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Dance Lessons

Chapter 29: Pansy Parkinson

After another long day, she tried to find a job since she was fired from her fashion business. The Manor no longer hers, she had been living in a motel for the past two months. She had no money, no house, no job and most importantly no family. With the last visit from her daughter, she had nothing much left to live for. No longer did she find comfort in other people but wanted to be alone. She drank, drowning her thoughts with the help of fire whiskey. She had been popping anti-depressing pills every day but nothing seemed to work. She thought about suicide at times and wondered what it would be like if she’d just ended her life.

She knew it would have been wrong, she was much stronger than this, she had always been. She was a Slytherin and didn’t live off of courage, a trait in which she lacked. She wanted to keep living; she wanted to be someone, even if her pureblood status didn’t matter anymore. Everything was falling apart and she couldn’t do anything about it. She went around Diagon Alley looking for jobs but none of them were hiring or preferred higher experience in one field. Finally after a tiring day of walking around, and simply finding nothing of interest; she walked into the Leaky Cauldron. Tom, retired a long time ago and a middle aged waitress was at the bar serving drinks. Pansy having enough change for a drink sat up top of the chair, and looked around. Nothing seemed familiar anymore.

“Can I help you?” The woman asked her,

“I’ll just have a fire whiskey, thanks.” She handed over her change. The woman placed the drink on top of the counter. She drank it slowly absorbing the cool liquid that slid down her throat.

“So what brings you here?”

“Life and how I’ll never get a second chance at living.” The woman seemed surprised by Pansy’s bluntness but Pansy couldn’t have cared less.

“Aren’t you-?”

“Yes, Pansy Parkinson, pleased to meet you.” Pansy took a gulp of her drink.

“Weren’t you married to Mister Malfoy not too long ago?”

Thinking about Draco Malfoy brought back a lot of memories she wished she could ignore. A long time ago she would have loved and cherished this man but she knew, she’d always known that it was too good to be true. He had never loved her, and she was blind. People always thought her stupid but she knew better. She knew that Draco had been in a secret relationship. It had ended before their wedding but Pansy had always wanted to know who had captured the Slytherin’s heart. When her daughter mentioned Hermione Granger, her only thought at first had been mudblood. Now, that seemed like months ago and she hadn’t heard a word from him, which was fine by all means. She wished she was able to see her daughter more frequently but it was unlikely to happen.

Her daughter was 10 years old, and didn’t want anything to do with her. She knew the hesitant look her daughter gave her on her birthday. She was scared of her, afraid she would hurt her, and maybe she would’ve but she didn’t dwell on the past anymore. She took another gulp of her drink, wanting to leave this place she’d lived in all her life, when a familiar group came in.

“Ginny, haven’t we done enough shopping to last us a lifetime?”

“Nonsense Hermione, seriously when was the last time you’ve been out?”

“It’s been awhile.” Granger answered.

“Exactly, we should go out tonight!”


“Yes, we’ll gather some girls, and it’ll be just us, no men.”

“A girl’s night out?”

“Yes, come on, please say you’ll come. It’ll be fun!”

Pansy simply wanted to ignore them; Potter and Granger were the last people she wanted to see. She was vulnerable, broke and lonely. She wished for the life of her to have Granger’s life. Then again, she did once have her life but she blew it all away, she ruined her chances of a happy ending and the only person she could blame was herself. She wanted to blame Granger for everything but she couldn’t. It wasn’t her fault she cheated on her husband. It wasn’t her fault she married Draco Malfoy for his money. It wasn’t her fault that she stole him away from her.

“Yes, I was married to him. We ended it months ago.” She answered the woman.

“I’m sorry about your loss.” The woman replied.

“My loss?”

“Well Mr. Malfoy has moved on hasn’t he? And Mr. Nott is in Azkaban isn’t he?”

“Yes, he has.” Pansy took a look at Granger once more, seeing the bushy haired ex-Gryffindor, happy and carefree. “Nott is in Azkaban, and I prefer if you didn’t bring that up anymore. My life is none of your business.” Pansy left the bar, without looking back at the woman. She was on her way out when she knocked into someone, realizing who it was; she wanted to disappear.

“I’m sorry, I-uh didn’t mean to bump into you...Pansy?”

“Whatever Granger,” Pansy said as she walked past her.


