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The dormitories look exactly the same as they did yesterday, Remus noticed, except that there was eight beds inside. And, inexplicably, his trunk was even at the foot of one of the scarlet and gold four-poster beds. Gratefully he pulled off his robe and shirt, then climbed under the warm covers, not bothering to change his pants. He was just ready for a nice night of sleeping, leaving him rejuvenated and in control.

“Remus!” Cried out Sirius Black, bursting into the dormitory, “There’s some really hot girls in the future you have to come meet!” Completely oblivious to the conversation they had not too long ago, Sirius waited expectantly. Remus wasn’t the third hottest guy in the school for nothing. But all Sirius got in reply was a groan as he turned in bed, and snores moments later.

Shrugging, Sirius turned tail and headed back to the common room with James. He was flirting with a brown haired, giggling girl. There wasn’t much there, they’d probably end up in a broom closet by the end of the night. Ignoring them, Sirius gave all the girls in the room a once-over, seeing but not really looking.

There were plenty of pretty girls, sure. Sirius thought to himself, but no one his type, no one that was still interesting without his buddies remus and Remus. He asked one of them for the password in (One who answered with plenty of silly giggles and blushing, much to Sirius’s annoyance) and then strode out through the portrait hole.

He wandered the empty and familiar hallways randomly, finding peace in their similarity to the time he’d left for quite a while, not running into a soul, or evan worse - Peeves. Well, He hadn’t until he found himself face-to-face with a beautiful black-haired asian girl. Her deep brown eyes were wide, and she was biting her bottom lip like she was concentrating on something important. She was, however, wearing the blue Ravenclaw insignia on her robes.

“Hello.” Sirius said, giving the new arrival his signature heart-stopping grin. She was just what he was looking for back in the common room - beautiful and different than anyone back home.

“Hi,” She replied, with a shy smile and a rise of color on her cheeks. “Your not supposed to be up.” The girl added teasingly, nodding to the Prefect badge on her robes.

“And neither are you.” Sirius reminded her.

“Oh, and I’m Cho by the way. Cho Chang, Ravenclaw.”

“Sirius. Sirius Black, Gryffindor.” Sirius replied, taking her hand and leading her in the opposite direction.


As could be expected, the three boys fell asleep easily that night, unlike their fellow timer-traveler, Lily, who spent the night tossing and turning, not getting an ounce of sleep. Lily considered a sleeping draught, but decided against it because it was too late to brew one herself and too late to get one from Madame Pence (Or was she even the healer anymore?).

Remus was the first to wake up that morning, and stumbled down the stairs to breakfast, pulling his shirt on as he went. He had just pulled it down over his head when he ran right into a very solid person. Remus was still fixing his shirt absentmindedly, when he checked to see who it was - assuming that it was just James or Sirius. But it wasn’t. It was Hermione Granger again, looking very flushed and on the verge of running away.

“Oops! Sorry! I’ll just be going now...” She ran away before he could say a word to her, leaving Remus to his thoughts.

They happened to be a whirlwind as he exited the common room, and headed to breakfast. He had woken up in the illusion that he was still safe at home, in his own time, that it was all a dream. Then pretty, smart, Hermione Granger had to waltz in and pop his bubble - remind him that all was NOT well. It wouldn’t be long before Lily was all over him, Remus sighed, giving in to the hell that would be the next few weeks. But there’s no reason not to do it on a full stomach.

Meanwhile, Lily’s own thoughts were spinning to their own tune. She had analyzed each and every bit of what Dumbledore had told him - but had kept this part of it to herself. What was it that made it seem so dangerous? Perhaps it was because she was raised as a muggle, and still had no idea of just how far magic could go. It didn’t help that she was now armed with the knowledge that she would die in less than four years. But forget that! Lily reminded herself, concentrating to the task at hand, pushing those thoughts into a drawer in the depths of her mind. The important thing is what Dumbledore said:

“The problem is...that time turner you used? It was dysfunctional - we don’t know what side affects it has. It’s long since been destroyed now, and you dear son, James, has destroyed any time turners we would have had...”

He had gone on, but that was the worst. The boys had long since stopped paying attention by then and were simply picking at their nails and trying to look guilty. Lily, on the other hand, was listening with rapt attention - she knew this information wouldn’t come any other time, nor would Dumbledore again be so open with her.

Lily had been left alone in a crowded room, figuring out the puzzles he had laid out before her. He said that the time turner didn’t work right...there goes her stomach, left behind on a roller coaster, riding too fast for screaming. But what would that mean? Would it have side affects? The next bit reassured her that the ride wasn’t over yet - someone had destroyed their only means of getting home. Not just any someone - her, her, her...


Harry Potter. Potter.

