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After descending several flights of stairs and walking down a few more hallways the bright red bird finally stopped in front of a door in the potions wing. As the group advanced the red bird flew to Hermione who accepted it immediately. As she held out her hand it landed on her palm and gave a soft chirp.

When Hermione went to stroke the bird’s head, she noticed the soft feathers had turned to smooth stone. Its job was done and it had no more use to stay in its living form. “Let’s see where it led us!” suggested Hermione as she put the small stone statue into her cloak pocket.

As the group neared the door a strange tune seemed to be coming from the other side. For some reason it sounded like muggle music, more specifically jazz. Harry, having been the one who spent the most time in seclusion with muggles, instantly recognized it.

“Somebody’s listening to music!” exclaimed Harry as he began to push the door open wanting to see who was inside.

Listening wasn’t quite exactly the way William was following the music. In order to levitate several beakers and a few pots with a wand he needed to be relaxed. Music was one of the best mediums for him to work through and this was no exception. The wandless magic, which he had learned to harness control over, only aided the task set out before him.

When Harry and his friends entered the room, the sight they took in was amazing. From a passing look it was as if William was conducting a symphony of magical tasks all through the use of both hands, one without a wand. It was when William realized that he wasn’t alone that he began to lose his concentration. Very quickly he levitated the objects back to their places on the tables.

“Well I was wondering when all of you would come by!” exclaimed William as he stirred a nearby pan. He then turned off the music that he no longer needed. “I see the Marauder’s Map took you right to me.”

“Actually we used this.” said Hermione as she pulled the stone bird from her pocket. William’s eyes went wide as he realized they had been in his trunk.

“Well I guess that means you got into my trunk!” said William, his widening at this intrusion. He then went over to the very same case that he had summoned minutes before. There were only two possible explanations as to how they opened it. “Would you mind giving it back to me?” replied the boy holding out his hand toward Hermione.

Harry instead took it from Hermione’s hand and gave it to William. As he bent down to put it back into its resting place Harry decided to try his luck on a theory that he had recently developed.

“I’ve seen that bird before William.” He did not meet eyes with Harry but could tell where he was going with this. “It’s been following us around for the past few weeks. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

“Would you prefer a lie or the truth?” said William as he removed a square wooden box from the black trunk.

“You had it follow us didn’t you?” asked Harry already knowing the answer. The slight anger was evident in his tone.

“Yes, I did.” said William with no regret in his voice.


“Remember after you punched me on the dock?” Harry nodded. “Well I said that I was sick of playing body guard. That doesn’t necessarily mean that wouldn’t stop keeping an eye on you. My bird did that for me.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” exclaimed Ron who decided to join the conversation.

“Yes I did.” proclaimed William. “I gave my word that I would protect all of you and I’m a man of my word.”

No one said anything after that. Harry had tried to convince William that they did not need his protection. Obviously this was something that he needed to do and who was Harry to have him go back on his word.

“Do you need any help?” asked Ginny who decided it was best if they just got to the point.

“Actually yes!” answered William. “Would one of you mind stirring that pot over there? And would someone else mind turning off that flame under the cauldron?”

Ron decided to make himself useful and stir the pot while Hermione went to turn off the flame. Harry and Ginny just took a seat at the table where William was working. Right now he was removing several glass jars from the wooden box he had taken from the trunk.

As Ron stirred the pot, his nose picked up something very familiar. It smelled almost like chicken and potatoes. “What is that smell?”

William knew he could liven up the moment and instantly decided to go for it. “Taste this.” ordered William as he produced a spoon from the pot.

Ron uneasily but slowly drank the mixture. After it hit his taste buds he decided it was one of the best things he had ever tasted, aside from his mother’s food of course. “Wow! What in the world is that?”

“I don’t know. I found it in one of the cauldrons when I got here!” replied the boy as he made a fake look of curiosity over the pan.

Ron instantly spit out the remainder wondering just what he had swallowed.

“Relax it’s just a sauce for the chicken I’m making!” laughed William who was then joined by Hermione, Ginny and Harry. His attempt to lighten the mood had worked.

“You’re cooking in a potions lab?”

“Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Besides you’ll need you strength after I remove the dream.” The moment was over when William suddenly pulled them back to reality.

“That reminds me.” interrupted Harry. “You said that you had answers for us in your letter.”

“Oh yeah that’s right!” exclaimed William remembering what he had discovered. “I found this about an hour ago when I was looking through one of my scrapbooks.” He then pulled what looked like a newspaper clipping from his jacket.

As Harry took the paper, Ginny, Ron and Hermione had gathered around to read. The title at the top read as “Search Continues for Missing Youths” but the article William wanted them to read was a little filler at the bottom of the page.

“Lost Box of Acrimanicus’ Found in Muggle Pawn Shop” When the group looked up to see just what William was implying he pointed back to the page. “Keep reading.”

“Late yesterday morning Ministry officials confiscated a box of several Acrimanicus’ from a muggle pawn shop in the London area of Great Britain. The box in question had been from a lost disposal order from the Ministry of Magic.

You would of course remember the craze these toys once had over the youth of the wizarding community. This craze was however prematurely ended after several reported cases of memory sharing phenomena. This was later found to be from a misused application of flesh memory charms from factory workers.”

William could tell that they had finished the article when all of their eyes widened in realization. “So much trouble from one little trinket like that.” He then produced the toy from his pocket and laid it on the table. “I think that my memory was transferred to all of you when you first gave me it. I touched it first and then handed it to all of you. I had no idea something like this would happen.”

Harry and his friends did truly believe William. For all of his loyalties and protective quirks they gathered it was not in his nature to do something like this intentionally.

As they thought this over Harry’s eyes wandered back to the headline of the article. As he read on he understood just what had happened to William.

“The search resumes today after yesterday’s unfortunate events in the Black Forest of Germany. The death toll has been raised to 6 after another body was discovered several miles into the forest. Among the dead are August and Aurora McElroy, the famed couple who made the discovery, Senior Auror Silas Tiberian, and Joseph Santoro a second year student of Hogwarts.

Ministry officials have given a brief statement saying these events were part of Werewolf retaliation efforts for last month’s discovery of a permanent cure to lycanthropy. A special trip for a collected group of gifted students of wizard schools from around the world were given a hike of the forest concluding with a tour of the site where the discovery was first made. This group was attacked on Friday evening and has been scattered throughout the area.

