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Back gain, and a fairly speedy update, be happy people!!!!! Oh, and this is an oober long, over 5,000 words chapter, so be even happier!!!!
Of course it could be complete garbage and you all hate it, but whatever, I'll see you guys on the other side... 

            Hermione crawled into bed beside Jason, still fully dressed, teeth unbrushed, hair still tied in its pony tail. It would be a tangled mess in the morning, but she honestly didn’t care, she was exhausted, and would in the coming months have to defend Hogwarts from creatures that possessed their victims, and fed off their fears.

            She thought that she deserved a rest.

            She woke up the next morning to Jason bouncing on the bed beside her, “come on Auntie, I’m hungry.”

            She groaned, “Go get some cereal, Auntie needs to sleep.” She squeezed her eyes shut to block out the painfully bright morning sun.

            “Can’t reach the box” Jason informed her, continuing to bounce.

            “Then get Malfoy to get some for you.”

            “He’s showerin.”

             Hermione listened, sure enough, she could hear the water running, “Go away, I’ll be down in a minute.”

            “Yay” Jason bounded away, and Hermione collapsed back down on the pillow, trying to scrape together the energy to move.

            Slowly she pushed her sore body upright, and slapped the on button of her radio, it was on a rock station, and the fast beats woke her up a little. It felt like there was gravel in her joints, and plaster in her skull as she swung her legs out of the bed, and sat her bare feet on the cool wood floor.

            That woke her up even more. Slowly she shuffled to her closet and yanked off her rumpled clothes, throwing them out of the door, and digging around for a clean bra.

            She couldn’t find a clean one anywhere, the only bra in sight was the black lacy push up she had worn to the welcoming feast. She didn’t even really like that bra, but it had been hideously expensive, and Jamie had given it to her, half as a joke. She had written a tiny note to go with it, “May this bra bring you luck, cause heaven knows it’s the only real bra you own.”

            And that was true, Hermione couldn’t stand push-ups, or strapless, or any of the other bras Jamie had once tried to force on her. Ever since they were little, Hermione’s mother had bought her sensible sports bras, and Aunt Elisa had bought Jamie these expensive, lace covered things. Hermione thought they itched, and were horribly impractical, thus, she only owned the one “real” bra.

            The black lace bra that Jamie had given her was actually fairly comfortable, and it fit her well, but still, she had vowed it would be the only bra like it that she would own, she thought bra shopping was awfully embarrassing also. Thus, she preferred her simple sport bras.

            But now she was left with no other options, so she put it on, rolling her eyes as she deftly snapped the clasp, and shrugged the straps into place. She had just pulled on a pair of soft cotton shorts for lounging around, when she heard the bathroom door on her side open.


            “In here.” She called, and he peered inside the cracked closet door before she could tell him not to.

            “Merlin” He snapped, turning around quickly, the sight of her in that small, push up, lacy, jet black - no Draco, bad Draco, no. “Can’t you tell me you’re changing? Or better yet close the door.”

            Hermione scoffed, “If I remember right, you opened the door, and what’d you think? That I hang out in my closet for fun? And what’s the big deal; you’ve seen me in a bra before. Plus you could have knocked like the sometimes polite person you are.”

            “Well, yeah I could have, but I’ve never seen you in a- a bra he shuddered at the word like it was dirty “like- like that.

            Hermione glanced down at herself, and chuckled, Draco Malfoy fumbling for words about a woman’s most prized undergarment, it was kinda cute. Wait, did she just use the word cute to describe Malfoy? Weird. Quickly she pulled on a T-shirt, one that had Gig’em Aggies blazed across it, in bright white, across the maroon background. Yes, she was an Aggie fan through and through, Jamie was a tea sipper from Austin, a TU fan, Thanksgiving Day games had been rather interesting while Hermione had still lived in Dallas. “I’m decent” she told Draco, as she pulled the hem of the shirt straight, and turned around to face him.

            Draco peeked around cautiously, afraid she might be pulling his leg, “Okay, so we need to explain the whole daemon thing to The Court, I’ve called an emergency meeting in the Room of Requirement, are you ready to go?”

            Hermione glanced down at her attire, she was extremely casual for wandering around the school, but, what the hell, she was Head Girl, and she might as well abuse her privileges a little before term officially started.