Pansy didn’t turn around, but stopped in her step. “What do you want Granger?”

“I just wanted to let you know, that your daughter misses you terribly, maybe I can persuade Draco to let you see her. I mean if you want too.”

Was Granger kidding?! Pansy Parkinson wanted more than anything to see her daughter again but she wasn’t the same person as she was before. She’d gotten worse and her frame was pale and thin. She didn’t know how much longer she had left. “I don’t think so Granger, I highly doubt my ex-husband would want anything to do with me, let alone my daughter. Good day.” Pansy apparated outside of her motel, she didn’t want to have to deal with anything anymore.

She settled for another sleeping pill and slept the day away.


Hermione had been out all morning with Ginny Potter, Ginny needed new clothes since she didn’t have to wear maternity clothes anymore, her son was almost six months old and her form had gone back to normal. Ginny had called her early this morning asking her if she’d join her. Hermione accepted having nothing better to do.

Draco was at work, and Jade was in school. She wasn’t working that day and felt she needed some time for herself. She hadn’t seen Ginny in quite a long time, she saw her last month with Christopher, who was getting quite big. Harry was at home staying with him, so Ginny could shop with Hermione. They spent two hours shopping and by that time, Hermione had had enough for one day. They stopped at the Leaky Cauldron for a light drink.

Hermione was surprised to say the least to see Pansy Parkinson there, Draco’s ex-wife out of all people. She looked far worse than she had seen her last. She had a pale complexion, her body weary and thin. She wanted to tell her she was sorry but this was Pansy Parkinson, a cold heartless Slytherin who had corrupted Draco’s life for nine years. She knew she was being slightly mean, though she did have her reasons for hating her but she knew from what Jade had told her that Parkinson was trying to change. Whether or not Hermione wanted to believe it was something entirely different.

Pansy of course, simply ignored her, and went on her way.

“What was that all about?” Ginny asked, bringing her out of her reverie.

“To be honest, I have no idea.”

“So what do you say? A girl’s night out, what harm could it do?”

“I suppose.”

“Okay, great. So I’ll pick you and Rebecca tonight around nine, and Lavender will meet us there.”

“Where’s there?”

“Well I’m not going to tell you that, it’s a surprise, silly!”

Hermione was curious for the rest of the day. The only thing that truly could have surprised her more was seeing Pansy again, after Draco and Pansy had divorced. That was six months ago. Draco didn’t talk about Pansy, nor would she bring the subject up. It wasn’t her place to ask him. Her relationship with Draco was just the same, they were closer but they’d never said a word about marriage or engagement. It still wasn’t the right time. The Dance Benefit went by without a hitch, and they had raised enough money but not enough for a school. Hermione had given a lot of thought about it and decided it was for the better. She would be a full fledged teacher, she knew enough. She would try and work more hours and if that wasn’t enough as a last resort to ask for some help. Draco had tried to convince her otherwise but she was a stubborn women.

Wedding plans were going smoothly for Rebecca and Blaise and they had set a date and planning where and what type of theme they wanted. Unlike Viktor, Blaise was making decisions and helping in any way he could. Hermione was truly happy for her friend, she was finally happy with a man who loved her, and her daughter. Karla had liked Blaise from the start and she had no problem with him. He was kind and considerate towards her. He was like a father she never had.

She was cleaning the kitchen, when an owl swooped into the window. It caught her off guard and almost sent a pot flying towards the floor. The owl she recognized as a Ministry owl. She wondered why they would be contacting her. The ministry hadn’t contacted her in over nine years since she changed her name for identify purposes.

She was hesitant to pick up the letter; afraid of its contents.

Dear Ms. Granger,

It is to our extent that we’ve been informed with some knowledge of your involvement with both Mr. Viktor Krum and Mr. Theodore Nott. It has been advised that a hearing shall be taking place on November 7, 2007, and you are to testify. Without your testimony or Ms. Parkinson’s these two men will be able to run free in the streets of the wizarding world. It’s up to you to make the decision Ms. Granger.

Sincerely Mr. Gordon,

Head of the Magical Law Enforcement.

