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James slowly got up from his position and slowly turned, hoping that Sirius was playing a trick or that if by going slowly Dumbledore would disappear, but as James turned around he found that it was true. Standing before him was an unsmiling Dumbledore.

"We can explain." James said automatically, as if he had been back in school again and had just be caught rule breaking.

"I'm sure you can James, and I will look forward to hearing it but not here, kindly follow me" He replied before swiftly turning around and heading off, without acknowledging Sirius.

James and Sirius looked at each other before following Dumbledore, both thinking the same things, Dumbledore was being far to calm after having seen a supposed mass murderer and some who has been dead for the past twelve years. They all walked silently through the castle, James and Sirius both feeling thankful that all the students were in bed. Suddenly they stopped outside the statue to Dumbledore’s office.

"Acid Pops" Dumbledore said and the stone gargoyle move out of their way. They ascended the steps to his office and entered the magnificent place. Dumbledore pointed to two seats in front of the large desk before sitting in a large cushioned chair that sat behind the desk. James and Sirius sat themselves in the seats and waited with baited breath.

"Right, you first James, please explain…"

"How many more detentions do we have to do?" Hermione complained as she and Harry sat beside Ron.

"Another two." he replied solemnly. They were outside sitting in the sun under their favourite tree.

"I still can't believe you went looking for Sirius Black." Ron said

"I still can't believe we got caught" Harry grumbled.

"No what amazed me was the Stag in the forest, even Dumbledore seemed amazed by it he has been at this school for centuries and he never even seen a stag in the forest before". Hermione said.

"Wonder why he was so shocked" Ron commented. Harry was just about to reply when they heard someone shouting on Him.

"Oy Potter scared about the match." Malfoy shouted as he strode forward with Grabbe and Goyle at each of his shoulders.

"Not a chance." Harry replied standing up to face Malfoy.

"I can't wait to see your face when Slytherin lift the cup, triumphant Slytherin beat saint Potter in Quidditch, what would his parents think of the looser now?" Malfoy taunted. Harry angrily stepped forward to punch him but Hermione beat him to it and thumped him in the mouth.

"I can't wait to see it when Harry beats you in the match considering he has a firebolt." Hermione said smugly.

"What, Potter doesn't have a firebolt" Malfoy said thickly, trying to stop his lip bleeding.

"Oh yeah, he got it as a Christmas present. It's sitting up in Dumbledore's office as we speak." Ron said.

"Your lying…" he began but was cut off by Hermione

"Why are we lying? Is it because you are so thick that you can't understand how Harry has something better than you?" she said.

"What did you say mudblood?" Malfoy snarled.

At this point Harry whipped out his wand and shouted the first thing that came to his head which was Bombarda unfortunately Malfoy was too quick and ducked out of the way and the spell hit a tree and blasted a hole in it. Malfoy then shot a spell at Harry and a snake shot out of his wand.

"Got a short memory Malfoy?" Harry said and then started speaking in Parsletounge. The snake stopped dead suddenly, turned and started making his way back to Malfoy.

"Ahem, Mr Potter, Mr Malfoy you are needed for the quidditch finals" Dumbledore said suddenly making everyone jumped and scramble he then banished the snake and followed everyone back up to the castle.

James and Sirius were sat in a large room that resembled the Gryffindor common room, except this room was called the room of requirement. Sirius was sitting in a large, dark red; squishy sofa whilst James was currently pacing the floor.

"James will you sit down you’re making my head dizzy" Sirius said in a tired voice.

"I can't, how are we going to tell Harry now, now that Dumbledore's got us locked up in this room, keeping tabs on us." James snapped back.

"Harry will find out, I'm sure of it" Sirius replied.

"How, how can he-" James began but was cut off.

"Have you forgotten whose son he is?" Sirius shouted. James fell quiet for a few moments, he was about to say something when the door opened and Dumbledore stepped in.

"Good morning and how are the terrible two today?" He asked a smile spreading across his face.

"I'm fine Sir..." Sirius said "…but James is worried about Harry."

"Naturally" Dumbledore said.

"I want to know when we can tell him." James said angrily.

"All in good time, James." He replied. James turned away from him. "Do you wish to see Harry?" Dumbledore asked the men. James faced him again.

"Yes" he said eagerly.

"I thought so; Harry's team is playing the last match of the season against Slytherin, would you two like to see it?"

"Yes" they both answered.