            She started to follow him out the door, and then chickened out, shoving him out into her room and closing the closet door in his face. As fast as her fingers would move, she pulled off the shorts and yanked on a pair of jeans, zipping and buttoning them swiftly. She grabbed some socks and pulled them on, jerking her tennis shoes on after them, before opening the door again. “Can you go get some cereal for Jason while I finish up?” she pleaded, scrambling around her room looking for her wand, which was of course right where she left it.

            “Sure, but the meetings in-”

            “I know, I’ve just gotta brush my teeth and hair, and I’ll be down.” Draco heaved a sigh, and rolled his eyes, slouching out of the room without another word. Hermione rushed into the still steamy bathroom, and brushed her teeth rapidly, at the same time yanking a brush through her hair.

            She spit out minty foam, and used both hands to pull her hair into a pony tail, while she swished water around her mouth to get rid of the last bits of toothpaste. Spitting that in the sink too, she bounded down the stairs, and burst into the kitchen, where Draco was sipping tea, while Jason munched on cereal. “I’m ready.” She announced to the room in general, and then frowned at Jason, she had planned on bringing him along, but he wasn’t dressed.

            Draco realized this at the same time she did, smoothly drew a complicated spell circle on the counter, and waved it towards the hungry child. It settled onto Jason’s back, and blinked out, and then, silver lines glowed across the contours of Jay’s clothes, the kid didn’t even twitch. The lines faded, and Jason’s clothing began to shift, changing into a pair of dork blue jeans, and a white T-shirt. Still Jason didn’t look up from his cereal.

            Hermione cast Draco a grateful glance, and summoned Jason’s shoes, putting them on his feet, and tying his laces as he slurped up the milk in his cereal bowl. When he wiped his mouth with a napkin, Hermione stood, “Ready kiddo?”

            “Teeth.” Jason informed her primly.

            Hermione laughed at his cheek, and swatted at his head gently, her fingers barely brushed his hair “Go on then squirt, I’ll wash your dishes, hurry.” Jason scampered off, while Hermione turned and scrubbed his dishes as fast as she could. They were lying on a dish towel, drying when he skipped back into the kitchen. “Ready kiddo?”

            “Ready Freddie.” Jay chirped back, making Hermione laugh again as Draco led them out of the common room, and down the stairs. Gaia grumbled sleepily as she let them out, her deep, stone shaking snores followed them down the hall, Hermione considered casting a silencing charm on the stone Dragoness, but decided that the tower guardian wouldn’t find it amusing.

            The halls were empty, everyone was savoring their last day to sleep in before the term of toil and drudgery began, Hermione envied their ability to sleep without worries, or cares. It must be nice to only have to worry about grades, homework, and mean teachers.

            They passed McGonagall in the hall, she nodded curtly to them, and they nodded shortly in return, her acknowledgment of their existence let them know that she would be at the Court meeting shortly. As they passed the main entrance, and a lounging group of fourth year Ravenclaws that Draco glanced at out of the corner of one brilliantly orange eye, telling them to hurry up with the briefest glance, Hermione wondered aloud, “How did you let everyone know about the meeting?”

            “Owls, lots of owls, and a handy copying spell.” He informed her, and they ascended a flight of stairs. 

            “Hmm, there’s gotta be an easier way.” She mused, “Have you tried two way mirrors?” 

            “We would have to make them ourselves, have you got any idea how many of us there are?”

            “A couple dozen.”

            “Yeah, and two way mirrors are, not only expensive, their also rare.”

            Hermione had to chuckle at that, “A Malfoy with money worries? The sky must be falling.”

            “I could afford it, but we would have to find two dozen odd mirrors, and alter the spell so that they weren’t just two way mirrors, but more like two dozen way mirrors.”

            “Hmm.” Hermione chewed it over, “And just creating a two way mirror is pretty advanced magic.”

            “For a group of teens, yeah.”

            “I’ll look some stuff up, see what I can find. With the right spell it should be possible.”

            He just stared at her, “What? I made pollyjuice potion in second year, why can’t I magic a few mirrors in my seventh?”

            “When’d you do that?”

            “For a good chunk of the year.”

            “obviously, but why?”

            “We wanted to figure something out, and it was the only way.”

            “So you changed yourself into some one else?”

            “Well, Harry and Ron successfully changed, I, er, had problems.” She blushed, and looked determinedly straight ahead.

            “How so?” he wouldn’t be dissuaded.

            “Um, you know how you’ve gotta put a bit of the person you wanna be into the potion?”

