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Chapter 1- the hogwarts express.

Opening disclaimer: throughout the story, if you recognize a line, character, location or idea, it’s not mine, I don’t claim it, and it probably belongs to J.K. Rowling. Ok? Great. I will not be repeating this disclaimer each chapter, so please remember it. :D   Thanks.

AN: And so I start my second hpff. I hope you like. I don’t know how good I am at writing, so please try to give me a break. Please read and review. Feel free to read my other fan fiction if you like the way I write. Thanks a ton! This story assumes that Harry defeated Voldemort in his sixth year and all the death eaters were either killed or put in jail. Draco’s father, Fred, Dumbledore and Sirius were all killed. ~gocnoturna    

Hermione listened to music as she packed for her seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had her radio blaring, her window open, and her cat was sitting on top of her dresser watching her pulling clothes out of the drawers and putting them into her trunk which she had placed, open, at the end of her bed.

Hermione had gotten her booklist only a week before, a Head Girl badge accompanying it. She had been so excited, as had her parents. They had bought her a brand new book called Diagnose Your Own Magical Maladies as a reward. She had professed an interest in becoming a healer, so they gave this to her in encouragement. 

Now she was to board the Hogwarts Express the next day and she couldn’t wait. She wanted to know who would be the Head Boy. 

She turned off the radio and closed her trunk, she finally had everything packed. She went downstairs to eat some dinner before bed. 

Her parents were up; she spent a little time talking with them before heading upstairs again and crawling into bed. 

                                     *                           *                         *

Draco sat on him bed as a house elf packed his trunk for him. He had gotten the Head Boy position, earning himself a new owl from his parents. He had named her pronounced like me. He really wanted to know who the Head Girl was, but he was too nervous to guess. 

Leaving his room he went in search of a quiet book room where he could read something in peace and quiet. He didn’t want to think about her anymore than was completely necessary. He had been trying to pretend he didn’t like her; he’d been trying for about six years. His successes varied. 

“Draco dearest,” His mother’s honey-sweet voice called to him as he was walking down one of the many corridors of the Manor. 

“Yes mother.” He called over his shoulder, slowing down, but not stopping. 

“Where are you going? I would love it if you would sit and talk for a while with Miss Parkinson and her parents; they are in the blue lounge.” 

Draco groaned inwardly. He hated Parkinson, but their families were friendly, so he had no choice but to associate with her. He allowed himself one pleading look towards his mother before heading in the opposite direction. 

“Hello Pansy.” He said when he entered the blue lounge and found her with her parents, talking softly. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson. How are you this evening?” He asked politely. 

“We are fine thank you.” replied Mr. Parkinson. “I hope you and your family are doing well.” Draco nodded in acknowledgment of the comment and walked over to the window and looked out over the grounds. 

“I see the wild flowers are flourishing this year.” Mrs. Parkinson commented.

“Yes, they are. My mother is quite taken with them, she says they are the most colorful that she’s ever seen them.” Draco turned away from the window and offered some drinks to his guests. They accepted and Draco called for a house elf, who brought some vodka for the adults and white wine for Pansy and Draco. 

“It is getting late.” Draco observed. “I believe that I will just finish this drink and then I’ll head to bed. We do have to get up early and take the train tomorrow.”

“That we do.” Said Pansy. “You’re going to sit with me, right Drackie?” She asked sweetly.

“First of all,” he responded, trying to be patient. “Don’t call me Drackie, and second of all, I have to sit in the Head’s compartment because the Head Girl and I have to sort out some things.” 

“You’re Head Boy Drackie?!?!” Pansy squealed, completely ignoring the first part of his statement. “Why didn’t you tell me!?! That’s so great! Who is this head girl?” The last question was spoken with an accusatory voice. 

“Yes I’m head boy.” He said patiently. “I didn’t tell you because I only found out a few days ago and forgot that you didn’t know. And I haven’t got a clue who the Head Girl is, but we have to discuss what our plans are for the year all the same.” 

“Oh.” Pansy said dejectedly. Draco drained the last of his wine from his glass, called an elf to take his glass away, and stood up. 

“I bid you good night.” He said, bowing to Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson. “I will see you tomorrow.” This he directed at Pansy before vacating the room. He returned to his room, trusting that the Parkinson’s would be dealt with. He did some last minute sorting out of his things before crawling into bed and going to sleep. 

                                     *                      *                     *

Hermione sat in a compartment, waiting for Harry and Ron to find their ways to her. She had just waved good-bye to her parents. She pulled out her new book and began to read. She didn’t have any symptoms to diagnose, but she pretended anyways. She had ‘diagnosed’ herself with at least five different magical maladies before the boys finally pulled back the sliding door and joined her. 

“How was your summer Hermione?” Ron asked. He fancied Hermione and she knew it, but she just didn’t feel that way about him. She was dreading the day he would get up the courage to ask her out. 

“It was ok. My parents bought me this new book.” She said, holding up the book to show them. “Isn’t it great? I can already start learning about how to be healer.” She smiled, showing them her enthusiasm. 

“Yeah,” said Harry, “I wish my Aunt and Uncle would by me a book for me to study and learn from, I love more work!” He said with mock gusto. All three of them burst into laughter. Once they had calmed down, Hermione explained. 

“I had wanted it last year, but it’s a really expensive book, so my parents said no.” 

“What changed this year?” Ron asked.

“They got it for me as a reward.” She just loved teasing them with information. 

