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Daddy, a murderer?

Chapter 1: you know who; daddy?

A woman voice screamed then the usual green flash of light. Nathan woke up with a start. The boys face tear streaked and his eyes red from crying. The same woman, the exact same woman. It was always that woman, he thought. His hand reached for his glasses and he stuffed them on his face. Just then a dark figure rushed into the room. She was wearing a mask and a long black robe down to her ankle. She knew he had just had a night mere. Normally she asked him all about it but tonight she didn’t. She didn’t have the time. She was worried.

“What going….”the small boy stuttered

“We’re being attacked, get your wand and run”

“Cant I….”

“No just get a move on”

Nathan didn’t need to be told twice. He knew the voice and she was near enough crying when she told him this. Various cries of torture could be heard downstairs and he could hear father’s voice was bellowing at them. Nathan grabbed his wand and ran down the stairs. Curses flew in every direction. It wasn’t the first time his home had been turned into a battle field but there were never this many people. There must have be at least half the aurors from the ministry plus the entire order. Nathan knew about the order, you could tell them from a mile away. Each member so skilled, so talented and extremely dangerous. He quickly looked around. Phew, there were more people in masks then people without.

“Hurry up Nathan, get to the secret chambers the dark lord will be fuming if you get hurt, quickly” urged someone behind him.

“I want my daddy” he exclaimed


The boy ran across the corridor but was flung back when someone apparated right in front of him. It was a man. He had a white cascading beard, moon shaped glasses and those fake twinkling eyes that haunted his father. Terror flooded through Nathan’s face. It was Albus Dumbledore.

“Daddy” Nathan screamed.

The dark lord turned around. Several death eaters ran towards him. Dumbledore grabbed him and apparated.

“NO” screamed the dark lord.


Nathan screamed, kicked, punched Albus. Realizing what needed to be done. Albus muttered a spell at the terrified boy. Nathan fell into unconsciousness. Guilt filled Dumbledore heart. He had just made a boy no younger than six unconsciousness. He dragged him inside. It was the head quarters of the order of the phoenix. The boy was much cuter than he expected if he was the dark lord son but none the less evidence was backed up against him. If he was voldermort’s heir then honestly the boy’s life would not be worth living. He stared at the boys face then muttered another spell so the boy would be tied up for questioning.

A door opened and the rest of the order came in.

“Found out who he is?” a man said and sat down.

“I had to knock him down, he was out of control”

“But is he really you know who son?” the same man said

“I don’t know” Albus replied.

“If he is, we’ll kill him won’t we can’t have another you know who junior in our way” another man said. He looked the toughest of the lot of them

“you can’t kill a six year old moody ” a woman with ginger hair exclaimed . The man just
shrugged. Mad eye moody, probably one of the best auror ever. However doesn’t really care about death eaters life. The more dead the better if you asked him. Albus sighed and pointed his wand at the boy and muttered a spell.

Nathan woke up. He stared around at all the faces before him. Some looked at him ashamed, but he couldn’t think why. He hadn’t done anything, had he? Nathan tried to move but found he couldn’t. His wrists were tied behind a chair. Everyone was strangers to him and all looked murderous. “They’re going to kill me” he thought.

“Daddy” he screamed. A man silenced him again.


The dark lord screamed at all his death eaters. He grabbed Bella by the throat and threw her down.

“I told you to look after him and now he’s probably dead”

“Please master please”


Bella scream echoed the manor. The death eaters flinched. The dark lords had never hurt Bella before, let alone use an unforgivable on her. Nathan had gone and this meant his temper was beyond any thing. However the curse didn’t last long until voldermort broke down.

“What…”Lucius whispered, all the death eaters stood back. Voldermort was crying. He was actually crying. Bella crawled towards him and dried his tear. One death eater started to snigger. Bella killed him

“Anyone else” no one moved “just go away and find out where they’ve taken Nathan” everyone made a move to the door.

“They’ll kill him” the dark lord wept.

“No they won’t, they’ll know who he is” Bella paused then whispered into her master’s ear “no way they will kill James and Lily’s son”

“He not their son, he’s mine” voldermort yelled. Another death eater came in

“My lord perhaps you should see this” they held a new paper out.

You know who

Last night, members of the order of the phoenix and many aurors fought against you know who at his own house. Key witnesses have told us they saw a death eater (rumoured to be Bellatrix langstrang) leave the battle to take a young boy out of the house. fortunately curses and hexes flew in every direction separating the pair and the young boy ran to the exit. He was a few feet from the exit when Dumbledore apparated next to him. The young boy then screamed “daddy” and none other than you know who turned around. Many death eaters ran foreword to save the boy but Dumbledore took the boy and apparated. Alastor Moody told reporters yesterday “that the boy will be taken in for questioning and hopefully then killed”. Where the boy is at the moment, and even if he is alive is unknown.

He snarled and threw the newspaper down in digust.


Albus sat down next to the boy. Nathan hardly dared to look at him. He was scared and wanted to go home. Seventeen members of the order of the phoenix looked at him. Moody was giving him evils

“Where’s my daddy” Nathan asked.

“Who is your daddy” Alastor said, grabbing him by the throat. Fear filled his eyes.

“Alastor no” molly cried “he’s just a boy”

“Who is your daddy” she said kindly. Nathan stared at the floor. Well why shouldn’t he tell them he thought.

“My daddy’s names t-tom r-riddle” Nathan stuttered. Dumbledore frozed

“He admits it, now can we kill him” moody said happily.

“Moody, he’s just a boy” a man to the left of him said. He paused “Dumbledore what are we going to do”

“I don’t know. He hasn’t actually done anything really and perhaps if we keep him here at ransom, voldermort won’t do anything but I don’t know. I never would of thought of voldermort having a child and especially forming a relationship with it. Maybe….” He trailed off “moody were not killing a child, If we did. We’re turning into death eaters ourselves. It’s out of the question”

“well what we’re gonna do with it”

“lock him up for now, we can decide on a more permanent arrangement later” and with that the man trailed out of the door.


Please tell me what you think of my story and let me know about how I could improve it or any ideas that you’ve got etc. lol
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