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A/N: Enjoy!

The following weeks after Hermione’s Astronomy assignment with Blaise had been particularly boring. She was receiving immense amounts of homework from all of her teachers, especially Advanced Arithmancy. Surprising, yet luckily both her and Draco were taking the class, and he had helped her on a few occasions. It was all really unforeseen. Draco was nothing less of a perfect gentleman lately. Yes of course, he was arrogant as ever, but it wasn’t sickening or annoying at all. She found him to be quite charming when he wasn’t wasting his time trying to be a stuck up prick.


“Hermione! Hermione wait up!” Ginny called as Hermione stepped inside of her Head’s dormitory.


“Hey Gin what’s up?” Hermione asked as both girls walked into the mini common room within her dormitory.


“This is a beautiful room! You are so lucky you get all this. Private room, private bath, it’s wonderful.” Ginny complimented as she plopped herself on the plush sofa.

“Oh well, I rarely have time to really enjoy it. I have so much work.” Hermione complained plopping down next to her.


“That’s perfect then!” Ginny exclaimed.


“What are you talking about?” Hermione asked.


“Well you see, tomorrow night is Halloween. And rumor has it there is supposed to be this large Halloween party in the Room of Requirement. It’s 6th and 7th year only. And the best part is, you need a costume to enter. It starts around nine thirty, right after dinner. Both Harry and Ron are going, and so am I. This would be perfect for you to take some time off.”


“Ginny! You can’t have a party! It’s completely against the rules! I need to report this to McGonagall.”


“Oh Hermione don’t! When have you been one to care about bending the rules a little? Besides, if you tell we’ll all get in trouble, and it will come back to me. So please, even if you don’t want to come, don’t tell McGonagall.”


“Fine. But I don’t see myself coming.”


“Hermione! Honestly, you need to relax a little, and unwind. It will be fun. Please?” Ginny pleaded.


“Alright. But I don’t even have a costume! What are you going as?” Hermione asked.


“Gwenog Jones from Holyhead Harpies.” Ginny smiled.


“Yes, well if I am going to this gathering tomorrow, then I suggest you head out Gin. I have a lot of work to finish tonight. Not to mention assemble a costume by tomorrow night.”


“Let me know if you need any help.”  Ginny offered as she walked out of the portrait hole.




It was about an hour before the secret Halloween party. Hermione left dinner early to somehow create a suitable outfit to wear tonight. As she looked around her room, she had absolutely no idea as to what she was going to do with herself. Hermione scanned her room, and suddenly her eyes landed on the beautiful drapes that covered her stained glass windows. They were made of ermine, and silk. They were a canvas of colors, blending perfectly in with the other. The vividness of the fabric attracted Hermione’s eye, and she smiled. She knew what she would do. Walking over to the curtains, she began her work.


The party was already in full swing by ten o’clock. The entire 6th year was there, along with the 7th years as well. Bright fabrics and characters of every kind walked around. There was music playing in the background, and drinks to serve all around.


Hermione hesitantly walked towards Room of Requirement. Making sure no one was around, she approached the stone wall. It only took a few moments, and then in the blink of an eye, a great wooden door appeared before her. Hermione pushed open the door and stepped into the room, where she was instantly greeted by music. She tried looking for familiar faces, but there were so many people there, especially in masks and costumes, that it was hard to be certain.


“Hermione?” Neville approached her.


“Neville! Hi!” Hermione beamed glad to see a familiar face.


“Wow, Hermione you look gorgeous! What are you supposed to be anyway?” Neville asked.


“Oh a butterfly!” Hermione replied lifting her hands up.


Hermione had expertly stitched her gown together. The front of the gown dipped just low enough, before she revealed anything unnecessary. The back of her dress was cut low, and showed off most of her back. But it was weaved with a magnificent black velvet ribbon that slithered down her spine. The gown was long enough to gently brush the floor. The excess sides of her dress were looped around her wrists, so whenever Hermione lifted her arms, the sides of her dress would too, and in effect, make them look like the wings of a butterfly. Her hair was loosely clipped back, but still kept down.


“Neville have you seen Ginny?” Hermione asked.


“Yeah, I think I saw her just over there.” Neville pointed out near a large bar.


“Thanks. I’ll see you around.” Hermione replied.


She fished her way around the crowd. Then a very strong arm grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her out of the crowd and near the bar.


“Well, well, well look who showed up.” Draco smirked.


“What are you doing here?” Hermione asked.


“It’s a party Granger. What do you expect?” Draco smirked.


