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Well, this is it: the final chapter of Memories in my Blood. I hope that you enjoyed reading my little contribution to the woefully low Vampire!H/Hr community (I checked; there are less than 100 between, Portkey and here).

And please no comments about the scientific inaccuracy of this chapter; I already know.

As usual, I don’t own Harry Potter, just the plot and original characters.



Harry looked at the clock glowing dimly on the nightstand by his bed. For several minutes, he had been lying there, unwilling to summon the will to get out of bed. Finally, he slowly slid out, being careful not to awaken the other person in his bed, before donning a robe and walking over to a blank wall. He waved his hand over a panel, and the wall in front of him shimmered and shifted until it became like a giant window, showing an image of a towering metropolis, buildings stretching far as the eye could see.

For obvious reasons, it was not an actual window, but merely a hologram showing a detailed image of the outside world simulating a window. Harry quietly chuckled to himself; the Muggles had made amazing advancements in technology in the past seven hundred years. Harry ran his fingers through his messy black hair as he reminisced about the past several centuries.


After the fall of Voldemort, Harry and Hermione tried to figure out how they were going to enter the Ministry of Magic without having every auror in the country bearing down on them. The two vampires were surprised to find out that Umbridge had not only retired from the Ministry, but had rescinded the arrest warrant out for them. With the pathed cleared for them, the two young vampires arrived at the Ministry of Magic and appeared before the Wizengamot. While many of the members were leery about them, they all knew that Harry had saved them from the greatest threat to Wizarding Britain in recent memory, and gave him a chance to speak.

After a long night of discussion and negotiation, where very little was actually accomplished, due to their nature and its associative status, Harry and Hermione returned to 12 Grimmauld Place before dawn arrived. Even though they were both tired, they knew that they had to discuss the position of their relationship soon, so they sat down and talked. They talked to each other about their feelings, and where they went from there. They agreed to take their relationship one step at a time. They were now immortal; they could afford to take their time with things.

Several months later, Tonks had given birth to a healthy baby boy, Theodore Harrison Lupin. Harry and Hermione had agreed to be the godparents of the small infant. Remus and Tonks went on to have two more children in their lives: Alexander James and Breanne Andromeda. Fortunately, none of their children had inherited Remus’ affliction, although they had also not inherited Tonks’ metamorphagus abilities.

Once, Harry and Hermione had used the pendant portkey that Harry had, to see where it would take them. It ended up transporting them to a vampire community somewhere in the English countryside. Their guide was a woman not much older in appearance than themselves, who gave a detailed tour of the community. She explained how the community worked as a self-sustaining entity, approximately half of the members raising livestock for their blood. She also explained how vampire wizards, because of their abilities and their low population compared to vampires that were once Muggles, they are held in higher social standing, even though they are technically equal in rank.

For years, Harry and Hermione had fought through politics and outdated traditions in an effort to gain equality for all sentient beings. It took nearly four years just for them to gain a position where their word would actually carry weight within the happenings of the Ministry. One of the first things that Hermione had done was implement laws concerning house elf treatment and employment, quickly followed by petitioning for equal rights for werewolves.

Though it pained him, Harry had kept his word to Bill, and had avoided contacting the Weasleys, although he observed them from a distance. He watched as Fred and George’s joke business boomed beyond imagination; he watched as Ron became an auror like he had wanted; he had watched while Ginny graduated and become a player for the Holyhead Harpies quidditch team. Harry watched while they – and everyone he had ever known settled down with jobs and families, and eventually died and faded away. Some fell in the line of duty, some died from some unfortunate accident, and many simply fell before time’s unforgiving passage, until Harry and Hermione were all that remained of the time that he had came from.

The peace that had followed Voldemort’s demise was long and good, but neither Harry nor Hermione were delusional enough to think that it would last forever. Several decades after Voldemort’s fall, several pureblood-minded wizards from northern Eurasia had forged an alliance with the Muggle terrorists, and had begun wreaking havoc on England and its allies from both fronts. Unfortunately for the aurors, these new terrorists were smarter than the Death Eaters, disappearing into a crowd quickly, and either obliviating or killing themselves if they were to be caught. With world relations on a razor’s edge, it seemed that another world war was imminent, but a worldwide conflict was abated by an unconquerable force: Nature.

The Muggles had forseen it for years, even though many wizards had dismissed it as fantasy, but the world was changing. The world was getting warmer, and the polar caps were beginning to melt. At first, the effects were minor: slightly higher tides and warmer summers. But as time passed, the effects became more severe. By the year 2075, floods and hurricanes containing winds over 130 miles per hour were a common occurrence, particularly in coastal areas. By 2110, the pendulum began to swing the other way: the winters would become longer, and colder. Massive amounts of snow would fall over Eurasia and North America, covering the continents in a white blanket that would persist throughout the summers, only to be covered by the following winter’s snow. By 2150, much of the northern hemisphere was covered by a thick blanket of snow and ice.

Unforunately, due to their incredibly long lifespans in comparison to Muggles, the prejudices within the Wizarding world were slow to change, so while the Muggles heeded the warnings and fled south before global warming consumed their homes, the magical folk remained, confident that their wards would be powerful enough to weather this storm. However, even the mightiest barrier can buckle underneath a strong enough force, and when the wards finally shattered under the strain of holding up the world, ice and water crashed down on the wizards, thousands dying instantly by their ignorance.

With thoughts of war driven from their minds in the face of their own survival, mankind began to rebuild itself. Construction technology advanced in leaps and bounds in light of the growing population, making buildings that reached higher than any monument before them. Colonies were also built underneath the oceans and beneath the ice.


Harry was pulled out of his thoughts by two slender arms wrapping around his waist and soft lips pressing against his shoulder.

“Hey,” she whispered into his ear. Smiling, he turned around to face Hermione, his friend and lover for all these years.

“Hey, yourself,” he replied, bending down to softly kiss her on the lips.

“What’re you doing?” she asked as she laid her head on his chest.

“Just thinking,” Harry said as he ran his fingers through her curls, “about everything that’s happened these past few hundred years.”

“Nothing too depressing, I hope,” Hermione said, amused.

“Nah,” Harry said, shaking his head, “that’s not till tomorrow.” They both laughed at his little joke. “I was thinking we just stay in today, how’s that sound?”

“Mmm, sounds great,” Hermione sighed softly as she released Harry from her hold. “You wait here while I freshen up,” she said, winking at him before she turned around and walked to the bathroom, swaying her hips seductively. Harry chuckled softly at her actions. Even after almost seven hundred years, they still acted like young lovers.

Harry and Hermione had seen many things together, both good and bad. They fought in a war, and nearly entered a second one; they watched as their friends and loved ones died one by one; they watched as the Earth changed itself. But through it all, they still had each other, and their love for one another.

And that made it all worth it.


And that’s the end of it. I hope that you enjoyed it.

Now I just got to finish the rest of my fics….

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