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Everyone’s euphoria at Gryffindor winning the Quidditch cup lasted all week. Even Ron and Hermione falling out didn't dampen Harry's spirits, although it did get on Harry's nerves a bit as they were constantly arguing.                              

It all started when a few days ago the night of the Gryffindor party, Scabbers went missing. The trio put it down to too much noise and the rat got scared, but when the rat didn't turn up the next day Ron started getting anxious, it wasn't until he and Ron searched the boys dorm that they found on Ron's bed, spots of blood on the pillow that Scabbers slept on, and on the floor next to the bed was some ginger cat hairs.

The ginger cat hairs came from Hermione's cat Crookshanks, the cat in which Ron always hated. So putting two and two together Ron had an argument with Hermione over her cat eating Scabbers, which Hermione denied. Today was no different.

"Ron, I keep telling you that Crookshanks has been in the boy’s dorm plenty of times, the cat hairs could've been from then." Hermione screamed at Ron.

"Yes and I keep telling you that, there was blood on my pillow, Scabbers is missing and that cat hasn't been up to our dorm since scabbers went missing." Ron shouted back.

"Enough!" Harry shouted

"Ron, yes it is a little suspicious that there was blood on the pillow and ginger cat hairs on the floor next to your bed, but as Hermione pointed out those cat hairs could've come from the cat when it was in our dorm one of the many times he was.” Harry said voiced raised. "And if you really want to I'll ask Dumbledore if after classes could we search the grounds for scabbers OK?" he added.

Ron and Hermione just nodded in agreement and they went for breakfast, once they finished they were given their timetables for their exams, as they started next week. After they went over their timetables, they left for their first class ready for a boring revision packed day.

"Right what do you know?" Sirius asked James as he came back from the kitchens.

"Only that Harry's friend Ron has lost his rat Scabbers and he's going to ask Dumbledore if he, Ron and Hermione can search the grounds." James replied,

"What it's the full moon?" Sirius shrieked.

"Yes but Harry doesn't know about Moony, anyway the whole time we've been here we haven't seen or heard him once." James replied calmly.

"How are we going to tell Harry now that the rat has escaped?" Sirius asked regaining calmness.

"I'm going to go looking for him tonight, when everyone is in bed" James said with a gleam in his eyes.

"Well?" Ron and Hermione asked Harry as he came from Dumbledore’s office.

"He says we can't, not with Sirius Black still loose." Harry replied.

"What am I going to do now?" Ron complained.

"There's nothing we can do Ron, Dumbledore's right Harry's safety comes first." Hermione answered angrily.

"Look its OK Ron I can use the map tonight, and tomorrow after classes we can search the grounds OK?" Harry said to save argument.

Later that night Harry was lying in his bed scanning the map whilst eating some nut brittle. He saw Dumbledore pacing in his study, with Lupin. All the other habitants of Hogwarts were asleep or so he thought. He scanned the seventh floor finding nothing interesting at first he continued looking, but his eyes did a double take and a name popped out at him. 'Sirius Black'…Bu-but how? How could Sirius Black be back in the castle, his palms started to sweat and his heartbeat quickened as he thought of a mass murderer in the castle. He thought about telling Dumbledore but that thought quickly disappeared when he remembered that Dumbledore didn't know about the map.

He looked at the map again and this time he was sure his heart stopped beating. Standing there with Black were two other men. 'Peter Pettigrew and James Potter'.  No it couldn't be, he was seeing things and as if to convince himself he fiercely rubbed his eyes and looked at the map again. But it was still there, the name James Potter was still there, he didn't even care who the other man was or that the fact Sirius Black was standing beside his 'dad', but the fact that his dad was in this castle made his heart soar. Then his heart sank, his dad had been dead for twelve years but yet as he stared at his father’s name his heart dared to believe. Was he going mad? 'No' a voice that sounded a lot like Hermione said sternly. Then what he had to be seeing was true. Suddenly Harry jumped out of his bed eager to see his father, if it was him. He put on his trainers grabbed his wand and as quietly as he could he left the dorm and common room, his heart pounding in his chest.

Harry, reached the seventh floor to find it completely empty, his heard sank. So I was imagining it then, Harry searched the floor again with his lit wand but there was nothing. He sighed heavily as he slid down the wall. How could he have been so stupid to believe that a very old map of Hogwarts was showing him that his father was alive, it was impossible. He sighed again but stopped half way through, had he heard a door creak. But looking about again he saw nothing. He lowered his wand and sighed dejectedly, what the hell is wrong with him?

