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So, no one's heard anything from me in a while.... Yeah, anyway, I was listening to Taylor Swift's song, and it inspired me to write this. If you've heard the song, you'll notice a lot of things pulled from the song. Anyway, enjoy!

I’d Lie




            My school has always had beautiful landscapes. Mountains, forests, and lakes surrounded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That’s the main reason I went outside so much. Sometimes, I would take a walk around the whole school (which generally took a while) and sometimes I would sit below my favorite oak tree and do homework, sometimes I would hang out with my friends, and sometimes I would just sit there and close my eyes and let my mind drift. Which is exactly what I was doing today.


            I’m Lily Evans. I’m seventeen years old, and I, as mentioned, go to Hogwarts.  I have fire-red hair, and emerald green eyes. I’m a very friendly person, and I’m not one to judge people before I actually know them. I a fairly good witch, even though I am a muggle-born. I’m particularly good at Potions and Charms. I’m not a person you can easily stereotype. I’m not particularly hotheaded, even though I’m a redhead. I’m not a tomboy, even though I hang out with boys way more than I hang out with girls. I’m not a girly-girl, even though I like wearing makeup and having sleepovers. I used to be very easy to stereotype. I was your typical girly, I’m way too good for you type. But then my parents died, right after fifth year. Then, everything changed.


            After they died, I kind of lost myself. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I needed to figure out some things. I had lost my parents, my sister, and my home. I had nothing. And for some reason I took solace in James Potter.


            If you’re wondering why that surprised me so much, let me explain something to you. James Potter used to be the most obnoxious, annoying, arrogant prat in the world. He would ask me out about six times a day, and I always said no. He and his friends, the Marauders, they called themselves, pranked people all the time. They found joy in other people’s pain. I thought they were the most obnoxious idiots I had ever had the displeasure in meeting. But one day about halfway through fifth year, James Potter acted so unbearable that I just snapped.




“What is with you?” I asked angrily, after James annoyed me so much he reached a new personal best. “You’ve been acting like even more of a jerk than usual! What happened, did someone drop a house on your mum?”


James’s eyes flashed red for a moment and I thought perhaps someone did drop a house on his mum. “Shut up Evans, it’s none of your damn business.” Then he swiftly walked away.


I noticed Sirius and Remus staring at me. “What?” I shouted.


“James’s parents died.” Remus said quietly. My eyes widened. “Oh crap.”

So I guess when they died, I thought James could relate. Petunia had deserted me, and sold the house, so all I had was a lot of money, none of which I wanted. I did know who I could turn to, so I turned to James. I can still see the look on his face when I showed up that summer day in the pouring rain crying my eyes out. It was halfway between shocked and ecstatic.




After we stared at each other for about five minutes, James finally said, “Evans? Would you mind telling me what you are doing here and why you are sobbing?”


I collapsed into his arms. “My-Parents-got-killed-by-Death-Eaters,” I said in one fast breath. He patted my back.


“Lily I understand. My parents died a few months ago.” James said. He gently led me inside to one of the couches in his enormous living room. He sat me down on it and then sat down next to me.


“I know. Remus and Sirius told me- after I snapped at you that one time. Sorry by the way.” I said. James nodded, still looking alert, as if he expected me to shout “July Fools!” any second.


“It wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know. I was acting like a jerk because I didn’t know what do. It’s like someone telling you that you can’t have what you have had your whole life anymore. You don’t understand, you are hurt. I just took it out on everyone around me, because they still had all their parents.” He stared off into space for a moment looking upset. After a second he snapped out of it and turned back to me. “Look, I’m not going to tell you to try to forget, because that’s what everyone told me. You shouldn’t forget, you should just look back with fond memories. What were your parents like?”

He looked at me intently.


I wiped the tears off my face and siphoned the rain out of my hair. “Well, My dad- he really hated that I can’t do magic outside school. I remember one time- right after my second year- he convinced me to show him how I could charm things to levitate. I actually did it and- the Ministry sent a letter telling me that I had broken wizarding law. It scared him to death.  He thought that I was going to be kicked out of Hogwarts” I started crying again. “ I had to do a hearing and everything just because he wanted to see a bit of simple magic!” James started laughing. “And my mom- well, you couldn’t meet her and not love her. She just had the welcoming, friendly vibe to her. She could make you feel so at ease. She always told me never to be anything but what I am, and everything else would just fall into place. And she always saw the best in people. Even when they couldn’t see it themselves. She was beautiful inside and out. My dad would always say that he didn’t know what he had done to deserve her, but someone obviously loved him a lot to give him a gift as amazing as her. And she would always laugh at him and tell him that he had been himself, and that was all that she needed. They were so in love. I always hoped that someday I might have someone to love like they did.”

