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To 'Hate' a Potter. by Tonks1247
Chapter 1 : I Hate you Potter
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I hate that you’re arrogant.


“I know, I can’t believe we didn’t get caught last night,” I hear James say rather loudly from the other side of the common room.

“It was only about two hours after curfew,” added Albus, most likely smiling.

They should get in trouble. Soo stupid. I hope they get caught next time. It would be soo funny to see them get detention.

“We even went into the Astronomy Tower. I feel bad for the next Astronomy class that has to go up there,” said James, laughing, his voice seeming to get louder, although I still didn’t look up from my book.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to watch them run from the tower…. It was soo worth it,” Albus continued, also seeming to get closer.

“It was still pretty sweet how we evaded the Headmistress, wouldn’t you agree Mikaela?” asked James from behind me.

“No, it’s not. You should be thrown in detention,” I responded tonelessly.

“Awww, come on. I bet you couldn’t even do that,” said James.

I glance up at him to see him running a hand through his hair. I roll my eyes and say, “I wouldn’t want to do that.”

“Your sure you wouldn’t? Given the opportunity I bet you would,” he replied smugly.

“No I wouldn’t. Unlike you, I’m not an arrogant git,” I say angrily, slamming my book shut and walking up to my dorm.


I hate that you always follow me around.


“He had to have been following me, there’s no other explanation,” I say to my friends.

“He shares the same common room as us. There aren’t many ways of getting from Herbology to the common room,” replies Cat.

“He could have taken a different way. He knows all the bloody secret passages of the school,” I say, beginning to get irritated.

“A lot of other people were following us too,” said Rose matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, there were,” agreed Rach.

“Okay, watch how he follows me down to lunch. We’ll go the longer way down there,” I say as I walk out of the dorm and down the steps. Rose, Cat, and Rach follow me.

We don’t talk as we walk through the common room and out of the portrait hole. Right out side of the portrait hole is, of course, James and two of his other friends.

“Hey James,” Rose says to her cousin.

“Hey Rosie, Rach, Cat, Mikeala,” replies James, winking at me when he says my name.

We walk past him without saying anymore. We then slowly weave our way through corridors and down staircases. James and his two friends follow us, at a distance.


I hate that you intentionally run into me anytime you get the opportunity. (Continues from the last one)


We finally make it down the last set of stairs and into the Entrance Hall. James was the only one left following us. I presume his friends had given up after we walked up to the seventh floor for the third time.

As we walk towards the Great Hall, James catches up with us, running into me in the process. We both end up falling. I’m on top.

“Next time,” says James quietly, so only I can hear. “Take the shorter way. The long way is overrated and way tooo tiring.”

“Next time don’t follow me. Then you wouldn’t have the issue,” I reply seriously, rolling off of him and standing up.

“You okay Mikaela?” asks Catelyn.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Lets go eat lunch,” I reply, not wanting to stay in the same area as James for very long.


I hate that you display affection to me, even if I don’t return it.


I’m sitting in the library, studying. This is the only quiet place there is. Too dangerous in the common room. My only explanation; Potter. Of course, the safe sanctuary doesn’t last long. It never does.

“Hey Babe, what’s up?” asks James, sitting beside me.

“Your ego,” I reply, scribbling down more notes for Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“I know, it really is flying high,” he replies. I can hear the smirk in his voice. He took that as a compliment.

I don’t reply. I continue writing. He only want me to raise to the bait of him insulting himself, which I won’t let happen.

“You really should take a break from homework.”

I stare at him. He’s thinking about doing something beyond stupid. I can see it in his face. Actually, it’s past the point of thinking, I can feel it.

“If your asking my out, my answer is no,” I reply, still staring at him.

“I’m not,” he says innocently, and for once, I believe him. He doesn’t have the gleam in his eye like he does when he’s lying. He’s planning on doing something else.

“Then what are you here for?” I ask darkly.

He looks like, for a minute, he’s making the final decision. Then he says, “This.”

He leans in and kisses me. Before I have time to even process this, he’s flying out of the library and down the hallway.


I hate that you always ask me out, even though you know I will say no.


Quidditch practice is at it’s end. Rach and I hurry up and change. We then leave the changing rooms. Cat and Rose are waiting for us, as usual.

“Fun Quidditch practice?” asks Cat.

“If you call doing drills over and over again fun, then yeah,” replied Rach.

“If you have to fly with Potter, then not so much,” I reply. I don’t even have to identify which Potter I’m talking about. They already know.

“So not soo good?” Rose looks to confirm.

“Pretty much. Quidditch Cup is up for grabs and Gryffindor has to win,” replies Rach.

“So what were you guys up to?” I ask curiously.

“Stupid Potions essay,” replies Cat, looking irritated at the mention of it.

“Charms essay,” said Rose simply.

“I don’t want to go and do any of that homework,” I complain.