Thanks to international cooperation between the British and German Ministries of Magic most of the group has been recovered with an exception of eight students. The students in question are believed to be on the run in deep rooted werewolf territory. From recent reports, the students have been identified as Peter McElroy, Isabella Chase, Declan Fowler, Darius Kane-”

“Harry?” interrupted William.

“Yes.” replied the boy as he realized he had been torn away from the article.

“I was just saying that we should begin.” William knew exactly had caught Harry’s attention. He would have to make a point later to explain it to him and his friends. He was unsure if he should tell them because of the ripple it could have on the future. He could take the risk but there would be so much at stake. Changes, irreparable changes, which could alter the course of history.

“Okay sure.”

“First things first, I need a clear sight of the potion.” He then put his fingers to each of his eyes and to the group’s amazement pulled out two contact lenses. The sight of his eyes was even stranger.

“What were those and more so what happened to your eyes?” asked Ginny in utter confusion. The contacts were one thing but the brown color that his eye were now was another thing entirely. “Don’t you have green eyes?”

William had prepared for this and knew he would be stormed with questions. “My eyes are actually brown. I wear these special contacts to I can see magical spells that are invisible to the naked eye.” said the boy as he held them in his hand. “I wear them most of the time here because you never know when they may come in handy.”

The group could understand this seeing as how Mad Eye used to implore the same kind of device when he was still alive. At least now they knew how he kept spotting them under the invisibility cloak.

“So you don’t actually have green eyes?” asked Hermione.

“Sorry.” replied William as he put the contacts into a small case. “They’re just plain brown.”

“They’re still nice.” said Hermione as she slowly got used to the idea of seeing him with brown eyes. William’s were maybe just a shade lighter than a normal brown.

“Thanks. My mother gave them to me.” He then pulled from his inner pocket his silver rimmed pair of glasses and put them on. “Now, to the matter at hand.” said William as he pointed toward the cauldron. “Can any of you conjure blue fire? I’m not very good at that spell.”

Hermione, without having been asked, lit her wand a produced a blue flame under the cauldron. This spell had been very easy for her to perform since the youngest age. It was never really clear why. “So what’s that for?”

“Blue fire is the one of purest of all magical flames. This potion needs pure fire in order for it to work.” William then removed four identical blue glass bottles from the other table. Each bottled was individually labeled with their names except for the largest bottle which was left blank. It was most likely William’s because he needed more than they did.

“So how is this going to work?” asked Ron. With all of this new information hitting him at once he was beginning to grow nervous. “So we just take the potion and it’ll go away?”

“It’s not that simple.” said William as he uncorked one of the glass jars. “The potion only masks the memory. You won’t feel the pain or experience the memory but instead you should have some really good dreams.” A slight smile spread across William’s face. “The memory will still be inside of you but it won’t show up because I’m going to remove it after I finish this.”

“Will the scars go away?” asked Ginny.

“They should after a few days. The healing properties in the potion will take care of them in no time.”

“If you can remove the dream from us then why can’t you remove it from yourself?” asked Harry. If it was so simple to get it out of them then why was it so hard for him to get it out of himself?

William had often wondered this when he first contracted this condition. Many people had numerous theories but he liked his dad’s the best. “My dad told me once that memories are apart of each and every one of us, the good ones and the bad ones. He thought that the reason it couldn’t be removed is because it’s a part of who I am.” Tears began to well up in his eyes but he quickly brushed them away.

Harry most of all could understand just what William was talking about. For every bad memory he had he could not change them because that was who he is. His only hope was that they would make him a better person for having experienced them and making each moment after count. It was his life and he would live it to the fullest.

“I take this stuff a few times a week so I don’t have to feel the pain or the memory. Truth be told I haven’t had the nightmare that bad in a few years thanks to this potion.” A soft chuckle escaped his lips. “It comes back every so often, mostly during the full moon. I thought I’d chance it last night after I gave you the last of what I had. I guess I was wrong in thinking it wouldn’t come back.”

“Sorry for that.” said Ginny feeling somehow the one to blame for what had happened to him the night before.

“You didn’t know, besides the good thing about pain is that it lets you know you’re alive. And certainly don’t blame yourself for something you had no control over.” William had decided a long time ago that it was better to make light of the situation than be angry or find someone to blame. “Any other questions?”

“Yeah, what exactly are you putting in this potion?” asked Ron as he eyed the numerous jars near the cauldron, some of which had not been opened yet.

“I believe I have the original potion recipe somewhere.” said William as he searched the table. From one of the books he took out a loose handwritten page. “This is it!” He then handed it to Harry who then held it so everyone could read.

“Dreamscape?” said Harry as he read the bold word at the top of the page. “That’s what you call this stuff?”

“Actually my friend Pete came up with the name.” said William remembering the fond memory. “He said I could escape from the nightmares and have good dreams every night.”

Harry and the others continued reading down the page until they came to a handwritten note which read;

‘Doc, this should do the trick. Rose gave me some help with the last part. For a girl her age she’s very smart. See you on the pitch tomorrow and sweet dreams! -Pete’

“Is this the same Pete who wrote in that book you gave me?” asked Hermione.

“Yeah.” replied William. “He was one of the principal developers alongside myself and a few others who created Dreamscape. He wrote that book I gave you when he was just nineteen.”

“He must be really smart.” said Ron in amazement.

“You play chess right.” Ron nodded. “You know how the really good players will play 5 moves ahead of the other?” Again Ron nodded. “Well Pete plays about 30 moves ahead of others.” Clearly William had friends that were very gifted like him.

“Who’s Rose?” asked Hermione.

William was unsure how to answer. He couldn’t ruin the surprise. “She’s a friend of mine. Very smart just like her mother.” William said with a sly smile. If she only knew.

Hermione considered this. She would have to meet this girl someday. If she only knew.

“Now that that’s settled let’s get started.” exclaimed William. Time was of the essence and he needed to finish the potion. “First we must add just a bit of Powdered Chimera Fang.” He then poured a small dash into the heated cauldron.

“Wait isn’t that poisonous?!” asked Hermione. She would know best of all about potions ingredients. It was of course known to her how dangerous certain ingredients were.

“Highly.” said William who was unscathed by her concerns. He then opened another jar that looked like it contained water and poured several drops into the mixture. “That’s why we add a few drop of Naiad Water that I get from a spring in Greece. It’ll cancel out the poisonous elements of the Chimera Fang. Now we have a potion that’ll travel rapidly throughout the body.”

