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Disclaimer: I own know of the settings, plots or characters that you are familar with.

It was different some how. The room, in which she was so familiar with, spiralled to one edge. Hermione swore it never used to do that. The curtains that looked new, no longer stained with endless chemicals that no one dared to touch. It was odd. The room she sat it was familiar she even knew its name but some how it was just different. Not quite the way she remembered it. 

She got up from her chair barely remembering how she got there. She made her way to the curtains and touched them something that she would never had done. Velvet…she thought, feeling the texture. They felt new, barely worn. It was an odd sensation.
She pushed the curtains to the side and stared out the window. “Yes” she thought. “Definitely the same window.” But the same window as what; was really the question. She moved on from the window and to the lake that shone from behind it. It was the same to. The same as she remembered. In Fact the whole of Hogwarts grounds was the same except one thing. No matter how many times she looked at the students who took home under the tree. She could not muster a name. They were different. On of the looked so similar, but she couldn’t think of a name. It was on the tip of her tongue, screaming to her, but on a different wave length, so Hermione remain oblivious. The other two she felt as if they were old family friends and names were never mentioned. 

Suddenly the door behind her shifted. Sounds of heavy breathing and frustrated huffs entered the room. Hermione turned sharply to face the new comer. It was one of those students from on the grounds. She swore it was. She quickly dared to the window just to check and as if she was a physic, the students from the grounds had gone. Clearly they made there way to Hermione. 

She quietly made her way back to the all familiar chair and watched as they mingled amongst themselves. They had not noticed her as yet. She familiarised herself with them. They’re black or blonde hair, tall statures and muscular builds. Except one! He was short and rather plump. He didn’t seem to fit in the group at all. This reminded Hermione of something but like usually the memory could not be found. It felt like it was crying out to be remembered but her brain would just wash over it like it wasn’t there. 

The group seemed to miss her; every time they looked in her direction as if the didn’t want to see her. Hermione smiled as for once she didn’t want to be seen either and both groups were quiet content on not seeing her. 

The door shifted again, which this time which made Hermione to jump, causing one of the boys to spot her. He looked at her as if she was an old friend but just like her, he couldn’t put a name to the face. He smiled as he was brought back to the attention of his friends and continued talking. It didn’t even occur to her to think of why she wasn’t able to be seen by the others but she just continued to stare at the group.
The group of boys suddenly began distracted by a lady who had caused the door to move. They seemed to flirt with her and appreciate everything they would do for them while she would just roll her eyes and fix them up. Hermione watch as she grabbed the potion bottle from next to her head. It seemed that she wasn’t apparent to her either. Her hand had moved right where her head would have been if she didn’t move it. It was odd. These things didn’t usually happen to Hermione or well at least she didn’t think they did. 

Only one of the boys was fed the Potion. It looked vile and lumpy, full of green speck. If Hermione hadn’t of been so self controlled she would have vomited, right there and then but the boy just looked as if he was used to the disgusting look. 

Hermione smiled as one of the other boys had to pat down the potion as the one who had taken it began to cough and splatter. She looked away until she was sure it was over. The boy seemed to be back to normal or well what she thought would be normal for him. He seemed pale and frail, but this felt like usual for him. 

Hermione watched as the female placed the potion bottle back on the stand. She watched as she gave clear instruction to the boys as the waited to leave. Hermione’s focus suddenly felt as if it was being pulled from one object to another. She felt as though the more she restrained the more her eyes shadowed the potion bottle.
She slowly traced the bottle with her fingers, the boys and female long forgotten. She read the label slowly rubbing her finger over it. It was new, bright and easily spotted as apposed to the other bottle which stood dark and narrow in a row. She picked up the bottle. It was heavy but at the same time felt weightless in her hand. She twirled in slowly to begin with, in her hand. It spun effortlessly. She gazed at it as she spun it faster until it left her hands and melted into the floor. 

Hermione’s head snapped up as everyone’s gaze was upon her. She heard whispers of the boys from one to another. All asking where she came from and how long she had been there, with the one who saw her replying. She looked as they stared at her for a while before the female made her way towards her. 

Hermione unconsciously flinched back into her chair but the female didn’t stop though one of the boys noticed and smiled at her. She watched tentatively as she made her way towards her and touched her hand. Her skin was rough and hot against Hermione’s cool, smooth hands. Hermione tried to withdraw her hand but the Female just gripped her tighter. She conjured up something with her wand that Hermione spied in her pocket. The female pressed some cold substance against her hand that caused her pain. Hermione drew back in her chair still holding her hand out. She opened her eyes just enough to see the cut on her hand. She realised that the female was treating her not causing her pain. She watched as she twirled a bandage around her hand with precision. 

Hermione looked back to the ground where the red had dissolved in with the blue colour of the potion to create an off purple that bubbled on the floor. She watched as the bubble blew and then disappeared, flicking itself all over. Hermione was so focused on the potion; she didn’t notice the exit of all participants in the room except one. The one who had spotted her first. The boy who smiled at her. He just stood by the window frame just watching. Watching the activities of the people outside. 

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