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In the morning, the sun shined through the window, acting as an alarm clock for many of the students at Hogwarts. Vita had always relied on the sun to wake her up. She wanted to be an early bird and wake up before other students so she could spend time reading and studying. However, Vita felt different about this particular day. The day before caused many events which made her not want to wake up today. The lessons she learned from false popularity were one of them, and then that kiss from Cedric. That kiss still lingered on her lips and she didn’t understand why he had done it.

Vita groaned and then finally crawled out of bed. She prepared for the day by getting cleaned up as usual and then putting on a clean pair of school robes. She grabbed her bag before exiting her room, only to see Cedric on their common room sofa just sitting there. He turned and looked at Vita when he heard her. “Can we talk?” He asked as if something were truly on his mind.

“Alright.” Vita replied before taking a seat on the sofa since she really wanted answers for that kiss he had given her.

Cedric avoided Vita’s eyes and twirled a part of his school robes in his fingers. Apparently, Cedric Diggory could become nervous when talking to girls. Everyone thought he was always the really suave guy who could talk to any girl with ease, but now his behavior had proved those people wrong. “I meant what I said last night,” he stated. “You’re fine the way you are and I should have realized it a long time ago.”

“This better not be some type of trick.” Vita replied since she knew Cedric had used words to trick girls in the past. She remembered many girls had even been persuaded to leave their boyfriends for Cedric.

“It’s not,” he replied. “I really wanted to kiss you.” He finally looked up at her and gazed into her eyes. “There is just something about you. I don’t even know what it is, but you do something to me. It’s like my stomach gets tied in knots when I see you sometimes.”

Vita laughed slightly since she thought this was another one of his lame attempts to get a girl in the sack.

“It’s not funny,” stated Cedric with a hurt expression on his face. “I’m serious.”

Vita stopped laughing at him and looked at him, realizing he had been serious. “I’m sorry. It just sounds weird when you say that.” She stated, giving him a slight smile to try and cheer him up.

“I suppose it does,” he stated. “Anyways, we better get to breakfast.”

Vita and Cedric left their common room and walked towards the Great Hall for breakfast. Only a few students were in there since it was still pretty early. Most of these students came early to get the best food, or to simply read quietly while they ate. Vita usually arrived early to eat. She didn’t care if she received the best food since she barely ate at breakfast anyways. “Do you want to take some food and eat out in the courtyard?” Cedric asked as if he had thought about them spending some time together.

“Sure.” Vita replied before walking over to the Ravenclaw table and grabbing a doughnut. She placed it on a napkin and then walked out to the courtyard to wait for Cedric. She sat on a bench since the grass remained wet from morning dew. Vita ate a bite of the chocolate covered doughnut before she grabbed her book and opened it. She had decided to start reading a few of the books that were available in the Head Common Room. This particular book had to do with the theories of how some witches and wizards believed that plagues from back in the Middle Ages or even other times, were spells that dark wizards had cast on people. However, none of these theories have ever been proven, but some theorists have still believed in Plague Spells.

After Vita read her book for a few minutes, Cedric sat down next to her with a big plate of food. He had scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, and even some orange juice in a cup. “Somebody is hungry.” Vita stated obviously with a grin on her face.

“There is Quidditch practice later today,” he explained. “You should come watch.”

“Maybe.” Vita replied as she took another bite of her doughnut while reading the book.

“So what are you reading?” He asked while leaning over to sneak a peek at her book. Cedric managed to get a glimpse of some of the words and he raised an eyebrow at her. “Plague Spells and theories? That is some pretty morbid reading.”

“It’s just theories and things,” she replied. “Plus, it was one of the many books in the Head Common Room.”

“Weird.” Cedric replied as he shoved some scrambled eggs into his mouth with a fork. His cheeks popped out like a chipmunk that had shoved too many nuts into its mouth.

As the two of them sat there quietly, Fred and George Weasley walked over to them. They were laughing and had huge grins on their faces about something. Vita glanced up from her book as she heard them laughing. “You two are up rather early.” She stated since the twins were the types who usually were late for many things and never bothered getting up early.

“We had to get up early for mischief.” Fred stated with a grin on his face.

“We planted stink bombs on the toilets near the Slytherin Common Room. We rigged them to go off every time someone flushes a toilet.” George explained with a mischievous look on his face.

