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It felt to Harry as though he were being flushed down a toilet. He and James whirled round and round, too dizzy to see anything. He felt sick, nauseous, it was like traveling by floo powder, but a thousand times worse. Finally it stopped. Harry and James found themselves in the very hour glass elevator they had just been flushed from, in the time chamber. Great, when in time could they possibly be now? James straightened up and pushed the glass door open. The time chamber itself was empty. He examined the lever that Dumbledore had been pushing on in 1971. The wheel had many numbers on it, not in any sort of order or pattern. The arrow attached to the lever pointed to two numbers, a 19 and a 43. This meant they were in either 1943 or 4319, and he really hoped it wasn’t the latter. “What year does it say we’re in now?” Harry asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer. “Either 1943 or 4319.” James answered as Harry gazed at the contraption. Something in Harry’s mind clicked upon hearing the year 1943. What had happened in 1943? The only thing he could think of was that it was 50-some years before his own time, yet he couldn’t quite remember what had happened 50 years ago that was important. “1943 ring any bells to you?” He inquired of James, who was also thinking hard. “Only thing I can think of was that a muggleborn died in the school year before, or something like that. I had to polish a special award in the trophy case about it for detention. Oh, what was his name-?” James concentrated, but Harry had gone stark white. 50 years ago, muggleborn died, special award… “Tom Riddle?” Harry suggested, hoping that he was not in the school days of a 17 year old Voldemort. “Tom Riddle! That’s it! You had to polish that one, too?” James asked, happy to have solved the mystery. Harry smiled weakly. “Actually, Ron polished that one. I got to read his diary.” James gave him a curious look. Harry wondered how he could possibly explain the adventure of his 2nd year without telling James about Voldemort, and what Voldemort had done (or was going to do) to James? “Tom opened the Chamber of Secrets in his 6th year, and the same Tom preserved as a memory in his diary opened it again in my 2nd year acting through Ginny.” Harry explained as briefly as he could. “The Chamber of Secrets is a real place?” James asked in an awed voice. “Yea, actually. Been there before with Ron and one of my old Professors in order to save Ginny from Tom. Nasty place though, home to a big snake.” James stared at Harry, not sure if he had heard his son correctly. “You were in the Chamber of Secrets? But only the Heir of Slytherin can open the Chamber of Secrets! You would have to be a parselmouth…” James said incredulously. Harry gave another weak smile and nodded. “Well, I don’t know how to work this thing.” Harry stated, abruptly changing subjects, James still staring at him. “Reckon we ought to find the Dumbledore of 1943?” And so once again James and Harry set off to find Dumbledore, and once again Dumbledore found them first. As they stood just outside the Great Hall, what was unmistakenably Dumbledore with long auburn hair barged out, knocking them both off of their feet. Dumbledore looked down to see who he had toppled. “Sorry! Afraid I’m in a terrible hurry, though!” Dumbledore told them without a second glance at them. Harry rose to his feet. “Professor! Professor Dumbledore! Wait! We need your help!” Harry called after a quickly striding Dumbledore. “We’re from the future!” Dumbledore froze in his tracks, then spun around to face them. “Did you say, from the future?” James and Harry nodded. Dumbledore came back up to them. “You wouldn’t happen to be acquainted with a Weasley and a Black also from the future, would you?” Dumbledore asked urgently. It was now Harry and James’s turn to be shocked. “Ginny and Sirius are here?” Harry inquired, floored by the coincidence. Dumbledore nodded. “Where are they? Have you sent them back?” James implored, but Dumbledore sighed heavily. “I have not sent them back. Yet. Time travel is illegal at this time,” Harry and James’s faces looked stunned by this news, just as Ginny and Sirius had. “But not impossible! It will just take longer to start up the device in the Time Chamber.” “Well, then let’s get Sirius and Ginny and get out of here! We’re kind of in a hurry so we don’t run into someone…” Harry explained as Dumbledore led them up the stairs to the second floor. Dumbledore stopped again and turned to face him. “That someone wouldn’t happen to be Tom Riddle, now would it? Because I am presently searching for your friends, who were just whisked of by Mr. Riddle to who-knows-where for who-knows-what and…” Dumbledore replied anxiously, but Harry interrupted him. “They were WHAT?” Harry asked in disbelief. “One minute Tom was talking to them in the Great Hall, the next minute all three were gone! Gone! Completely gone! And then you two turn up, I don’t even know who you are!” Dumbledore cried exasperatedly, and Harry and James were very unnerved to see Dumbledore so stressed. “And how do you know Tom?” “We’re, um, old acquaintances.” Harry replied, and Dumbledore’s eyebrows raised. “Well, then. You two look for your friends, I’ll go start on the Time Chamber. I’ve never used it before, and who knows what could go wrong!” Dumbledore told them before hurrying off in the other direction, leaving James and Harry standing alone in the hallway. “I have a pretty good idea of what could go wrong…” James sighed, a little distraught that he had been in his own time and had been basically flushed away from it. “C’mon, we need to get to Moaning Myrtle’s bath room! This way!” Harry exclaimed, grabbing James’s arm. “Uh, Harry, no offense, but right now isn’t a good time for a trip to the loo.” James hinted mildly. Harry gave a short laugh. “We’re just going there so we can get into the Chamber of Secrets!” James was once again unsure if he had heard Harry correctly. Surely Harry didn’t say they were trying to get into the Chamber of Secrets! “Tom’s the Heir of Slytherin, he would have surely taken them there. We need to get there before he learns too much about the future!” Harry told him in a very worried voice. If Tom Riddle learned that his downfall would be him, Harry Potter, before Harry was born, and anything else about the future, Harry’s life and life in the Wizarding world in general were at risk. *** Ginny looked away at Tom’s question, staring at the