Hermione was shocked to say the least. She was afraid, she’d have to tell her story, and the entire wizarding world would finally know the truth. She wanted Viktor and Nott in Azkaban but did she have enough courage to make a statement? Pansy Parkinson wouldn’t know much about what had happened but did that mean she must have known something and didn’t stop it from happening? That made Hermione question Parkinson’s motive. Pansy had always been a jealous, cunning Slytherin and she would do anything to get her way. Would she testify to say they were both innocent? Hermione couldn’t let that happen, both men had put her through enough.

Hermione put the letter down, and knew she’d have to inform Draco of this news when he got home from work. It was only 2’a clock in the afternoon, she finished cleaning the kitchen and sat down on the couch and silently read. Another letter went flying through the window, but didn’t stick around for a reply. Hermione knew exactly whose owl it was, how one could not know whose owl it belonged too.


Plans are set, Lavender has agreed and so has Rebecca. Don’t back out now Hermione! I’ll be at your flat by 9, so make sure you’re ready by then. See ya soon!

Love Ginny.

Hermione knew she hadn’t been out in the longest time. She also knew that by having all girlfriends/wife’s gone for the night, the boys would soon get together. Nevertheless they would be stuck babysitting all the kids.

Draco had just gotten home, not a minute past five-thirty. A letter was sitting on the kitchen counter; he glanced at it briefly before going into search for Hermione. He found her sleeping on the sofa, book in hand. She must have dozed off. He shook her lightly, not wanting to really wake her up but he knew they needed to talk. Jade was in her room, working on her homework.


Her eyes, opened slightly, wanting more time to sleep. “Hmm?”

“Come on, time to get up.”

Hermione opened her eyes, realized where she was and sat up. “Sorry, I guess I must have dozed off, is Jade home?”

“Yeah, she’s in her room. We need to talk about the letter I found on the kitchen counter.” Draco announced.

Hermione rubbed her eyes effortlessly. “I know, I received the letter when I was cleaning the kitchen earlier.”

“What are you going to do?” Draco asked, “I won’t be angry with your decision.”

“I want to testify, I really do. I’m just scared of what will happen when I tell my story; would the Minister even believe me? What if Pansy decides she doesn’t want Knott behind the bars and lies to the jury?”

“If I know Pansy, she won’t say anything at all. I don’t know her relationship entirely with Knott, but I’ll be there for you when you testify, I want Viktor Krum behind bars as much as anyone else. I will always hate him for what he did to you, and nothing will change that.”

“As long as you’re with me, I think I can manage it.”

“When’s the trial?”

“In a week,” Hermione rested her head lightly on Draco’s shoulder while they laid on the couch intertwined. “Ginny invited me for a girl’s night out tonight, and clearly I have no choice but to go it seems.”

“I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. Just don’t get too drunk, I wantyou home safe.”

Hermione decided not to say anything to Draco about Pansy and seeing her in the Leaky Cauldron. She didn’t know how he would take it, her other news was bad enough already.

The three of them had a quiet dinner; Jade boasting about how she’d received the highest mark on her math test. Draco couldn’t help but grin proudly at his daughter’s accomplishments. Hermione took their plates when dinner was finished and started to wash them by hand, accustomed to washing them by hand instead of using her wand was reassuring. She didn’t have to depend on her magic for everything. By the time dishes were put away and the family had set down to watch a movie together on the television, it was time for Hermione to get ready.

She fished through the closet, finding nothing of interest. She wasn’t even sure about where they were going tonight. She found a decent looking black dress hidden in the back of the closet. It wasn’t too revealing but it looked nice enough. She found a pair of black heels to match and black jacket to put overtop. It was starting to get chilly after all. She looked back into the mirror; she didn’t look a day over 29. It was hard to believe she was 29 years old sometimes. She put very light makeup on and headed back towards the living room. Jade was sitting on the couch with her father, watching the movie that had been playing beforehand. It was Friday night, and therefore Jade didn’t have a bedtime.

“Where are you off to Hermione?”

“I’m going out with Ginny tonight.” Hermione sat down on the other couch, intent on watching some of the movie before Ginny showed up. “I expect Harry and Ron are probably staying in, babysitting.” She gave a light chuckle; trying to imagine her best friends’ alone in the house babysitting their child.

“Looks like we’re out of luck since our ladies decided to have some fun without us,” Draco commented.

“Oh don’t worry; we’ll be back before you know it.” She kissed his cheek lightly, before hearing the door bell ring. She opened the door; Ginny was standing in the doorway. “You didn’t back out, that’s good. Come on, we have to leave now if we don’t want to be late.”