“Like a poison!” exclaimed Hermione realizing where he was going with this. “Except you don’t have any of the after affects like death.” The applications for this were infinite. “You really do have some smart friends.”

“You have no idea.” said William with a grin. His friends were more than just a group of familiar faces but his family. They had shared everything with each other; the good, the bad, and the worst. “Now we add another key ingredient.” He then removed another jar lid and picked out a jagged looking rock. It had once been part of a larger body but had been broken down over time.

“What’s that?” asked Ginny as William placed it gently on the table.

“This is a piece of an Erumpent Horn.”

“What?!” asked Harry as he and the others backed away from the table. “That’s explosive you know!”

William then picked up the piece without any hesitation. “Not unless you know a spell that renders it inert.”

Harry and his friends took to their chairs once again after William assured them it was safe. “I didn’t know there was a spell that could do that.” exclaimed Harry catching his breath from the panic.

“There are a few, but this one still leaves a small explosive property. It’s something of my own creation.” Harry guessed that this might have been another one of the spells in his book.

After saying this he refocused his attention back to the horn piece and broke off a fragment the size of a small pebble.

“What do you need it for in this potion?” asked Ron who was still somewhat nervous around the unstable material. “How do you expect us to take something that’s explosive?”

“Relax, besides the muggles take nitroglycerin for their ailments and all that was originally used for dynamite.”

“So what does it do for this potion?” asked Ginny. She too was just as nervous as Ron but did not show it as much as he did.

“Gives it a bit of a kick.” William then placed the tip of his wand to the side of his glasses, which instantly turned the lenses from clear to a heavy black. “You might want to close your eyes for this.”

Without a second’s hesitation the group covered their eyes tightly with both hands. All of them, except for Ginny, had seen first had the violent reaction it made. William then slowly but carefully dropped the fragment into the boiling mixture.

As if on cue, an immense burst of light erupted from the pot the instant the fragment touched the water. The four other students in front of William could tell it was great because even though they covered their eyes they could still feel an intense glow.

As quick as the flash of light had erupted from the pot it instantly recoiled back into the boiling potion. “You can open your eyes now.” said William as he turned his glasses back to the clear color.

“That must be some kick!” exclaimed Ginny as she looked into the pot. The water inside was now a glowing blue fluid.

“It does the trick.” replied William as he took the recipe and searched for the next ingredient. “Okay so I already added the leaves of Wolfsbane. Now we need some dragon’s blood.”

“You’re going to use dragon’s blood in the potion?” asked Hermione. “What in the world do you need that for?” An ingredient like that was very hard to come by and would only be used sparingly in most situations.

William then took another jar filled with a deep crimson, viscous fluid. “Well the blood acts as a pain killer in the potion adding its own healing and soothing properties.” He then took an eyedropper and added only a single drop to the large mixture. “They gave treatments with this stuff before the potion was developed.”

“How come you only added a drop to such a large potion?” asked Ron in confusion. It wouldn’t make sense for such a large batch.

“Well aside from being highly potent its very addictive.” said William who knew just how much. “After I started taking the Dreamscape, I was given treatment to remove all of its addictive elements from my system. It was through use of special memory alteration and sense tweaking. It was hard but I finally got over it and haven’t looked back since.”

“It’s really that strong?” asked Harry. He had heard of the muggles and their problems with drugs but he had never heard anything like this in the wizarding world.

“Well I don’t remember that much with the after treatment and all but I remember someone saying that it’s like all the blood in your body turns to liquid fire.” He could see the look of wonder in their eyes. “Crazy I know.”

After William stirred the pot a final time he pointed his wand to the base of the fire and extinguished it instantly. He then used a cooling charm in order to dispense the potion amongst the four bottles. When it was all emptied into the bottles there was only two more ingredients to collect.

“So that’s it?” asked Ron as he held his own marked bottle in his hands.

“No, there are still two more ingredients to add.” said William as he then produced the silver dagger that he carried around since he arrived.

“What do you need that for?” asked Harry referring to the blade. The nature in which it was previously used held a certain air of terror and fear.

“Blood.” said William as he pricked the tip of his thumb. He then held the bleeding cut over his bottle and let the few ample drops flow into the potion. After it was securely in place he closed and shook the bottle in order to mix it in.

Harry and the others looked in a mixed demeanor of confusion and disgust. Why exactly were they going to consume a potion that contained their own blood?

“Why do you need blood?” asked Hermione. In all of the textbooks on potions she had read there was never any instance where human blood was called for. Harry had been the only one to witness such a potion being made.

“It’s a little hard to explain.” said William who knew just what they were thinking. When Pete had asked him for blood after making the first successful batch he was awestruck. “The potion needs to familiarize itself with the person taking it.” started William hoping they would pick up on what he was saying. “By adding your own blood to the mixture it can work through your body faster and quicker. In a way the Dreamscape knows you and your body so it can work properly without problems.”

They slowly took in this information as William tried to explain. In some weird way it made sense. Nothing like this had ever been covered in potions class with Professors Slughorn or Snape. It was truly ahead of its time.

William then handed the dagger to Harry hoping he would add his own ingredient to the mix. The blade was very comfortable in his hand, almost like it had been made for him personally. For something he had never seen before it carried an odd sense of familiarity.

Harry then slowly took the dagger to his thumb and made a small prick which he then turned over into the bottle. As per William’s instructions he then corked the bottle and shook it very thoroughly. He then licked his wound as the blood started to subside. He then passed the dagger to Ginny who cautiously accepted it.

“Be very careful with it Ginny.” exclaimed William. “It’s very sharp for something 1500 years old.”

Ginny then applied William’s advice and slowly used the dagger with the same success as Harry. Shortly after Ron and Hermione followed as well. Each seemed somewhat relieved after they had conquered this small obstacle.

“Is that all that’s left William?” asked Harry placing his bottle on the table. Ron, Ginny, and Hermione each set theirs down as well.

After putting the dagger back in its sheath and into the black trunk he then pulled out his wand. “No, we need one more ingredient. This is definitely the most important one.”

“What do you need now a virgin sacrifice?” asked Ron laughing as he tried to think of what other obscure item he needed to add to the mix.

“Well there aren’t any virgins here so I don’t think that’s going to do us any good!” laughed William.

Harry and Ron each wore a smile from ear to ear knowing what William was saying were true. They had each lost that aspect of themselves to their significant others shortly after the war ended. There was nothing else to wait for after that.