“It’s going to be stinking in there for a few days, and not for the more obvious reasons.” Fred joked as he let out a laugh.

“And you wonder why the Slytherins hate Gryffindors so much.” Vita stated as she glanced back down at her book.

“They deserve it.” Fred stated.

“So what classes do you two have later?” George asked as he looked at Vita and Cedric.

“Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Cedric answered. “Should be interesting now that they have the real Alastar Moody teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“Unless it’s another doppelganger.” Fred joked and laughed. He appeared to never take things as seriously as even George. George was the one of the two who still found some things more important than pulling pranks and jokes on people. He still enjoyed those things, but he enjoyed doing other things as well.

“I only have Defense Against the Dark Arts later.” Vita stated, glancing up from her book.

“We should meet in the library later.” Cedric suggested to everyone.

Everyone agreed on meeting there after their classes. “Maybe that Valerie chick will be there that George and I saw yesterday.” Fred explained with a grin on his face.

“Ron thought she was really fit.” George mentioned.

Vita snickered slightly and George and Fred gave her that what’s-so-funny look. Cedric gave her a look also because he had known it was her. “I better get to Charms.” He stated before grabbing his bag and taking off.

“See you later, Vita.” The twins said before they left as well. Vita just remained on the bench, continuing to read her book. The theories started to fascinate her, even if the subject was kind of morbid. One section really caught her eye. It was a theory about how plagues and diseases could be picked up by using the Imperius Curse. Some witches and wizards theorized that if a person simply put another person under the curse, and told them to get the plague; then they would. However, some theorists tried this on animals and it never worked. They believed that a person just couldn’t make another person get sick if the disease isn’t in their body somehow. Many of the theorists believed that if a person had been told to come in contact with another person who had the disease, they could easily obtain it then, if they were told to get the plague. However, this theory was never tested because many of the witches and wizards believed it would be unethical to treat a person like that. It would be wrong to make someone get sick just to prove a theory right.

Vita shook her head as she read this theory. It was very interesting, but she couldn’t believe that actual witches and wizards used to try and make people get sick just to prove some theories. There were other theories too. Some thought the plague had been started by dark spells which had went wrong when they were cast, and somehow they had mutated and caused that person to become sick. After that, the person simply spread it around and then they had a plague. In some really weird theories, other people believed that the rats that had the sickness were from the magical world, and these people couldn’t sustain the magic, so therefore they got sick.

Vita sort of laughed at that last theory. She had never seen a magical rat in her entire life. Although, she wouldn’t necessarily count it out considering the magical world was pretty creepy at times and had a lot of unexplained occurrences and creatures. Vita had read the whole book by the time she needed to go to her Defense Against the Dark Arts class with the Hufflepuffs. She closed the book and shoved it back into her bag before walking to the usual classroom.

Vita entered the classroom to find none of the furniture. There were no desks or tables for students to sit and place their belongings. The only objects in the room were the teacher’s desk, possessions for teaching, and the floor below them. Vita decided she would stand next to the wall by the windows and throw her backpack on the ground. As Vita leaned against the wall, Cedric stepped into the classroom.

Cedric glanced around the room and then up at Vita. “What’s this all about?” He asked before walking over to her and also leaning up against the wall.

“I have no idea,” she replied. “It must be a tactical lesson today.”

After several minutes, many students came into the classroom. Once the room was full, Moody entered the classroom and stood behind his desk. “I’m sure after the debacle with Barty Crouch Junior, you all know who I am. There is no need for introductions unless I am asking your name,” he explained with seriousness in his voice. “This is Defense Against the Dark Arts so if you’re not in the right place, then get out. This class will be hard since there will be no written assignments, reading, or anything that requires you to turn something in to me. It will all be hands-on lessons. Now, has anyone ever thought about being an Auror?”

Only five or six students raised their hand and one of them was Vita. She had wanted to be an Auror ever since a Death Eater killed her mother. She didn’t have any backup ideas for a job. She only wanted to be an Auror and that was it.

“Yes. Miss Valios. Come up here please.” Moody requested as he picked her out from the small group of students who wanted to become an Auror.

Vita walked to the front of the classroom and stood there. “Now pick a partner.” Moody demanded.

