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Life Collides Chapter Eleven


It had been two long days since the fight with Emily, and a day since Harry’s talk with Teddy, and he hadn’t seen Emily at all. She had managed to escape working with him, and even eating with him at mealtimes. It seemed she always had to do something for the tour, or had old friends she hadn’t seen for a long time. In fact, if Harry didn’t know any better he would have thought she wasn’t ever coming home. But she was, because every one else seemed to have seen her at some point in there day.

All in all it was becoming frustrating for Harry. In less then two weeks they would be going on tour, and he would be opening for Emily. They would have to speak before then, or the whole thing would become chaotic and confusing. Could Emily really be that angry with him to avoid him for so long? Teddy kept telling him eventually she would start talking to him; it was just her pride that was keeping her away. Harry could recognize and understand that, but still, wasn’t he the one who was supposed to be apologizing?

At last, two days after no sign of Emily, Harry got his chance. He had to open that Friday, and Emily would be coming in at the end of his shift. While he was cashing off he would be able to catch her, and maybe talk some things out. At least he hoped he could do this, or he thought there would be no other way.

So as the hours ticked by, Harry thought of all the things he could say to Emily until at last his shift was over, and he went into the office where Emily was sitting, not evening saying hello to Harry when she had come in. She sat with her back to him, only getting up when she realized he needed to cash off. She didn’t say a word, and didn’t even look at him. Annoyed, Harry put his register down and turned to Emily.

“Can you please stop avoiding me so I can apologize?” Harry demanded.

Emily froze, a look of surprise filing her face. She slowly turned to face Harry fully, and for a few moments they both stared at each other. “I think I’m the one who is supposed to say sorry, Harry.” Emily finally said.


“I was the one who over-reacted.” Emily started. “I shouldn’t have acted that way, blamed everything on you. It was my fault, we agreed to be friends again and being a friend that you are, you tried telling me the truth, and I turned my back on you. I shouldn’t have done that, and really bad about it; really bad about it.” Emily emphasized.

Harry wasn’t really sure what he should say, and shrugged. “Let’s just say it’s in the past.” He suggested.

Emily smiled. “That’s probably for the best.” She agreed. “And I’m doing a gig tomorrow down at Michaels; maybe you want to come along?” Emily asked hopeful.

“That would be cool; I’ve got a few new songs I can play for them.” Harry told her.

“Really, I’d love to here them when I get home. Maybe you could join you on stage?” she asked, hopeful.

“Sure, what ever you want to do.” Harry agreed, thinking that he should probably stick to the one song that he had completed the most.

“Good, good.” Emily smiled, and then hugged Harry. “I’ll see you later, I should get out there, and you should probably finish in here.”

Harry nodded, and watched as Emily left the office. Feeling very relieved, and happy that he would be doing another show Harry turned back to his cash. When he had finished he put on his jacket and left. Catching the bus, Harry could hardly contain his happiness. An extra hop in his step he got home in no time, and found that Georgia in the kitchen making dinner, and he decided to help.

“I talked to Emily,” Harry told her, as he washed some lettuce in the sink.

“Really? What happened?” Georgia asked, nearly cutting her finger as she chopped some carrots.

“We just talked – and I’m doing a show with her tomorrow!” Harry told her excited.

“That’s great, but what did you guys talk about?” Georgia asked, back-tracking.

“Oh, we just agreed that we should put it in the past. We’re friends again.” Harry explained.

“Is that all?”

“Yes, Georgia, that is all. Teddy ‘forgives’ me too.” Harry added.

“So then everything is solved – we can go to England and everything will go smoothly!” Georgia explained, and turned to the stove to stir the tomato sauce. She didn’t see the look of worry that filled Harry’s face.

It had suddenly hit Harry fully that he was going back to England, the place he had been hiding from for so long. They would be going to Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, and the heart of London, to clubs not far from the Ministry and St. Mungo’s. He would surely bump into wizards, and he would certainly be recognized. And most of all he would be so close to seeing those he loved and he admitted, missed. He was afraid, but he wanted to go back more then ever.

“Harry are you okay?” Georgia’s soft voice filtered into Harry’s mind and he quickly looked at her looking a little stunned.