The girls only blushed and smiled as they remembered the night of their first times. In both cases it was like a dream come true. They each shared the deepest love with the ones they cared for most in the world.

William could only smile as he remembered the girl he had been with. She was the very same girl he hoped to go back to once all of this was sorted out. He only hoped it wasn’t too late. “In all seriousness I need a Patronus from each of you except this time I need you to think of a very happy hope or dream that you have for the future.”

A Patronus was the last thing they expected they would need for a potion. What did a corporeal animal have anything to do with a healing potion? Rather than arguing with William they immediately decided to just see where this was going.

“If you say so.” said Harry as thought hard of what he wanted in the future. He then flicked his wand and said, “Expecto Patronum!” A majestic stag instantly burst from the tip of his wand and stood proudly by his side. No matter how many times he had used this spell it had always amazed him.

When Ron, Hermione and Ginny collected their hopes and dreams they each cast the spell with a proud manner. From Ron’s wand came a medium sized terrier that sat at his side. Ginny’s wand let loose a large proud looking mare and from Hermione’s wand shot out a playful looking otter that swam around her.

William then took his wand and echoed the spell that his father had taught him many years ago. “Expecto Patronum!” In an instant a large lion gracefully appeared in front of the boy. He was very proud looking with a large mane and to top it all off he bellowed a mighty roar after being finally released.

To make matters even stranger, the lion then walked slowly over to the four other animals in the room. Harry, thinking the lion might try to eat one of them, as if a Patronus could do such a thing, watched cautiously at the scene unfolding before his eyes. Instead the lion bowed before the other animals as if it was showing them its respect. It then walked back to its master as it prepared for what was coming.

“Do you mind telling us why we need a Patronus for a potion?” asked Ron as he took in the strange scene. “It’s not like we can bottle a Patronus.” He then laughed at such a notion.

“Oh really.” said William as he lowered his bottle to the lion’s head. He then passed it through its corporeal form and showed them what he had obtained. They could see that the bottle was no longer just plain glass but it was now glowing with a light aura. “You can’t bottle a Patronus, huh?” laughed William.

The group before him took in this sight with utter amazement. Just what he had done was something that had never been attempted before. They could understand that this was happening because since they had entered the potions lab they had spent nearly the entire time in uncharted territory. However they could not understand just why he was doing this.

“Why do you need a Patronus?” asked Harry eyeing the glowing mixture in William’s bottle. “What exactly does it do to the potion?”

William then gently placed the bottle back on the table and put the cork back in. He wouldn’t need it until he went to bed. “Well as you may know, the memory is something of an evil nature, a curse placed on myself years ago.”

As the four Gryffindors heard this they could not imagine what kind of witch or wizard would do such a thing to a child. Something as cruel as this was only thought to have been conjured by one wizard and he was dead. Harry made sure of that.

Remembering that night William continued his story. “Because it is something so evil, Rose had the idea to combat it with something that pure good. A Patronus is the only thing that I know is like that.” They all smiled as what they realized he said was so true. The Patronus was the embodiment of all of what was good and right in each person.

“When the Patronus is added to the mix I don’t get nightmares. Instead I have dreams about love, family, and all of the other things I hope for in the world.” William then again took out his wand as he had one more job to do.

“That’s all there is to it?” exclaimed Hermione as she recollected the procedure of the potion. “The only thing you have to do now is remove it, right?”

“Precisely!” exclaimed William. He then took from the other table a bottle of firewhiskey and five glasses. “I need to remove it from each of you while you are sleeping. It has to be done one at a time so I get it right.”

“Have you ever done this before?” asked Ron. From the way he stared at the bottle in his shaking hands it was obvious that he was very nervous. The same could be said for the rest of the group including William.

“Technically no, but it’s just like removing a memory and using Legilimency.” said William as he then poured the five glasses of firewhiskey.

Harry, having heard William speak of things that he himself and a few others knew, prompted his next question. “Are you a Legilimens? You certainly seem to have the ability.”

William knew what he meant by this and made a note to be more subtle in the future. “I learned Legilimency in my years at Hogwarts and mastered it to a certain degree but I’m much better at Occlumency.”

That settled a few of the questions Harry held in his mind. Resuming his training in Occlumency sounded like a good idea now that he knew William was accomplished at both arts of the mind.

William then gave each of them a glass of firewhiskey hoping to calm there nerves. “All of you look like you could use a drink. This should take the edge off.”

Each of them took the glasses and downed the strong liquid in one gulp. Much to the boys’ surprise the girls finished their drinks first. “So who wants to go first?” said William as he took a swig right from the bottle.

No one was eager to partake in such a highly risky experiment. Harry, looking toward his friends, could easily tell this and quickly made up his mind. “I’ll go first.” He then stepped forward and waited for William’s instructions. “Could I just have one more drink first?” asked Harry as he felt the butterflies in his stomach come back.

William having known what Harry was going through kindly obliged and gave him the bottle. The butterflies were instantly replaced with soothing warmth. William followed suite and took a gulp right from the bottle after Harry gave it back. 

William then opened the spellbook in front of him. "I'm just documenting my work to look back at it later." He then began to scribble notes. "What's today date?"

"October 1, 1998." replied Hermione.

William then chuckled to himself. "What?" asked Ron.

"No, it's nothing important." replied William.

“Are you ready to begin?” Harry nodded. “First I need you to lie down so I can put you under.” Harry did what he was told. “The next thing I’m going to do is put a spell on you to put you to sleep and then another one to provoke the nightmare.” This concept frightened Harry as he did not want to experience that again.

“At the first sign of its presence I’m going to use a charm in order to remove it like a memory. After that you should wake up and be alright.” William looked down at Harry with a mixed expression of fear and hope. He needed this to work as best as possible.

Harry shared the exact same sentiment. He couldn’t have this nightmare anymore. The deaths of his friends and family during the war already gave him enough nightmares. All he could do was pray that William could fix it. “I’m ready when you are.”
William’s smile and then a flash of light were all that he remembered after that. The next thing he knew he was running through a darkened forest. Regretfully things were going exactly to plan. The nightmare was in full swing.

It was all playing out like it had been before. The running through the forest, William’s collapse against the tree, confessing his love for the girl in Pete’s arms, and finally being left alone under the tree. The only difference this time was that Harry was more aware of the situation.