            “Yes.” He drawled slowly.

            “Well, I, er, put in a few cat hairs by accident.”

            He valiantly tried to turn his laugh into a cough, Hermione glared indomitably at the empty corridor in front of them. “It wasn’t funny.” She snapped, still not looking at him.

            “Of course not.” He stifled his chuckles, and schooled his features to complete tranquility, with difficulty.

            “I was stuck in the Hospital Wing for Merlin knows how long because of that, just so you know.” Her voice was still waspish.

            “It was four weeks and three days.” He replied promptly, making Hermione wonder exactly how much free time he had, and why he had spent it tallying up the days that she was gone. She shot him a speculative sidelong glance, “Not that I was counting of course.” He rushed to assure her.

            “Right.” Except it came out more like riiiiiight. “and here we are.” She stopped Jason at the end of the corridor, and let Draco pace back and forth three times, to make sure that the meeting room met his exact specifications, without being diluted by her, or Jason’s ideas.

            He spun on spot, as they watched the crude, stone door form in the wall, Hermione raised an eyebrow; she had never seen The Room produce a door quite like this.  Draco shrugged in response to her eyebrow, and opened the door, holding it open for Hermione and Jason, before entering himself.

            Hermione found herself standing on wide red sandstone paving stones, the entire room was red sandstone for that matter, but it wasn’t overwhelming, since the hues varied. There was a yellowish sandstone, and brownish sandstone, and warm red sandstone, and orangey sandstone and… you get the picture.

            Anyway, there were sandstone benches, which seemed to be held together by nothing more than gravity, but when Hermione sat on one she found it surprisingly solid. The stone felt sun warmed, though, they were obviously inside. A bookshelf that had been hacked into the sandstone wall was full of books, Hermione decided to investigate further, as Jason discovered the soccer ball that was in a corner for him to mess around with while the “big kids” conducted business. Draco, seated himself on the throne of hewn sandstone that was on a raised dais, finding it to his liking, he glanced, puzzled, at the second, slightly smaller throne to his right.

            Hermione was engrossed in the titles of the many books that were crammed onto the scooped out shelves. Here was one about banishing various daemons, and here was one about the history of necromancy. Another about particularly troublesome daemons through the ages, ooh, and here was one dedicated completely to The Thieves, parasitic daemons. Hermione plucked it from the shelf and sat on spot, flipping to the first page, and indulging in the new reading material.

            Draco glanced at her, reading happily, and then at Jason, who was passing the soccer ball to the wall, and watching where it bounced, before going and kicking it at the wall again. Then he looked at the second throne, which was very much there, and refusing to sink into the ground, and disappear. “Hermione, I guess you sit here, since, you, erm, were there last night?”

            Hermione’s eyes didn’t as much as flicker, she was fixated on her book, “kay.” She called, flipping the page, and bending closer to the parchment pages; her eyes were rapidly reaching the end of one line, and smoothly moving to the next. The door opened, and Blaise, Michael, and Anthony entered, Hermione glanced up briefly to see who it was, but then back down to her book, much to her Brothers amusement.

            “Ever the bookworm; Lord of the Court, haven’t seen you in, gosh, twenty hours or something like that.” Michael and Blaise chuckled appreciatively at Anthony’s wit.

            “Well, I didn’t know you were so obsessed with me Andy, you seriously need to get a girl.” Draco shot back, from where he was seated.

            “But I’ve got one already.” Anthony joked, going over, and hugging the seated Hermione, book and all. “See?”

            Draco glared orangly (instead of blackly, get it?), but said nothing, fearing that his rough voice would give him away to the now annoyed Hermione, who was trying in vain to push Anthony away.

            “You great lummox, get off of me.” She snapped, trying to read around his encircling arms, and push him off at the same time. It wasn’t working out to well for her.

            “No.” he replied, playfully stubborn.

            “Blaise, Michael, get this oaf off of me, I wanna finish my chapter afore the rest of you lot get here.” Blaise and Michael just laughed.

            “Too late.” Blaise said, as the door opened, and the fourth year Ravenclaw’s slouched in.

            Anthony straightened, as Hermione glanced at her page number, before closing it, and reaching up for a hand. All three Brothers gallantly helped her to her feet.

