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A/N: Hello Readers! So this is the beginning of my Short Story- actually my first fic ever! This story is a tad shorter than most short stories but trust me there are multiple chapters. This first chapter is dedicated to my beta/ banner maker/ chapter images maker/ good friend- xtimexturnerx. As you can see, it is well deserved and without her help the fic wouldn’t be here (mainly because I wouldn’t know fanfiction exists) so thank you xtimexturnerx (check out her stories Breaking Traditions and Fatal Accident) Ok so I’m done rambling and all that I as before I go is to give my rectangular secretary at the bottom some feedback- good or bad please! *begging repeatedly* and to enjoy the story thanks!


xtimexturnerx: don’t forget you’re disclaimer! Remember you are not J.K. Rowling so it is necessary.

Me: But I am-

xtimexturnerx: No

Me: But-

xtimexturner: NO!

Me: *grumbling* fine..I’m not JK Rowling….


“FOR THE LAST TIME- NO!” shouted Lily before she shoved two boys out of her train compartment. The two boys flew back into the corridor wall before seeing the fuming red-head’s face.

“DON’T ask me again, Potter, or else I WILL hex you. Same to you, Black. See what happens if you even try asking for him,” she said menacingly. And with that she turned on her heel and slammed the compartment door behind her. She slammed it with such force, James Potter, one of the boys who had been pushed out, thought if it had not been magical, the glass would have shattered.

James and his best mate Sirius Black quickly rose to their feet and walked back to their own compartment, avoiding the laughter of the witnesses to the incident. The entered the compartment only to find their other two best friends rolling on the floor laughing.

“Shut it” James said gruffly

Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew sobered up as quickly as possible (it still took them a moment to finally stop all together). Silent glares at the two followed until Remus broke through the silence.

“Prongs, did you really believe she would say yes? I mean come on; she even told you she’d rather date the Giant Squid,” he said.

“Yeah, well maybe the giant squid will pay her a visit one day.” They all knew Sirius was planning revenge as he sat their massaging the new lump on his head from hitting the wall.

“No, Padfoot, you are not pulling any pranks on Lily. Think how mad she will be! She’ll defiantly kick your sorry behind and I would have to let her. And to answer your question Moony, no I didn’t think she’d say ‘yes,’ but I thought she might at least hold a civil conversation. I really want her to see that I’ve changed. I mean isn’t it obvious that I’ve changed?” James finished innocently.

He thought about what happened back in the compartment. He’d walked in, said good morning, asked Lily out, made some jokes, asked Lily out a few more times, and got his butt kicked out the door. What could he have done wrong? It’s obvious but why can’t I change when I’m near her? What makes me act like a fool? If she wasn’t so darn perfect and beautiful and smart- Come on James get a hold on yourself.... you sound just as stalkerish as they say you are.

James continued arguing with himself mentally through the train ride. Not even Sirius could interrupt his train of thought, even though he had tried many times. He checked his watch every now and then. He knew they would meet once more before getting to the castle but James had to be ready this time. He needed to show her hey had changed.


Stupid Potter- can’t even let me get to the castle before he starts badgering me. Ugh he’s insufferable. Lily Evans slammed the compartment door so aggressively; the glass would have shattered had it not been magical.

“Touchy much?” Amelia Bones, Lily’s best mate for life to the max, asked innocently with an amused smile on her face. Lily rolled her eyes and plopped into the seat beside Amelia. She sighed and gave Amelia a look. Their other friend, Alice Earnheart, giggled looking between the two.

“Ugh! He’s so……..ugh” Lily said angrily. She cannot believe he had the nerve to do that. It infuriated her. She put her head in her hands and tried to erase the memory of the past 10 minutes. Of course, she was interrupted by a stream of giggles.  “Oh Alice, what are you laughing at? Is everything just peachy with you and Frankie Longbottom?” Lily asked sarcastically.

Alice continued to smile, but the laughing stopped at once.

“Yes, Lily, everything is just peachy with Frank. Thanks for asking. H-”

“Now before we get onto this sorry topic of Potter, boys, and more Potter, why don’t we talk about something else? Did you guys see the dress robes on the supply list this year?”Amelia interrupted Alice before she could provoke Lily any further. Amelia didn’t stop Alice just for Lily’s sake, though. She knew how far Lily’s temper went when it came to Potter and she thought that Alice shouldn’t feel the wrath so early in the year. It was just fair and that’s how Amelia was- fair and mediating. That was one of the things Lily loved about Amelia. “What do you think they are for?”

