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Authors Note: Hokaaaayyy, well, this chapter may clear things up. It is from .... well not Kerris' point of view.

Kerris had slammed her money down onto the table in The Three Broomsticks and stormed out, shoving Sirius with her shoulder before she left. Natalie glared at Sirius.

“Well done!” she said angrily and sarcastically “Look what you’ve done!”

“What I’ve done?!” said Sirius disdainfully. “You three should learn to hold in your laughter!”

“Oh please!” said April “We were all sitting here, perfectly happy, until you showed up.”

“Well, I wasn’t about to just sit there and watch my beloved Rosmerta get reprimanded whilst the cause just sat there, doing nothing.” Sirius said feigning concern.

Oooh, big word Black, better stop before you choke on one.” snapped Natalie.

Sirius narrowed his eyes at Natalie. “Don’t worry Coleman, I’ll keep my vocabulary simple so you are able to understand my sentences.” he spat, smirking. “OKAY?” he said loudly as if she were retarded.

Natalie rolled her eyes at the boy in front of her and turned back to her two remaining friends.

“Padfoot, you retard, what have you said to my sister now?” asked the voice of James Potter.

“Nothing!” said Sirius innocently, Natalie snorted at this. “I just spoke about three words to her and she stormed off!”

Natalie turned around to face the two boys to see James raising a sceptical eyebrow at Sirius “Actually,” began Natalie “Before Black called Kerris anorexic and an air head, girly girl, he made fun of the fact that Kerris is close to her father.”

“Snitch.” grumbled Sirius.

“Everybody loves a winner.” murmured Natalie in reply.

James sighed. “Why, Padfoot? Why?” he asked in annoyance “I mean it’s not her fault that out of every Slytherin, she chose to talk to your brother.”

“Oh no, I’m totally over that.” said Sirius, chuckling slightly.

“So that was just for shits and giggles?” asked April exasperatedly.

“Well … yeah.” Sirius lamely replied.

“For Godric’s sake, Black, grow up!” said Natalie angrily.

“Goodness me Coleman, calm down!” said Sirius patronizingly.

“Don’t be surprised if your murdered in you sleep tonight.” said April a-matter-of-factly.

Oooh! Stone, I’m scared!” said Sirius smirking.

“Don’t you ‘stone’ me!” April said pointing a warning finger at Sirius “Or I’ll start middle naming you!”

Not only did Sirius then start laughing, but as did Natalie. They all looked at Natalie in surprise.

“What?!” she said “Come on, you have to admit, that was funny.”

“I didn’t find anything funny about it.” said April to Elis, who shook her head.

“That still doesn’t deny the fact that you are a mean person.” Natalie said to Sirius, pointing her finger at him.

The whole group then started talking at once. Many insults flying from Sirius and Natalie’s mouths, James was trying to shut them both up, whilst Elis began to explain why what April said was supposedly funny, as April began to protest that it was not remotely funny. Soon, the whole pub was looking at the group, who were all yelling at one another, until --

“SHUT UP!” came a deep, hoarse voice.

The group turned to see the owner of The Three Broomsticks, with a livid expression on his face.


They all quickly scurried out of the pub, all rather embarrassed with their performance in there.

“Come on guys.” said Elis, talking to Natalie and April.

They walked around Hogsmeade for a few hours, talking about what had just happened.

“Well Sirius should know when to shut up!” said Natalie angrily,

“All I’m saying is that Kerris did start it with Sirius and if she cant take it, she shouldn’t dish it out.” said Elis wisely.

“I hate it when your right.” said April.

“Should I be offended or grateful?” wondered Elis aloud.

“Neither.” said Natalie, for no reason

“Ok, I have no feeling of offence or gratitude.” said Elis.

“We’d better head back, or we’ll have detention from McGonagall, for being out after hours.” said April.

“Oooh look who’s suddenly all for the rules.” said Natalie with a smirk.

“I’m just saying that with you two we’re bound to get caught, I’m heading out once you two are safe and sound in the dorm.” said April, seriously.

