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Chapter 9: Love isn’t about hair.

“Seriously, do you think Snivellus will ever marry?” 

Lily rolled her eyes as she heard Sirius and James laugh about Sirius’ joke. At least, they thought it was funny while Lily could only see their behaviour as childish. Severus had once again brewed an almost perfect potion and she guessed that both James and Sirius couldn’t deal with the fact that one of their enemies was actually good, or rather brilliant, at something.

“With his greasy hair?” asked James when Lily turned around and he winked at her. “I don’t think so. What do you think, Evans?”

Lily felt how her cheeks warmed up and Sirius laughed at this. “I think someone does want to marry him, Prongs. Pity for you.”

James frowned a bit while Lily shook her head. “You both are so immature,” she said as she started pushing James’ wheelchair out of the classroom. “Not everyone in the world cares only about looks, you know.”

Sirius chuckled. “But a lot of people do care about hygiene!” 

Lily rolled her eyes once again and sighed. “You know what I think?” she asked and both James and Sirius sent a curious look in her direction. “I think that when the two of you will be able to find yourself a woman Severus will be able to find one for himself too.”

Both James and Sirius scowled and Lily heard someone next to her chuckle softly.

“I would have to agree, Lily,” said Remus Lupin. Lily smiled warmly at him and Remus smiled back, earning a glare from James.

Sirius snorted. “I’ll surely have much less trouble to find a girl than Snivellus will have. Just look at my hair; it’s gorgeous, Evans.”

Lily laughed loudly, though she would have to agree with Sirius. His hair was indeed gorgeous, but like every other normal person he did have his faults. Luckily! Because if not Lily would have probably gone mad, because he was so perfect while she clearly wasn’t.

“Love isn’t only about hair, Sirius,” she said and Sirius pouted while groaning slightly. James only chuckled.

“I think,” said Remus, “that Lily does have a point there, Padfoot.”

Sirius groaned again. “But seriously: who could ever love someone as disgusting as Snivellus is? He’s a Slytherin, doesn’t that say enough?” 

Lily was silent and felt how her cheeks once again warmed up. “I can imagine people loving him,” she almost whispered. She hadn’t meant to say it out loud and she felt her cheeks warm up even more. “I mean… he’s a good person. He just… made some choices not everyone agrees with.”

Remus didn’t say anything; James sat tensed in his wheelchair and Sirius coughed before he started talking again. “Right,” he said and then he chuckled. “I don’t agree with him having made the choice of never washing his hair. That’s why me and Snivellus would never work.”

Remus smiled at Sirius’ comment and even Lily’s lips twitched slightly when he said those words, but James was remarkably silent and it was bothering Lily. It was bothering her just a bit too much for her taste.

“Guys,” a high-pitched voice said and Lily looked up to find Peter Pettigrew, one of the Marauders, standing in front of her and the other Marauders. She had always taken pity towards the short and somewhat chubby boy. He just didn’t quite fit in, not even with his best friends.

“Pete,” Remus said with a slight frown. “Where were you? We lost you after Potions.”

Peter’s face turned a bright red and he mumbled something along the lines of ‘I lost my way’, before he walked along with them.

“I don’t understand,” James suddenly said out of nowhere. Lily almost jumped in surprise and even Sirius seemed startled for a moment. “How can you ever forgive… Snape for calling you a … you know what.”

Lily stayed silent. She didn’t know what to tell James. He could never understand her friendship with Severus Snape, Slytherin and admirer of the Dark Arts. Sometimes even she didn’t understand why she had been friends with him in the first place and why she had seemed to forgive him for… practically betraying her. And now he had attacked her… she almost hated herself for not hating him for it.

“I didn’t forgive him,” she said quietly. “It’s just that… I’m used to it by now. It isn’t like he’s the only person who has called me a…” she stopped and sighed. “In fact the reason I’m pushing you in your wheelchair is because Bellatrix Black called me one.” She saw the expression on Sirius’ face darken at the mention of his cousin. “Normally… I stay calm,” she added.

“So,” said Peter sounding a bit surprised. “You don’t like being called a mudblood? I always thought you didn’t mind seeing you are one.” His eyes went wide and he wrapped his hand around his mouth while shaking his head.

“Apologise, Peter,” said James from out of his wheelchair, sounding furious.

“I-I,” Peter started and Lily could see tears were filling his eyes and she felt how her heart melt and she also felt she had to stand up for the small boy.

“It’s okay, Peter,” she said kindly. “I know you didn’t mean to.”

Peter nodded in relief, but James wouldn’t let it go. “Peter, apologise!”

She sighed heavily. “James, just let it go. He didn’t mean to and I can tell he is sorry. That’s enough for me, really.”

James tensed up into his wheelchair once again and he didn’t say anything. Luckily, Sirius lightened the mood with one of his jokes. He did have a talent to make people laugh even after a very complex situation like they had been in a few seconds before and she couldn’t be more thankful for that.


Lily was reading her book when she looked up to see James’ yawn slightly. He was still doing his homework for Divination and he seemed to be extremely tired. But somehow he must have sensed her looking up at him, because his head shot up and his hazel eyes met her green ones.

For what seemed like minutes they only stared at one another, not knowing whether they should speak up or whether they should keep silent. 

Lily bit her lip and broke their staring. She felt uncomfortable when he looked at her like that. There was something in his eyes that she couldn’t quite define. Something that she couldn’t understand and she hated it when she did not fully understand things.

“You called me James,” he suddenly said. His deep voice sent shivers through her body as her head snapped up. She felt blood rush to her cheeks. “You’ve never called me James before.”

She sighed before answering. “Do you mind, because if you do I won’t do it again,” she said quietly. She didn’t dare look at James anymore for she was dreading his answer. She had not meant for her to call him by his first name this afternoon, but somehow it had happened.

“No,” he said kindly. “I don’t mind.” Lily looked up at him and smiled at him for he was smiling brightly at her. “I don’t mind at all.”

Lily couldn’t help but notice there was a lot of tension in the air and somehow she had stood up and was now walking towards James. His eyes went wide with surprise when she kneeled down in front of him and grabbed his non-injured hand.

“Then you call me Lily,” she whispered and James grinned happily.

Then Lily did something she hadn’t quite expected. She reached up and quickly pecked James on his lips. This did not only catch Lily by surprise, but also James who was now slightly blushing and staring at her with a confused, but pleased look in his eyes.

“Sweet dreams, James,” she whispered and stood up. 

And before Lily closed the door to her room she heard James whisper her name and she couldn’t help but think it sounded wonderful coming from his lips that she had touched only seconds before and she couldn’t help but feel eternal bliss fulfil her.

Author's note: Well, I hope you liked what you just read. If you did (or didn't) it wouldn't hurt if you would tell me you did in a lovely little review! Thank you for reading this chapter!

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