“You allowed this!”


“Actually, I’m hosting this.” Draco smirked again, taking a sip of his drink.


“Firewhiskey Granger?” Draco offered.


“We can’t have drinks here!”


“Relax, relax. Its only fizzing pop.” Draco teased. He observed her. She looked beautiful tonight. The ceiling was bewitched to look like the night sky, and a full moon was cast. Hermione looked marvelous in that gown.


“You look good Granger.” Draco complemented.


Hermione suddenly felt very shy, and blushed. This was all too strange. Now there was a complimenting Draco? It was all too much to take in.


“Thank you. And you don’t look too bad yourself. Let me guess, you’re a… snake?” Hermione smirked.


“You better watch that mouth Granger. It might just get you into a lot of trouble.” Draco teased, as he moved in closer to Hermione.


“Oh is that so?” Hermione mused.




Suddenly Hermione jerked, and stepped back. Pansy’s body approached both of them. Pansy flashed Hermione a dirty look before turning to face Draco.


“Can I talk with you?” Pansy asked, grabbing Draco’s arm.


“What is it?” Draco asked.


“In private?” Pansy motioned her head towards Hermione.


“Whatever you want to say you can either say it now, or forget it. I have to make sure this party runs smoothly.” Draco finished drinking his pop.


“Fine. I would greatly appreciate it if you could stop talking with her. You don’t need to stress a friendly gesture longer than necessary.” Pansy spat.


“Pansy, you really need to lay off.” Draco replied in a serious tone.


“Draco, you expect me to stand here and just…”


“Look Pansy, I am so tired of your insecurities. I have told you time and time again, nothing is happening. If you can’t trust me, then how do you ever expect us to have a relationship? If you can’t trust me, then I don’t even want to be your friend.”


“But… that’s not what I…”


“Leave Pansy.” Draco replied concluding the conversation. Tears filled Pansy’s eyes, as she ran away from both Hermione and Draco.


“That was a little harsh.” Hermione commented.


“Are you feeling sorry for her?” Draco smirked. Hermione didn’t really care what happened with Pansy, but she couldn’t help but slightly feel sorry for her.


“You could have been nicer.” Hermione simply remarked.


“But then I wouldn’t be Draco Malfoy would I?” Draco commented. Hermione merely rolled her eyes, and continued to stare at Draco. He looked magnificent tonight. An emerald snake slithered up his body, as Draco was covered in all black. His golden hair flipped to one side, and perfectly combed.


“So where’s Blaise?” Hermione asked casually.


Draco couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She was in his company, but she asked for Blaise? Why couldn’t she be satisfied being with him? Why couldn’t he satisfy her? Draco felt a sick twisted knot in his throat. His dragon awoke, digging its claws into his flesh once more. The jealousy within Draco raged, but he had to keep his composure in front of her.


“I don’t know. Probably shagging Cecilia in some room.” Draco replied simply. That would set her straight. Blaise has a girlfriend. Granger wouldn’t go for that.


“Right well, I’ll see you around. I need to look for Ginny. Bye.” Hermione replied as she walked away from Draco. A heavy stone fell into Hermione’s heart. Blaise was dating Cecilia. Well why should that matter to you Hermione? It’s not as if he would be dating you, or even considers it. Ha! Hermione was so foolish sometimes. It made her laugh out loud. Just then she heard a scream. She turned to see Ginny fuming at Harry.




“It’s not me Ginny! I mean, yes it is me! But I’m not Harry! It’s me Ron!” Harry pleaded.


“Don’t even try to fool me Harry James Potter!” Ginny screamed. Just then Ron walked over to the both of them.


“What’s going on?” Ron asked.


“Well it seems that your ‘best mate’ can’t keep his tongue in his mouth, and was snogging your girlfriend!” Ginny yelled.


“But Ginny, I’m actually Harry. Ron went as me for Halloween, and I went as Ron.” The real Harry replied.


“Wait, so you’re Harry? And you’re Ron?” Ginny asked confused.


“Yes.” They both replied in unison.


“Bloody hell.”


“Here Gin, let me prove it to you.” The real Harry replied, moving in to kiss Ginny.


“Get off me! You maybe the real Harry, but you still look like Ron, and you have a better chance of seeing Merlin than kissing me looking like that!” Ginny fumed, walking away.


Hermione was laughing at the entire situation. She threw her head back, and as she turned, she spotted Blaise talking to a few other Slytherin boys. Hermione instantly adjusted her dress, and quietly walked over to him.