He knew that William was trying to remove it on the outside, but on the inside he was getting antsy. Thoughts of fear and dread began to overrun Harry’s mind. What would be the sign that William had succeeded? Whatever it was he needed to do it fast because the howls were getting louder and closer.

Just like they had done over the past several times he experienced the nightmare, the group of wolves came into the clearing just as the sun began to glow behind the mountain. ‘Where are you William?! Get me out of here?!’ screamed Harry as the red eyed wolf made its advance on the sitting boy. Harry tried to move but failed as he realized it was not his body to remove. This was going to happen and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“You have me now you bastard. Take your best shot!”

And with those familiar words Harry closed his eyes expecting to be awoken by the piercing feeling in his chest. “Why didn’t you help me William?” Harry asked himself as he waited for the pain.

It was when he felt nothing that he opened his eyes. He was quickly taken back as the red-eyed wolf was still in front of him with an outstretched claw. This time instead of a ravenous animal, Harry was stunned to realize that the wolf was frozen in place. In fact nothing at all was moving. Was time standing still?

‘Had William succeeded?’ Harry thought to himself as he stared at the wolf. ‘Could all of this finally be over?’ As he continued to look around everything began to grow blurry. The entire area was beginning to somehow come out of focus. The only way Harry could describe it was as if everything was being erased.

And very suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, it was all gone. He then found himself awake and back on familiar ground.

He looked up from his body and saw William place a glowing strand into another jar filling it part way. It was just like memories being removed except this time they were glowing red instead of blue.

William then stumbled as his strength had been somewhat taken in his success of removing the memory. Harry looked on with concern but found his body to be in the same condition.

Ginny, Ron, and Hermione each rushed in to make sure he was okay. They each gave him a warm hug except for Ginny who planted a long wet kiss on his mouth. Harry thought it was all worth it just for that. He would do anything for them, especially Ginny; the girl he would spend the rest of his life with.

William just stood at the table smiling as he attempts were finally successful. “Sorry to keep you waiting Harry. I had to clear a few things out of my way to get to the memory.”

“You had me worried for a second there.” Harry then stood up as some of his strength had returned. “What do I need to do now?”

“Nothing, just take that potion and your body will be the same as it always was in a few days.” smiled William as he prepared to do the same procedure three more times.

Harry and the others smiled as well hearing this grand news. No more would there sleep be tormented by the nightmare. “How long was I out?” asked Harry.

“About a half hour.” answered Ron as he thought of how slow the time went by watching his sleeping friend. The fear of what might happen to his best friend nearly got the best of him. “We were really worried about you.”

“I’m fine now thanks to William.” assured Harry as he walked over and gave Ron a hug.

“I hate to break this up-” interrupted William, “but I need to do this three more times. Whose gonna go next?”

“I’ll do it William.” proclaimed Ginny stepping forward. She no longer had any more doubts in her mind after William had successfully cured Harry.

“Okay then. Let’s begin.”

2 hours later…

Hermione had just woken up from the dream and felt the same weakness the other had experienced over the past few hours. And again William was putting another red memory strand into the jar.

Again, like the others, she was swarmed by hugs and kisses as she recovered from the removal. As they all composed themselves and sat down at the table, William put the jar in the center with its near full contents. They all stared at it. The memory was no longer hiding in their minds but instead sitting right before them.

“And now for the final task.” said William pulling out his wand. That was then put into the jar. “Obliviate!”

The red strands disappeared in an instant as the spell took effect. They were finally gone, permanently erased. The weight of the world was finally off their shoulders.

“I don’t know about anyone else but I’m starving.” exclaimed Ron breaking the silence.
“Honestly Ronald.” jabbed Hermione nudging him in the shoulder.

“It’s okay Hermione.” said William as he uncovered the pots behind him. “Why do you think I cooked beforehand?” With a wave of his wand the food in the pots and pans assembled itself on the table before them.

William had spent a few hours beforehand getting the food ready and by this time it was done cooking. A simple meal of mashed potatoes, roasted barbecue chicken and stewed vegetables was exactly what the doctor ordered. In other words, it was absolutely delicious.

In no time at all the pots and pans were empty as they group of five each finished their third plates. William had outdone himself yet again.

“That was one of the best meals of my life.” said Ron as he finished his last forkful of vegetables.

“You have to give my mum the recipe for that chicken. She’d love it!” exclaimed Ginny who then curled up next to Harry.

“Yeah I know what you mean. There’s nothing like American barbecue.” William then flicked his wand and their dishes and placed them on one of the other tables.

“You like America?” asked Harry. The land across the sea had always held a certain curiosity in his mind. Then again so did ever other place he had yet to visit.

“It’s nice. I spent some time there with my buddy Pete after third year.” William smiled at this memory. “Still, right here is where I like the most.” All of them couldn’t agree more.

“That’s the same Peter from your memory right?” asked Ron. Hermione then nudged him in the ribs at bringing up the touchy subject.

“That’s right.” said William who knew very well where this was going.

Harry could see this in his eyes but was afraid to press the issue. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” Although he would never admit it this was exactly the opposite of what he wanted him to do.

“The problem with all of this is that I don’t know if I should tell you.” sighed William. He knew that there was no avoiding this. It was bound to come out sooner or later and by this time he had chosen sooner.

“It’s okay William. Do what you think is right.” said Ginny looking up from her empty plate.

“I’m just going to have to hope I’m doing the right thing.” William exclaimed to himself. He was now sailing into uncharted water. “After my second year at Hogwarts, a group of students including myself were given a special tour of the Black Forest in Germany.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Harry with much concern. He had his fair share of war stories and knew just how hard it was to recount them.

“Just shut up and listen because I’m only gonna tell this story once.” replied William.

The group sat back and prepared to take in all that he had to tell.

“About a month before the school term ended a discovery had been made that would change the wizarding world. Two American wizards that worked for the ministry had found a special, highly rare breed of Wolfsbane deep in the forest” said William as he held up the leftover plant from the potion, “that would permanently suppress the werewolf infection.”

“That’s impossible!” exclaimed Hermione. “Werewolf’s usually take a Wolfsbane potion that suppress’ attacks not the entire condition!”

“I said it would change the wizarding world.” replied William as he continued his story. “Anyway these two scientists, August and Aurora McElroy-”

“Pete’s parents.” said Harry having read the article.