I trailed off and looked at him. He was looking at me with an unreadable expression on his face. “So what about you, what were your parents like?”


He grinned. “Well, my dad always told me that I am a lot like he was when he was my age. Apparently he loved to pull pranks too. Every summer when I got home from Hogwarts, we would sit around for hours discussing every single prank I had pulled that year and how I’d managed to pull it off. And every year at the end of the conversation, he would tell me about how he’d pulled a prank that made Mum fall in love with him. Then she’d roll her eyes and say ‘I was concerned because you were in the Hospital Wing for two weeks, dear!’ And then they would have argue about how Mum had fallen in love with him for an hour. Once Mum had finally won the argument, she would leave. Then I would ask Dad how he put up with her all the time. He’d laugh, and say ‘One day you’ll understand, son.’” He paused, thinking about it, and then laughed and continued. “My mum, well, she was very tolerant, to say the least. My dad was always teasing her. Sometimes, during the summer, we would prank her. She would shriek, and then mutter, ‘If I had just married Edwin Lockhart I wouldn’t be in this situation.’ Then my dad would tickle her, and say ‘But then you wouldn’t have me, dearest!’ And she would shudder.”


 I laughed. We talked for hours and hours about our parents, and other random things, until very late at night, when Sirius Black walked in. “What’s going on?” Sirius said curiously.


James turned solemn. “Sirius, Lily here was telling me that her parents died.”


Sirius softened. “I’m sorry Lily.”  He walked over and hugged me warmly, and then walked upstairs.


“Sirius moved in with me a while back. His parents kicked him out of the house.” James said quietly. I nodded.


“I better go, it’s getting late.” I said a moment later. I stood up.


James jumped up. “But didn’t you say that your sister sold your house?” I nodded. “Well then I insist that you stay here with Sirius and me. It’s lonely enough in this big house with just me and Sirius living here.”


I thought about for a moment, and then nodded. “Thanks. A lot.” He smiled, and led me upstairs.


After that day, James, Sirius and I were inseparable. Remus also became very close to me, as he tended to visit the Potter Mansion a lot.  Peter never became as close, and I’m not sure why. We tolerate each other, anyway.


When we arrived at King’s Cross together the next September first, people were, well, surprised, to say the least. When we had gotten off the train the June before, we had been ignoring and avoiding each other, so it made sense. My previous best friends, Chrissy and Gretchen were mad at me because I went to James instead of them. I tried to explain why I did, but they wouldn’t listen. And I let it go. I had changed a lot that summer.


James and Sirius changed too, towards me at least. Sirius became my big brother. If anyone tried anything with me, they would have him and James to answer to. James, well, we had bonded in a way I hadn’t thought possible. He became my best friend. He was my confidant. I told him everything. Well, almost everything.


That summer, I changed. A lot. I stopped obsessing over everything, like grades, and looks, and homework. I started just enjoying the little things. James had taught me that. Some point during that summer, and I am still not sure exactly when, I fell in love with him. Hard. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t grown up and stopped asking me out.


I opened my eyes as James, Sirius, and Remus walked to my tree where I was sitting. “Lily-kins!” James sang. I rolled my eyes.


“Jamey-poo!” I said teasingly. He scowled.


“I told you not to call me that!” He said.


“And I,” I said, laughing, “told you not to call me Lily-kins!”


“Well,” James said slowly, “It’s a good thing I’m stronger than you are because I think I am going to have to TICKLE IT OUT OF YOU!”  He jumped over me and started tickling my sides, where he knew I was most ticklish.  “Sirius, hold her feet down!” Sirius immediately grabbed my feet and pinned them down.


“James- Harold- Potter- I swear- if you don’t stop,” I said, gasping. James laughed evilly.


“Say it.” He said, smirking.


“NO!” I shouted indignantly.


“Say it and I’ll stop!” He said. I glared at him.


“Fine. James Potter, you are the most handsome, sexiest gift to women that Merlin has ever seen, and I bow down to your awesomeness.” I said, scowling.