“Late?” Hermione questioned.

“Don’t ask questions, you’ll find out soon enough.” Ginny pulled Hermione forward, outside. Hermione waved a quick goodbye and promised she would be back. Hermione still curious with where they were going, she followed Ginny to the car that awaited them.


“Where are we going Ginny?” Hermione asked, after 15 minutes into the car ride.

“A little restaurant, it’s a girl’s night out we’re allowed to have some freedom after being with a family once in awhile.” Ginny smiled cheekily. She was up to something that much Hermione could tell.

The car stopped abruptly, and they got out of the car, all four of them. They were greeted instantly by the waiter who seated them right away.

There was silence at first until Ginny decided to speak, “Alright, I know all of you are surprised by this evening and I’m really glad all of you could make it. We’ve all had our own families and relationships to ourselves that there hasn’t been a day with just us girls so why not celebrate?”

The girl nodded mutedly. The waiter came to our table as if he knew instantly that we were at least ready to order our drinks.

Ginny ordered a cocktail, Lavender ordered a ‘sex on the beach’ as muggles liked to call it. Hermione stuck with a beer, intending not to drink anything too heavy in case she had to pull her friends out of here. What shocked them the most was when Rebecca ordered, she only wanted water.

“Something the matter, Rebecca?” Hermione asked, worriedly.

“No, everything’s perfect.”

“Then why did you-” Lavender stopped her question when she knew the reason as to why. “You aren’t… are you?”

“What’s going on?” Ginny asked.

“I’m pregnant, I found out last night.” Rebecca answered, smiling.

“Are you serious? Congratulations Rebecca!” Ginny praised.

“Does Blaise know yet?” Hermione asked. Rebecca shook her head, telling them that she hadn’t told him, but was planning on it very soon.

The girls soon turned their celebration into one of a girl’s night out but also a celebration towards Rebecca’s pregnancy. Blaise was sure going to be shock when he would find out. Hermione was extremely happy for her best friend, but then again she also felt the bitterness of jealousy in the pit of her stomach and how she wished she could be like that. Rebecca was the same age as her yet she didn’t have a care in the world that she was too old to raise a child. Hermione was having doubts, maybe she wasn’t too late?

The night progressed quite smoothly, they chatted about what they’d missed being teenagers after the war, they were adults with their own families now. They chatted about every little thing that annoyed them about their boyfriend/husband. They spent the night dancing having a really good time till two in the morning and by that time they called it a night.

When Hermione got home, the lights were off and her feet were killing her. She knew she shouldn’t have worn high heels, but she was glad she had gone. Ginny was right, they hadn’t spent all that much time together over the past couple of months; each busy with their own lives. She took her shoes off, and walked towards her bedroom she shared with Draco. What confused her was that fact that he wasn’t there. She dropped the shoes on the floor and went to check in Jade’s room. She wasn’t there either. Knowing how late it actually was, Hermione was worried. Something had obviously happened, and she just wasn’t sure what to do about this.

The kitchen, every single room in their flat was the same, which meant that they could have gone over to someone’s place, or they were missing. She flooed to Rebecca’s place quickly.


Rebecca was just coming down the stairs, still in her clothes. “Hermione, what are you doing here?”

“Is Blaise awake?”

“Yes, why what’s wrong?”

“Draco isn’t home, and neither is Jade. I worried if something’s happened to them.”

“Blaise, could you come down here for a second?” Rebecca called out.

Blaise came down the stairs quickly, fearing an emergency. “What’s going on?”

Hermione, worried now, since it seemed Blaise didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. She figured she might as well ask just in case. “Have you seen Draco or Jade tonight at all?”

“No, I’ve been here the entire time, why?”

“He’s missing; I have no idea where he is. It’s two in the morning, and they’re both gone.”

“I’m sure, they’re there. I know I did talk to Draco a little earlier after Rebecca left on the phone but after that, I have no idea. I’m sure we’ll find him.”

“Alright, just if you do find him Blaise, let me know, please.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a call or owl you if anything comes up.”

“Thanks, I’ll just head home, and see what I can do from there.”

