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A/N: Well, it's finally done. Sorry for the long wait, but it took me forever to get the beginning of this chapter right. Please let me know what you think by means of a REVIEW. I also now have a 'meet the author' page on the forums. So, you can ask me more in-depth questions about the story there. A special thanks to all those who reviewed so far. 135 reviews and over 13,000 reads! Whoo-hoo! (Sorry, got a little carried away there. I'm better, now.)


“Well, I think I know what you want to tell me,” said Mrs. Weasley, addressing Harry. “And, I think you might be surprised by my reaction to it,” she surmised.

“Excuse me, but does anyone care that this involves me, too?” Ginny intervened. Rounding on Harry, she continued. “How can you sit there and tell my mum something so personal about us without asking my permission first?” Ginny was looking at Harry with a mixture of anger and hurt on her face.


“Oh, Ginny. I’m sorry.” It was Mrs. Weasley who spoke, instead of Harry. “I assumed you were OK with this. Since you’ve always been so open with me about your personal life, I figured you would tell me yourself soon, anyway. That’s why I was so willing to talk to you both about this.”  


“I know, but this is different, Mum. This is about Harry. You know how I feel about him. This is a big deal. We’ve created this wonderful haven for ourselves, where we can love and be loved, freely. It’s not just about the intimacy we’ve shared; it’s about how we’re connected and the bond we now share. It’s very intense yet calming, so comforting yet a bit unnerving, all at the same time. I’m still trying to figure it all out myself! I’m not sure I’m ready to share it with anyone else, yet; not even you.” As she was trying to explain her feelings, she realized she wasn’t making much sense. That’s why she hadn’t told anyone about it, yet. Not her mother, not Hermione, not Luna.  She wanted to sort it all out herself, first. Now, here was Harry, ready to open their private world up to her mum, without even consulting her. How could he be so insensitive?


“I’m sorry, Gin,” Harry finally spoke up, cutting into her thoughts. “I truly am. I didn’t realize how you felt. I was so focused on keeping your parents’ trust in me, that I didn’t even think how this would affect you. But, you’re right. It is a very personal matter and it concerns the both of us. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about it first. I was being selfish. Let’s just forget I said anything. Can you forgive me?” Harry asked, hoping he hadn’t messed things up too badly.


Ginny stared at her boyfriend for a minute. She could feel his sincerity even as she saw it in his eyes. “Oh, Harry,” she sighed, her demeanor softening a little. “I guess I can understand why you are so eager to keep my parents’ trust, especially after what happened yesterday. “You…you just took me by surprise. Mum’s right anyway. I would have talked to her about it eventually.” Rolling her eyes at Harry she said, “I just didn’t expect you to be the one bringing it up first and not this soon. Prat,” she said with a smirk.



“Well, now that I’ve heard your side of things, it does seem pretty stupid to bring it up now, doesn’t it? I’m sorry,” he apologized again, shaking his head. “Why don’t we just let it go until we’re both ready?”


Ginny sighed and squeezed her eyes shut, contemplating his question. When she opened them she was ready with her answer. “No, it’s alright. We can tell her now…together. My guess is she knows anyway.” She turned to her mother, raising her eyebrows. “Just how did you figure it out so quickly?”


Mrs. Weasley had a sheepish grin on her face. “Well, we had a lot of long talks while cooped up at Aunt Muriel’s, didn’t we? You gave me a good sense of how intense your feelings for Harry were, even though you weren’t together, anymore. Then, after the final battle Harry disappeared and you kept yourself locked up in your room all day, well…I figured this was more than just a teen age crush. I also knew you had both been through some very life changing experiences over the past year. You’ve seen more death and destruction in 2 years than most people will see in a lifetime.” Her eyes misted over as she thought about all those who had died and all the lives that were forever changed because of the hatefulness of one powerful wizard.


She took a deep breath and looked down at her hands folded in her lap, “I’d say that Fred’s death alone has taught you life is short and the future is uncertain.” She then looked up and into the eyes of her youngest child. “I also knew when you finally came to your senses and went after Harry the day of Fred’s funeral, you weren’t going to return until the next day. I was a little worried but I understood. You needed each other. So, I let it be.”


“But, then you turned around and had a breakdown because of that, two days later. Did you change your mind or was it something else that triggered it?” Ginny’s brows furrowed, as she waited for her mother to explain.