He grinned. “True, true.” If he only knew how true I thought it was. He got off of me and sat next to me. I turned to the rest of them.


“Did you all just come out here to annoy me, or did you have a reason?” I said.


“Now Lily-pad, do we need a reason to come down to see our favorite girl in all of Hogwarts?” Sirius said, feigning hurt. 

“You Sirius? Definitely.”


He sighed. “Fine. We need help on our Charms homework and Moony refuses to help us. And also, it’s time for dinner and I’m STARVING!” He said the last part dramatically.

“I’m with you on the starving part, but there is no way I am going to help you with your homework. It’s due first thing tomorrow!” I said, rolling my eyes.


“Come on Lily. Please? Pretty please?” James said, giving me those big hazel puppy eyes he knew I couldn’t resist. I sighed. He pouted.


“Fine.” I said, annoyed. James and Sirius cheered.


“As thanks,” James said happily, “I think Sirius and I should parade you into the Great Hall on our shoulders!”  He looked at Sirius evilly. Remus laughed, picking up my bag for me.


“Wait- Sirius-James- NO!” I shouted desperately. They easily picked me up and swung me on their shoulders. “SIRIUS ORION BLACK AND JAMES HAROLD POTTER! PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!”

And those two devils did it. They actually paraded me into the Great Hall, shouting “Lily is our Queen!” at everyone. I detected three scowls, two from Chrissy and Gretchen, and one from Severus Snape over at the Slytherin table.  They flopped me down across from where Peter was sitting and laughing, and sat on either side of me. Remus sat next to Peter. Then they both kissed me on the cheek. Sirius’s kiss felt warm and comfortable, but James’s sent an electric volt down my spine.


“I hate you guys!” I said, annoyed. They both laughed, Sirius’s like a bark, and James’s, drawn out and casual. I loved his laugh.


“We know you love us Lily-kins.” James said cheerfully. I groaned.


“Will you two ever behave yourselves?” I asked.


“Yeah. I was thinking maybe when flobberworms fly.” Sirius said.


“Actually, I was thinking when dementors invite you for a cup of tea,” James said. Sirius shuddered. We don’t know why, but Sirius hates dementors.


After dinner, we went back to the common room to sit in our favorite chairs. James and I always share a large squashy loveseat, Sirius and Remus share a couch, and Peter sits in a large chair.

I explained the Cushioning Charm to them, and then we got to work, Sirius and James writing the essay they should have written before, Remus doing extra credit Arithmancy, Peter doing who knows what, and me working on an essay for Potions due on Friday. At nine o’clock in the evening, James and I got up to do rounds.


It was a slow night. We only saw two Hufflepuff girls and a Slytherin boy. James immediately deducted points from the Slytherin, and gave the Hufflepuffs a warning. I smiled. Some things never change.


After an hour, we decided no one else was out and went back to the Gryffindor common room. The only people who were in it were Gretchen and Chrissy, who immediately stood up, glaring, and walked up the girls staircase. I sighed, flopping down on the couch.


“You don’t need them, Lily-flower.” James said seriously, sitting down beside me. 


“They were my best friends, James.” I said gloomily.


“I have an idea, want me to play you a song?” James said.


I grin widely. “I would love that.” James smiled. He scans the room wildly, and then conjures up his guitar. I’m the only one who knows he can play guitar. He loves playing guitar, and he’s amazing at it, but he won’t tell anyone because he’s afraid they will make fun of him.  Sirius especially.


He started playing my favorite muggle song, Iris, by The Goo Goo Dolls.  He knows it’s my favorite, he just doesn’t know that I feel that way about him.


He plays through that and about three other songs before stopping suddenly. I have closed my eyes and leaned my head back, soaking it all in. “Lils, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing.” I’m just in love with you, you idiot. Sometimes I feel like he sees everything in black and white. If I could only just say, “I’m holding every breath for you.”


He stares into my eyes. I try to distract myself by counting the colors in his eyes. I can count at least six. Looking into his eyes feels like looking into his soul. 


“I know something is up so you better tell me now.” James says, grabbing my shoulders.


I smile sadly. “Nothing is wrong James. Look, I’m tired. I’m going to go to bed.” I give him a quick hug, and then run upstairs.


I think James can see through everything but my heart. I’m surprised not one of the Marauders has figured out that I’m in love with James yet, even if they are thickheads.


Of course, if you asked me if I loved him, I’d lie. 

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