After care of magical creatures, they had muggle studies and the teacher was more than excited to have a muggle in the room. he was into asking all sorts of questions that Britta though were irrelevant and odd because they seemed so normal to her. But the answers astounded some of the witches and wizards in the room.

“Now can you tell me what exactly the function of a rubber duck is?” the teacher asked fully intent and listening.

“A rubber duck?” she looked over a Hermione who just shrugged “well, there isn’t really a function of it, it is just a toy. Little kids usually play with them in bath tubs or pools.” She explained and the teacher clapped his hands together and laughed. After that they had a free period so they all went back to the heads common room. Harry had one as well so he came along with them. Draco and Hermione went into Hermione’s room to get something while Britta and Harry just stayed out in the common room.

“Were did they go? They’ve been gone for awhile” Britta exclaimed not knowing what she was getting herself into.

“I don’t know, we should go see what there doing” Harry answered shrugging. The two of them got up and walked over to the stairs. On the way Harry grabbed Britta’s hand and she smiled. They opened the door and they found them alright. Hermione was lying on her bed and Draco was on top of her kissing her. They were really into it when Harry cleared his throat. Hermione jumped up and seemed a bit flustered, but quickly changed the subject when she saw that Harry and Britta’s hands were intertwined.

“What happened here?” she asked with a smile on her face looking at the wo of them.

“Hermione you should know me by now… I can not stay away from a pretty girl, its why I was friends with you and Ginny. And plus Britta is very nice and sweet and caring and smart, and I could go on for hours here, so why don’t we just leave it at , Britta will you be my girlfriend?” Harry said in almost one breath.

Britta looked at him and smiled “yes I would love to be your girlfriend” and smiled and kissed his check. Harry smiled and then turned to Draco and Hermione.

“Now, no changing the subject Hermione Jane.” Harry said playfully.

“Hey no one calls me that but my mother.” She snapped back. Harry knew how much her middle name go under her skin, he used it every chance he got.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” Draco asked a little oddly.

“You know a muggle game?” Hermione was a bit shocked he would know of such a game.

“Yeah me and Blaise play it all the time.” He smirked
“Well I’m in, who wants to go first?” Britta chimed in.

“Ill ask first, but before we start this is a veritaserum potion, it’s a truth serum. If you take it you can not lie, no matter how hard you try. Ok? Well Harry, truth or dare?” Hermione asked

“Truth?” she handed him the bottle and he took sip from it

“Why do you want to date Britta?” she asked winking at Britta.

“Because she is hot and I want to fuck her.” Harry looked a little embarrassed

“Oh really?” Britta said from behind him, as she whispered something in his ear and his face turned bright red. Almost as bright as Ron’s hair.

“ok, my turn, Hermione truth or dare?” Harry asked

“Gimme a truth” she said taking a swig of the bottle.

“Ok, who was the first person you ever shagged?” Harry asked a smile plying on his lips.

“Oh my god. Gtrf esakry” she muffled

“I’m sorry what was that?” everyone asked

“Fred Weasley!!” she blurted out.

“WHAT! You shagged Fred? When?” Harry asked her a bit shocked.

“Um the night before the Quidditch world cup, remember when I came to wake you and Ron up because you slept in… well I seemed a little frazzled? That’s because I had just come from Fred’s room.” she blushed a bit.

“Ok now Britta truth or dare?” she asked changing the subject.

“I’m gunna mix things up, Dare” she stated smirking

“Ok then, I dare you to straddle Harry and kiss his neck while un buttoning his shirt.” Hermione winked at Harry.

“O-“and the bell rang.
“Damn! Harry though.

“We better get to class Draco said coming up behind Hermione and putting his arms around her waist “you got some explaining to do young lady” he smirked as she moaned when he kissed her neck, the smallest little sound from her could make him go crazy. He truly loved her.

Britta turned to Harry and whispered in his ear. “Don’t worry ill still do that dare. Anytime you want me too” she smiled and kissed him. And he kissed her back with even more force.

Later they were sitting in potions trying not to get on Snapes bad side. Because they all knew what could happen. Draco began running his hand up Hermiones thigh and keeping it there until she pushed it away and wrote a note on the piece of parchment

“What do you think your doing? Your gunna get us in trouble!” Hermione wrote
“Calm down Hermione ok? Hes not gunna yell at us, were Slytherin remember?” he laughed and shock his head as he slid it back to her.
“Yeah well I still don’t wanna get in trouble, ok?” she slid it back
“Fine you wont, I will.” He laughed a bit and Snape turned around

“Are you two paying attention?” he asked”

“Of course sir” was all Hermione could say

“Then show me!”

Hermione handed him the piece of paper and Draco stiffened. “It’s just my notes” she said and Snape handed them back to her and walked away. Draco snickered,
“I knew you learned that spell.”

They went back to the common room after that because they didn’t feel like going to lunch because they weren’t hungry; they just wanted to be together.

“So what do you mean you shagged Fred?” Draco asked as he was lying down on the bed with his head leaning on his propped up elbow and his other hand drawing circles on her stomach.

“Well before the Quidditch cup a few years ago I was staying at the Weasleys and I was with Fred and it just sort of… happened.” She looked away from him.

He put his hand under her chin and brought it to face him. “I love you ok? It doesn’t matter who else you’ve been with.” He looked at her and smiled. “I love you Draco” she said as she kissed him.

Once again the bell interrupted them, and they had to make it to their next class in time, luckily they made it just in time.

A/N:: once again i am so sorry for the wait of this chapter. i am having major writers block so i dont know what to write next. but its out now and im going to try and make the thirteenth one even longer
please dont forget to review, even if its constructive critisism, im still open for it.

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