            Hermione hopped up onto the dais, and plumped herself down on her throne, where she promptly reopened the book, and flicked to her page, and continued ignoring the world around her. Jason watched the rapidly filling room with interest, and hurried to Hermione’s side, climbing into the spacious throne beside her. Hermione absently rubbed his back, still not looking up from her book.

            The rest of the Court took their seats, and eyed her exalted position with envy, but nobody said anything, they were too curious as to why they were there, so early on the last day of their summer holiday.       Draco cleared his throat, and the room quieted, only Hermione didn’t look at him.

            He cleared his throat again, hoping to gain her attention.

            She didn’t so much as bat and eyelash.

            “Gran-Hermione” he called.

            She didn’t move except to turn the page.

            Jason poked her, and she cuffed him gently over the head, “Not now Jay.” She reprimanded him, her eyes still on the page.

            “Hermione.” Draco’s voice was louder.

            She switched from the left hand page to the right hand, still motionless.

            The audience fidgeted, as Draco glared at Hermione, was she deliberately doing this to make him look foolish, or was she seriously oblivious to the fact that they were waiting on her? He cleared his throat again, “Granger.”

            “What Malfoy?” she snapped, turning the page again.

            “We’re waiting on you.” His tone was very hard, and rather cold.

            “Prefects your duties are to patrol the corridors between-” it sounded like she was rattling off a speech that she had long ago committed to memory, and no longer cared for. 


            “What?” she frowned at her book, her expression confused, but she still didn’t look up.

            “Wrong meeting.” Hermione put her finger under the sentence that she had been reading, and looked up, shaking the stray tendrils of hair out of her face.

            Her lips formed a silent “oh” and her eyes got extremely wide, she blushed deeply, and glanced at her page number, before closing the book with an audible snap. “My bad.” She was a deep crimson, “Continue please, I might have read some information that we can use.”

            Draco nodded regally, and began “Now, you are all wondering, I’m sure, why you were rolled out of bed so early on the last day of our summer holiday.” There were many nods, and a few yawns, “Last night our Sister, Hermione Granger was confronted by the Gryffindor Ronald Weasley, who seemed intent on attacking her. Hermione can describe the rest from there.”

            Hermione glared at him, uncomfortable at speaking in front of her fellow Court members, especially since she was so new to the Court, and hadn’t had time to write, and rehearse a speech.  “I was, practicing my soccer, when I, er, felt him watching me, you know the feeling you get when you’re alone, but you just know there’s someone there. Like you can hear their heart beat from across the room, or feel their breath, even though their far away from you?” they just stared at her blankly, Hermione rubbed Jason’s back nervously, and continued her narrative, “I thought he might be one of you guys playing with me, so I told him to cut it out.  And then I heard him in the stands, and then he was laughing behind me.”

            They all looked even more confused at that, and Hermione blushed, realizing she wasn’t really making sense. “I turned to look at him, but he was gone, and then his laugh was all around me, and he was breathing on the back of my neck.” Draco’s hands tightened on the arm rests of his throne, but no one noticed, save for maybe Blaise, who paid it no mind. Hermione was too wrapped up in her story, to notice anything; her eyes were staring unseeingly through the back wall, her voice almost singsong.

            “I realized it wasn’t him, Ron can’t sneak for all the world, but yet I hadn’t even heard him come up behind me. And his silencing spells aren’t that good.” She cut off all potential protests, “And I asked him who he was.” She edited a little, “He told me his name was Skitrask, and he wanted my body to Host his mate.” Okay, she edited a lot. “My magic wasn’t working on him, I couldn’t reach my wand, and my snappy thing wasn’t doing anything to him either.” She took a fortifying breath, “He told me he was a parasite, and his teeth were… funny.  They were flat; she opened her mouth and pointed to her own teeth, “Heuh, an thaus wuh shrup.”

            “What?” someone called, and Hermione blushed a the color of a maraschino cherry,  she ate with Ron and Harry, she should know that people couldn’t understand you when you talked with something in your mouth, even if it was your own hand.

            “Draco, will you be a demonstration?” she asked, the rest watched with interest at the slight of authority, but their Lord merely nodded mildly, and cranked open his jaws. “These teeth.” She pointed to his front teeth, the ones we use for biting down, “were flat, like they had been filed down or something.” The others nodded, and Hermione raised her hand, spreading her thumb and forefinger to indicate his canines, “And these, the canines, were wicked sharp. Sharper even than our teeth, I’d be surprised if he didn’t have numerous cuts on the inside of his mouth. They were long too, at least a half inch longer than then should be.” Her hand was shaking at the memory of those teeth, and her fingers barely brushed Draco’s teeth, he resisted the urge to close his lips, and suck on her finger. This was rather creepy when he thought about it, stupid beast in his blood that made him want to do weird things.