“That’s right.” continued William. “Well they agreed with the ministry to share this news with other Magical Governments in order to decide what to do with such a rare plant. One of their first ideas was to grant a special hike to the best and brightest students gathered from wizarding schools all over the world. Pete, me and a few others from Hogwarts were on that hike.” His eyes went sad with this last sentence. “Do you want to see a picture of them?”

They all nodded as William went to the trunk nearby. He searched for a few minutes before Harry realized what he was looking for.

“I think this is what you need William.” said Harry as he held out the photo book.

“You always find the important stuff.” said William as he took the book back. “First my diary and now this.” He then searched the pages and pulled out one of the pictures.

Harry took it while Ron, Hermione and Ginny gathered around to see. There were eight students standing in front of a forest motioning to the taker that they were starting the hike. It was when they realized it was the same group from the memory that their eyes went wide.

“That’s me, Pete, Ally and Scorpios.” said William as he pointed to the first four in the photo. At hearing the last name their eyes went wider.

“He was their with you?” asked Harry. “You two were really friends then I guess.”

“Yeah, but not anymore. I just don’t know where he went wrong.” The defeat was evident in his eyes.

“I thought you said his mother poisoned his mind?” asked Ginny after recounting his answer to them that day when he gave the open forum.

“I said that to give you a quick answer.” admitted William. “Truth be told, his dad Draco married a fine woman nothing like his parents. I just thought I’d tell a little white lie to give you a satisfying answer. Why he went bad is beyond me.”

“I guess I can understand that.” said Harry who knew why William lied to them. It was better to have that than nothing.

“Who are these other kids?” asked Hermione trying to change the subject.

“Well those two boys,” he said pointing to the black boy and the white boy with dirty blond hair “are Darius and Declan two of my best friends. They were a year ahead of me in school.”

“How about these two?” asked Ron pointing to an olive-skinned girl and a Spanish looking boy.

“That would be Isabella and Paul.” smiled William. “Isabella was the one who created my tattoos.” Again their eyes went wide in wonder. “She was a really gifted artist. She was an even better friend. They all were.” He then slowly wiped away a tear after remembering what had happened to them not so long ago.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny each caught his use of past tense and wondered what else he wasn’t telling them.

“Enough of that! Let’s get back to the story. Where was I?” asked William.

“You had just started the hike.” replied Harry waiting to hear more.

“Well anyway we began the hike at midday and stopped for the night at sundown. The next morning we were going to arrive at the meadow where the plants were discovered. That was when we started hearing the howling.”

“Just why did werewolves attack your group?” asked Hermione.

William had many theories but only one stuck. “My best guess is that when the news got out of a cure they went mad with rage. They didn’t like the idea of being labeled as flawed. A select few were convinced that they were more evolved than us in nature and that we were the ones that needed to be cured.”

“They had followers didn’t they?” asked Harry knowing that a few werewolves were not likely the number for devastation of such magnitude.

“They had dozens in their attack groups. I swear blind loyalty like that is the worst thing in this world.” replied William with a hint of anger. “When the sun went down and the full moon came out was when we saw the first one by the edge of our camp clearing. A decision was made by the aurors on our trip that we should emergency portkey to the meadow where all of the ministry scientists were camped. After about six kids used the portkey to get out they attacked the camp and destroyed it. The rest of us scattered to the woods.”

“Did you find your friends right away?” asked Ginny in concern.

“After some running and hiding all of us found each other. A lot of us had cuts and scratches from the wolves but nothing serious enough to turn us into one of them. Once we all had our bearings together we decided that we had to try and find the ministry camp.”

“What happened to the other kids?” asked Ron.

“Well from what I had heard, the kids who first used the portkey told the ministry officials what was going on and deployed all of their aurors to the scene via emergency portkey. As soon as all of them used it their camp was attacked by another group of werewolves. From what my dad told me, there wasn’t nearly enough resistance to keep them back. The main concern at that point was evacuation. The families of the scientists, aurors, and officials were sent to a secret portkey located outside of the camp. In order to give them and us a fighting chance, Pete’s parents torched the meadow burning the entire supply of the Wolfsbane. The combination of the wind and burning plant kept them away for awhile but it wasn’t long enough to save their lives.” William broke down into tears remembering just what had been lost.

“They stayed behind so that everyone else could live. Pete’s little brother Virgil was among those people who made it out. This is him.” William then turned another photo showing him and Peter and another little boy no older than 4 on a small training broom. He looked just like Peter. The most important thing they noticed was that he was happy.

“Getting back to the story, we didn’t get away from the werewolves that easily.”

“You didn’t need to tell us that.” exclaimed Ron motioning to his scars. Hermione then gave him another forceful nudge.

“Ignore him William.” said Harry. “Please continue.”

“We were walking for hours in the dead of night trying to find our bearings through the forest. We thought we would be safe if we stopped and rested to tend to our wounds. That was when a raiding party came our way.” William said as he rubbed the scar near his eye. “We managed to fight them off but we were seriously injured. Isabella had a broken leg and most of us had bites that wouldn’t stop bleeding. There was no doubt that we would be werewolves if we made it out.”

“But you aren’t.” exclaimed Ginny correcting him.

“Yes, because the werewolves retreated when the Wolfsbane smoke blew our way. The ministry scientists said that because we inhaled the smoke most changes from the bites were permanently suppressed. That only kept us safe for so long.”

“What happened after that?” asked Harry as he knew William was having trouble going on.

“When the smoke cleared about an hour later we knew that we didn’t have much more time to get to the camp. These wolves were smarter than usual.”

“How smart?” asked Hermione.

“They weren’t controlled by their baser instincts like most werewolves. They were different; faster, stronger, and smarter. They were using guerilla tactics to take us out.” They did not know what he meant. “You know, picking us off one at a time in order to slow us down?”

“That’s very smart strategy.” replied Hermione analyzing what he was saying.

“I know because it worked.” William then motioned to his leg. “One finally snuck up on us and attacked quickly. Pete, Paul, Darius, Scorpios and Declan fought it off but I ended up with a broken leg and Ally was knocked out.” Tears filled his eyes yet again. “We knew we were running out of time at that point.”

Harry and the others knew the rest from this point on but wanted to hear William account of why it happened. For William, this was without a doubt the most difficult part.

“We tried running for awhile, but were getting nowhere with me and Isabella both injured. All of us knew that if we kept going like this that none of us would make it. One of us would have to stay behind if we had any chance of living through this.” The tears were flowing freely from his eyes now. “There was no way I was going to let Isabella stay. I volunteered before any us could decide. That was when your dream began I guess.”

