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More sex scenes; the last for awhile.  It will become less graphical.  Don't like femslash, then don't read.  Please review.

Rose awoke the next morning. Her head ached, as though she had been drinking all night. She looked around the room, her vision a little fuzzy. She could feel a hand on her thigh, stroking it affectionately. The room didn’t look like hers, and it wasn’t Scorpius room. We must of stayed at a hotel or something, she thought as she sat up. The sheets around her body fell, exposing her body. She looked down, seeing something that wasn’t there yesterday. The was a big, red mark on her breast, as though someone had been sucking on them. Scorpius must have been in one heck of a mood last night.

The hand on her thigh began to move again, this time travelling up her stomach.  She could feel kisses on her neck, and soft moans behind her.  Did Scorpius voice seem different, wondered Rose as she lent her head back in pleasure.  The hand was now rubbing against her breast; it was at that moment that Rose noticed the difference: it was a female’s hand.  She also took notice the firm breasts lying against her back.

“Mmmmh Rose,” purred a female voice between kisses.

Rose turned her head, looking into the honey-brown eyes of her best friend.  She was confused.  She was naked, in a strange room, with a best friend who she hadn’t seen in five years.  It was then, that the previous nights events played in her mind: the fight with her fiancé, the pain, the love, the... sex?  Rose had once, she admits, had feelings for the certain woman next to her, but she had just pushed them aside, deciding she was only jealous of the men her friend dated because she didn’t see much of her when they dated.  Her heart had begun to pump as adrenaline rushed through her veins.  Did she have feelings for her best friend?  Yes, the voice in her mind told her.  Had she just cheated on her fiancé?  No, the voice told her again.

Her eyes must have shown confusion, because Mariah suddenly became aware of her naked body pressing up against Rose.  She backed away, covering her body with the wet sheet.  Her eyes showed confusion.  “It didn’t mean anything to you did it Rose?” she asked with uncertainty.

Rose stared at Mariah, taking in her features again.  When she had woken up, it seemed as if life was a little bit brighter.  But, you thought it was Scorpius, the voice echoed in her head.  Slowly Rose brought herself out of her thoughts.  “I don’t know.  I’m confused.  Last night was amazing, and different.  I’m too confused.”  Rose brought the sheet closer to her chest.  “I was emotional last night; I don’t know if what happened was who I truly was, or...” her voice trailed off.

“Or if I was the rebound person.  It’s okay; I understand.” Mariah picked up her wand and acciod a towel to herself.  She wrapped it around her body, before heading towards the bathroom.

Rose stared after her.  She could feel tears prickling her eyes, knowing she had hurt her friend.  Was she a rebound person – just someone who had been there?  Had she thought it was Scorpius?  Was she attracted to girls?  Was her whole life a big, fat lie?  Slowly she lifted herself out of the bedroom, wrapping the towel around her body.  She headed towards the door, her body moving on its own accord.  She didn’t head towards the door she had wanted; her body went towards the bathroom instead.  Her shaking hands opened the door, while she inhaled deeply.  What does this mean? She wondered to herself, as the door open.

Inside she could see Mariah stepping into the bath.  Rose inhaled as she saw her friend.  Something inside her stirred – a fire.  Carefully –without Mariah knowing- she stepped into the bathroom and headed towards the bath.  She was a metre away from it, when she took off the bed sheet, and placed it on the ground beside Mariah’s towel.  Rose then stood on the edge of the pool and dived in. 

Mariah – who had been sitting silently on the ledge of the pool, with her head bowed- jumped a little at the sound of the splash.  She couldn’t see Rose.  But she soon felt her.

Rose had swum the length of the pool, and grazed her hands on Mariah’s inner thigh, making her squeak a little at the touch.  Rose brought her head above water, practically jumping onto Mariah’s female body, pushing her breasts into the other.  Her lips mixed with Mariah’s as they kissed passionately.  “I don’t know what I feel,” Rose whispered as her hand ran along Mariah’s breast, “But I know it feels good.”

Mariah moaned quietly into Rose’s mouth, as Rose’s busy hand rubbed against her left breast.  Her hands wove themselves through Rose’s busy, red hair.  Her lips disconnected from Rose’s as she adjusted herself under her lover’s weight.  She rubbed her breasts against Rose’s as she connected her lips with her lover’s shoulder.

Quietly, Rose lifted herself out of the bath, and sat down on the ledge.  Like the night before, she seduced Mariah by spreading her legs open for her lover.  Mariah inhaled before running a wet hand up Rose’s thigh.  Rose squirmed for more contact, bring her wet body forward.  “I can’t have you if you’re on the ledge and I’m in the water,” pouted Mariah.  Rose smiled and patted the seat beside her.  Mariah climbed out of the water, shaking her hair against Rose’s arm.  She also brushed her left breast on her shoulder.



Mariah laughed as she climbed on top of the woman she had fallen in love with.  Her lips were about to connect when a voice called Mariah from the bedroom.  Mariah quickly got off of Rose.  Grabbing Rose’s hand they climbed back into the water.  She quickly conjured up a couple of bikinis for them; they quickly pulled them on.  Although their lips betrayed their secret, a quick spell fixed that.  By the time the owner of the voice walked in, it seemed as if two friends were taking a bath together.  The owner was a young man, whose strong body showed he was fit.  He walked into the room, to the edge of the pool where Mariah was.  He lent down and brushed his lips over hers.  Rose gasped, but covered it up quickly as a cough. 

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has been cheating on her boyfriend.

The male looked up from where Mariah was, finally noticing another girl in the bath.  “I’m David; Mariah’s husband.”