“Mikaela, you know that-” Rose stops and stares. I follow her gaze. Potter.

“What do you want Potter?” I say irritably.

“Ummm…Could I talk to you for a sec?” He asks. “Alone?” he adds, looking at Rach, Rose, and Cat.

“You guys go, I’ll catch up to you,” I say to them. They all continue walking. Probably don’t want to listen to what ever Potter has to say.

“Now what?” I say, returning my attention to him.

“I was wondering if you could maybe, help me with the Potions essay,” says James, seeming to be embarrassed.

“You mean me helping you? Us alone together?” I reply, suspecting where this is going already.

“Yeah,” says James, making himself sound hopeful.

“You mean something along the lines of a date?” I say, my eyes staring at his face until his eyes’ lock with mine.

“Uh, yeah,” says James, his eyes’ gleaming.

“Ummm… How about no,” I reply. “And don’t figure I am that stupid,” I add, rolling my eye’s and walking away.


I hate that you ask out other girls in front of me, to try and make me jealous.


“Hey Tiffany,” says James to the girl who is sitting in front of me.

“Oh, hey James,” says Tiffany, looking up at him and giving him her flirty smile.

Poor girl. She’s going to fall into James’ thick headedness. I wish she knew the reason for what he is about to do.

“I was wondering if you would like to go with me to Hogsmeade this weekend,” said James, smiling because he knew that I could hear it.

“Yeah, that would be nice,” says Tiffany, sounding happy to have a date.

“Cool. I’ll meet you in the Entrance Hall at 8,” says James.

“Okay, see you then,” says Tiffany, smiling as James walks away.

As he passes me, he whispers, “Don’t be jealous of me babe.”

I want to smack him. I truly want to, but if I did, the teacher would see and give me detention. That’s okay. He’s got payback coming for kissing me in the library too.


I hate that you made me like you.


“The only true explanation is that you like him,” says Rach, smiling.

“I do not!” I say defensively.

“Well, what other explanation is there?” asks Cat, who is also smiling.

“Okay, maybe I do like him, but what am I suppose to do? Just go and admit it to him?” I ask, blushing and looking at the ground.

“Well…” Rose pauses. “Hey James.”

Oh crap. He always seems to show up when I least want him to.

“Hey girls. Discussing anything or anyone interesting?” He asks, looking at the four of us.

I hope he didn’t hear us. Please tell me he didn’t hear us. He couldn’t of. But I didn’t really check to see if he was in the common room. God am I stupid.

“Is it really any of you concern?” Cat said, although I know she is thinking the same as me.

“It could be,” replied James, shrugging.

“It’s not any of your concern,” Rach replies, sounding a bit nervous.

“No need to tell me off. I’m only messing with you guys,” says James in mock surrender.

“What do you want Potter?” I finally have found my voice. Only took about forever. The only problem is that I can’t look at him when I call him Potter. It just doesn’t feel right anymore.

“I can’t come over here just to talk? Who says I am not over here to talk to Rose?” asked James, trying to sound innocent.

“Because you never come over here to just talk to me,” said Rose matter-of-factly.

“There is a first for everything,” James replies in what he thinks is a sly voice.

“How stupid do you figure we are?” I inquire, looking up at him.

James falls silent, and tries to act thoughtful. I know he is just trying to come up with a witty comeback. Either that or trying some slick way of asking me out. But if he asks me out…shouldn’t I say yes? I mean I do like him. Maybe more then like him….okay, now is not the time to figure that out.

“Depends,” he finally replies.

“On what?” I reply, even though I know what his answer is going to be.

“If you go to Hogsmeade with me. If you say yes, my answer is not very, but if you say no, I would say beyond the point of being a moron,” replies James, smiling.

I glance at Rach, Rose and Cat. I think they want me to say yes. Well, actually I know that they want me to say yes. Otherwise Cat is mouthing ‘say yes‘ for no reason what-so-ever.

“Then we must not be that stupid,” I reply, turning my gaze back to James.

“Fine if you don’t want to-” James paused. “Did you just say yes?”

He looks really…..surprised and maybe a bit confused. I guess he didn’t figure me to say yes. I have been turning him down for the past few years, but he should have known I was going to crack eventually.

I roll my eye’s and say, “Yes, I did say yes.”

“Your going on a date with me?” he says, grinning.

“Yeah, I’m going on a date with you,” I say giggling.

“Awesome!” he almost yells as he jumps into the air.

I laugh at him. “A little excited there?”

“Yeah. I have been trying to get a date with the hottest girl in the school, and I finally have it,” he replies, pulling me to my feet and spinning me around.

I feel my face turning red, as he returns me to the ground. I smile as I look up at him, and I suddenly realize how close we are. I know he notices it too by the smirk that he now has on his face. Next thing I know, my lips are against his and it is our first kiss.

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