“Yes, well I was telling Father I needed new padding for my chaser’s uniform.” Blaise remarked.


“Hi.” Hermione said quietly feeling very odd being surrounded by a majority of the Slytherin Quidditch team.


“Excuse us.” Blaise replied to his group as he took Hermione’s shoulder and moved them away from the group. Many of the boys smirked, and laughed as Blaise walked away.


“Don’t mind them. They’re jerks.” Blaise smirked.


“Oh, I know.” Hermione smiled.


“You look beautiful.” Blaise complimented. Hermione beamed at Blaise. He made it so easy to smile. Actually he made it impossible not to smile in his company.


“Well you look very dashing.” Hermione replied. “Who are you supposed to be? The Silver Phantom?” Hermione asked.


“Actually yes. And let me guess you’re a…”


“Butterfly.” Hermione answered for him.


In the distance, Draco was watching intently on their conversation. He wished he could hear what they were saying. He couldn’t watch this anymore. He couldn’t watch Granger be within ten feet of Blaise. And if Draco knew Blaise, which he did quite well, he knew that Blaise was probably laying on the compliments.


“So what were you talking about to them?”


“My new Quidditch uniform. I couldn’t fit into my old one. You know, due to the old uniform unable to contain my rippling muscles.” Blaise smirked. Hermione broke out into laughter.


“Don’t laugh at me Granger. Here feel for yourself.” Blaise challenged sticking his chest out for Hermione’s soft hands to grace.


Hermione looked at his costume. The top of his shirt was torn a little, so she could perfectly make out a perfect chest. Hermione hesitantly lifted her hand, and gently traced his muscles with her fingers, lingering on a little longer than she would have liked. Swallowing hard, she withdrew her hand. Blaise looked down at her, and smiled sweetly.


“Let’s go get a drink?” Blaise offered. Hermione smiled. As if the moment couldn’t get any better, Blaise offered his hand, and Hermione graciously placed her hand into his strong grip, as he led her to the bar.


Draco watched the entire scene. The second Hermione’s flesh touched his, Draco’s heart felt as though it was going to burst in any moment. The fizzy pop in his throat wasn’t enough. He needed something stronger, something that would ease the searing pain cutting at his throat. He couldn’t watch it anymore. He did the only thing he could do, and walked out of the party. If he continued to watch Blaise allow Hermione to caress her fingers on his flesh, Draco would have ripped the skin off of Blaise in that instant.


“Two butter beers please.” Blaise ordered.


“Oh um, Blaise I don’t mean to end this short but, I really need to head back. I have an early Arthimancy class. I mean it’s difficult enough to comprehend with a full night of sleep, let alone a late night.” Hermione replied.


“It’s alright. No worries. At least let me walk you to your dormitory. You wouldn’t last time, but I’m not taking no for an answer.” Blaise smiled widely at her. How could she possibly say no to him?


“Of course.” Hermione replied.


They both left the party together. It was very quite in the halls, and the clicks of Hermione’s heels were not helping. She leaned on Blaise and removed her shoes, allowing her to walk faster without making noise. What bothered Hermione even more was why Blaise was bringing her back. It was very chivalrous, but what about Cecilia? The one question she was burning to ask Blaise had remained safely behind her lips, but in one instant, much like word vomit, she splurged it out.


“Are you and Cecilia together?” Hermione blurted.


Blaise remained silent for a moment, and gave her an odd look. Hermione merely shrugged her shoulders, and he let out a small laugh.


“No we’re not. Contrary to popular belief.”


“Are you sure?”


“Um… yes?”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just, Malfoy told me earlier you two were you know, dating.”


“That’s strange. But no we’re not dating. Not really. It’s nothing exclusive.”


“Oh I see.”


The rest of the walk remained silent, but it was pleasant. It was always pleasant around Blaise. He had an aura surrounding him that made anyone feel at ease in his presence. They soon after approached the Gryffindor’s dormitory.


“So I guess this is good night then. I had a really nice time.” Hermione remarked. The corridor was completely consumed by the darkness of the night, with the exception of two wand tips illuminated.


“So did I.” Blaise replied. Hermione tensely shifted her weight, and looked at her feet. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to expect. Smiling softly, she turned around.


“Hermione…” Blaise called out. Hermione quickly spun herself around. Blaise grabbed her hand, and slowly pulled her arm to bring her closer to his body. Smiling sweetly, he pulled her in even closer, and leaned his head down to plant a simple kiss on her lips. Hermione was completely surprised by this gesture, but she couldn’t say she didn’t enjoy it, because oh she did. Blaise smirked, and leaned into her ear and whispered.