“No, I didn’t change my mind.” She shook her head. “I didn’t have a problem with what you actually did that night so much as what it was forcing me to acknowledge; that, bit by bit, I was losing my family. I’d already lost Fred, and George has been lost ever since Fred’s death. Bill has his new life with Fleur. Percy and your father have their responsibilities at the ministry to keep them busy…I just felt very alone all of a sudden. I think laying Fred to rest was when it really hit me.” Tears were sliding down her cheeks as she tried to explain the reasons behind her irrational behavior. Harry handed her a tissue which she took gratefully, blowing her nose.


“Fred’s funeral was the signal that it was time to move on. It should have been the first step toward closure for everyone,” she sniffed, trying to hold back more tears. “Only, it didn’t have that effect on me. I just wasn’t ready to accept his death. I tried to keep myself together so I could be strong for everyone else, but I guess keeping all my pain and fears inside caught up with me. When Arthur told me about finding you and Harry together in his bed, well…it reminded me of how I was losing you, too and I guess I…I just couldn’t keep it together anymore. Oh, I don’ think I can apologize enough to the two of you!” she cried, unable to control her emotions any longer.


Ginny leaned over and wrapped her arms around her mother. “It’s OK, Mum. It had to happen at some point. You couldn’t go on ignoring your feelings like that, forever. It just wasn’t possible. I’m just glad you’re OK, now. And, we’ll be right here to help you as you continue to heal. We all have along way to go. It’s going to take a while, but we’re going to get through this. It’s what Fred would have wanted us to do.”


Mrs. Weasley smiled through her tears. “Thank you, Ginevra,” she whispered. “You’re a good girl to be so forgiving of your foolish old Mother.” Ginny laughed softly at that as she let go of her mother and resumed her position at the edge of the bed.


“Well, who would have thought this discussion would veer off topic like this?” Mrs. Weasley briskly wiped her tears away and re-focused her attention on the couple before her. “Now, I want you both to know that I am not upset with you. I’ve always known you were meant for each other. And, I’m glad you finally figured that out for yourselves. I know that circumstances have made you both mature faster than you would have under normal conditions. So, I can understand why you may have rushed into things you normally wouldn’t have. That being said, I do have one concern. You do know the importance of contraceptive charms and how to use them properly, I hope?”


Harry began coughing and his cheeks turned bright red at Mrs. Weasley’s bluntness. Ginny reached over to pat him on the back.


“Oh, I’m sorry, Harry!” Mrs. Weasley said, sympathetically. “Perhaps I should have found a more subtle way to bring that up. Here have a sip of water, dear.” She handed him a cup from the side table.


“I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable. I just don’t want you to make the same mistake we did at your age. Well, mistake isn’t the right word, because Bill was definitely not a mistake. We were blessed to have him. His timing came as a bit of a surprise to us, though.”


“A surprise; what do you mean?” asked Harry.


“I think she’s talking about how my eldest brother was conceived out of wedlock.” Ginny answered for her mother, with a knowing smile.


“Yes, that’s right. Oh, it’s not that we weren’t going to get married anyway. We were engaged already. But, becoming pregnant so young forced us to move our relationship forward much faster than we had planned. We got married right out of Hogwart’s and neither of us was able to further our education. Your father was lucky to find that entry level position at the ministry so quickly, but it didn’t pay all that well. Still, it provided us with a steady income and the health benefits we needed during and after the pregnancy.”


“Wow, I didn’t know. I guess if you look at the dates, things don’t quite add up, do they? It just never occurred to me. Anyway, it all worked out in the end, didn’t it? You did alright for yourselves.” Harry pointed out.


“Things did work out fine. We never had much money, but we always had food on the table, a roof over our heads and we were able to send all of our children to Hogwart’s. But, things could have turned out a lot differently if it hadn’t been for Aunt Muriel.”


“Aunt Muriel, what does she have to do with this?” asked Ginny, wondering how the bitter, old woman fit into the equation.


“Well, when we told our parents about the pregnancy and how we were going to get married right away, they were less than enthusiastic. They thought we were making another huge mistake. They essentially disinherited us, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We didn’t have money for food, shelter or medical expenses. It was a terrifying time. I suppose we could have turned to the school and Professor Dumbledore for assistance, but your dad was too proud. What we didn’t know was that upon hearing the news, Aunt Muriel immediately took action. She didn’t approve of what we’d done any more than the rest of our families, but she felt the child shouldn’t have to suffer for our mistake. She may not act like the kindest woman in the world, but she really came through for us when we needed her. She took us in and helped Arthur find his job and made sure I was well fed. It wasn’t an ideal situation, but we were very grateful for her sacrifices on our behalf.” Mrs. Weasley had the rapt attention of Ginny and Harry as she relayed her story.