Hermione flooed back to her home, walked around the flat at least three times, she was nervous, why wouldn’t Draco or Jade be here? She tried to sit down, but nothing was helping her nerves. It was 4 am by this time, and she hadn’t word from anyone until an owl swooped in, a letter dangling in his beak. Hermione took the letter immediately, fearing the worst.


You don’t have to be worried, Jade and I are perfectly fine. It’s Pansy though. I’m at St. Mungo’s; I’ll be home soon and explain everything to you.



Hermione wondered what was going on but could do nothing else but wait. She was curious as to why Pansy was at St. Mungos but decided the explanation would have to wait because sleep was overcoming her.


She woke up with a pounding headache not remembering where she was. The white walls did not faze her. She felt weary and weak. Her head stung, and she had the worst headache. She shouldn’t have taken too much. Pansy heard noise from her bedside but was too weak to move, she opened her eyes to see her ex-husband.

“Dra-co?” She whispered.

“I’m here.” He shifted in his seat, afraid to say anything at all.

“What- happened? Why…am I in St. Mungo’s?” Pansy asked, weakly.

“You tried to kill yourself Pansy, I was coming over to apologize and give you another chance with our daughter with some convincing from Hermione when you were passed out and you weren’t waking up. I was worried.”

“Worried? Ha! I don’t see why you should be.”

“Despite what you might think Pansy, I will always care about you. I may not have ever loved you but at one point in time, you were my best friend.” Draco said, taking her hand. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“I find that hard to believe with the way you’ve ignored me blatantly over the past couple of months.” Pansy argued.

“I was angry; I had every right to be. What you did to our family, it was inexcusable. I didn’t know how to respond, or react to you. I thought it was best if I thought you simply didn’t exist.”

“Well you succeeded congratulations!” Pansy drawled dryly.

“Pansy, don’t be like that. I want to know what happened tonight, please tell me.”

“Why should you care, you never cared before. Besides, it’s none of your concern.”

“Pansy, please,” Draco pleaded, squeezing her hand lightly.


Pansy sat down on her bed, reaching towards the bedside, the bottle sat in place where she’d left it earlier. She stared at it blankly for a moment; it was her one way ticket out of here. No one seemed to care, what was the point? She didn’t have every bit of courage in herself, she couldn’t believe. It was useless, the life she’d been living for the past couple of months. She couldn’t handle the pain, the heartless pain in her gut that was tearing her part every day. She’d lost everyone important to her, and this is what she had to live with. Regret, jealousy, hurt. It wasn’t fair, but there was always a way to end it all.

She received her letter of the trial, wondering what to exactly do. Should she ever bother testifying, what was the point? They were sentenced to prison for the rest of their lives. What did her say have any matter of opinion to anyone else? She wished more than anything to have Theodore back in her arms but because of what he did, how could she forgive him? He was involved with trying to bring back a new Dark Lord, it was simply inexcusable. Pansy always believed that Purebloods overruled everyone, and that muggle-borns and half-bloods didn’t deserve a chance at living. She never believed in Voldermort, and if Krum had wanted to become the next Dark Lord, she wasn’t going to be responsible for letting it happen.

The bottle sat there waiting, tempting to drown her sorrows in some fire whiskey. Luckily enough she had no money and couldn’t afford a drink. She’d spent her last bit of change on her drinks earlier today. Nothing was ever going her way. She thought back to her old ways as a teenager, she’d been pretty, clingy and thought everybody lower class than her. She had all the boys’ attention; they’d worshiped the ground she had walked on. Looking at herself in the mirror now, she was a disgrace to the wizarding world. She had no career, no family, no future.

She wasn’t going to wait around anymore, she’d had enough.

“If you had actually made it work for us, maybe things would have been different Pansy. Our marriage was a fake, you and I both know that but we were a family none the less.” Draco stated.

“You were in love with her, and yet you sacrificed your happiness for me. Why?”

“Because I had too,” Draco answered.

“No you didn’t, you could have refused and your father was dead.”

“My family is important to me, always has been. I hate my father for everything’s he’s done but I stood by my family laws. I may have sacrificed my happiness then but I’m happier than I’ve ever been before now.” Draco paused. “You’ll find some happiness too someday but trying to kill yourself doesn’t solve anything.”

“It would have, you should have just left me, I would have been better off.” Pansy muttered.

“You’ve only would have endangered yourself. What about your daughter, think about what she would have felt if you had died.”

