A/N: We got this idea while we were sending aim’s back and forth one day. That night we pulled our thoughts together and started to outline our thoughts. So here we go. We own nothing other then the characters that you don’t know yourself everything else goes to J.K Rowling. Thanks for all your hard work J.K we couldn’t have done it with out you. 

Harry walked down into the Great Hall. Each step felt like it took every bit of his strength. As he neared the Great Hall of Hogwarts he saw how much damage the Last Battle had done. When he entered the Great Hall, he saw that the sky in the ceiling was overcast with a dark thunder clouds and every once in a while a bolt of lightning would streak across the sky. He looked around and saw the Weasleys in a corner around a figure on the ground in front of them. It was Fred that laid there and Harry knew he would never hear his laugh again. He could tell that George was covering the body with his own. As he neared he heard George begging his twin to come back to him.

He saw Mrs. Weasley being held by her husband with tears mixing with the blood; her own, perhaps, or maybe one or two of her children's. He saw Ron and Hermione walking towards the group. Ron was holding Hermione's hand like he never wanted to let it go. Harry knew that now that they finally convinced each other that they did love the other they would never let the other leave their sight. He then saw Fleur rubbing her husband Bill's back to try and bring some comfort to him as her own tears fell gently on her shoes. Charlie leaning against the wall behind him with more anguish than any one person could hold.

Harry saw Percy trying to pull his younger brother off of Fred's body while trying to calm his own cries for the young man that he always said hard things to. Harry then saw the person he was dreading the most to see. Ginny was standing there with her arms tightly wrapped around her body as she was hugging herself so she doesn't fall to pieces to have no one put her back together.

Harry knew in that corner was the family that loved him for being him not the one who was The Boy Who Lived or The Chosen One, but just Harry, just Harry Potter, a young man who was seventeen years old and had a trouble past. Harry realized in that moment that he didn't deserve to go into that corner. He didn't deserve to be with them at all. He was the one that made them lose their son and brother. What kind of person would he be if he went over there and tried to comfort them? Harry felt the tears flow down his cheeks as he thought of the pain that he had caused. He glanced at Ginny who was staring at the ground. How could he do that to her after everything she has been through.

Ginny was the one that he loved and the one he was alive for, but at what risk? Harry wished he could take Fred's place in the afterworld just to ease their pain. He would have done everything for the Weasley family, for Ginny to not feel the pain. But the Weasley family weren't the only ones to lose loved ones. Other families were suffering too.

Harry saw Dennis kneeling next to his older brother Colin's body. Colin was the boy that was always following Harry around trying to be Harry instead of himself. He even came back into the battle and fought his hardest in hopes of being a part of something. Harry's heart sank further has his eyes took in two bodies that had no one around them. Harry knew just by glancing at them who they were. They were his father's best friend and his wife; Remus and Tonks. Harry remembered that they had a baby boy at home that was only a month old. He wondered who would be the one who would tell the baby who his parents were and how much they loved him. Then Harry remembered the note that Remus sent him saying he was the Godfather of his son. Harry couldn't believe that he had a special little spirit that he would have to take care of now that he had let his parents be killed in the battle. Would his father and Sirius be upset that the last of the Marauders is gone from this world? They would want Remus to be happy and Remus was happy with Tonks and baby Teddy.

Harry felt like he shouldn't be there witnessing all the heartache. He shouldn't be one of those who was alive to see the new era; an era where Voldemort was a thing in the past and it was time to live life without fear of Death Eaters, an era where they could say Voldemort or Tom Riddle without fear, an era where they didn't wonder if coming near their house they would see the Dark Mark high in the sky. People didn't have to be afraid of each other but rather come closer because of what they have been through. Harry knew he didn't have a place in that world.

Harry walked past all the groups. But as he started to walk out of the Great Hall he felt someone's eyes on him. He turned around and saw the person looking at him with a sadness that made his heart shatter even more. Her brown eyes shined at him like a beacon of pain and heartache. Ginny stood there staring at him with a questionable look. Harry watched her take a step closer but, before she could ever have chance to reach him, he took off out the doors and away from it all. 