“Then one day, soon after Bill was born, she sat us down and told us she wanted to give us something; sort of a combination wedding/baby gift. She told us about a property in her possession that she had been trying to sell for a long while, without success. So, she decided it would be best to give it to us, instead. And that’s how we ended up with the Burrow as our home.” Harry and Ginny’s eyes went wide with surprise. “We tried to decline her offer, but you just can’t argue with that woman,” she smiled at the memory. “Of course, we vowed to repay her but to this day, she won’t hear of it.”


“Aunt Muriel just up and gave you the Burrow, no strings attached? That’s insane! How come you never told us any of this before? I would have viewed her a lot differently, and maybe been a bit nicer to her over the years, if you had said something.” Ginny mused.


“She didn’t want everyone to make a fuss about it and she didn’t want the rest of the family to know. That woman is a tough old bird, but underneath that harsh exterior you’ll find a good heart. You just have to dig deep to find it, sometimes.”


“I’ll say!” Ginny agreed. “Is that why you put up with her rudeness without saying anything back? I mean, it’s not like you let people get away with that sort of thing. I always thought it was odd. Come to think of it, I also remember how Bill was the only one who was ever on her good side. Now, it all makes sense.”  


“Oh, believe me, she still gets on my nerves as much as everyone else’s. But, how can I say anything to the one family member who took care of us when even our own parents shunned us away? No, let her complain and fuss at us all she wants. She’ll always be welcome in my home,” Mrs. Weasley said.


“Well, here I go straying off subject, again. The whole reason I brought up the story about Bill was to show you how difficult life can be with an unexpected pregnancy. Looking back, I think it was meant to be this way. It’s helped shape who we are today. And, we have been very happy together all these years. But, we have learned that life is a lot easier with a bit of money in your pockets, and your bank account! And, that only comes with a solid education and good jobs. You can’t have those things if you start a family too soon, like we did. So, in my long-winded, round-about way I am trying to tell you that I just want better for you than we had, that’s all.”


“But, Mum, you just said it yourself! You’ve been very happy all these years. How could we do any better than that? Plus, you are forgetting some very important differences between your life and ours. First of all, we know the importance of waiting to have kids and how to use contraceptive charms.” This caused Harry to turn a deep shade of red again.  


“Secondly, you and Dad are not like your parents; you would never desert us even if we did end up pregnant. And, thirdly, have you any idea how much money Harry is worth?” Ginny smirked. “He’s loaded! He’s probably richer than the Queen of England the muggles adore so much!” She was making light of the situation with her joking, but she did want to convey to her mother that they weren’t naïve little kids acting irresponsibly.


“Well, you do sound like you’ve thought things through,” Mrs. Weasley stated hesitantly. “And, you’re points are well taken. And, how much money Harry has is none of my business,” she said as an aside. “But, yes, I do feel better now that we’ve had this little chat,” she smiled, patting the backs of their hands, reassuringly.


“Little chat?” Harry looked incredulous. “You call this a little chat? You two may be used to these types of open and honest talks, but this is a first for me. And, I’m not sure what to think about it all. It’s a bit unsettling, actually” he said with a slight shudder.


Ginny laughed at Harry’s reaction. “I’m sorry Harry. But, you were the one who brought it up in the first place. What exactly did you think would happen?” she teased.


“I…I don’t know, actually. I just thought we should be honest with your mum, that’s all,” he shrugged his shoulders, in a lame attempt to explain himself.


“Aw, come here Harry,” offered Mrs. Weasley, opening her arms for a hug. “I’m sorry if this was a bit too much for you. But, it’s good to get these things out in the open. We’re family, and this is part of what a close family does. You were right to want to talk with me about this. And, I want you both to know that I am very happy you have found each other; it’s good to see some happiness after all the pain we’ve endured.” She held Harry at arms length and smiled warmly at him.


After giving Ginny a similar hug, she bid them goodbye and asked them to send Arthur back in. Harry followed Ginny out the door, in a bit of a daze. Once they were back near the healer’s station, Ginny took hold of Harry’s hands and gently gave them a squeeze.