“She doesn’t care about me; I’ve been replaced with someone else who will take better care of her.”

“Hermione is a part of my life but that does not mean Jade isn’t a part of yours.”

“I can only see Jade twice a year Draco, I highly doubt I’m in her life enough for her to care about me.”

“You’re her mother, you gave birth to her. Of course she’s going to care about you. I don’t know what else I can tell you, you just don’t want to listen. I’m just asking you, pleading for you not to give up.”

Draco left then; he didn’t know what else to say to her.


The day had arrived, no more was Hermione to tell her story but as Draco promised he would support her in any way he could. The jury stood on one side of the room, waiting for the trial to begin. The judge stood high on his podium. The Minister of Magic stood present at the trial, waiting to finally evict Viktor Krum and Theodore Nott to Azkaban.

“Do you Viktor Krum plead guilty?”

“No, of course not, you take me a fool. I’ve done nothing wrong therefore I shouldn’t have to take this!”

“Do you Theodore Nott plead guilty?” The judge continued ignoring Krum’s rants.


“Miss Granger, could you possibly tell us what happened that night nine years ago?” The Judge asked.

With a squeeze of his hand, Hermione told her story to the jury, the full complete story. Nott had raped her, and Krum had found her that night and cast a dark magic spell on her that lasted nine years of her life. Viktor kept trying to interrupt her story, denying everything she’d said. He was quickly silenced with a silencing charm when he just wouldn’t let Hermione speak. It was clear to everyone in the room that he did not want to be sent to Azkaban for the rest of his life.

Draco glared at him, wishing he would be given the death sentence. The jury whispered in silence, deciding on the verdict. They hadn’t come to a decision yet, and that had Hermione worried.

“Ms. Parkinson, would you be alright to join the stand as I ask you a few questions?” The jury had been quiet for some time, they’d almost had forgotten that she had attended the trial.

Pansy walked up to the stand in slow motion, and she stood motionless, her face set in stone. “What is your relationship with Mr. Nott?” Pansy answer was cold and ruthless, she did not want to be here. “Non-existent.”

“Would you like to explain your involvement with Mr. Nott while you were still married to Mr. Malfoy?”

“We’ve known each other since Hogwarts, I had always fancied him but with Draco it was different, we were married but I did not love him as my husband. I hadn’t expected to be involved with him but I can’t say I regret it.” Pansy replied.

“Were you well aware of the plans Viktor Krum had devised and Mr. Nott’s involvement in them?”

“No, he hadn’t told me anything of the sort.”

“Had Mr. Nott ever told you about that night with Ms. Granger?”

“I knew, only after the papers were published but I always had a feeling he’d been lying to me.”

“Very well Ms. Parkinson, you may step down.” The lawyer said, as he had no more questions.

The trial took a brief intermission, and they would decide their verdict as soon as they came back from debriefing. Hermione was again still nervous, despite having Draco there. She wanted them to go to prison, they deserved it. They were Death Eaters; they served a monster who wanted everyone dead. They shouldn’t be living in a world where their master didn’t live. Harry had been brave enough, strong enough to defeat Voldemort, there was no reason for them to start trouble all over again.

The room was quiet, Viktor Krum still had the silencing charm placed on him so even as he was yelling, and shouting no sound would be heard from his lips. He glared at Hermione furiously, wishing with all his might he could strangle her with his bare hands but he’d been chained to the chair, and would not be sent free until the judge came back with the verdict.

“We’ve come to a decision.”


Five Years & A Death Sentence

At approximately 11:30am, the Minister of Magic had announced that the Ex-Death Eater, Bulgarian Seeker Viktor Krum was sentenced to death. He would be given the kiss of a Dementor. His engagement to Ms. Granger a false, a lie in the wizarding world, he’d fooled us all into thinking he was the perfect man he appeared to be. We all know the truth now, his partake in involving himself within the Dark Arts proved he was no longer on the light side; nor been apart of the Order of the Phoenix.