"Good now I assume, you both know that you have to be disillusioned?" Dumbledore said. James looked a little disappointed but nodded anyway. At least he was getting to see Harry again, even if it was from a distance. "Good, I thought that would be the answer, right it starts in fifteen minutes so I shall be going I trust you still know your way" Dumbledore said winking before closing the door.

They arrived at the stands and when to the very top where no one would step on their invisible forms. It was a few seconds before Lee Jordan announced the players.

"And here's the Gryffindor team Bell, Johnson, Spinnet, Weasley, Weasley, Wood and Potter" he announced but the rest was drowned out by the cheers of the Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws all chanting GO GO GRYFFINDOR! None heard him announce the Slytherins as he was drowned out by boo's. "What a line up, we can see who's the better team there." He said and was scolded by McGonagall as Madame Hooch blew the whistle. "…And there off with Gryffindor in possession and… Wait a minute is that a Firebolt Potter's got? My Merlin it is." He said awed as Harry zoomed passed the Gryffindor stand. "Right back to the game and it seems that Spinnet of Gryffindor with the Quaffle, heading straight for the Slytherin goalposts, looking good, Argh no… Quaffle intercepted by Warrington, Warrington of Slytherin tearing up the pitch… WHAM! Nice bludger work there by George Weasley, Warrington drops the Quaffle, it's caught by Johnson, Gryffindor back in possession, come on, Angelina… nice swerve round Montague … duck Angelina, that's a bludger! SHE SCORES! TEN-ZERO TO GRYFFINDOR!" The crowd was in uproar as Angelina circled the pitch.

"OUCH" she suddenly screamed as Marcus Flint went smashing into her.

"Sorry!" said Flint, as the crowd below booed. "Sorry, didn't see her"!

Next moment, Fred Weasley had chucked his beaters club at the back of Flint's head. Flint's nose smashed into the handle of his broom and began to bleed.

"That will do!" shrieked Madam Hooch, zooming between them. "Penalty to Gryffindor for an unprovoked attack on their chaser! "Penalty to Slytherin for deliberate damage to their chaser!"

"Come off it Miss!" Howled Fred, but Madam Hooch blew her whistle and Alicia flew forward to take the penalty.

"Come on, Alicia!" Lee yelled into the silence that had descended onto the crowed, "YES! SHE'S BEATEN THE KEEPER! TWENTY-ZERO TO GRYFFINDOR".

Soon it was Seventy-Ten to Gryffindor. The Gryffindor crowd below were screaming themselves hoarse… Gryffindor were sixty points in the lead, and if Harry caught the snitch now, the cup was theirs. Harry could almost feel hundreds of eyes following him as he soared around the pitch, high above the rest of the game, with Malfoy speeding along behind him. And then he saw it. The snitch was sparkling twenty feet above him.

Harry put on a huge burst of speed, the wind roaring in his ears; he stretched out his hand, but suddenly, the firebolt was slowing down… Horrified, he looked around. Malfoy was holding on to the firebolt, but his eyes where sparkling maliciously. He had achieved what he wanted…the Snitch had disappeared. Gryffindor were able to score another ten points through a penalty shot thanks to Malfoy.

Harry had to dive at the Slytherins as they all chased after Angelina, scattering them he zoomed toward the stands he skidded to a halt in mid-air and turned around to find Malfoy diving, a look of triumph on his face… there a few feet from the ground, was a tiny golden glimmer.

"Harry has finally spotted the Snitch and is hot on Malfoy's tail." Lee announced as the game came to a standstill and the Gryffindor crowd chanted 'Harry'.

"Go! Go! Go!" Harry urged his broom. They were gaining on Malfoy

"…Potter flattens himself on his broom as he dodges a Bludger sent by Bole, he is now level with Malfoy he throws himself forward knocking Malfoy off course and YES! POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH! GRYFFINDOR WINS THE QUIDDITCH CUP". The Gryffindor supporters exploded with cheers as they raced forward and lifted him up chanting 'Potter Is Our King'.

After they collected the Quidditch Cup the Gryffindors headed for their common room for a massive party.

"That kid is a damn good Quidditch player." Sirius said happily, as they entered the Room of Requirement.

"Of course he is. He's the legendary James Potter's son." James said ecstatic.

"Well I think he could beat the legendary James Potter any day." Sirius said cheekily.

"I agree." James said boldly.

"What James Potter admits someone is better than him, I am shocked, you must really love him." Sirius said dramatically.

"I do and that’s why I'm so anxious to tell him" James said as he sat beside Sirius.

"I know mate, we'll tell him soon yeah."


A.N I know in the fifth books It's Weasley is our King but I like Harry better so soz guys. Hehe review.

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