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Harry woke up feeling groggy, he sat up and rubbed his eyes and tried to remember last night’s events, what happened? He thought hard leaning his head back to rest on his headboard hitting his head slightly as he did so, groaning and rubbing the back of his head Harry suddenly bolted upright, he remembered.

Seeing his dad on the map, running from him, running into Lupin, running again and then finally running into Dumbledore and being taken to the Hospital wing for some dreamless sleep potion, he remembered it all, but then.

Holy merlin his dad was alive, Harry jumped out of his bed barely noticing that he was the only one in the dorm. He put on his school uniform and raced down the stairs into the common room, almost knocking Ginny over he muttered a quick apology before racing out of the portrait hole.

He searched the halls for either Lupin or Dumbledore just to confirm that he wasn't going crazy and he definitely seen his father last night. Just then his prayers were answered when he once again ran into Lupin and once again falling on his butt.

"You seem to be making a habit of doing that." Lupin said extending out a hand to help Harry up; he took it with a small smile.

"Sorry about that, I was actually looking for you." Harry muttered. Lupin raised an eyebrow.

"Go on…" He prompted gently.

"I just wanted to make sure that last night was real and that I didn't dream it."

"It was very real Harry, how do you feel about it?"

"Confused, when did you find out about them?"

"Last night, I actually wanted to tell you then but Dumbledore convinced me to leave you until today" Lupin said Harry was surprised.


"Yes I knew it would mean a lot to you to know something like that.” Remus said and Harry smiled.

"I'd better go or Hermione and Ron will be sending out a search party for me" Harry said, he then said goodbye to Lupin and walked down to the great hall.

Harry walked into the great hall looking at the Gryffindor table for Ron and Hermione he quickly spotted them half way down the table smiling he made a beeline for the table but was stopped by Dumbledore.

"Harry, I was hoping I would see you this morning." he smiled.

"What is it Sir?"

"The meeting with your father will be held at eight o'clock tonight, Ron and Hermione may also come along for support"

"Oh ok" Harry replied

"Oh and one more thing I have asked your father to watch over you today and he will be doing so under the invisibility charm" Dumbledore said before walking up to the staff table. Harry glanced around the hall before setting off to the Gryffindor table where Hermione and Ron were sat.

"Morning Harry, you don't look to well." Hermione said as he sat down.

"Yeah" Ron said through a mouthful of toast, Hermione gave him a disgusted look before turning back to Harry, who hadn't touched a thing.

"Harry…" she said quietly, he looked up.

"What?" he asked.

"Are you ok?" she asked gently

"Not really, look there’s something really important that I need to tell you guys, but It's going to have to wait until lunch." He replied taking a sip of his pumpkin juice.

"Why lunch?" Hermione questioned.

"Because breakfast is almost over so there isn't enough time to do so before classes." he said then he got up and left without another word.

"He's not taking this to well." James stated to Sirius as they followed Harry as he made his way to his class.

"He'll be fine it just takes time he-" Sirius stopped mid-sentence as Harry yet again bumped into Remus and went flying back landing in front of them.

"I really got to stop doing that." Harry said as Remus gave him a hand up.

"Yes, are you ok?" he asked

"Not really…" Harry replied.

"What’s wrong?" The professor asked immediately worried.

"It's just this whole thing with my ‘dad’." He whispered the last word. "I don't know what to do, I'm confused" he added.

"Come on, come to my office, I'll send a note to your professor telling him where you are."

An hour later and Harry left Lupin’s classroom feeling a whole lot better, he had talked to his professor about all his worries and about the questions that had formed in his head to only find out that his professor had similar concerns. Harry walked down the corridor toward his charms classroom but was stopped suddenly when a rather angry looking Hermione stepped in front of him.

"Hey Hermione, what’s up? You look kind of angry." He said timidly glancing at Ron who looked frightened.

"ANGRY!" she screeched "Off course I'm angry what do you think you’re playing at, telling us that you had something important to tell us then you leave without eating anything and then you don't turn up to class.”

"I do have something important to tell you, I wasn't hungry this morning and I was with Professor Lupin during Potions." Harry explained.

"Well what’s the important thing you have to tell us?" she asked.

"Nothing ill-"

"It's not, nothing if you say it's important."

"It is important, but I can't tell you out here." Harry said.

"Why not?" Hermione pestered, Harry didn't answer. "If it was really that important…"

"It is important!" Harry roared "I just can't tell you about it out here. Now leave me alone." he shouted and then stormed off leaving Hermione with tears at the corner of her eyes.

A while later Harry was walking down a deserted corridor when he was grabbed by someone and dragged into an empty classroom.

"What the hell?" Harry said as he struggled free only to come face to face with his dad.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." James said.

"What’s going on?" Harry asked taking a few steps back.

"Nothing Dumbledore asked me to check on you because, you and Hermione had a bad argument."

"We didn't have a bad argument I just lost my temper with her." Harry said looking anywhere but at his dad.

"That’s what worried her. Dumbledore told them everything"

"What? I was supposed to do that" Harry said getting angry.

"Calm down son." James said reaching out to touch Harry's shoulder, but Harry flinched and moved away.

"Sorry but I have to go now." Harry said and he rushed from the room. He rushed through the corridors not really knowing where he was going until he bumped into Hermione knocking her flying. "Sorry Hermione, I wasn't paying attention" he said pulling her up. Once she steadied herself she leaped on him crushing him with a hug. "Whoa, steady Hermione." he said, she then released him blushing.

