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In Emerald Eyes – With a cherry on top 

Lily was sitting in the Great Hall chatting to Tia when the post arrived. Hundreds upon hundreds of owls of all different sizes and colours flew in. A beautiful barn owl glided silently down to Lily and dropped an envelope in front of her. 

“Shadow!” Lily exclaimed happily; she didn’t often get mail during the school term. She eagerly picked up the letter and James’s bacon rind from his plate where he was sitting opposite her reading the paper. “There you go, lovely boy.” She said feeding the owl. 

“Who’s it from?” Tia asked as Lily carefully opened the envelope; a folded piece of flowery letter paper fell out as well as another envelope addressed to “Miss L. Evans” 

“It’s a letter from Mum and...” Lily slit open the other, thicker envelope. “Oh my!” 

“What?” James asked lowering the Daily Prophet so he could see Lily’s shocked expression. 

“It’s a wedding invitation, Miss Lily Evans” Lily read out loud, “you are cordially invited to witness the union of Miss Petunia Evans to Mr Vernon Dursley on the 3rd of January at the Rosaline Church at 2pm. My sister’s getting married!” Lily looked up flabbergasted. 

“No way!” Tia exclaimed and picked up the invitation for further inspection. “Hey Lily, look- I’m invited too.” 

“What?” Lily looked at where Tia was pointing; under the elaborate calligraphy was a small postscript in her mother’s handwriting:

Tia is of course most welcome and I expect to see a boy on both of your well-dressed arms! 

“We have to take dates?” Lily asked, she looked up and immediately caught James’s eye, he blushed at being caught staring and hastily hid behind his paper. 

“It would seem so, what does your mum’s letter say?” Tia asked, Lily picked up the second piece of correspondence and began to read:

Dear Lily,

Isn’t this exciting? You’re sister is getting married! I thought I’d never see the day. His name is Vernon and he seems a nice young man- if not a little boring (but shush, I did not say that!). Your father doesn’t like him of course but then who would ever be good enough for one of his little girls?

Petunia decided that she only wanted two bridesmaids so she is having Virginia and Clarence from her typing class. Please don’t be disappointed, besides you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in the dresses your sister has picked for them to wear (I didn’t say that either). That reminds me, you need to buy a dress, I want you to have it before you come home for Christmas otherwise there simply will not be enough time, I wish we could pick it together sweetie but there’s nothing to be done, it’s all such a rush!

I hope you are well, I know I’ve told you a thousand times but we are SO proud of you! Your father is missing you terribly, as am I. All the love in the world sweetheart,

Mum xxx 

Lily finished reading and looked up at Tia’s expectant face, “So…?” 

“It’s alright; I don’t have to be a bridesmaid.” Lily answered the unspeakable question and both girls sighed in relief. 

“Thank god for that!” 

“So looks like we’re going dress shopping this weekend.” 

“Oh no, Lily I can’t!” 

“Why not?” 

“I promised Sirius we could go together.” Tia whispered. 

“Sirius Black asked you out on a proper date?” Tia bit her lip on a smile and nodded her head. “After you kissed.” Tia giggled and nodded again. “Well then it must have been as good as you said it was.” Tia grinned and sighed as Lily winked. 

“He really is the most fantastic kisser.” 

“I guess I’ll just have to find someone else to go with then.” Lily said, smiling at her friends smitten expression. 


Sirius sauntered over to where the two girls were queuing outside of the potions classroom. He slung his arm around Tia’s shoulder and said, “So I hear we’re going to some fancy wedding, does this mean I have to get a suit?” 

“What, you want to come… as my date?” Tia asked. 

“Well you weren’t thinking about asking anyone else, were you?” he asked removing his arm and stepping to stand in front of her, he looks kind of…hurt Lily thought. Tia must have noticed too because she hastened to repair the damage, he must really like her. 

“No, not at all, it’s just that I hadn’t really thought about it yet, it’s not until January.” 

“That’s only a couple of weeks away now. So am I invited or what?” He asked bluntly ah Sirius Black, the very definition of subtle! 

“I’d love you to come.” Tia said with a huge smile on her face. Even if Sirius didn’t realise what that meant the girls did, Sirius Black just committed to at least a month long relationship, what is happening to the world? 

“Great.” Sirius said sounding relieved and grinning just as much as Tia, he kissed Tia softly on the lips and then slipped through the now open dungeon door. Tia looked around with a flush in her cheeks that Lily thought had more to do with pride than embarrassment. Tia gave Lily a positively thrilled look. 
“You want to jump and squeal, don’t you?” Tia nodded and Lily checked to see everyone had entered the classroom. The girls grabbed hands and jumped on the spot squealing together for two seconds before turning as if nothing had happened, adjusting their bags and strolling casually through the door. 


“Hey, Remus! Remus!” Lily shouted, running down the corridor after him, one hand keeping her satchel pushed behind her so as to not to bash the other students in the crowded hallway. 

“Hi Lily.” He greeted her once she’d caught up to him, a little out of breath, “You ok?” 

“Yes thanks, wanted to ask you a question.” 


“What are you doing Saturday?” 

“It’s the last Hogsmeade weekend this Saturday.” he stated, brows knitted. 

“Yes I know, so what are you doing?” 


“Great, fancy coming dress shopping with me?” 

“Dress shopping??” 

“Wait, let me rephrase that: you are coming dress shopping with me.” 

“I am?” he asked with a wry smile and raised eyebrows. 

“Yes, pleeeease.” She begged, tugging on his sleeve. 

“Why me?” 

“Because Tia is spending the day with Sirius and I can’t go by myself, I need an objective opinion.” 

“You trust my opinion…on clothes?” 

“On what I look like in clothes.” She corrected, “I mean you are male right? That’s exactly what I need. Please Remus, please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?” Lily pouted a little and gave the boy her best puppy dog eyes. Not even Sirius could do better! I invented puppy dog eyes! She could see him cracking and tried not to grin pre-emptively in triumph. 

“Ok.” He relented. 

“Yes! Thank you Remus, thank you, thank you.” She hugged him happily and kissed him on the cheek; Remus looked a bit stunned at her reaction to his reluctant yes. “9 o’clock in the courtyard!” she shouted as she ran off to her Ancient Runes class as a slightly bewildered Moony continued on his way to Care of Magical Creatures. 

“What was that all about?” James asked by way of greeting. He had arrived just in time to see his friend being embraced tightly by Lily Evans. She had waved and smiled brightly at him when she had turned to shout the details to his friend. 

“Lily and I are going to Hogsmeade together this Saturday.” 

“Really?” James asked suspiciously. 

“Yes, jealous?” 

“Is it a date?” 


“Well then, there’s no reason to be jealous, is there?” 

“No reason no, but that doesn’t answer my question.” 

“Oh shut up Moony.” James said grumpily, Remus grinned at his friend who hit him lightly on the arm in response. “Shut up!” 

AN: Ok guys, I know I promised an update as soon as I got back off of my hols, but unfortunately we came home to bad news and I've barely had chance to pause since. So my apologese for keeping you waiting I just wanted you to know there was a very valid reason.

Also, for a challenge I have co-authored a two shot with my good freind Marauder Lady and it can be found by searching "Welcome to where we are" under the pen name mignight_marauder- let me know what you think if you get a chance to check it out.

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