“No, no nothing is wrong. I just uh… I’ll be right back. I’ve got to…” Harry wasn’t really sure what he was doing or saying, but he needed to get away from Georgia, and away from them all. He clamored out of the kitchen and up the stairs where he bumped into Adam and Teddy who both asked him if he was all right.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine…” Harry trailed off racing up the stairs.

Entering his room, Harry went straight for his bed, and reached underneath until he gripped the handle of his trunk and pulled it out. Sitting on the floor Harry snapped open the trunk and feverishly dug around until he found what he was looking for; his wand. Gripping it tightly, he stared at it joyfully, before jumping up and shoving it into his back pocket and looked around his room. Opening drawers he started pulling everything out and throwing into the trunk and at last when his room was in utter chaos he snapped the trunk shut, took hold of his wand in one hand, and the trunk in the other. He stood still for a few minutes, his chest heaving after the rush of exercise he had just put himself through and stared around his mess of a room.

What am I doing? Harry asked himself, realizing his arm, and dropping the trunk on the floor. Was he really about to leave another life behind? He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t over-react. He wouldn’t. Putting his wand on his side table, Harry slowly started putting his room together. He couldn’t believe that he had just done what he had. But at the same time he was still regretting his decision. He wanted to go home, he wanted to see Ginny, even if she wouldn’t be awake, he wanted to see the family and life he had left behind.

“I’ll just have to wait a while.” Harry told himself. He knew it wouldn’t be fair he just picked up everything and went back. He had made friendships and bonds with people for the last two years, and he couldn’t forget that. It took a while but eventually everything went back to its place, and Harry fell on to the end of his bed. As he did so a knock came to the door.

“Harry, dinner is ready.” Georgia said from the other side of the door, and Harry could hear her steps as she walked back downstairs.

Rubbing his head, Harry stood up, and without a backward glance he went outside and down the stairs to the kitchen where everyone sitting, serving themselves to large helping’s of spaghetti. Harry sat down, silent, but not regretting his decision to stay anymore. Hearing their laughter and listening them talk about things Harry realized it would have been a big mistake to leave. Taking a huge spoonful of his own food, Harry dug in and slowly his thoughts drifted from the events that had taken place earlier.

Two Weeks Later

“Harry!” Georgia shouted from the entrance hall.

“I’m coming, I just had to grab my coat!” Harry shouted back, holding his coat in one hand, and carrying his trunk in the other. He had made it lighter with a simple charm so that it wouldn’t be so difficult to carry. It had been the first spell he had done in almost two years, but Harry had decided that it wouldn’t be such a problem. He had already made a plan, when he got to England when he had time he was going to see the Weasley’s again. The trunk carried some of his Wizarding things amongst his clothing. He had another bag and his gear already packed in the van.

“Is that all?” Teddy asked, looking at Harry’s trunk.

“Yeah, my duffle bag is already in the van.” Harry explained as Teddy took the trunk, looking a little stunned by how light it was but didn’t say anything.

“Come on, Alan and Emily are waiting in the car.” Georgia said, tugging on Harry’s arm as he slipped on his shoes.

“I’m coming,” Harry bantered, and at last followed Georgia out of the seemingly empty house. Out on the drive Teddy and Adam were packing everything in the van, and out front Josh was standing outside of his car with Emily and Alan.

“Hey Harry, excited about going home?” Josh asked as he and Georgia neared the car.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nerve-wrecking.” Harry admitted, and noticed how Emily was all smiles.

“We should get going, only an hour and a half before the flight goes.” Josh said, and opened up the door to his car. This was a sign for everyone to get in.

“See you at the airport!” Emily called to Teddy and Adam as she got into the car. Harry followed her, and Georgia was in next, while Alan sat up front. Harry could feel his insides twist ad the car started, and they went on their way to airport. Georgia and Emily were talking fast and loudly about the last they had been in the UK and were talking about the things had to do while in London.

But Harry listened to none of this. In six hours he would be arriving in London. They would have two days before going to their first show, and in that time he would manage to escape for a little while to see the Weasley’s. He hoped anyhow.

A/N: I am once again running a little short on this chapter. I kind of regret not including it with the other just because in a whole I think it would have all worked well together, but I thought Emily and Teddy should have their own chapter, and the previous one was extremely important to seeing Harry write his songs. They are important songs for the future! Thanks for reading, please review!

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