Vita thought about picking Cedric, but she realized how obvious that would look. She glanced at the rest of the students and watched the faces of them. Some of them appeared as if they didn’t care one way or the other if they had been her partner. Others had a look of disgust as if they wanted nothing to do with her. Vita couldn’t pick one student out from the crowd so she looked at Moody. “You can pick for me, Professor.” She stated, hoping he would pick for her.

“That’s very brave,” stated Moody. “Most people pick a partner because they know the person so they know what to expect. You, on the other hand, want to be surprised. That’s a thing very few students would ever do. With that said, I think Mr. Diggory would be a worthy opponent.”

Vita sighed silently in her mind. She wondered what it was with the professors picking Cedric as her partner all the time. First it started with Snape picking Cedric to be her partner in Potions, and now Moody picked him to be her partner in Defense Against the Dark Arts. It almost appeared as if the professors knew Vita and Cedric had been enemies in the past, or if they had known something else was going on. Then again, the two were complete opposites, one being popular while the other wasn’t, so maybe that was why the professors always chose them to be partners.

Cedric stepped to the front of the classroom and faced Vita. He stood a few feet away because he figured they were going to duel.

“Now everyone else find a partner. I want one Ravenclaw partnered with one Hufflepuff.” Moody stated. “Once you find your partner, we will be practicing the Disarming Spell, Expelliarmus.” Moody moved his wand in a way to show the class how to do the spell. “Miss Valios, Would you care to demonstrate how the spell is properly done?”

Vita nodded at her professor before moving in a dueling position. Then, she pointed her wand at Cedric, flicked her wand in the circular motion, and shouted, “Expelliarmus!” The flash of red light came out of her wand and caused Cedric’s wand to fly out of his hand.

“Very good,” Moody praised. “Five points to Ravenclaw. Now everyone start working on the spell with your partner.”

Cedric picked up his wand and went back to his position. Vita and him practiced the spell and Vita managed to disarm Cedric more times than he had done to her. As for the other students, many couldn’t disarm their partner. Many students had never achieved the Disarming Spell when they learned it in a previous year. Many students found it difficult to perform Defense Against the Dark Arts spells anyways. They just found the maneuvers too complicated to perform while saying the spell.

At the end of class, Moody told everyone to pack up. He gave a short speech about his intentions for the class. “Your grade will be focused on how well you do or do not achieve these spells. If you’re struggling with any of them, you may want to find someone to practice with outside of class. I’d say that very few of you do not need to practice, and even then, it never hurts to practice, especially if you want to be an Auror,” Moody explained as he looked at the class as more of an Auror training class than a Hogwarts class. “Now you are all dismissed.”

Vita grabbed her backpack and turned to Cedric. “We better go to the library before Fred and George get kicked out.” She explained, starting to leave the class.

Cedric grabbed his bag and followed in pursuit. “That wasn’t a bad class,” he stated. “You’re really good at disarming me.”

“Sometimes disarming someone depends on how tightly they hold their wand. You needed to hold yours tighter sometimes.” Vita explained.

“Are you making fun of me now?” Cedric asked with a slight grin on his face.

“You never know.” She replied as she walked to the library with him.

The two of them walked to the library and found a free table near one of the many stacks in the library. The library seemed to get slightly louder as the twins entered the library. They always knew how to make an entrance and get in trouble even during the most serious of times. Fred and George plopped down at the table across from Cedric and Vita with huge grins on their faces.

“What did you two do now?” Cedric asked curiously as he sometimes thought their mischievous ways were funny.

“Nothing,” Fred replied. “It just so happens that Filch is flaming mad about the stench coming from the bathrooms by the Slytherin Common Room. He has no idea who did it.”

“He probably has an idea that it was us,” George stated. “It’s all worth it though because Peeves is floating around down there shouting ‘Pootie butts!’ at all the students who actually use that bathroom.”

Vita let out a loud laugh and accidentally snorted from laughing so hard. “Pootie butts?” She questioned, as she laughed so hard that tears started to form in her eyes.
Cedric even laughed slightly as he cracked open one of his books so he could study. Fred and George just grinned hugely while they pulled out a notebook and started to plan new schemes to annoy Filch to death. Vita finally calmed down and pulled out one of her textbooks for Charms. She found the class a little dull so she needed to study twice as hard to keep up in it. As she read through the book, one of her hands stayed on the top of her leg.