“I have no idea but whatever it is I am so excited. Do you think there is going to be another Triwizard Tournament?” Alice asked eagerly. Lily laughed to herself- Alice was so easily distracted.

“I doubt it. The last time they had one, someone was nearly killed and the Ministry has been really busy lately with that maniac running around.” Lily said quietly. Alice hadn’t noticed the volume change- she was too full of life. She continued to babble on about her dress robes and what kind of ball it would be and why there was a mask required with the dress robes. She continued to be curious about the Tournament. At one point she asked who would be the best competitors from Hogwarts.

“I think Li Chang would probably do well. He’s fair at Quidditch and he’s pretty smart.” Amelia said sweetly.

“Not to mention you have the fancy the sodding pants off him.” Alice said mimicking Amelia’s tone.

“I do not”

“Do too”

“Do not”

“Do too. Admit it. Who’s going to care? Lily? Me? We already know! Just admit it.”


“Ha! I win!” Alice got up and did a small victory dance.

“Okay, Alice you can stop now. Besides Amos isn’t a bad choice and by all means he’s better than Potter.” Lily said from her seat. She was still sulking from earlier. “It would be the last thing he needs to get that privilege. I can see it now, ‘Oh Evans how can you say no to a Quidditch star and a Triwizard Champion? Come on just one date.’”

“So you don’t doubt that he could be chosen?” Amelia asked. She was only a little surprised though.

Lily sighed. “No, I don’t doubt that he could be chosen but he already has such a big head I don’t want- WAIT THE HEADS MEETING!” Lily frantically checked her watch. 11:55- she was meeting the Head Boy in FIVE MINUTES. Lily didn’t want to make a bad impression so she quickly changed out of her clothes into brand new fresh robes and adjusted her pin securely over her heart. All of this within four minutes. She looked decent and left the haphazardly disarray of clothing that was once her compartment with as much dignity as she could muster. Then she ran down the corridor straight to the head compartment- actually straight into a wall first. No it’s not a wall. It’s- “Potter! Move now. I have places to be.”

“Not late are we Evans? Tsk Tsk. That’s not very suitable for Head Girls.” He said with a smirk.

“I don’t have time for you or your lame jokes. Please step aside or I will make you.” She growled. Why wasn’t he moving? Oh well, at least now she had an excuse for her tardiness.

“No wait, Evans. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you I was just trying to- I actually don’t know. But I do know that I was a prat and a git and I’m sorry.” James said with the sincerity pouring out of his face. Lily raised her eyebrows. James Potter- actually apologizing to her? This was new.

Is it a trick? No look at the sincerity in his face and his voice. This definitely isn’t a trick.

James, I forgive you, for this. I’m not making any future promises and I really need to get to the Head Boy so if you could just step aside.” Lily tried not to sound mean, even if the words sounded so. She really did need to get to the Head Boy and was thankful when Potter obliged and stepped out of the way. She entered the compartment… the empty compartment. Lily groaned. Could he have left without waiting or maybe he was just as irresponsible as James. Whatever it was, she didn’t like not having him here.

“Oh quit you’re groaning. I’m here. I’m ready for a meeting. You are the one who’s late.”

James’s voice startled Lily. He’s not supposed to be here. Unless…. No. It can’t be.

“Get out. You can’t be Head Boy so leave. You have no business here.” Lily said coldly. She wanted to sound mean this time.

“You’re wrong. I am Head Boy and I can prove it more ways than one. No, really look. One, I have or this badge,” he held out his badge with his name on it, “and two, if you have ever read Hogwarts: A History you would know this compartment would have thrown me out the door unless I was Head Boy or there were certain emergencies. If you don’t believe me, we can grab Sirius and I could show you.”

As if on cue, Sirius strolled into the compartment whistling. “Hey lovebirds, what did you need me for? I heard my name and I- ARGGGHHHH!” Sirius had flown through the door and his back collided with the wall. He began to shout but his profanities were muffled by the door being shut by James. James was smiling innocently. “See need anymore proof? No? I didn’t think so.”

