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Author's Note: This isn't one of my best chapters but I suppose it is needed to show how scarred Lily is.
Please don't hesitate to leave me a review and tell me whether it suked, or it was all right etc.
J.K.R owns the characters besides for the one's I invented.
Enjoy ch. 8

Chapter Eight

Dreams vs. Reality


Weeks had past. James was still lying unconscious in the Hospital Wing. The St. Mungo specialists were working everyday to find a cure for the teenage boy. Each Healer had one base fact. James was poisoned by a Muggle poison which was bewitched to a Dark Wizard’s use.  Lily was living a dead life. She would learn without enthusiasm, she lost the sparkle in her eye; she just didn’t care about life anymore. Her only will to live was in the chance the James would recover.  Lily’s friends were desperately worried. Lily was failing every class miserably. Lily would try to concentrate in class but her mind would always float back to her eternal nightmare.





Lily was asleep but her mind was wide awake; replaying her everlasting nightmare. Lily noticed his odd expression and pale, green face. She looked around and saw Bellatrix Black with a wicked gleam in her eyes. James all of a sudden slumped down into his chair. His breathing was heavy and very slow. The movement of James’ chest stopped altogether. At this point Lily was crying hysterically trying to remember Healing spells. Lily felt James’ wrist for a pulse. It was there but very weak. Lily heaved James to the ground turned him on his back and opened his mouth. She tilted forward and gave him the kiss of life.His breathing returned but he wasn’t in a good state. Lily screamed for help but no-one in the bar seemed to hear her…

Lily woke, her breath coming fast. She felt her cold sweat trickle down the back of her neck.

“It was just a dream….” Lily whispered.

She pinched herself to see if she was really awake. It soon dawned on Lily that James was in the Hospital Win dying. Her dream was reality. Lily couldn’t fall back asleep. “What if I have the n-nightmare again?” Lily said to herself, sobbing. 

Instead Lily sat on her bead, head in knees and tried to muffle her sobs. Lily looked up and dried her eyes. She looked out the window to see the dawn light, creeping slowly upon the Hogwarts grounds.




James twitched. He felt warm. Unusually warm. Well, much warmer than he had felt in the past weeks. He felt as if he had been reborn, he felt loved. James tried to open his eyes. They felt as if they were made of lead. Yet, he still somehow managed to pry them open.

“G’morning”, James mumbled to Madame Pomfrey.

She peered over the edge of James’ bed and immediately checked his pulse and blood pressure.

“Paul, Miranda! Come! Look!”

James’ parents hurried to their sons’ bed. Miranda was speechless. Her mouth opened and closed but no sound escaped. Paul had totally different reactions. Paul started dancing some kind of happy victory dance that resembled and Aborigine Corroboree.

“Halleluiah! Praise the L-rd!” Paul sang, quoting palms.



Professor Dumbledore opened his morning post on the morning of October 10th and read a letter from Madame Pomfrey.


Professor Dumbledore,

Your graceful presence is need currently needed in the Hospital Wing.

Yours truly,

Madame Pomfrey.


Professor Dumbledore immediately rose from his seat and ran to the Hospital Wing. The students in the Great Hall stared in shock. It must have been the first time in Hogwarts History that Dumbledore had ever run anywhere. As the Headmaster ran past the Gryffindor table Lily heard him mutter “James”. Her spoon clanged against her bowl. The school had resumed to its normal volume of chatter and noise so no one but the Marauders, Kate and Nancy noticed her running out of the Great Hall. Remus, the fastest of all of them followed Lily closely.

“Pardon, Miss Evanz” Madame Pomfrey said, “You can’t come in right now”.

Lily donned her puppy eyes face. When she was younger it would always get her, her way. Lily opened her eyes wide, pouted and blinked slowly.

“Pretty please?”

A panting Remus ran around the corner bumping into the nurse. Moony winced at the look Madame Pomfrey gave him.

“Lily…” Remus gasped, “Lily what are you doing here?” he said in between uneven breaths. He held onto the side of his stomach where he felt a stitch developing.

“As I was telling you before, you may not enter ze ‘ospital Wing” Madame Pomfrey continued. Lily’s mouth opened to persist. Remus shook his head warningly and walked Lily away trying to comfort his friend.

“Albus. I don’t understand! Why refuse Lily entrance?” Professor McGonagall asked. The middle aged woman glanced at James who was sleeping peacefully.

“Minerva, if James were to relapse, what would be of Lily?” said the Headmaster fearfully. Professor McGonagall nodded wisely and realized the subject was closed for discussion.

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