“I couldn’t forget that now could I?” And he sweetly kissed her ear, and walked away. Hermione’s heart was racing. It wasn’t necessarily a very romantic kiss, but the simplicity, and the sweetness of it made it even better. Completely consumed by the tingling sensation of Blaise’s lips on her own, Hermione placed her fingers on her lips, and smiled. She turned around to continue walking.


“Granger.” A hoarse voice called next to her. Hermione jumped, and almost screamed.


“Malfoy?!” Hermione whispered in a hysteric voice.




“You nearly gave me a heart attack! What are you doing sulking around dark corners for?”


“I need to talk to you.”


“Well can’t it wait until the morning? It’s really late…”


“No it can’t. Because I might kill myself if I don’t talk to you right now, tonight.”


Draco moved up closer so now Hermione could see his face a bit more clearly.


“Uh, okay. Alright. Where do you want to…” But before Hermione could even finish her sentence, she was being dragged by the arm through winding corridors, and led outside of the grounds, into a courtyard.


“Malfoy are you insane? If someone sees us…”


“Let them! I don’t care! This is more important.”


“What has gotten into you?”


“Did you enjoy that kiss Blaise gave you?”


“I… uh… what kind of question is that?”


“A simple one.”


“I don’t need to discuss that with you. And if that’s why you brought me here then I’m leaving.”


“No. Don’t go…” The intensity of Draco’s voice scared Hermione more than she had been in a long time. The prospect of being caught outside didn’t even matter. She watched as Draco walked over to one of the stone benches. Hermione remained planted in her position. She was too scared to move, for it could break the fragile glass ground they were walking on.


“It so conflicting. I don’t think you can even understand it. I can’t even understand it. I mean, I thought with everything at peace now, it would make it easier. But then, Father’s disease, it couldn’t be stopped. That night, I never had seen Mother mourn the way she did. I couldn’t say anything; I was now the man of the house. It killed me to see that happen. It was all supposed to be okay. But then I remembered Hogwarts, and it was like… there is still happiness out there. Now even Hogwarts is painful for me. I don’t get it. I don’t know why I don’t hate you. I should hate you, and it tares my mind up with this internal conflict of being nice to you, and hating you.


“And you stand there in front of me, with that look of apprehension, and confusion as if you’ve never found anything strange with our relationship this year. Damn it! It makes no sense to me! I want to hate you so much, and what’s worse, you give me no reason to! Make me hate you Granger! Make me loath your good ways like I used to! I’m going through this metamorphosis, and it’s killing me on the inside. How can you easily stand there and still not look down on me? How can you forgive me for what I’ve done to you, what I’ve done to everyone? I killed…”


But Draco could not continue. His words were sticking to his tongue, refusing to come out. His throat was hard, and he tried his hardest not to show how vulnerable he felt in that moment. Confessing his innermost conflictions and emotions to Hermione was harder than anything he had ever done. Hermione didn’t know what to do. She stood there in complete shock, remorse, sympathy, love, and admiration for Draco. She gently walked over to where he was sitting, and kneeled down on her knees. She searched his face for an expression, but was unable to see anything as his golden locks billowed down to cover his face.


She gently lifted his face with her hands, so he could face her. Draco looked at her, as she gave him a look of deep concern, and understanding. The moon was shinning brightly within her beautiful honey glazed eyes. Then Draco whispered so lightly, Hermione got shivers all throughout her body.


“Hate me. Please hate me.”


Hermione took her hand, and gracefully traced his jaw, and his cheeks.


“I can’t. That’s not who you are.”


Draco couldn’t sit here anymore. He pleaded with the Gods to have his heart stop beating. The pain that cut at his soul, wouldn’t mend. No matter how many sweet words Hermione gave him.


“Draco, please… that’s not you.”


Something about her saying his name for the first time ever sent shivers down Draco’s spine. He needed to leave. He couldn’t stand being near Hermione anymore. Her presence was too much to take in, especially after tonight’s events.


“I need to go.” Draco abruptly said, standing up.

“But don’t you want to talk?” Hermione asked in complete shock of Draco’s quick recovery. She too stood up to face him.




And with that Draco walked off into the darkness leaving Hermione standing by herself reminiscing about what he just told her.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. School's started and I have so much work already. Hopefully I'll be able to write as soon as I get some free time. Please review and tell me if you liked it! :)

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