The worst of it was - there was nothing Lily could do about it. Lily hated being powerless, not having any control, watching things spin out of control on the Tilt-a-Whirl that was becoming her life. But there was no reason to do it on an empty stomach. With that, Lily Evans headed through the portrait hole to breakfast.

She meet Remus down at the 7th year side of the Gryffindor table, and slid to sit beside him. “Sleep well, Rem-Ryan?”

“These pretenses won’t last long.” He replied in a low monotone, eating his bacon and eggs methodically. “But I’ll try.”

“That’s all we can ask for.” Replied Lily in the same hushed tones, knowing that several students were looking on. The wild brown-haired girl, Hermione had a suspicious smirk on her face already.

“We?” Remus questioned.

“At risk of sounding incredibly cheesy - we’re all in this together.” She told him. It was the truth they’d all have to live through - for better or worse.

“James’ll like that.” Grinned Remus, lightening their spirits a bit. The only response he got was a rather immature stuck-out tongue from Lily. Neither of them noticed the slip-up in names, but the previously mentioned brunette did - she was, as Ron often put it, much to smart for her own good.

“Do any of you guys play Quidditch?” Asked Ron, actually
managing to swallow his food before speaking.

“Not me.” Remus was still grinning, “But Jamie you’d better watch out for - he’s chaser.”

“Perfect.” Ron was grinning now too. “We need one of those.”


Sirius Black woke up wishing he could sleep for another year or two, even if the empty dormitory told him otherwise. His night with Cho had been amazing For a Ravenclaw girl from the future and a opponent seeker to boot, she was great. But what really got to him, was that it meant more to him somehow. Their relationship wasn’t all physical lets-slip-into-a-broom-closet... and that was great with him. Cho was just...real.

He found himself cheesily (And embarrassingly) grinning as he pulled on his shirt and robes. He wiped it off with a more blase cocky look. The common room was also empty - which wasn’t a good sign. Sirius sped up a step or two in hurry for the food. It didn’t help that he didn’t know shit without Lily and Remus to tell him what to do. Dumbledore’s serious looks had gotten old and his sentences had started to run together. He had known that Remus would listen to it - so why should he?

“Bring me up to speed?” He asked Remus, sliding onto the

“Errr...” He looked just as blank as Sirius thought he did. There
wasn’t any information coming from him. Come to think of it, he also looked just a tad love struck. He hadn’t seen that look on Remus since 6th year, when he discovered Sylvia Sipe, Ravenclaw. Cho was a Ravenclaw too...maybe they did have a certain charm.

“Lil?” He leaned into her, over Remus’s bacon and eggs. She rolled her eyes at his new nick name, but motioned for him to follow her out of the Great Hall. Grabbing a poppyseed muffin and a handful of bacon, Sirius followed her out.

“You American’s sure are tight-knit, huh?” Asked the James look-a-like, Harry.

“It certainly is foreign here.” Replied Remus vaguely.


“Hogwarts hasn’t changed much.” Lily noted dryly to Remus during a Charms lesson that they had already taken, back home. The class was on nonverbal cheering charms, a charm they had learned in second year - but out loud.

The girl Remus had seen with James the other night was now sitting in front of him, hiking her skirt up just so, and emitting loud giggles every so often. She even went so far as too drop her pencil on the floor, and stick her butt right in his face, doing something remus dimly remembered as being the bend and pop. It was something from those muggle videos his little sister had become infatuated with over the last summer, anyways.

Remus bit his lip and tried to ignore her antics, concentrating on winning some points for his ‘new’ house. Surprisingly, it was neither him nor Lily, who both had experience with it, who succeeded in the spell first. It was the brunette, Hermione, from the Great Hall at breakfast.

She really was pretty... His thoughts were drifting off as the class wore on in the same fashion as they had last week. No - it was over twenty years ago now, Remus had to remind himself. Who knew how long they would stay here? Would never coming back ruin the course of time? Did he want to go back? He knew the only way he’d every get sleep to night was if he checked out some books on it, and organized his thoughts.

He might as well start now, he decided with an involuntary shrug, conjuring up a piece of parchment.

Who knew how long they would stay here? Nobody did, but with Dumbledore dead and the new headmistress - Professor Mcgonagall - in charge, it could take quite a while. A portrait wasn’t quite the same.

Would never coming back ruin the course of time? This is what he needed to spend quite a few well-earned hours in the library with Evans for: he didn’t know nearly as much as he should about time turners and time traveling.

Did he want to go back? Of course he did! Right...?

Remus slid the parchment over to Lily, who sat next to him. Deftly, Lily put it in her lap, and read it. Or she seemed to, because even Lily couldn’t read that fast. It was only a few moments later when the parchment was back in his own lap. In large, dark inky writing, Lily had written four words. Four words they had not wanted to hear, not now, not ever. Not until they were long gone in the own safe time.

I think she knows

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