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         Jane strode through the front door with a smile pasted to her face. She didn't really want to be send back inside, so she quietly shut the door behind her before making towards the backyard. Her parents both thought that she was off to see Lanie, a new friend that had just moved across the street from her at #9 Private Drive. Jane herself lived in #6, the house right next to the one that she was stealthily heading towards now. 

         Checking to see that no one was around, she made for one of the bushes that divided her house from the Dursley's. Sure enough, her Nimbus 2001 was still there from where she had left it in the early hours of the morning. She really needed to practice, for her second year at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was coming up in a few months. Sneaking around the back and through the hedge, she came out in the thick forest that separated the neighborhood from the fields and trees of the next county. She stole behind the largest of the near trees and waited, checking her watch as she did so.

    Jane was a few minutes early, but she was often the one that Harry was waiting on. In fact, she had been the late one for the past few months. Ever since she had seen Harry hovering under the window of his own house the previous August, they had become friends and Quidditch partners. She knew full well that he would still rather be with Ron and Hermione, both of which he talked about on a regular basis, but it was nice that they shared something in common. 

    Jane Clemmons was from a muggle family, one that had no idea magic existed - at least until the letter came a year ago. It was a right surprise, though a joyous one at that. They had just moved into their new house in Surrey from Kent the week before, and Jane had been simply overjoyed, which came as a great relief to her parents. There was a lot of stress on them already, and the idea of a nine month boarding school was not a bad one, if it weren't for the fact that they wouldn't be able to see her. 

    Only a few days after she had received the letter, she saw Harry outside for the fourth time that week and decided to go and take a look. She had tapped the unobservant boy on the shoulder, which caused him to whirl around, wand outstretched, in an unusual display of alarm. 

    Of course, Jane had asked questions, and Harry had grudgingly given them to her. The topic of quidditch had come up, and a sort of friendship had formed. She had tried flying, a task at which she was not half-bad. They threw Dudley's golf balls back and forth once she had received a broom in Diagon Alley. Her parents had read the letter, where it stated that no broomsticks were allowed, and had immediately told her a firm no. Stubborn that Jane was, she purcharsed a broom with her own money and had kept it hidden in a variety of places since then.

    In the distance, Jane saw Harry coming now with his Firebolt, giving furtive glances on either side of the house and in his own windows before coming across to the trees. Deciding that a little surprise was in order, Jane waited until Harry was nearly to the tree. A few feet away, he stopped and glanced over towards her house, where she took the opportunity to sneak up behind him.

    "Aargh!" she managed to quietly shout. Harry jumped a foot, a wild expression filling his face for a fraction of a second before he realized it was her. He couldn't help but chuckle, and Jane quickly pulled the boy behind the tree. "Quiet!" she commanded him, despite the fact that she was about half his size. "You'll attract attention, and we don't want that!"

    Managing to maintain a straight face, they both walked through the worn path to the large clearing that Jane had found last summer. It was huge, big enough to fit about half of the pitch in. It was also nearly a mile there, which meant that their chances of being heard were about zero, so long as they kept their voices reasonable. "You've got the balls?" she asked him, motioning to his hand.

    "Do you think I'd forget them?"

    Jane only gave him a withering expression and hopped on her broom. Next to her, Harry mirrored the action and they both rose several feet into the air. He tossed one of the spheres, tennis balls today, over to Jane and the other two to the ground below. 

    "Here," he called, shooting off to the right. She passed it in a simple arc, and he caught it with a perfect backhand before passing it back.

    This continued for another hour or so, until Jane looked at her watch and noticed it was nearly 6:00. 

    "I've got to go eat soon," she said, which called their practice to an end. "Want to fly back?"

    Harry agreed, and they wove their way through the trees, only managing to avoid collisions because of Harry's quick reflexes. As soon as they saw the houses, however, they both touched down for a smooth landing and walked the rest of the way. "Same time tomorrow?" she asked. Harry thought for a moment before responding. 

    "How about a little earlier? That way we can practice a little longer. There's a new move I want to show you. Say, three?" Jane nodded, and they both went their separate ways.

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