damp stone floor of the Chamber of Secrets. There was certainly a Voldemort in her time… “Wait! You aren’t Moldy Voldy are you?” Sirius asked suddenly, and Tom quickly turned his gaze to Sirius. “What did you call me?” Tom asked in disbelief. He had never met a Gryffindor that was so rude and undaunted by himself, and it was really starting to annoy him! “Moldy Voldy! This psycho muggleborn killer who’s been in the Daily prophet a couple of times. He came to my house last summer and wanted to know if my family wanted to join him.” Sirius answered. “Well? What did you say?” Tom asked eagerly, forgiving him for a second for calling him “Moldy Voldy”. “Actually, my brother was quite interested, and my parents gave money as they were to old to be doing stuff like that. But it was really funny, because my cousin accidentally locked him in one of our closets, and when we got him out he was covered in mold!” Sirius laughed with the memory, and Ginny was glad that at least one of them was finding humor in the present problem, for she was trembling with fear of being in the Chamber of Secrets with Tom Riddle again. “This cousin of yours will pay when the time comes… but it is encouraging to know that I shall have the loyal house of Black to help me in my journey to finish Salazar Slytherin’s noble work of eliminating muggleborns and putting muggles in their proper place!” Tom grinned in a maniac way. Sirius looked slightly less humored by this. “But I believe I asked Ginny about Voldemort in her own time. So, don’t lie Ginny, I am very skilled at Occlumnency and will know if you don’t tell the truth!” Tom said turning to her once again. Ginny swallowed hard. Her eyes darted frantically around the chamber, looking for some way to escape. For the second time in her life she was trapped here with Tom Riddle, and it didn’t look like this time Harry would be able to save her… *** James looked dubiously around at the bathroom they were in. It was the very same one Harry had taken him to in the Hogwarts of 1996 to brew that potion. 1996 felt like so long ago to him, and he was beginning to admit that traveling through time with his fellow Marauders hadn’t been the great idea it had sounded like it would be. It was certainly a grand adventure, though, he reminded himself as Harry knelt down by one of the taps, the one that looked rather rusty and broken. James knelt down next to him and noticed a small etching of a snake on the pipe. Harry moved his head slightly, as though he were trying to get the snake to move. Harry hissed, sounding eerily like a snake, and the tap disappeared into the floor, revealing what looked like a large pipe heading underground. “Did you just speak parseltounge? How can you speak parseltounge if neither Lily and I are parselmouths?” James asked him in a dazed voice. Harry frowned at the question. “Well, I didn’t exactly inherit it from either of you, but I got it from someone else purely by accident. He didn’t mean to transfer his ability to speak parseltounge to me by any means!” Harry finally replied, relieved that he was still able to tell the truth without bringing up that although Voldemort hadn’t meant to give him his powers, he had been trying to kill baby Harry. “So, shall we see if they’re down here?” Harry suggested, changing the subject once again. James studied his face. There was definitely something Harry didn’t want James to find out…. But what could it be? And what was that unusual scar on his head from. “Okay, then.” James replied, deciding to let Harry keep his secret, for now at least. And with that Harry jumped into the pipe and slid out of sight. So the Entrance to the Mythical and Legendary Chamber of Secrets was a giant pipe, that is so typical of Slytherin. James thought to himself as he too jumped onto the pipe and began to slide. After a very long and bumpy slide ride, ending abruptly in a cave filled with rodent skeletons, Harry motioned for James to follow him. “So this is the infamous Chamber of Secrets? Salazar Slytherin really got his heir’s hopes up for nothing!” James commented at the dismal environment, and Harry gave a small shrug and a smile. Harry did his talking to snakes thing again to two snakes with glittering jewel eyes, and gestured for them to proceed quietly. Upon entering a large stone room with a high ceiling for a place so far underground, they saw three figures at the end of the chamber. Sirius with his wand drawn, Ginny trembling, and Tom Riddle with his wand drawn. “Answer the question, Ginny! Is Voldemort powerful in your time?” Tom’s high pitched voice rang throughout the chamber, bouncing off of the stone walls and reverberating in an eerie way. Ginny stumbled back, and Sirius stepped forward with his wand. “Leave her alone, Tom!” Harry called out before Sirius had a chance to curse Tom, he and James rushing forward to where the others stood. “And who, may I ask, are you?” Tom asked in astonishment. Ginny felt she must be hallucinating, how had Harry gotten here? “Ginny! Sirius! Come with us, Dumbledore’s setting up the, well I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s in the Time Chamber!” Harry told them urgently. Ginny rushed forward into his arms, taking him by surprise, but he couldn’t help feel happy about it. Sirius, too, began to approach them when Tom cried out and stunned him. “Petrificus Totalus!” James cried, flinging the spell at Tom. Why was he always having to attack Slytherins like Snape and Tom? Tom, however, was equipped with quicker reflexes that good ole’ Snivellus, it seemed. Tom dodged the spell easily, and stepped over Sirius’s unconscious body. “More friends from the future? Why, this gets more interesting by the minute! Tell me, before I force you to, how am I going to rise to power?” He asked greedily, advancing on them. Harry set Ginny down, and stood in front of her and James, remaining silent. Inside, though, Harry was panicking. He couldn’t let anything happen to Sirius or James, if they were killed here, they wouldn’t live in the future. And he couldn’t let Voldemort kill his father twice, and he couldn’t bear to watch Sirius die again. “Not talking? Well, it would be pointless to run, because I have your feisty friend here, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to leave him behind!” Harry knew Tom was right, they couldn’t leave Sirius, there was no where to run… and it didn’t look like Fawkes the Phoenix was going to come to his aid this time…

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