minutes before uncle Ron would know… even if he was in a different country, Lily would find a way.

They were only running five minutes late by the time their dad finally hovered Lily’s trunk to the car and closed the boot. Climbing in next to Albus, Lily buckled herself in and settled Mazey, her new cat currently in his basket on her lap, instantly leaned over and tried to look at the paper too, even though she didn’t actually like Quidditch that much.

James shook his head and pushed the paper across Albus’s lap to her, but, as predicted, within moments, she’d abandoned it and was watching the countryside pass by as they drove towards London. Luckily, Lily couldn’t annoy James anymore.

He was finally on his way back to Hogwarts!

Author Note:

Hey Guys.
This is my first Next Gen fic that actually focus's on the people most people focus on when writing Next Gen fics. (My others are about criminals and Azkaban and things like that. lol) Anyway, I'm still not really focusing on the person most people go for, seeing as they usually go for Albus. Anyway, rambling.
Seeing as this is my first Next Gen story, can you please be kind enough to review and tell me how I'm doing?



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