“Did you know what was going to happen to you?” asked Harry whose eyes began to also get teary.

“I knew they would find me sooner or later. I didn’t care what they did to me as long as Ally and my friends got away. That was all I cared about at that point.” For William, that was when everything changed. “I think that was when I was most frightened… waiting for them to come and find me. Just sitting there in the forest waiting for my turn. You know the rest after that.”

“I’m so sorry William.” said Harry as he rubbed his tears away. In this moment he realized that the both of them had more in common than most people.

Ginny, Ron and Hermione each felt the same way. He was just like them in some odd way. He had seen the true face of evil and lived to tell the tale.

“What did they do to after? You must have escaped somehow.” asked Ron who was very puzzled. Everyone else was wondering the same thing.

“Where your dream ended is where it gets fuzzy for me.” This was indeed the truth being that he was half dead at that point. “For a while they just toyed with me. Each one took a swipe at my chest hoping to get some cry of pain out of me. When that didn’t happen they decided to make me a human punching bag. Again that got real old real fast. That was when they tried to decide what part of me they should eat first.”

The girls gasped at the horror of what he was describing. Even though Ron and Harry stayed silent they were just as shocked as Ginny and Hermione.

“By some odd twist of fate,” continued William with a sarcastic chuckle, “the sun came over the mountains turning them back into men and women. We had been running all night and the moon no longer held its grasp on them. “Their meal was no longer on the menu so to speak. Most of them were too weakened by the change to even stand. That was when he showed up.”

“Who William?” asked Harry. He had never mentioned one person so far.

“I don’t really remember that much but the strangest thing was that he carried a sword on his back and his eyes were red.” The image had stayed in his mind as clear as the day he first saw the man. “By the looks of it he was their leader. He was the one who chose to do this to me.”

“But why did he choose you?” asked Ginny hoping to know a little more about why this had happened.

This matter had to be taken lightly for William’s sake. “Let’s just say that my family was very influential in the wizarding world, both socially and politically, and that making an example out of me would get a lot of attention.” There was no doubt in William’s mind that this was the reason. “Using his words after he unsheathed his sword, ‘My death would remind the world why we once feared the werewolf.’”

“But you didn’t die!” exclaimed Harry. “You made it out somehow. Did he let you live?”

“No. He was interrupted before he could finish the job.” said William rubbing the scar on his eye.

“Who interrupted him?” asked Ron wanting to know how William escaped.

“Two senior aurors and a group of other hunters found the spot and closed in on the group. They all scattered but he stayed behind. When he knew killing me was no longer and option he put this curse on me so I wouldn’t forget what had happened. Then he took sword and gave me this.” said William pointing to the scar around his eye. “Something to remember him by.”

“Did they ever catch him?” asked Hermione. She knew all about werewolves and someone like this was nothing to leave in the wild.

“No, he got away.” William hated the thought that he was still out there. “They caught a few but he slipped by somehow.” It was finally over. The tale he had only told twice before was over. He should have felt relived but he wasn’t.

They took in William’s words with much regret, not just for him but for what they had done to him when they didn’t even know the facts.

“What happened to you after?” asked Ginny wanting to know the final ending. This couldn’t be all to his story.

William was slightly surprised. No one had ever asked what the aftermath was and he didn’t know quite what she meant. “I’m not sure how to answer. What exactly is it you want to know?”

“Well what happened to your friends? What happened to you? Did you ever tell that girl you loved her?” asked Ginny mockingly. She couldn’t believe that he didn’t think they would be curious to know what had happened to everybody else. The rest of the group was just as curious as her except she had only asked sooner.

“Oh okay.” exclaimed William with relief. “Well my friends did make it to the camp to find another group of aurors. Turns out that most of the other kids on the trip had been picked up by other ministry officials way before us. We were the last ones out.”

“How many had died?” asked Ron. Hermione had no more reasons to nudge Ron. She wanted to know just as badly as he did.

“The final count was six.” The sadness was evident in his eyes. “There was Pete’s parents, Paul’s brother Joseph and Ally’s dad Silas. He was part of an auror group that was attacked at the camp.” Although they didn’t know it, his death was a major blow for William’s future. “The other two were German aurors that were working alongside the British government.”

“And you?” asked Harry.

“Me? I woke up in St. Mungo’s two weeks later.” After all this time it was still fresh in his mind. “Most of my ribs were broken, a dislocated jaw, severe blood loss from the claw marks, and a shattered tibia. Most of my body was bruised. Wounds like that would kill a normal person.” He knew what would be asked next.

“Then why didn’t they?” asked Hermione. Even with magical healing William was absolutely right.

“All of the kids on the hike who were bitten and exposed to the Wolfsbane smoke, like me and my friends were changed.” They stared in wonder. “Because we were infected and cured almost immediately, we were left with physical changes to our bodies. Increased strength, senses, sexual allure,” William chuckled at this. “Increased magical abilities like wandless magic, and most importantly, rapid healing.”

Their jaws dropped at what they had just heard. “I walked out of the hospital a week later completely healed. ‘More than a werewolf and not completely human.’ That’s what some people called us.”

This in no way changed their outlook of William Black. He was slightly different than most people, but then again so were they. Though it did answer some questions they had regarding his abilities.

“What about your friends?” asked Ginny.

William was shocked a second time after seeing that none of them were frightened or fazed by this. “All of them had their own shit to deal with I guess. Peter and Virgil had to bury their parents and Paul had to bury his brother. Declan, Darius and Isabella all went home to their families but would come back and visit me in the hospital just about every day. They all did, my family included.” This thought made him smile. Harry and the others smiled as well.

“All of us joined the Order of the Phoenix in the following year.” explained William as he touched his wand to the tattoo which then moved triumphantly. "We were gonna prepare ourselves should anything like that happen again."

“Peter and Virgil had no other family to take care of them so my aunt and uncle adopted both of them.” Even though William was crying he still smiled remembering the day he found out about his newly adopted cousins.

“What about Ally? Did you tell her how you felt?” asked Ron. He knew just what kind of predicament William was in. “I know I regretted not telling Hermione how I felt sooner.” He then leaned over and kissed her softly.