Ginny stood there and noticed that Ron and Hermione joined the family at last after the trip to the Headmasters office but Ginny realized that someone who should be with them wasn't. She looked around the hall and saw him walking towards the doors leading out of the Great Hall. She could tell that he was carrying the burden of the deaths of everyone that died in the battle and perhaps those who died earlier in his life. She watched him pause and look at her, as their eyes met she felt herself wanting to comfort him more than she wanted to comfort for herself. How could she have been so selfish to think of her pain when he, too, was grieving inside. He was the one who had lost his parents, his godfather, his headmaster, his friends. He was the one who needed comfort more then anyone in that room. Ginny felt a single tear escape her eye, not for her brother's death, but for his pain. She knew the boy that she fell in love with all those years ago was in more pain then perhaps anyone in that was. Yet he was the one who was not getting the comfort that he needed. But then again she realized that he wasn't that boy anymore, though he never was a boy, he was a man who had lost so many people and had to grow up so quickly. She took a step towards him and watched him dart out the door in a hurry. She shook her head with a slight grin on her face, only Harry would take off to be alone. She looked at her brother Ron and Hermione who were holding hands she smiled slightly thinking (About time they finally realize). But she wondered what kind of damage the year has caused on them.

Did they have any damage like scars and marks that will never go away? Or did they have memories that will forever haunt them as they grow up? Ginny glanced at the door where Harry walked out earlier, what kind of damage did he have. Did he have more memories that will forever haunt him and would she be okay to help him over come them? Ginny remembered the way he was before Dumbledore's death and how much she fell in love with him. She knew she would do anything for him. For their future. At least, she only hopes that they would have a future together.

Ginny glanced back at Hermione and Ron who were looking at her with uneasiness. Ginny realized that they were nervous with the whole situation of her and Harry. Would she be okay with everything he went through must have went through their own minds. Ginny nodded her head in acknowledgment and slowly slid away from her family and headed towards the doors. She knew that if someone was to make some leeway with Harry it would her. Maybe it was her Weasley blood in her that was making her go after him, maybe it was love, or maybe it was that red hair that was pushing her towards him. She saw her brother walking towards her and Ginny tried to speed up, she didn't want Ron to stop her. "Ginny…wait up."

Ginny felt herself turn around to face her brother who ran to catch up to her. Ginny looked at him waiting for him to continue what he was going to say. Was he going to say to stay away from Harry because he murdered people or was he going to say that it wasn't safe around Harry? She of course wouldn't listen to her idiotic brother but still go after Harry. Finally Ron spoke up, "Ginny, he's not the same."

"No one is the same, Ronald." Ginny said looking into her older brother's eyes.

"I know. Just tell him that we are waiting down here for him." Ron said looking at his sister with earnest understanding. Ginny stood there gob smacked, her brother was telling her to go after him. "You mean your just going to let me go."

"Yes, he needs you. He needs you more then anyone else and more then he needs me or Hermione. Just please tell him that we don't blame him for anything. You know he is blaming himself." Ron then turned around and walked back to where Hermione was standing. Hermione herself was standing there in shock at how Ron was handling Ginny going after Harry alone. Ron did grow up as well while they were on a run after something. She then realized that her older brother wasn’t the same person either and that scared her more then knowing that Harry was different. Ginny shook her head and made her way out of the Great Hall at a run. She hoped that he was in the Gryffindor Tower where she was going …
She wasn't sure what she was going to do when she saw him. She was either going to pounce on him and kiss him like crazy or scream at him at the top of her lungs about how he made her believe that he was dead. And how stupid he was for walking into the forest knowing he was going to be killed and never said goodbye. Ginny stopped in the middle of the hallway with that revelation. He never did say goodbye to her when he walked in knowing that he wasn't going to come out of the forest alive. She closed her eyes to try to keep the tears from escaping her eyes. How could he be such an idiot for doing that to her. How could he be so stupid for letting her go for some noble reason when all of her heart was still with him. She shook her head and started to make her way up the stairs she will know what to do when she got there. She just knows it.