Suddenly a door banged open to the left of him and a tall, muscular man stepped out with him he dragged a short squat man who looked frightened.

"I mean it one move, Pettigrew and you won't even get a chance to plead your case to Dumbledore." The tall man hissed, but the squat man wasn't paying attention to the man in front for he had spotted Harry sitting on the floor.

Realizing that the short man wasn't paying attention to him, the taller man turned around to see what he was looking at, upon seeing Harry he released the other man and turned his attentions to Harry.

Harry, upon seeing who the man was jumped to his feet immediately, his heart was beating erratically, his hands and forehead has become sweaty and he felt dizzy.

The man standing in front of him looked identical to him, only he was taller, muscular and had hazel eyes. Then it hit him the man who stood before him was his dad, but no it couldn't be his dad was dead.

"Prongs!” A man suddenly shouted. The man called Prongs shifted his gaze from Harry to the door that he'd just come out of.

"Prongs what the…" A tall, skinny man suddenly appeared from the room they were in and like 'Prongs' he froze when he spotted Harry. "Holy Shit, James your son." he said.

"Thanks for stating the obvious." James snapped back. Harry started stepping back at this point; his eyes were wide and had a confused look in them. James took an attentive step toward him, but this frightened him and he bolted for it.

"Harry!" James shouted and ran after him.

Harry POV
Running as fast as I could I soon gave my 'dad' the slip, despite my heart pounding in my ears and my erratic breathing I kept running pushing my legs to go faster, I rounded the corner and collided with something solid propelling me back a few feet making me land on my butt.

"Harry!" the voice said surprised. I looked up and into the eyes of my Professor, Professor Lupin. "Harry, are you okay?" he asked concerned holding out his hand to help me up. His eyes widened slightly as he took in my sweaty appearance and my short, sharp gasps for air.

"Fine, you?" I ask as I notice his puffy red eyes and sickly appearance.

"I'm alright; it's you that I'm worried about." He said, I looked down and blushed slightly.

"Who where you running away from?" He asked curiosity in his voice. Just then my 'dad' came running around the corner, he stopped at the sight of us.

"Him…" I whispered to Lupin and then I ran for it again this time with both Lupin and my 'dad' hot on my heals. I was almost on the ground floor when I almost ran into Professor Dumbledore, you can imagine my shock at that. "Sorry Professor." I whispered completely out of breath.

"Mr Potter not in any kind of trouble are you?"

"No." I lied trying to sound innocent. Just then my 'dad' and Lupin came around the corner.

"Bloody hell…" I muttered.

"Now what are you doing out of bed so late at night?" he asked not paying attention to the men behind me.

"I couldn't sleep…" I thought up  "So I decided to go and see if Hedwig was back yet and I didn't take my cloak because I didn't think anyone would be awake at this time of the night." I invented. I thought I heard my 'dad' and professor sniggering but I could've imagined it, I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.

"And you ran into James and Remus on your way".

"No, he ran into me and Sirius first, then we ran into Remus two floors up" James said.

"Care to elaborate Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"I was on my way up to the owlery and I took a detour, I was on the seventh floor when out of nowhere a door opened and umm he…” Harry said pointing to James “…came out followed by another guy and then finally Black, feeling confused I sort of ran for it with him following me. I ran into Professor Lupin when I wasn't looking, he was asking if I was okay when umm he turned up again and again I ran for it and now I'm here." I said in a rush.

"Well, Mr Potter I'm sure you’re very tired so you may go to bed now and we shall discuss this matter tomorrow night. Professor Lupin, will you be so kind as to escort Harry to the hospital wing and ask Madam Pomfrey to give him some dreamless sleep potion and then escort him to the Gryffindor common room please." Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, Sir" Lupin said. "Come on Harry." he added to me.

"Oh and Mr Potter" Dumbledore said, I stopped and turned around. "No more running away."

"Yes, Sir" I replied. Turning around and walking with Lupin passing my ‘dad’.

"Good night Harry." He whispered as I passed making me freeze.

"Night" I replied turning my head slightly to do so. He smiled at me before I turned back around and walked toward the hospital wing with Professor Lupin.

A.N So that’s my latest chapter, please review.

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