“How are you handling things? You seem a bit stunned. It wasn’t really that bad.” She consoled him.


“Hmm? Oh, I’m sorry. No, no, it was fine. It’s just…did we really just have that conversation with your mum; your mum, you know, the one that tried to hex me into oblivion just yesterday?” It just dawned on Harry how horribly wrong their conversation could have gone.


“Oh, Harry,” Ginny laughed softly. “A lot can change in 24 hours, you know.” She stood on her toes and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.


“Apparently so, but just to be on the safe side don’t you think they should run some tests to make sure she doesn’t have a concussion or something? I mean, how can she be so relaxed about everything, all of a sudden?” Harry was still trying to make sense of Mrs. Weasley’s reaction to their confession.


“It’s not all of a sudden. The person who yelled at us yesterday was not Mum. The real Mum is who we talked to just now. Trust me. I know.”


“It’s just that her reaction today was so different than I expected. I guess for future reference, I need to remember never to underestimate your mother,” he concluded.


“That’s a good idea, sweetie,” Ginny agreed, giving him another quick kiss.


When Ron and Hermione walked over they all decided to head home for some lunch, but Bill called Harry and Ginny over before they made it to the lifts. “Um, listen, Harry,” he said. “I owe you and Ginny a huge apology. I don’t know why I reacted the way I did earlier, but I didn’t mean the things I said. I don’t blame you for what happened to Mum. That’s ridiculous. I don’t really have an excuse for my behavior other than I was just frustrated and took it out on you. I acted like a real jerk. I’m sorry.”


“No need for apologies. Like I said, I even wished it had been me instead of your mum.” Harry replied, sincerely.


“No, that’s exactly what I was afraid you’d think. You blame yourself for everything Harry, and what I said didn’t help. I’ve come to know you fairly well over the past few years and I should’ve known you wouldn’t deliberately do anything to hurt our family. I just wanted you to know I trust you and I’m truly sorry. Forgive me?” Bill extended his hand to Harry.


Harry smiled and shook his hand without hesitation. “There’s nothing to forgive. But, thanks, just the same. It means a lot to know you still trust me.”




The foursome finally made it home and decided on a picnic lunch in the garden. They were determined to keep things as relaxing as possible, having had their share of excitement for yet another day. So after they ate, they spent the rest of the afternoon happily flying around the garden, taking walks along the pond and chatting about nothing in particular. It was almost as if they were normal teenagers living out normal lives. It was a welcome change from their usual daily activities.


After dinner, Ron and Hermione excused themselves and went outside for an evening walk. Mr. Weasley and George were staying at the hospital again, for the night. When Percy said goodnight and headed off to bed, Ginny and Harry found themselves alone in the sitting room.


“Finally,” sighed Ginny. “I thought we’d never be alone today!” She plopped herself on the sofa and patted the seat next to her for Harry to take.



“And, what exactly is it you have in mind that we need to be all alone to do?” Harry asked accepting Ginny’s invitation to sit.


“Oh, I don’t know, maybe…this.” She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.


“Hmmm, that’s nice, but it hardly seems like something we need to be alone to do,” Harry told her, matter-of-factly.


“Well then, how about this?” She proceeded to give him a light kiss on the lips before looking up at him for his reaction.


“Also very nice, but still seems innocent enough to me. Perhaps I should call everyone back in to join us again. I don’t think even Percy would object to what we’re doing.” Harry teased.


“Well, I don’t think Percy would be too comfortable watching this,” She returned to kissing his lips then made her way over to his ear, which she proceeded to nibble gently, eliciting a small sigh of pleasure from Harry. Slowly, she kissed her way down his neck then began nipping at it playfully. After a minute she smiled into his skin, “Should I go call Percy, now?”


“Don’t you dare,” he growled back as he pulled her face up to his. He looked into her brown eyes and saw them mischievously twinkling back at him.


“You aren’t going anywhere,” he whispered before giving her a series of very long, passion-filled kisses. Things heated up quickly as their tongues darted in and out of their mouths, hungrily. Before Ginny knew what was happening, Harry wrapped her up in his arms and smoothly laid her down on the sofa. He was lying on top of her pinning her hands above her head with his own. He wore a satisfied grin as Ginny gasped in surprise.


“My, that was pretty slick, Potter. Wherever did you learn such a move?” she asked playfully.