"I'm sorry, I've just heard, how are you feeling?" she asked in a rush.

"I don't know to be honest, very confused and I've just run into my dad and it didn't go to well." Harry explained.

"Well do you fancy a walk before you have to talk to him?" Hermione offered.

"Yeah that would be great." Harry said smiling, and they headed off toward the grounds.

All too soon Harry and Hermione headed back to the castle in silence they traipsed up the stairs to the seventh floor where they met Ron.

"Where have you two been?" He complained

"Out for a walk." Hermione replied shortly

"Is there no one there?" Harry asked

"Don't know haven't checked."

"Oh for goodness sake" Hermione said impatiently, she shoved Ron out of the way and knocked the door. They waited for a few seconds before James answered the door.

"Oh you’re here." James said more to Harry than anyone else.

"Yes are Dumbledore or Professor Lupin here yet?" Harry asked looking at the ground.

"No but I'm sue they'll be here in a minute, come in." James said in a less than cheerful tone.

They all entered and Sirius muttered a hello to them, with them replying with a polite hello back. Harry, Hermione and Ron sat at one end of the room whilst James and Sirius sat at the other end. Nobody spoke but Harry kept catching James looking at him when he thought he wasn't looking.

"I'm bored." Ron said in a whisper

"There’s a surprise." Hermione muttered

"Well I am, I thought being in the same room as a mass murderer and a marauder would be more fun." Ron said which made Harry snort; James and Sirius both looked up with smiles on their faces.

"Ron you seriously are deluded if you think something this serious would be fun." Harry said which in turn made Hermione giggle. James and Sirius looked at them amusedly before James spoke.

"Care to share what’s so funny?" he asked a slight smile on his face.

"Just Ron being his usual deluded self." Hermione giggled

"Hey I'm not deluded!" Ron exclaimed which made Hermione giggle even more. Suddenly there was a knock at the door which made everyone jump.

"I'll get that." James announced getting up and answering the door.

"Hello Professor Dumbledore, Remus" he said shaking their hands as they entered.

"Hello Harry, Ron and Hermione." they both greeted. "How are you Harry?" Lupin asked.

"I'm alright now professor, thank you." Harry smiled.

"Well now I suppose you would like an explanation now Harry" Dumbledore asked and Harry nodded his head. "Right then I'll leave it for James and Sirius to explain" he continued.

"Ok, well it all started a few weeks after you were born, Professor Dumbledore came to me and your mum and told us that Voldemort was after you and another child born on the same day, so in order to protect you, your mum and I went into hiding to protect you but Voldemort found us, three times and nearly killed all of us, so after the third time Dumbledore put us under the Filidus Charm and we choose Sirius as our secret keeper but three hours before the charm was performed Sirius came around to see you and came up with the idea of changing the secret keeper to Peter." James explained.

"Peter was the secret keeper?" Remus asked astonished.

"I thought it was the perfect plan." Sirius said bitterly.

"Sirius thought that Peter would be perfect because he was the weak one of us, wasn't much of a fighter and we thought that it would be too obvious if I choose Sirius, so against my better judgement I agreed, a week later Lily and I were dead." James finished. Everyone sat dumbfounded for a minute until Hermione spoke.

"O, My, Gosh" she whispered softly.

"I made the worst mistake of my life when I made that decision Harry, you lost everything and I caused that." James said slightly above a whisper.

"You didn't, Voldemort did." Harry replied. "But this still doesn't explain how you're here." he added.

"When, we died we were able to watch over you, watch you take your fist steps, say your fist sentence, everything. Then one day we got this visit from an angel of sorts and she told me that I was going to be given a chance to see you, I was so ecstatic, at first I thought me and Lily were going to be able to see you, but then she said that it was just me because like you my parents died to protect me and although the protection wore off when I was seventeen for some reason I could come back whenever you called on me but it had to be without you knowing it, it was one of the hardest things that I had to do, leaving your mum behind but I did it for you.” James explained.

"How long?" Harry asked in a slightly warmer tone than before.

"Since July."

"July?" Harry shouted. "It's the end of May, you've been alive all this time and you've hidden from me!" Harry exclaimed.

"I'm sorry I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how." James said. Harry scoffed. "It's true, it was so hard being that close to you and you not knowing who I was, like at the Dursley's, when you were attacked, at Christmas when you were on the firebolt, I was there for all of that and you didn't know and it was killing me inside."

"That was all you?" Harry said dumbfounded.

"Yes and I regret not telling you sooner but I didn't know how.” James explained.

"So what now?" Harry said after a few minutes silence.

"Well, Mr Black has been given a full pardon, Mr Pettigrew has been sentenced to the murder of Lily Potter and the now attempted murder of James and James has been given sole custody of you Harry." Dumbledore explained.

"Sole custody, that means that I don't have to back to the Dursley’s?" Harry said a grin spreading across his face.

"Not unless you want to" James said uncertainly.

"Are you crazy? Of course I don't want to go back there" Harry said. "I get my own home." he whispered.

"It's really great Harry." Hermione said hugging him.

"Yea mate it's really good." Ron said patting him on the back.

"It will be good to get to know you." Sirius said shaking his hand. Harry then turned to his father.


"Don't it's all right." Harry said and then he did something James wasn't expecting. He hugged him.

"God, I really missed doing that and I missed you" James said.

"Well get used to it because I don't plan on going anywhere." Harry chuckled


A short while later found everybody asleep in their rooms, James and Sirius were in the Room of Requirement all exhausted from the day's events but still excited about what the future holds.

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