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If I could have one galleon for ever pair of eyes that stared at Sirius and I as we walked through the crowd, well I would be freaking rich!

My face is bright red that I know for sure because I can feel it burning, threatening to melt off my face completely.

Hmm. Could you imagine if that happened? How odd would you lo-

I was cut off from my thoughts about melting faces when Sirius, who still had his arm around me, walked us slowly past a group of insultingly shocked looking fifth year girls.

“Who is that?”

“Is that the Sirius Black?”

“It is… but who is she?!”

“Do I look like I know?”

“Well I just thought you might know…”

“She must be new. I’ve never even seen her before”

“Since when do we get new students other than the first years?”

“She doesn’t look like no first year to me… I mean look at her… erm…” the girl looked awkward before muttering, “boobs”

All the girls giggled loudly. I hate them.

Oh good Merlins undies. Please, PLEASE, not have let Sirius have heard them…

I risk a sideways glance at Sirius, just to check.

Well this is extremely awkward.

I now have had six, lesbian suspicious, girls and Sirius Black ogling my breasts all in the span of a minute.

Bloody brilliant.

As we past the girls, FINALLY, I turn back to glare at them. Stupid girls. Why boys even bloody like them, I will never know! Let’s completely disregard the fact that I am a girl alright?

Once I have finished my evil eye glaring, I turn back to find Sirius still staring at my… things.

I quickly cross my arms over my chest, praying to Merlin that I’m not making them any bigger.

“Oh… um…” Sirius says awkwardly. He seems to have taken the hint and is now looking away embarrassed.

HAHAHA! I have made Sirius Black embarrassed. I deserve some sort of medal or something… No?

“So…” I say as awkwardly as he did. How long does it take to get to the freaking Great Hall?!

Oh. We’re here.

Okay. I want to be back in the Entrance Hall. There were less people out there.

I know I complained about being unnoticed but that was all just crazy talk! I want to be invisible again! STOP LOOKING AT ME! Oh wait. Yelling that in my head isn’t going to help.


“Are you okay?” Sirius asks me. I only just realised that I have had an odd look on my face, an odd look that looks suspiciously like constipation.

Oh Merlin. And here comes even more face melting heat, right on cue.

Sirius is still looking at me in concern. Yeah I would be looking at me weirdly as well, if I wasn’t myself… does that make sense? Oh who cares!

“Umm yeah I’m fine…” I gulped visibly, “There’s, um, people looking at us” I say while trying to avoid actually looking at someone.

Sirius looked at me for a long moment before he cracked up laughing. This only caused more people, if that was even possible, to look at us.

Sirius was still laughing as we made our way down the Gryffindor table to where the rest of The Marauders and Lily, surprisingly, sat. They were looking at us like we had parsnip growing out of our noses or something. I really do hope I don’t have Parsnip growing out of my nose because I don’t need any more reasons for people to look at me right now.

Oh Merlin. Why does Remus have to look… so Remus like? Why why why why?!

When we finally made it to the table, everyone was still ogling us like two… ogling things. I would just like to let you know, I am not an ogling thing.

I quickly slipped out from under Sirius’ arm and slide into the seat next to Lily. It took me a moment to realise that James, Remus (Oh God), Lily and Peter were looking from me to Sirius and back again, like they were watching a tennis match or something.

Oh please stop looking!

Just when I was about to die from all the looking, Professor McGonagall walked into the Great Hall with a gaggle of scared looking first years.

Everyone has finally stopped looking! Oh thank you Merlin!

Instead, everyone watched as McGonagall placed the Sorting hat on the stool before unrolling a long list of students yet to be sorted.

“Arizina, Adam” came the first name.

Everyone watched as a small mousy hair boy walked slowly towards the sorting hat. He looked terrified as he sat upon the stool and the hat was placed onto his head.

30 seconds later, the hat called out, startling everybody,


The boy hoped off the stool and quickly walked towards the table that was cheering the loudest, and took his seat as McGonagall called out the next name,

“Acton, Bianca”


“Baker, Bronte”


“Barrette, Samson”


“Oh this is going to take forever!” Sirius groaned loudly, letting his head drop onto his folded arms.

“Shh!” Lily scolded him without looking away from the first years.

Another zillion years later, “Zanders, Sven” McGonagall called out the name of the last first year that was to be sorted.

A young boy who looked like he was about to wet himself, walked nervously up to the sorting hat. But when he did reach it, he merely stood staring at it like it was about to leap off the stool in a flying dive and strangle him.

“Well put it on” said McGonagall while many students snickered. But the terrified boy just shook his head and was inching away from the hat.

“Just put the damned hat on already!” moaned Sirius, loudly enough for most of the hall to hear, while massaging his rumbling stomach. 

“Sirius!” Lily practically shrieked, causing everyone, yet again, to look over at us.

I, along with Remus and James, couldn’t help but laugh which we soon stopped when Lily gave us a look that said ‘If-you-don’t-stop-laughing-I-will-turn-your-head-into-a-pumpkin!’ Trust me, it’s scary.

I had to quickly turn away or I would crack up laughing again. That’s when I noticed that the scared first year boy was now sitting on the stool. How he got there, I have no idea but he seemed to be there against his own will.

"Ravenclaw!” shouted the sorting hat.

The scared boy practically ran over to the Ravenclaw table, tripping on his too long robes in his haste.

“Finally!” Sirius practically shouted with a look of pure joy on his face.

I laughed quietly under my breath, in fear of Lily, and turned my attention towards the now standing Professor Dumbledore who had begun addressing the school,

“Welcome new students and welcome back to the old. There is time for speeches but now is not it. To the pleasure of Mr. Black I’m sure, let the feast begin!” he then resumed his seat smiling and engaging in conversation with Professor Slughorn.

James and Sirius cheered while Lily just rolled her eyes before reaching for the potatoes.

The hall was filled instantly with the buzz of girls chatting and boys stuffing their faces.

I must say, watching James and Sirius have a competition to see who can stuff the most food into their mouth is not the most pleasant thing to endure while you’re eating but it is oddly amusing.

It is especially funny when Sirius pretends to dramatically choke, falls off his chair and indicates that he needs mouth to mouth.

Only problem, it’s rather disgusting when a girl is actually willing to give him mouth to mouth while there is a half chewed concoction of mutilated food rolling around in his mouth.

Welcome back to Hogwarts.

A/N: Sorry this chapter is pretty much a filler/so short! Just wanted to get Shaylee a little more settled with everyone. Thanks for reading!

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