            Hermione removed her hand from his teeth, and was continuing, “I was screaming for help as he was bearing down on me, when Malfoy came out of nowhere, and shoved him over.” She almost winced at her words, and wished fervently that she could have prepared this a head of time, how amateur did she sound? “And our Lord can tell the rest.”

            Draco was still occupied with the strange things his blood was making him feel, and was roused from a rather entertaining train of thought that involved himself, Granger wearing very little, with a large python draped around her shoulders. “Oh, erm.” He coughed to regain his composure, “Yes, I shoved the daemon off of our Sister, and together we Banished him to the hellfires from whence he came.”

            Hermione glared, and she thought she had edited. “We delivered Ron to the hospital wing,” she picked up where he had left off, frowning at his lack of detail, “and informed Dumbledore of the latest development in our fight against Voldemort.” There was an immediate chorus of disapproving hisses, “Oh get over yourselves, that’s not even his name.” There was another chorus of hisses, and Draco decided to save her this time.

            “We went back to our common room where we discussed things for a short while, and then crawled off to our beds. First thing this morning I sent out the letters that you received, and here we are.”

            “So why are we here?”

            “Voldemort-” Draco began, and even he was greeted by soft noises of disapproval, “Oh come on, anyway, he has recruited the parasitic daemons to infiltrate Hogwarts, pose the students, and generally wreak havoc. In return, he claims to have rediscovered the spells used by ancient Necromancers to raise daemons from hell, and will use them to swell the ranks of daemons once more.”

            “So we’re screwed?” Jonathan called, obviously much recovered.

            “That’s what I said last night.” Hermione called back playfully, eager to show she bore him no ill will.

            “what were you getting screwed?” he called back to raucous laughter, Draco tightened his fists, only to see Hermione laughing along with many of the Court. Her Brothers were rather confused by that.

            “Wouldn’t you like to know?” she asked, winking suggestively.

            “Was it good?” someone called.

            “Why do you wanna know? You gonna screw him too?” she asked, making the fifth year Ravenclaw blush, as gales of laughter greeted her question. She laughed along with them, for a moment, before calling order to the Court with surprising speed, “Now that we’ve all had a laugh, let me make this very clear. Malfoy and I have a professional relationship only.”

            “That’s what she said” someone sniggered softly, but the entire room had extremely sensitive ears,

            “What was that?”  Hermione’s voice was a soft, caressing growl that had all the boys wiping their smirks off their faces as fast as they could.

            “I said-”

            “I know what you said.” She cut him off, standing abruptly, and striding down, and grabbing the kid by his lapels, and heaving his face up till it was close to her own. “I was asking why you felt the need to question my word.” She snarled. “Do you not take my word seriously?”

            “N-no” the boy muttered,

            “Good, now, our Lord has some important information to share with us, I suggest you listen.”  She let go of his collar, letting him drop back onto his bench with an ungraceful flump. Sedately she made her way back to her seat, where Jason waited, his expression thoroughly awed.

            Draco cleared his throat yet again, he was starting to feel like that hag Umbridge, “Yes, thank you Hermione, now, it is possible for full humans to Banish daemons, but extremely difficult, and even more dangerous.

            We, however, are more resilient, and it is not as difficult for us to perform Banishments. Therefore, we, Professor McGonagall, and Dumbledore are pretty much all this school has defending it from this enemy.”

            “So we are screwed.”

            “There are tender ears listening.” He informed Jonathan primly.

            “Is that a yes?”


            “Merlin defend us”

            Hermione laughed humorlessly, “Merlin’s dead, the only ones who can defend us now are each other. Brothers, like it or not, we are, as of now, dependant on each other for our very survival.”

            Yet another someone contradicted her, “But he said it was easier for us to perform the Banishment.”

            “So?” Draco fired back, “It still took both of us to bring that thing in Weasley down, and Skitrask was a weak one.”

            They were all silent as they digested this ominous new, “You sure kept that quiet.” Hermione finally drawled her voice extremely wry.

            “Well, I didn’t want you to feel weak.”

            “Not funny.”

            “You know it was.”

