Kati's POV

I was just trying to sit on my bed and write in my diary when I heard a loud crash. Typical. I was afraid go and see what was going on if the marauders had anything to do with it it would be bad. So I went back to my diary. Man I hate this thing, every since my brother got his ...er.... umm... problem Mum made us write things down in this dumb diary. If we don't it starts to buzz loudly. The rest of the marauders didn't and won't know about it. HE at least better not know. Sirius Black my marauder he just doesn't know it. See Remus is my big bro by two years and this year I'm starting Hogwarts. I am their best friend outside of eachother. I mean I have other friends my age like Sirius's cousin Tonks. Me and her are alot alike so we are best friends so I see Sirius even more. Tonks has alittle crush on my brother and I have one on her cousin so it works out fine! Uh-oh I heard another crash better go see what that was.

Oh MY Word where my living room used to be there is now a huge pool made out of chocolate! It's like Willy wonka or something(I love muggles). Remus poked his head out of the water noticing me.

Hey there Spazzy ( they call me that because I am spazzmatic). Grab your swimsuit and join the fun. 

I ran up stairs and grabbed my cute two peacer and ran down and jumped in the choclate pool

Where's Sirius? 

He came out with a cake reading welcome to Hogwarts!

I cant wait for this year

I went to go get a shower and wash out all the chocolate after our little party. I got out and read my Hogwarts letter again, yes I know I am a very dorkish. This afternoon we are picking up Tonks and taking her shopping with the marauders to Diagon Alley( I think I spelled that wrong humor my spelling errors there will be alot of them) 



I tackled Tonks and we hugged we couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts and shopping for school stuff was always fun new clothes and pets and the coolest part a wand. After getting fitted for robes and picking out an owl (I named him Dizzy because he likes to fly around his cage in circles). It was time for a wand.

We walked in and the man said something I didn't understand and handed me a wand. It made Peter's hair pink and the man almost took it away. Then I told him that that was what I wanted it to dohe laughed and wrapped it up. Tonks was not so lucky it took her about tries to get a wand.I Lauged at all the things she destroyed in the time. 

I couldn't sleep that night I was so exicted for the next day. Hogwarts was tommorow. after a really fast breakfast I dragged my family to platform 9 and 3/4. Then after kisses hugs and tears(my mom). I found a cart with Tonks and the marauders and awaited my destiny.

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