The public addressed him as a murderer, and he wouldn’t have gotten away with his resurrection of the new Dark Lord. He’d been doomed from the start. The people compared his acts of killing to the Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy- one of the few Death Eaters who’d been close to Lord Voldemort himself. There has not once been an ounce of cruelty towards the Malfoy family for years, nor has Mr. Malfoy jeopardized his name. He’d been seen in the past with the leading Death Eaters on different muggle neighborhoods, killing them without a thought. Many thought he lied his way into the Order of the Phoenix, just so he could spy for the Dark Side; people were a fool to believe such thoughts. Viktor Krum will be sentenced to death at approximately 2’ a clock on November 13th.

Theodore Nott, who’d been involved with Krum’s plan and creating a new Dark Lord, was also sentenced. His dire need to unhandled Ms. Granger on inappropriate terms those nine years ago had sent him to Azkaban for the better half of five months as of late. He was sentenced as well to life of imprisonment at first, after some debating, and arguments being settled, the jury had given Mr. Nott five years in Azkaban. We hope that in time, he’d learned his lesson, and could only hope for a miracle.

For more information on the trial that took place only two day ago on November 27th, the interviews with Mr. Nott, Ms. Parkinson, Ms. Granger and Mr. Krum, and Minister himself on page 17.

Two weeks had passed since the death sentence of Viktor Krum, and Rebecca was three months pregnant, Hermione and Rebecca were shopping, looking for a good caterer for her wedding. Rebecca and Blaise decided to post-pone their wedding a bit until the baby was born, Rebecca refused to look like a snowman on her wedding day.

“Something the matter, Hermione?” Rebecca asked.

“Not really, I’m just worried.” Hermione was awfully quiet.

“Worried about what?” Rebecca asked curiously.

“I’m late, and I haven’t been before.”

“Late for what - Oh! Do you think you’re?”

“I could be, but it’s only been five days. I could be wrong. I don’t want to get my hopes up for something that might not even be real.”

“If you are, do you think you’ll keep it?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“Think Draco will be happy about it?”

“I think surprised, would be a better term. How did Blaise react when you told him?”

“To be honest, he fainted when I first told him, he was so shocked. But I know he’s happy.” Rebecca reassured her.

“That’s good.”

“Don’t worry Hermione; I have a really good feeling about this.”


It was raining, pouring down, as the salty water mixed with the public’s tears. The umbrella’s forgotten, nobody moved as the priest recorded his speech. It was still fall; leaves were soaked as they were slippery to step on. The family stood in black surrounded by unknown family members and relatives as they tried to comprehend that they’d lost one of their own.

Jade had been locked up in her room for the better half of the past two weeks; she didn’t want company, least of all of her father. As hard as he’d tried, he couldn’t find the right words to talk to his daughter about. What could he possibly say? She hadn’t wanted to eat, and as hard as she tried she couldn’t help but cry and the tears fell greedily down her cheeks. She didn’t want to admit it, that she was gone. They had expected it to happen sooner or later, she hadn’t wanted to be saved.

It got to a point where the pills just weren’t enough, falling into a deep sleep, she hadn’t wanted to wake up. She’d put on a façade everyday but nothing would help. Her ex-husband had tried to help, but she wouldn’t listen. They were better off without her.

She stood alone, separated from her mother and father. There were no flowers, she’d never liked them. They wore black, as was expected of them. She was after all a pureblood and would have expected nothing less of them. They would say goodbye for the last time and now and again she’d be thought of.

They didn’t know what to write, what to say. A loving mother? She hadn’t paid an ounce of care or heart towards her daughter within the past 10 years. A good friend? She was respected, but to call her a friend, a best friend, it was almost unthinkable. A wonderful daughter? Her parents weren’t alive to see her grow, to have her own family, what was the point? Instead they left it blank, and that was fine with her. Her shimmering figure as she watched her daughter and her ex-husband look towards her, at least she knew she wouldn’t be forgotten.

Pansy Cecilia Parkinson


If you look close enough, you’ll find everyone has a weak spot’

As the figured faded, she knew in some ways she’d given up but in turn she’d finally be able to give her happiness for someone so much better who deserved it. She’d said her goodbye’s for the last time.

Author’s Notes: I’m so sorry for the long wait of this chapter, but I had just a huge writer’s block that I was stuck on this chapter for the longest time, I had no idea how to write it. I’ve changed a lot of what I wanted to happen in this chapter, and it isn’t exactly how’d I pictured it. I’m not exactly happy with this chapter, but I hope you like it anyways.

Ps. The quote in the very end is from the movie ‘Fracture’.

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