Natalie and Elis gave cries of mock outrage, as they headed back to the castle.

“Where would you be heading anyway?” asked Elis suspiciously.

“Careful April, we’ve got prefect alert going on here.” Natalie said waving around Elis’ head.

April chuckled “No where in particular.”

“Liar.” Elis and Natalie said at the same time.

They both looked at each other oddly and then back to April.

“It’s true!” said April, not doing a very good job at lying to her friends.

“Liar, liar, wand on fire!” sang Natalie

“Oh … oh I see,” said Elis with a smirk. “We’re off to see Dave aren’t we?”

“What -- I -- no!” said April, slightly flustered.

“OH DAVE!” shouted Natalie in a very sexual way, causing many people nearby to give her odd looks.

“Shut up Natalie!” said April flushing red.

“Woooo!” Natalie shouted, teasing April. “Maybe he’ll wear gloves.” she said winking at her.

“LA LA LA, I CANT HEAR YOU!” sang April, firmly placing her hands over her ears.



Once they got back into the dorm, they remembered that Kerris had a detention with McGonagall. They all sat on Elis’ bed and began to discuss Kerris’ behaviour.

“I mean, I can understand why she’s pissed. Sirius is a bastard.” said April “He knows how to annoy her the most!”


“Even so,” said Elis, looking at April disapprovingly for her choice of language. “She shouldn’t have just snapped like that.”

“But can you blame her?” asked Natalie “Having to go through that nearly everyday, I mean over the holidays she doesn’t even get a break, why? because he’s there!”

“And right now she’s probably thinking--” began April, however before she could finish, the door swung open and in stomped Kerris.

The room suddenly went very quiet. Natalie abruptly became very interested in a frayed bit of material on her cardigan, April stared at a spot on the floor, wondering if the carpet had always been maroon, whilst Elis’ eyes followed Kerris across the room. Kerris placed her cat onto the bed, grabbed her toothbrush and marched into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. The conversation then continued, just a little quieter.

“She must be thinking that we think it’s true what Sirius said.” said April “Daddy’s little princess.”

The other two nodded.

“Yeah,” said Elis “A spoilt brat through and through.”

“Nothing more.” finished Natalie, looking at the other two with a frown.

They all sat there for a while, feeling a sudden need to give Kerris a massive hug.

“We can’t let her think that.” said Natalie standing up suddenly.

Elis nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, your right.” said April.

Natalie walked over to the bathroom door and knocked “Kerris?” she called out softly.

No reply came.

“Kerris.” she said again slightly less soft. “Kerris please don’t be mad, we didn’t mean to laugh honestly, Kerris we care about you, please just open the door.”

Again no reply came.

“Kerris, come on.” said Natalie a little irritated with her friends behaviour.

No reply came.

“Fine I’m coming in.” she said as she turned the handle of the door. "Cover up your vegtables."

As Natalie twisted the door knob she gave it a push and slowly stepped into the empty room. Kerris was no where to be seen.

“Guys?” said Natalie “Is is possible for people to perform apparition on school grounds?”

“No Nat, there’s a certain barrier that Dumbledore put up to sto--” began Elis.

“Well then it’s safe to say Kerris has kind of done a bunk.” Natalie said looking at the open window.

Elis soon appeared next to Natalie.


“Maybe she went to see her brother,” said April “He’s usually in his old dorm with the others.”

“Right.” said Natalie running out of the dorm down to the seventh year boys dormitories.

Natalie passed many dorms some of which she had been in before. Hint, hint. Until she finally found James Potters. Natalie knocked on the door and awaited an answer. The door suddenly swung open and revealed Remus Lupin looking slightly tired and worn out.

“Hey Remus, are you ok?” she asked slightly concerned.

Remus, however waved it of. “Yeah I’m fine.” he said in a cheery tone “Are you?” he asked seeing her distressed features

“Uh, in a bit of a predicament.”

Remus raised his eyebrows.

“What?” she asked “I know smart words.”