“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he answered, smiling down at her. She was so beautiful, looking back at him with a mixture of happiness and longing. It was hopeless. Harry couldn’t resist her charms, not that he wanted to. He was perfectly content staying totally lost in the feelings she elicited within him. They were intoxicating, especially when they were mixed up with her emotions, which were pouring into him through their bond. It made his desire for her increase ten fold.


“Oh, Gin,” he breathed between tender kisses. “I love you--so much…”


“I love you, too,” she responded as she pulled her hands out of his grasp and snaked them under his T-shirt, running her fingers up and down his back. She was encouraged by his response to her touch and let him know by increasing the depth of her kisses and pulling his body even closer to hers.


God, it feels like forever since we’ve been this close. Was it really only 2 days ago? Harry was having a hard time remembering his name let alone the last time they’d made love. All he knew was he really missed the feel of her body underneath his, moving tantalizingly in response to his touches. By the time he refocused on the present, he realized his shirt was off and Ginny’s blouse was up over her chest to reveal her silky bra and smooth skin.


“Um, Gin…as much as I want to keep going…I-I don’t think this is…exactly the best… place for this,” he said in a husky voice fully conveying his wants and needs.  “Do you think…do you think we could find some place more private?” he asked, as he continued his assault on her mouth and neck.


“Yeah…you-you’re right,” she said, her breath quickening with each kiss. She was having a hard time remembering where they were as she tried to focus on where they could go for more privacy.


Think, Ginny, think, she scolded herself. Then they were both startled out of there thoughts by a sudden noise from upstairs.


“Shit!” Harry whispered loudly. He grabbed his shirt off the floor and quickly pulled Ginny up. They ran to hide behind the sofa. They sat there listening intently for further sounds. Their hearts were pounded fiercely when they heard footsteps descending the stairs and then shuffling across the kitchen floor. The door to the refrigerator swung open and something was taken out of it, poured into a glass, and returned to the fridge.


Don’t let him stay, don’t let him stay…Ginny was pleading silently, over and over again as she squeezed Harry’s hand tightly. She could feel her anxiety building as Harry’s feelings got mixed up with hers. As luck would have it, the person slowly padded back up the stairs, never finding the couple-in-hiding.


“That was close,” sighed Harry, as he slumped against the back of the sofa in relief.


“Too close,” added Ginny.


“Kind of puts a damper on things, huh?” asked Harry, disappointed by the interruption.


Ginny just smiled and shook her head at him. “You give up way too easily, Potter. Come with me.” She led Harry out the back door and into the star filled night. It was a warm evening and a gentle breeze greeted them as they stepped off the back porch, into the garden.


“How about we walk down to the pond? It’s not far and should be very private at this time of night.”


“What if we run into Ron and Hermione?” Harry pointed out.


“I happen to know where they go to when they take their ‘walks’. And, it’s not anywhere near where we’re heading.” She grinned and winked at him as they walked hand in hand down the path through the trees and towards the pond.


When they arrived at the clearing in front of the water, Ginny stopped short as she looked at the sight before her. The full moon was shining brightly over head and was reflecting off of the smooth, black surface of the pond. The stars were scattered across the sky like streams of golden confetti. It took her breath away. “Oh, how beautiful!” she exclaimed.


“Right, beautiful…” Harry confirmed. Only, he wasn’t looking at the stars. He was staring at the profile of the young woman standing next to him. When Ginny felt his gaze upon her, she turned her head towards him and smiled shyly, her cheeks turning a little pink.


Harry brought his hand up to cup the side of her face, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb. “How did I get so lucky?” he asked rhetorically, closing the space between them, craving contact with her body.


“I’m not sure luck had anything to do with it,” she replied. “It was just meant to be.”


“Do you really think that?” Harry pulled back a little to see her face.


“Well, I always believed I was made for you. Even when I was a little girl and everyone knew I had a huge crush on you, I knew it was more than that. But, I never thought you would come to realize it, too. Now, it seems I was right all along, especially since we’ve started developing our bond. Things like that don’t just happen, you know. There’s a very deep connection between us, Harry. I know there is a reason we are together and I don’t think it has anything to do with luck. You are my destiny. And, I am yours.” She was now staring intently into his deep green eyes.


“Yeah, I get that feeling, too. We’re too perfect together for this to be random.” At this, Harry pulled her close to him and gently placed a kiss on her soft peach lips. This didn’t seem to satisfy his cravings for her, so he increased the length and depth of his kisses, his tongue eventually finding its way past her lips, to move rhythmically with hers. She tasted so sweet. Her taste, her smell, her touch; he just couldn’t get enough of her.


