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I Always Loved Him... I Just Didn't Know It Yet
Chapter Twenty Two


“Hey, now!” said James, standing up. He grabbed Lily’s arm and pulled her out of her seat. “None of that! It’s not impossible, you’re just overworked. We need to do something fun.”


“Something fun?” Lily stared at James, frowning. “There’s nothing fun here! There are books and books and that’s it.”


“I thought you liked books,” replied James, smiling. She didn’t smile back.


“Not these books. I hate these books. I hate them!” She was getting a little hysterical, screaming at the book shelves.


“Okay, okay. We hate these books, not a problem,” said James soothingly. He led Lily over to the fireplace and sat her down in an armchair by the fireplace. “Why don’t we just sit here and not think about the damn books anymore?” Lily nodded and rested her head against the back of the chair. James lit a fire and then sat down in the chair beside Lily’s. He sighed and then looked at her. “Are you crying?” Lily sighed in a big huff.


“Yes,” she said quietly.


“Why?” asked James, lightly resting his hand on her arm.


“Because. We should have helped Charlie by now. This is useless. We can’t help him at all, we’re trapped here, and our friends….”


“Our friends?”


“Our friends have no idea where we are.” Lily finished her sentence no longer crying. She sat up.


“What?” asked James, gripping her arm more tightly.


“The phone!” Lily jumped out of her chair. She turned to face James, smiling. “Toby didn’t take our stuff. Did he?”


“Our wands, but that’s it. It’s all in the closet in the bedroom. Why?”


Lily ignored him and took off to the room. “Why didn’t you tell me before that our things were still here?”


“Um, you never asked,” answered James, following her. “I mean, there isn’t much there. Just whatever we had in our pockets.”


“Why didn’t I think of this before?” asked Lily to herself.


“Think of what? What are you talking about?”


Lily reached the closet in the bedroom and pulled the door open. There on the floor was her muggle cell phone. She grabbed it and whirled around. “Look!” James looked.


“What is that?”


“It’s a cell phone. Muggles use them all the time. How do you not know what this is, don’t you take muggle studies?”


James stared at her. “No, I don’t take muggle studies. Kind of unimportant right now, though. What does it do?”


“What does it do? It’s a phone! I can call people. Well, I can call Alice. Do you know what this means?”


“Um… yes?” James was still wondering what exactly a phone was. Lily rolled her eyes.


“Alice can get help! Dippit’ll get us out of here!” Lily was jumping up and down, laughing.


“No, Lily, that won’t work,” said James, loudly. Lily stopped jumping and laughing.


“What? Of course it will.”


“No, Lily. It won’t. Just forget it. Let’s go back to the fireplace.” He was still speaking louder than normal. James grabbed the phone from Lily’s hand and took her hand in his. “Come on.”


“What? James, we can call Alice! We can-”


James covered Lily’s mouth with his free hand and whispered, “Lily. Be quiet. I’ll explain in a minute.” James took his hand from her mouth and Lily let herself be dragged back to the fireplace. James sat down in one of the big armchairs and pulled Lily onto his lap. She started to protest, but James whispered, “Shh. It’s easier this way. Just wait a minute, then I’ll talk.” They sat there, staring at the fire for a minute before James started to whisper in Lily’s ear.


“Lil, you can’t just go around screaming about a way for us to be saved. Don’t you remember losing your memory? Oh, dumb question. But you said Toby probably has a way of hearing what we say.” Lily nodded, realizing her stupidity earlier. “So, you start blabbing about a phone you’ve got and tomorrow you wake up with no memory.”


“Right,” said Lily quietly. “So, we need a plan?”


“I don’t think we need a very complex one. You take the phone into the bathroom, call Alice, get help, and I make a distraction here.”


“Okay,” agreed Lily. “Now?”


“I think now would be fine.”


“What are you going to do for a distraction?”


“Hm. I think maybe just your normal mayhem. Screaming, burning books?” Lily smiled, staring into the fire.


“That sounds appropriate. Missing is a go?”


“Um, yeah. Mission a go, as of now!”


Lily laughed and stood up. She walked back into the bedroom. She had phone call to make.

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