William had many happy memories in the wake of this dark story but this was not one of them. “She was in the room next to mine when I was in the hospital. As soon as I was able to walk I went to her room to see her.” ‘Why did it have to happen that way?’ William asked himself. “She was wracked emotionally by what had happened to her dad. She said that now she had nobody left because her mother had died years before. It was then I told her that she wasn’t alone because I loved her and that I didn’t want to see her that way.”

“I would have definitely kissed you after hearing that!” joked Ginny as she hugged Harry who then gave her a kiss. Ron and Hermione saw the humor in this as well. Even Harry laughed because he knew that she was kidding and that William was no threat to the love they had.

When William didn’t laugh they knew this wasn’t going to end the way they expected it to. Then again, not everything ends the way you think it should.

“She didn’t feel the same way.” said William with a tone of mixed sadness and anger. “She said she hated me and that it was my fault for the deaths of everyone on that hike including her father’s. If I, the 'main target' she called me, wasn't there then no one would’ve had to die. She was glad that she didn’t have to see me anymore because she was going to live with her grandparents in America.” A single tear dropped from his eye when revealing this.

“You didn’t actually believe her did you?” exclaimed Harry taken back by what he had told them. They were all taken back.

“For a while I did and I was pretty mad about it.” answered William. “Then the curse started showing itself and I thought things could only get worse except they didn’t.” A smile replaced the frown on his face. “My friends and family helped find a cure and told me that I had done nothing wrong. What happened to us in the Black Forest wasn’t my fault. It was no one’s fault except the bastard who did this to me.”

“It’s such a shame what happened to you.” said Hermione. “Do you regret it?”

Without any hesitation he answered, “Not at all. If I could go back and do it again I would in heartbeat.” His selflessness was genuine. “Before that I was some cocky arrogant little punk riding on my parent’s fame. I can say that with complete honesty. It made me and my friends all better people after what we had witnessed and done to protect each other. After that I knew I had a purpose in this world. Life is too short to be mad at the world for something you have no control over.”

William was truly speaking from his heart. “I got over the Black Forest, I got over Ally and you know what I learned?”

They shook their heads having no idea. “Sometimes in life you get dealt a shitty hand but good things can still come your way even though you think they won’t.” This was exactly how they all felt when the war was over. “Life has been and is still very good to me.”

He then picked up the photo book and flipped to the very back and pulled out another picture. This time it was of himself and a very beautiful girl in dress robes. The girl in his arms was a brunette with red streaks in her hair. She had on a white dress that only accentuated her wild beauty. William did not look much younger and only made Harry and the others guess that the picture was taken recently.

Both of them were smiling and looking into each other’s eyes with the same love that Harry knew he looked at Ginny with. They were truly happy together.

“That’s the girl I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” smiled William. “This is Elizabeth.”

Some time later…

The group soon realized after much discussion that William had told them just what they needed to know. He had shared his past and had given them a future. At this point it was enough for them.

When they realized that dinner had came and went it was decided that they should all head back to Gryffindor Tower for bed. William stayed behind to clean up the mess.

“Now remember to take a sip of the Dreamscape before you go to sleep.” reminded William. He received many funny looks as they laughed thinking how they could forget that. “Harry could I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure.” said Harry as he turned to his friends. “I’ll be up in a few minutes.” He then turned back to William. “What can I do for you?”

“It’s not about what you can do for me but what you can do for yourself.” Harry looked at him in a confused demeanor. “I saw your mind when I removed the memory.” That was when Harry knew what was coming. “You have a lot of worries.”

“I told you before. I’m afraid of what can happen to all of them.” replied Harry thinking about his friends and family.

William then put his hand on his shoulder seeing how this was a touchy subject for Harry. “Believe me when I say this that you won’t truly live if you keep worrying about the future.”

“I just get so worried some times.”

“Take it from a guy who is from the future.” exclaimed William looking Harry dead in the eyes. “There is a very bright future ahead of all of you.”

He then winked giving Harry indication that everything would be okay. Harry only gasped as his worst fears were proved wrong. “We’ll talk about this some more later.” laughed William as he knew he had just changed Harry’s mind.

Harry left with a renewed sense of confidence for the future. Maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as they were in the past. Only time would tell.

Some hours later in a city far away from Hogwarts…

“It’s good to see you all again!” exclaimed the brown haired man greeting his long time friends. All of them were in their mid to late twenties but they felt much older, more mature than that. Even though he was the eldest he never felt like their superior.

“And you too!” replied the olive-skinned girl in a slight Italian accent. She and her dirty blond haired husband sat at one of the bar tables. The pregnancy was beginning to show greatly in her figure.

“What’s this all about?” asked the blond man in a thick Irish brogue. Usually you don’t pull us out of bed for something like this. That’s why we get together every month.”

“This time it’s different.” replied the brown haired man.

“How different?” asked the Spanish man as he had just entered the bar. He was greeted by more hugs from his friends.

“Huge. It moved again today.” said the brown haired man revealing the tattoo on his arm. “I’m surprised none of you noticed it.” They all had the same tattoo but were too preoccupied with their adopted lives to notice.

“You said that a month ago and we didn’t believe you.” exclaimed the Spanish looking boy.

“This time I have proof.” He then pulled a newspaper from his jacket pocket. “I wish Ghost was here to see this. You couldn’t get a hold of him?” He directed this question toward the olive-skinned girl.

“No, he’s still in Nigeria but I sent a letter to his hotel.”

“Well anyway, a contact of mine in Hogsmeade delivered me a rare find when he sent along this paper.”

He then laid it flat on the table for all of them to see. The headline read, ‘Black Gives Dragon a Magical Whipping.’ All of their eyes went wide in disbelief as they saw the boy on the front cover of the Daily Profit.

“Everything Kingsley told us before we were sent back is coming to fruition.” exclaimed the eldest. “Doc is the warrior who he said would be sent back.”

“You can’t be serious.” exclaimed Paul.

“What do we do now?” asked Isabella holding her husband’s hand tightly.

“We can only do what Kingsley said and wait for him to find us, right?” asked Declan who gripped his wife’s hand just as hard.

“We can only let him know that we are here, no more, no less. As per Kingsley’s instructions.” said the eldest. They were still shocked at this monumental news. “Don’t worry. Virgil is delivering a sign of our presence even as we speak.”

“You always had it all figured it out, didn’t you Pete?” laughed Paul.

“Always ahead of the game.” laughed the eldest. 

A/N: I know its long but you need to know most of the details in order to get the next few chapters. What do you think of the ending? If you like this then you'll love the next few chapters.

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