“Gin,” he whispered, running one of his hands through her hair while the other rested at the curve of her lower back. “You are the most beautiful person I have ever known.”


Ginny just stared up at him with her lips parted slightly, totally mesmerized by his words. His face, those eyes; he could say anything to her at that moment and she would agree to it, without hesitation. All she wanted was to melt into him and let him have his way with her. “Harry, please…” she whispered, as she started to pull off his shirt for the second time that night. “I need you…now.” She flung the shirt to the ground and began working on the buttons of his shorts.


Harry had wanted to take things slowly, so he could enjoy her more fully. But, she wasn’t having any of that. She quickly had him undressed down to his boxers and was starting to unbutton her own blouse when he took hold of her hands and forced her to stop her progression. He conjured a blanket on the ground and gently lowered her on top of it. Then he picked up where she left off, opening her blouse, one button at a time, taking pleasure in the agony the slowness was causing her. He smirked at how impatient she was.


For her part, Ginny was having a very difficult time keeping her frustrations in check. She couldn’t understand why Harry was moving so slowly. It felt like ages since they last made love, and she felt as though she couldn’t wait another minute. He is trying to drive me to insanity. I just know it!


Harry could feel her frustration building inside of him. “Gin, you have to learn to relax,” he said amusedly. “How am I supposed to enjoy myself if you are pouring your frustrations into me like that?” he smirked down at her. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you that patience is a virtue?”


“I have many virtues, Harry, but you know damn well that patience is not one of them. Now, if you don’t hurry up I think I am going to explode!” She warned him.


Harry began laughing. “Isn’t it supposed to be the guy who rushes things and the girl who tries to slow things down, usually?”

“Look, I’ll make a deal with you. Why don’t we do a quick one now then have a second go at it? I promise you can take all the time you want then.” Before he had a chance to say ‘no’, she pulled his face down and crushed his lips against hers, rendering him unable to answer.


When she let him come up for air, Harry had a dreamy look on his face. “Wow, I do believe I just fell in love with you all over again.”  He then took her advice and forgot about taking things slowly. Again, Harry thought about how very lucky he was to have such an extraordinary witch for his girlfriend.


In fact, that was the last coherent thought he had before completely succumbing to the force that was Ginny. Their first ‘round’ went by very quickly and left them gasping for air. Afterwards, they lay on their backs with Ginny’s head resting on Harry’s outstretched arm, enjoying the beautiful sky and the feelings of contentment flowing between them.


I think this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life thought Harry. I have the love of an incredible witch, I am surrounded by caring friends, and I have a future I’m actually looking forward to. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to relish the feeling of peace and happiness welling inside of him.


He didn’t know how much time had passed before he felt Ginny’s body roll on top of him. He quickly opened his eyes to see her staring mischievously back at him. “I do believe I owe you a second round, oh ‘ye who saved the entire wizarding world’.” And, with that, she proceeded to prove to Harry that this was indeed the happiest he had ever felt in his life.




Later, the exhausted but happy couple lazily made their way back to the house, arm in arm. After getting ready for bed, they met back up in Ron’s room and saw that he and Hermione were already fast asleep in each other’s arms.


“They still catch me by surprise every time I see them. I still can’t believe they’re finally together,” he whispered to Ginny as they tucked themselves into the extra bed.


“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m surprised Hermione never gave up on him, he was so thick headed about her for so many years.” She turned on her side and nestled herself comfortably against Harry’s body.


“Hmm, I would think you would understand Hermione pretty well. I mean, it took me forever to realize my feelings for you. But, you never gave up on me, either.”


“Yeah, as much as I tried, I just couldn’t stop caring for you.” Ginny said through a yawn.


“Well, I’m glad you never gave up on me,” Harry responded, through his own yawn. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it, anymore.”


“Won’t happen. You’re stuck with me forever; like it or not. Goodnight Harry…I love you.” She whispered into the darkness.


Harry smiled to himself. “Goodnight, Ginny. Love you more.”


“Not possible,” he heard her mumble as they drifting off into a blissful slumber.

A/N: Well, there it is. I hope it was worth the wait. The next chapter has already been started so I hope it won't take as long for me to post. Whatever your thougths, leave me a review and let me know. All points of view welcome! Thanks!!!

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