“A reward for what?” Harry asked, knowing that if she was teasing them like this it meant that she was really excited about her news. 

Hermione took a deep breath. “I got the Head Girl position.” She said quickly, before being enveloped in hugs from both of her friends.

“That’s fantastic!” Said Ron.

“That’s really great” Agreed Harry. 

“Who’s Head Boy?” They both asked together. 

“I don’t have any idea. I wish I did. I hope it’s someone that I can get along with. I hear that we have to share a common room, away from the house dorms. He better be someone who’s willing to do his fair share of the work.” The boys smiled, knowing that no matter who it was Hermione would do most of the work herself, since that was the only way for it to be just the way she liked it. 

Hermione, Harry and Ron talked about everything they could think of to pass the time. 

                                  *                            *                                *

Draco sat in the Head’s compartment, wishing that the Head Girl would get there soon so that he would look busy if Pansy came by looking for him. He was also curious as to who it was. He just sat there, keeping himself busy by reading and sleeping. When the trolley lady came by with the sweets he bought some and asked her if she knew who the Head Girl was. 

“Why of course dear!” She replied. “How else would I be able to make sure that none but the Head’s were in here?” She smiled.

“Who is it?” He asked.

“Nope.” She said. “If you don’t know yet, then I can’t tell you, you have to find out from her.” Draco was very frustrated.

“Then when you go by her compartment could you send her here please.” He asked. “We need to go over some stuff for the beginning of the year.” She nodded and said that she would, and then she left, leaving Draco to his thoughts. 

                                *                            *                            *

The Trolley came by Hermione’s compartment; the woman popped her head into their compartment. “Anything off the trolley dears?” she asked. After they had all made their purchases she turned to Hermione. “You are Head Girl, correct?” She asked.

“Yes.” Hermione replied, confused.

“You should go to the Head’s compartment.” The woman continued. “The Head Boy is there, waiting to go over some beginning of the year stuff, or so he says. It looked like he was just bored and wanted someone to talk to, but that’s just me.” She smiled and turned to go.

“Wait,” said Hermione. “Who is the Head Boy?” She asked. 

“I can’t tell you.” The trolley lady said. “You’ll just have to go and find out for yourself.” And with that she left. Hermione stood up.

“I’m going to go see who this Head Boy is and what he needs. I’ll be back later.” The boys said bye and she left, walking down the train to the Head’s compartment. Once she reached it she stopped, took a breath, and opened the door. 

“Hello.” She heard from her right. She turned to see who it was and found herself face-to-face with a very blonde person. 

“Malfoy.” She said.

“Granger.” He replied.

“You’re Head Boy? Seriously?” She asked, skeptical. 

“Yes Granger, surprise, surprise, I should have guessed that you would be the Head Girl, oh well. I was hoping for someone better looking.” Draco snarled. 

“Always so kind Malfoy.” Hermione observed. “You really shouldn’t say such nice things to me; people will think you like me or something.” He laughed.

Me like you? That’s rich Granger. No matter how nice I act, no one will ever be stupid enough to think that I could ever like you!” He laughed, though she noticed that it didn’t reach his eyes. “Unless,” he amended, “unless it was Weasely, he is rather stupid now isn’t he?” One of Draco’s infamous smirks played across his face at that last comment. 

“Oh shut up Malfoy.” Hermione said, frowning. This year was going to be very interesting, difficult too, with her and Draco trying to work as a team. “The trolley lady said you wanted to talk to me about something to do with the start of the year. It was either that or you were just bored and wanted to talk to somebody, one or the other.” Draco’s smirk fell from his face. 

“Yes, I wanted to talk about the possibility of dances this year. The one in our fourth year was fun, so I thought why not have them this year too? They could be for all years until ten, and from then on only, say, fifth year and up.” Draco looked at her, saw her face and added, “Don’t look so surprised Granger, I do have bright ideas every once in a while. You won’t get to do all the planning by yourself; I’m going to be the type of Head Boy that is actually involved in the goings on. I’m not afraid of hard work.”

“I’m sorry, I just wasn’t aware that you had already put so much thought into this year. Sure, dances would be fun, some formal, some semi-formal, some casual. I like the idea of letting all the years attend for some portion of time.” She thought for a second. “How do Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and summer sound for occasions for dances? I think costumes for Halloween, formal for Christmas, casual with a color requirement for Valentine’s Day and semi-formal for summer. Sound good?” Draco blinked.

“Yeah, sounds great, but we should find some paper and a pen to write this all down or we’ll forget it.” Hermione smiled. 

“I have a secret to tell you.” She beckoned him to her; he came a bit closer and turned his head to put his ear closer to her mouth to hear the secret. “I’m a…witch!” She giggled. “I can conjure us some. But, shhh, don’t tell anyone.” They both laughed. Hermione did indeed conjure up some paper and a couple pens. They wrote down all of their ideas, expanding them as they went. Soon they realized that they needed to change into their robes.

“I’ll go.” Draco offered, since they didn’t want to change in the same room.

“No,” said Hermione, getting up. “I promised Harry and Ron that I’d see them again before the train stopped, so I have to go anyway. I’ll see you later.” 

“Bye.” Draco said as she left the room. As he changed he thought the same thing as Hermione was thinking walking down the train. They were both stunned that they had managed to pass several hours just talking, working and even sharing a few jokes and laughs. They both were thinking that maybe this year wasn’t going to be too bad. 

AN: Thanks for reading, please leave a review.  I love to get advice, comments, anything. Thanks a ton.

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