When Ginny got to the Gryffindor Common Room, she saw less destruction then she thought she would see. There was scorch marks here and there on the walls but nothing like the hallways on the way up here. Some of the furniture were on their backs. Most likely, people used them as shields as some of the furniture had holes going all the way through. Ginny sighed and knew Hogwarts had a long way to go before they would start again in the fall, that is, if it was going to start back up. She glanced around the room and realized that Harry wasn't there. She glanced at the stairs wondering if he would made it up them. She sighed and sprinted up the boys stairs and went to the very top to the seventh boys room. She heard someone throwing things around in the room. She paused and took out her wand not wanting to risk it being a left over death eater.

She casually knocked on the door and heard the room go silent. She paused long enough to get her bearing when she opened the door slowly. She glanced around the room and sighed as she saw no one in the room. She knew someone was in there it was no doubt about that since she heard the racket. Unless the furniture decided to go haywire and started to move by themselves. She entered the room with her wand at the ready for anything and once she was just inside the door she pushed the door closed with her foot. She looked around the room and saw that the glass on the window was broken, most likely by who ever was in the room. All the pillows were torn apart which left feathers on the floor, who would have known some girls had a pillow fight in here. She chuckled to herself and then saw some feathers move slightly. The move was so unnatural that it made it look like someone's was walking through the mass of feathers. She then saw that posters were ripped off the wall, even Dean's favorite West Ham soccer poster was ripped it seemed like Seamus put it up to put some anger in the death eaters.

The feathers were still moving and Ginny put her back against the door, she knew who ever it was trying to escape out the door without her knowing. Now they had no chance without uncovering themselves or him. Ginny sighed, "Harry, talk to me please."

She heard a bed creak as if some weight was put on it. She knew that Harry was taking a seat on the bed most likely to wait out or wait until she was always from the door. She sighed and slid down the door until she was sitting on the floor. She casually started to mutter spells to fix the window and the poster, then she decided to fix all the pillows. Now everything was back to normal except the quiet boy on the bed next to the door. She wondered if any spells would put back together the young man beside her. She knew that he wasn't ready to talk and that was fine for her.

She would just sit here and wait him out as best as possible. She was actually glad to be there right then. Because no one can come up and come through the door since she was blocking it and he can't escape her. So it was a win-win situation really. Of course it wasn't for Harry who was most likely trying to figure out a way to escape without having to talk to her. Ginny started to hum softly while pretending that she was no paying attention to him. When all of her senses was right on with where Harry was. Her ears were ready to pick up anything that comes out of his mouth. While her eyes were waiting to target him as soon as he uncovers himself.

Harry sat on the bed with a sudden dread. Of course Ginny would have followed him up to the room and would realize that someone was in there. He saw that she was lightly humming a tune that he knew from his time at the Burrow that it was one of Ginny's favorite song. He watched as she pushed a piece of hair behind her ear and pretending that she wasn't getting bored just sitting there. He was surprised that she hadn't started to scream or yell at him and demand that he showed himself. But then again perhaps Ginny knew more about him then he did. Perhaps she knew that he would come out on his own time and she just had to be patient. He sighed and watched as her head turned to where he was. He tried not to chuckle at her reaction but it was actually not surprising that she picked it up.

Within the hour, Ginny heard small noises coming from Harry and then she saw that his feet were showing. She tried not to watch his feet slightly move but it was all she had to see of him. She then realized that he might be actually sleeping. Then within a couple of minutes she heard a slight snore. And realized that Harry was out like a light she smiled as she pushed her self up to a stand. She did a couple of spells on the door to make sure that no one was going to make it through it. Harry did need his sleep more than anyone else. He fought the hardest and has been on the run for a year. Ginny walked over to where he laid and slightly started to pull the invisible cloak off of him. Once it was off she slowly took his shoes off and helped him get in a more comfortable position on the bed. Once she did all that she studied him and the more she realized that he was not a boy at all but a man. She slowly kissed his forehead and whispered, "You did good, Harry."

Ginny then slowly slide down where she was laying next to him and started to drift off to sleep. But both of their sleep wasn't soundless. All the memories that they had made in the past were being replayed through their dreams. Harry kept dreaming of their first kiss. Ginny kept replaying the kiss in her bedroom on Harry's seventeenth birthday.

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