Lily shook her head. She didn’t need anymore proof. She didn’t want anymore proof. She couldn’t believe it- Dumbledore must be insane. She was going to have to live with him all year and now he had this one incident of him remembering something she had not hanging over her head. She scowled up at him and then turned her back to the folder of scheduled activities.

“Oh come on Lily Love, don’t be like that. I know it is your favorite book about Hogwarts, so I won’t make that much of a deal about me being a little smarter than you. Actually, one little date could make me forget.”

“Potter, I believe I said I’d hex you if you asked me out again. Doesn’t anything get soaked up in your big head or is it just filled with hot air? And don’t call me Lily Love ever again.” Lily said menacingly. “Now, if you value the condition your face is in now, let’s discuss these issues then go talk to the Prefects and then leave me alone. It’s for your own good.”

Potter looked a little uneasy, but he came over, sat down and opened the folder. They discussed Hogsmeade dates, round schedules, and finally the reason for the dressrobes- there was going to be a Halloween Ball. Lily looked at the description in the letter.

Halloween Ball

            Every student has been asked to purchase a pair of dress robes for Hogwarts’ First Annual Halloween Ball. Due to the many requests for such an event after the Triwizard Tournament held a few years ago, the teachers and I have allowed the celebration to continue but instead of the Yule Ball, we decided it would be more appropriate to allow the Ball during the Halloween Feast. The students have also been asked to purchase or bring masks to match their dressrobes. Apropos to the Halloween theme, it has been made a masquerade ball. Students may bring a date and there will be dinner and dancing. We will be having a band of students playing (They are actually quite good!) They call themselves the Sisterhood of Weird, or something to that effect. All we ask of the Prefects and the Heads is for decoration input and moderate supervision before and during the dance. (We have chaperones but we would like you to keep an eye out for any not-good natured fun). We hope all will enjoy the dance and ask that you come see the Headmaster for any ideas or suggestions.

On behalf of the Staff and the Headmaster of Hogwarts,

                                    Minerva McGonagall

                                    Deputy Headmistress

            Lily read the letter and looked up at James who seemed to be reading over her shoulder. He took a step back and said, “That actually doesn’t sound half bad.”

Lily nodded in agreement. “Maybe we could give it a name or something to make it sound more appealing. Halloween Ball sounds a little bland. People might be a little more interested if it sounds cool.”

It was James’s turn to nod. Lily could tell he was thinking of something good. She was doing the same but nothing sounded good. “Oh, how about this, ‘Masks under the Moonlight’,” She said finally. James looked at her funny.

“It’s a nice name but it’s a bit of a mouthful ‘The Masks under the Moonlight Ball.’ How ‘bout if we shorten it. Like…’The Moonlight Masquerade’!”

Wow. Lily was shocked. That was a good name. “I like it. I really like it. Nice job, Potter. And you know what that could easily take care of decorations as well. We could ask Dumbledore to change the sky a bit and the scene look like something out of a painting. The Prefects will have good ideas for that. But, have you heard the band before?”

James shook his head. “Maybe we should listen to them first and see if we should find an alternative just in case. We can review that with Dumbledore along with the other details. Do you honestly like the name?”

“Yes, I do. It’s very classy and elegant. Good jo- oh stop being smug, you know you can do something right. Oh! It’s almost time for the meeting. Let’s go.” Lily said and the walked out to the next compartment. James followed grinning smugly after her, but also looking a little relieved.

The Prefects meeting went by smoothly. James let Lily do most of the talking, but he helped settle people down and got the meeting started. The Prefects had good ideas about what they wanted. Lily thought they seemed like a good group of kids who got along well with each other. Not even the Slytherins were that bad this year. The meeting was finally over and the group had gotten a lot accomplished. As the prefects left, James helped Lily clean up the papers, schedules, and ideas.

“Hey! Give those back, Potter” Lily said as he snatched them away. She tried to reach for them but he was a bit taller and stronger.

“Hold on, Evans; watch this.” James was grinning as he held her back. He opened one of the drawers and slipped the papers inside. He shut the drawer and then reopened it, but the papers were no longer there.

“I was going to do that!” she whined playfully. Then she rolled her eyes and said, “I know it leads to the Heads Dorms, I do remember reading that. Merlin, why do you keep trying to show me up?”