Rose nodded her head, unable to speak.  Husband?  Her world came crashing down as those words spun around in her head.  She wouldn’t believe; she couldn’t.  Taking a deep breath, Rose stepped out of the bath.  She smiled at Mariah, “Thanks for letting me stay the night; it was fun.”

Her hands shook as she left the room.  She was close to the door – after dressing quickly - when David walked into the room.  “Rose, I’m so sorry to have ruined your day planned with Mariah.  I’m going to another Quidditch Game now, so you guys can have your moment back.  I’m hardly ever home, and I was in the neighbourhood, so I dropped in.  Have fun today.”

“We will,” replied Rose sly, her face betraying their secret for a moment.  David didn’t notice. 

“Great.  See you around.” He smiled and left the room.  Rose smiled at his back, picturing daggers digging into his back.  He was nice, she admitted, but he was someone who could have Mariah whenever he wanted, but didn’t because he was at Quidditch.  QuidditchHe chose Quidditch over his own wife; what a scum.

Rose began to walk towards the bathroom again, wanting to pick up from where they were interrupted.  She opened the door, it creaking loudly.  Looking in she saw Mariah with a towel wrapped around her body, drying her hair with another.  She looked up as the door opened, gasping as she saw it was Rose.  Her hand shook as she turned her back on Rose, continuing to dry her hair.  Rose walked up behind her lover, stroking her back lovingly.  “So he’s why you returned,” purred Rose as she trailed kisses down Mariah’s back.

“No,” whispered Mariah, as she arched her back into Rose’s chest.  “We came back, because this was my home, and he was going to be away a lot, so he wanted me near friends.  We’ve been here for two weeks.  I was putting off coming to see you, because I knew you were close to being engaged.  He’s always away and it makes me angry.  So, an affair seems perfect.  I’ll be with someone who will want me and be there for me.  He drops in occasionally, just to say hi before going back on his World tour.”

Rose wove her hands around Mariah’s stomach, grabbing the edge of the towel.  She spun her lover around to face her, the towel dropping between them.  Rose hand swiftly went to her lover’s inner thigh, making her moan in reply.  Soft kisses were placed along Mariah’s neck as Rose’s busy hands continued their work.

“No fair.  You’re clothed,” moaned Mariah, her legs slipping in between Rose’s, her hips swaying as they caressed each other.

“Then changed that.”

Mariah brought Rose closer to her, her arms weaving their way to Rose’s pelvic bone.  Her hands worked Rose’s top over her head, while trailing kisses along her stomach.  Rose moaned, feeling her friend teasing her.  Mariah continued to tease as one hand undid the buttons on Rose’s jeans, while the other rubbed her lover’s breast.  When Rose’s jeans were discarded, Mariah placed kisses along her midriff, while Rose arched her body forward for contact, her hands weaving through her hair, pushing down slightly.   Slowly, Mariah threaded her fingers through the lace of her knickers, and pulled them down painfully slow.  Once the panties were discarded, Mariah returned to Rose’s upper body; their arms wrapped around each other.  Mariah’s quick hands unclasped Rose’s bra.  Once again they looked into each other’s eyes, before Rose wrapped her legs around Mariah’s waist, their skin connecting passionately.  Rose moved her body in a slow rhythm; her movements pushing Mariah threw the door, back towards the bedroom.

They took one quick glance around the room, making sure they were alone.

Mariah carried Rose over to the bed on the far side of the room, placing her down.  She looked down at Rose’s body, before climbing on top of her, straddling her hips.  Rose bucked her hips up, causing Mariah to cry out in a moan.  Her hands climbed up the young woman’s body beneath her.  They rubbed gently along her breast, before she took one into her mouth.  Rose sighed, her body enjoying the simple pleasure.

Between kisses, Mariah found time to repeat how much she loved Rose.  Yet, this time, nothing in Rose stirred.  No fire or anything.  It struck her with an almighty blow: she was using Mariah.  She didn’t love her, she loved Scorpius.  Mariah had been the rebound girl.

As Rose pondered over this, Mariah slid down to she cradled her lover’s legs.  She bent her head and began to kiss her pelvic bone, dragging her tongue along every now and then.  Rose soundly became aware of her body; of her cheating.  Sure, she had thought about it earlier, but now it was staring her straight in the face.  The grey eyes of her lover pierced her skin, his face angry.  Suddenly, Rose climbed from underneath Mariah and sat up, dragging the sheet across her exposed breast. 

“What’s wrong?” asked Mariah as she stroked her inner thigh, bringing her lips to brush over Rose’s.

Rose squirmed a little under the touch and broke away from the kiss.  “I don’t feel well.  I think I might return home.  I’ll see you later.” With that Rose got off the bed and headed over to the bathroom, where her clothes had been discarded.  The room was haunting.  What have I done?

When she returned to the bedroom, fully clothed, she saw Mariah exactly as she had last seen her: naked.  Rose blushed as more memories of the previous night danced their way along her mind.  Her heart began to beat faster and she suddenly felt dizzy.  “I’ll see you later.”  Rose kissed Mariah on the cheek, but seeing her confused face she took a deep breath and kissed her lover on the lips.  In the back of Rose’s mind, she knew it felt different – perhaps a little more distant.  Again when she turned to leave, she saw Mariah confused.  She had wanted some sort of deeper kiss and perhaps a deeper action that a quick peck.

Taking another deep breath, Rose reached forward again and gave Mariah the kiss she wanted.  She scrapped her lips over her lovers, her tongue asking for permission to enter.  To Rose this moment was awkward, but to Mariah it was what she wanted.  Slowly, Rose pulled away; her hand running along her lover’s inner thigh as she left.  Once she was in the hallway, Rose disapparated to her home, feeling a little empty but pleased.

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