            “So funny I forgot to laugh.”

            “They have a weakness.”


            “Yes, blades made of solid dogwood.”


            “No lie.”

            “I’d better write a letter to Jamie then”

            “Travis might be better suited.”

            “Possibly, you write it then.” Hermione pinched the bridge of her nose, and glanced at the assembled court, as if only just remembering they were there. “Are they free to go?” she asked, waving a careless hand at the crowd.

            Draco blinked, as if he too had forgotten that they were still in attendance. “Yes, we’ll be meeting again in the coming weeks. In the meantime be on the lookout for odd teeth like Hermione described, and report to me, Blaise, Michael, or Anthony at the first sign of them. Dismissed.” The Court surged out the door, and the seventh years swarmed up the dais.

            “So.” Michael began.

            “So?” Draco asked pointedly in return.

            “We’re screwed.”

            Hermione and Draco looked at each other with identical expressions, as one they replied “You could say that.”

            “Don’t do that.” Griped Anthony.

            “Do what?” the chorused cheekily.

            Blaise laughed, “So are you two screwin? You sound like it.”

            Draco was speechless, while Hermione was mildly indignant, “Did you somehow miss the ocean of sarcasm dripping from my tongue? Blazz, come on.”

            “Don’t call me that.” He yawned, “And I was just checking. You two act like you’ve known each other for years.”

            They glanced at each other, at the exact same moment, with identical expressions of incredulity, Blaise watched as they quickly looked away from each other, their expressions the same, worry that they had been caught in all their quick looking. 

            “See” he explained, “You even act the same, it’s creepy how well you know each other.”

            “We don’t know each other that well.” Hermione protested, glancing at Draco again, only to see his silver orbs flash away.

            “Yeah” he added, “I ask me one thing about her that you don’t know.”

            “What book is on her bedside table right now?”

            “Well there’s several, there was Blood Brothers cause she still hasn’t given it back, and then there’s that muggle book her cousin sent her, midnight, or something like that, and I’m pretty sure-”

            “How do you know all that?”

            “What else was I supposed to do while you were getting popcorn? Sit there and watch Luke Skywalker stand there in the middle of a slash? By the way, midnight is a total chick book isn’t it?”

            “Yeah” her expression was still perplexed, “And its name is Twilight, have a little respect.”

            “I was afraid of that, it sounds pretty good, though” everyone stared at him like he was crazy, “For a predominantly girl book I mean.”

            Blaise broke the awkward silence that followed this, “Right, so what deodorant does Draco use Hermione?”

            “Gillette,” she answered promptly, “What, I was out of Tag, yeesh.”

            “You use Tag?”

            “I sweat like a guy, I swear-”

            “Don’t swear, it’s unattractive.” Michael cut her off primly.

            “Okay mother , I was out of deodorant, and I was wondering if he used the same kind as me, which you don’t, so don’t worry, I didn’t borrow any.”

            “Am I the only person who’s been made remarkably uncomfortable by this conversation?” Anthony asked, and when Michael and Blaise both raised their hands in response, he nodded, “knew I wasn’t the only one, proceed.” He motioned to Hermione and Draco for them to continue talking.

            “I get the feeling we’re being watched.” Hermione remarked to Draco, her voice offhand.

            “Yeah, by three peeping toms, make that four.” He glanced at Jason, who was watching them all with avid interest, as if all this was happening purely for his benefit.

            “No, some one is watching us.”   

            “Where?” Anthony questioned, his voice calm, unconcerned, casual.

            Draco sensed it too, “Behind your right shoulder, directly against the wall. It smells unhuman.”

            “daemon?” Michael asked,

            Blaise grinned manically, one of his eyes burning orange, “Yes, and it will show itself… now.”   

            They all spun on spot, to watch a third year Court member materialize, and smile wickedly, his canines peaking out over his lips, and when he opened mouth to speak, they all saw the horrible, wide, flat crushing teeth. He applauded them lazily, “Excellent presentation you gave, of course, I’d expect no less from the Lord of the Court, and his Mate.”

            Hermione didn’t just see orange at this, she saw red.    

Okaay, so, was the bra scene funny, or just akward? I thought it was funny, but I'm kinda out there, and hows that for a cliffy btw? I'll update quick as I can, but you guys need to leave me pretty postits to tell me watcha think!!! Love it, Hate it, Indiffrent? I would love to hear your oppinion, till next time...

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