Cedric read his book, but glanced over at Vita. He noticed her hand was resting on her leg so he slowly moved his hand over there so he could hold hers. He finally put his hand over hers, but it scared Vita and she jumped slightly. This reaction startled Cedric so he pulled away quickly, and he pulled away so fast that he accidentally bumped his elbow on the table. Fred and George looked up at the two of them and away from their notebook of schemes. “What’s that all about?” Fred asked while raising an eyebrow.

Cedric told them he had accidentally bumped his elbow on the table. It was the truth, but he left out the part about trying to grab Vita’s hand. Vita stood up from the table and looked and acted slightly awkward. “I need to search for a book.” She stated before walking away from the table. She walked while glancing down the stacks of books and then she entered one of the stacks and pretended to look like she was searching for a book.

“I need to find a book too.” Cedric explained as he stood up from the table also. He took off and headed in the same direction as Vita. He glanced down the aisles of books until he saw Vita. He then walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

Vita looked at Cedric. “What?” She asked.

“I’m sorry if I scared you.” He confessed before stepping closer to her. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips gently.

Vita didn’t resist and she actually kissed him back harder. Cedric put his arms around her waist and pressed her up against the shelf of books as he kissed her passionately. He pressed her up against there so hard that it made a couple of books fall over. The noise startled the both of them so they pulled away and glanced down at the books. Vita bent down and picked one up. “I was actually looking for this book.” Vita stated before picking up the other one and putting it back in its place.

“You were really looking for a book?” He asked.

“Yes.” She replied simply.

“I don’t get you.” Cedric stated. He thought she had come into the stacks to talk to him after he had tried to hold her hand. “Anyways, I have Quidditch practice so I should probably get going. You’re coming right?”

“I don’t know. I don’t really watch people practice. It might look suspicious.” She explained before leaving the stack of books and going over to Madam Pince to check out her book.

Madam Pince recorded her name and the book before handing it back to her. “It’s due back in one week.” She stated.

Vita just grabbed the book and walked away with Cedric. “Come on. Fred and George will be there even though they are on the Gryffindor team. I think they come just to see what I have up my sleeve.” Cedric explained as he walked back to the table and grabbed his things.

“Fine.” She replied as she packed up her possessions and headed out to the Quidditch pitch.

Vita went into one of the many stands with Fred and George. Katie and Alicia were up in the stand along with some other students who watched practice to scope out what other teams might be doing for Quidditch. Even Draco and his stupid lackeys were in the stand while most of the Hufflepuff students gathered together in a separate stand.

After a few minutes, Cedric and the other Hufflepuff members of the team started flying around on the Quidditch pitch. Katie and Alicia were glancing over at Vita and whispering things to each other before laughing. They were obviously saying bad things about her while Draco and his lackeys didn’t pay any attention, even after Vita had saved Will and the boys came to her rescue, even if she didn’t need it.

Cedric flew up on his broom and glanced over at his friends. He waved to them, but he noticed George was whispering something in Vita’s ear and she laughed. A look of jealousy came over Cedric’s face as he watched. He became distracted so he didn’t notice one of the practice bludgers come up and it knocked him right off his broom. Luckily, Vita had remembered the spell Dumbledore cast on Harry in their third year to slow him down when he fell off of his broom.

Cedric slowly fell to the ground and fell into the sand pit, face down. Several students ran down there, Vita, Fred, and George included. One of the Hufflepuff teammates flipped him over and saw that he had a bloody nose. Cedric let out a small groan as he opened his eyes and they were so blurry. Vita stepped up to him with her wand and was going to heal his broken nose, but a Hufflepuff team member shoved her away. “Get away from him, you freak!” The younger guy shouted as a couple of the team members got Cedric up on his feet to take him to the Hospital Wing.

Vita and some of the others just watched as they walked away. For once, Vita realized if Cedric and her were to even think about being together, they would have to keep it hidden. If they didn’t, things would be completely different. Cedric would lose the popular life he had, and Vita might become the target enemy of many girls and students. Things could possibly get out of hand if she were to date Cedric. She wondered if it would be worth it, considering the consequences and how he had treated her. She would soon make her decision and find out.

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