Remus chuckled “Very well, if you say so, now what has gotten you all stressed?”

“Well, you don’t happen to know where Kerris is do you?”

“No, sorry.” he replied.

“Damn it!” she whispered, stamping her foot. “Are - are you sure, I mean, she’s not in here or anything?”

“I’m sure.” said Remus slightly amused.

“Well can you tell me if you see her?”

“Sure thing.” said Remus, smiling politely.

“Thanks.” Natalie said before hurrying away looking for Kerris.

Remus closed the door and walked over to his bed.

“What was all that about?” asked James from the other side of the room.

“That was Natalie, they’ve apparently lost Kerris.”

James rolled his eyes. “Typical.” he said.



Sirius had finished cleaning his teeth and looked out of the window. No doubt, there was Kerris Potter climbing down the drain pipe on the side of the wall. He smirked to himself.

That girl has definitely got Gryffindor spirit.

He decided to go after her to see what she was up to. He managed to climb out of the window and began to make his way down the drain pipe.

“How the bloody hell does she do this?!” he said aloud, as he managed to slip down the drain a bit and smack his face on the pole.

Once he finally managed to reach the floor, he spun around to see Kerris jumping onto a rock in the Black Lake. He made his way over as he saw something sticking out of the water, it began to sing eerily and took Kerris’ hand in it’s own. He soon realised what the creature was.

“Kerris.” He said quietly “Kerris!” he yelled running forward.

Kerris’ whole body was soon underneath the water and was being dragged further and further down.

“Shit!” he said in a panicked voice as he continued to run.

As Sirius approached the side of the lake, he jumped onto the same rock that Kerris had recently been kneeling on and dived in. He could se Kerris’ lifeless form being pulled down towards the bottom of the lake. Sirius swam as fast as he could towards the girl and reached out for her hand. He managed to grip hold of it and tugged it, trying to release her from the merperson’s hold. The creature span round as it felt a resistance and made a strange hissing noise at Sirius. Sirius pulled out his wand and screamed.


The words were barely comprehensible as bubbles came out of his mouth, nevertheless, the spell worked, causing the merperson to go flying backwards. Sirius tugged on Kerris’ hand and pulled her up. As they surfaced Sirius gasped for air and lifted Kerris’ motionless body onto the rock, he then hauled himself out of the water and placed himself beside her. He pulled her close attempting to hear her breathing, however, her chest was completely lifeless and no sound was coming from her. He quickly checked the pulse on her neck with his shaking hand. He couldn’t feel any type of beat.

“Kerris!” he yelled “Kerris, come on love, wake up.”

Kerris made no movement. Sirius took his mirror out of his drenched pocket with his trembling hand and said in a panicked tone.

“James Potter.”

The mirror began to ripple and James’ face suddenly appeared.

“Merlin Padfoot, did you fall down the toilet or something?” he asked, his voice laced with amusement.

“Prongs, I’m down by the lake, come quick, It’s Kerris.” he said, dread filling his voice, before James broke contact.

He looked down at the pale girl in his arms, stray, drenched, platinum blonde hairs sticking to her cheeks. The underneath of her hair almost returned to her normal raven coloured hair, her rosy cheeks were standing out against her fair skin and her long eyelashes that he was so used to seeing curled upwards and immensely black were now straight and a little less dark, her eyelids were gently closed together hiding her hypnotising brown eyes and her full, red lips were placed softly together. Sirius didn’t understand how someone that looked like a princess out of a fairy tale, could sometimes come across as, ironically, the wicked witch. He held the small, fragile girl in his arms and pulled her closer.

“Come on Ker, sweetheart.” He whispered into her hair. “Wake up.”


James used to try and convince Kerris she was a squib when he was eleven and she was ten. According to Mr and Mrs. Potter, it worked.

Sirius had a pet rock called Leroy when he was fifteen.

Authors Note: Gassssppp!! Who saw that comming?! I did! I wrote it you see. Stay in school, don't do drugs, or self-harming, and keep that knife crime down britain!

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