“Because it’s fun. Oh, come on Evans, you know its going to be one hell of a year” James beamed at her.

Hell is the key word” she muttered then she turned to leave.

“Er…Evans?” James looked unsure about continuing, but he did anyway gathering his usual cocky arrogance. “How honored would you be if I was your escort to The Moonlight Masquerade?” He added a little arrogant eyebrow waggle to top it off.

Lily turned around and sighed. “Oh, Potter,” pausing for dramatic effect, “I spared you back in the Heads compartment because of your apology. But now, you don’t give me a choice. I never go back on my word.” She smiled mischievously at the nervous-looking James, but before he could grab his wand for defense-


Lily left with a smug smile leaving poor James alone in the compartment rolling around on the floor laughing from her tickling hex.

“Ask me again, Potter, and I will hex you.”                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first few weeks of school went by and Lily noticed how much less Potter was bugging her. He still asked her out, in every free minute they had, but somehow, in between those invitations, he was sometimes polite, chivalrous, and even a little quiet. Lily wondered about this on her way to Arithmancy a few weeks before the ball. He was so helpful when they went to see Dumbledore and during the Prefect meetings. During their nightly rounds he wasn’t as bad, but they usually didn’t talk much and it was the same in the Heads Dorm. Classes were a different a story, with Sirius, but she couldn’t expect much with the two of them together. Overall, though, he seemed a little less annoying- only a little.

Lily couldn’t help but wonder if this was a trick. He was mocking her in some way. He has to be, she thought, why else would he be acting this way? Unless he’s trying to butter me up to go to the ball with him. Lily was really hoping he wouldn’t ask her again. She didn’t want to feel bad after the way he’s been acting, but it was Potter, she couldn’t go with him. Even if he was being nice and hadn’t asked me out more than twice a day since school started, which, I have to admit is an improvement. Lily was so deeply entwined with her thoughts, she was oblivious to the people around her.


Papers, books, and Lily were now on the floor. Lily looked over to see who, or what, she had run into this time.

“I’m so sorry!” Amos Diggory said. He was the tall, handsome, and intelligent Hufflepuff Chaser/Captain- a lot like James, except not a prat and handsome and intelligent guess that just leaves tall and Chaser/Captain. He was also in the top ten of their grade and one of the most sought after boys in seventh year (unfortunately after James and Sirius- according to everyone else’s opinions.)

“Oh no, it was my fault. I should’ve been paying attention.” Lily said flustered. She was humiliated.

“No really, it was me. Here let me help you with that.” Amos grabbed the rest of the books and papers and held out his hand to help Lily up. She blushed and took it gratefully. He looked at her thoughtfully and handed her back the papers.

“Here you go, Lily, I am really sorry about walking into you. I really need to watch where I am going.” He’s so cute when he’s flustered, Lily thought. She tried to sound calm, cool and collected and not as if she had the biggest crush on him as she said, “Oh don’t worry about it. It wasn’t your fault I just have a habit of walking into things…or people.” Way to make yourself look good, Lily thought sarcastically. Amos looked a little uneasy about something and Lily thought she must have made him feel that way so she muttered an embarrassed goodbye and started to walk back toward her class.

“Lily!” He called after her quickly before she got too far, “er, if your not already, erm going with someone to the masquerade, er, wouldyougowithme?”

“Er, I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that last part,” Lily said apprehensively. She wanted to make sure she heard what she thought he tried to say.

Amos took a short breath and said again, “Would you go with me, to the masquerade ball, on Halloween? I mean if you already have a date, I understand I just thought-”

“That’s sounds great. I would love too. Thank you,” Lily said with a sweet smile, trying to suppress a very loud squeal. She was also blushing, a lot.

“So, I will pick you up around 5? At the staircase in front of the Great Hall?” Amos asked looking relieved and extremely pleased at the same time. Lily noticed that he was blushing as well. She just nodded and smiled.

“I’ll see you around then,” he said looking very pleased and then turned around to his class.

Lily was happy. No, she was more than happy. This was so good, not even Potter could mess it up. Now, she even had a better excuse for him not to bother her. Would this hurt his feelings though? He is being awfully nice- wait why do I care? And, with that she hurried off to Arithmancy almost skipping down the corridor.

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