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Fatal Mistakes
Chapter Three – Duties and Missions

By real_life_sucks
beta'd by dramione12. big thanks to her =)
Dedicated to Hong

Author’s Note: So I hope everyone enjoys this chapter and doesn’t find it too boring. I promise that the story will pick up speed; there are just a few things to add in and everything. The story won’t even cover the entire school year, just up until Christmas break. So it only covers four months. But anyway, if you feel there is something I need to improve within the story, just leave a review telling me what and I’ll try to keep it in mind when I work on the next chapter. And as always, rate and review my dears.

Disclaimer: I still own nothing but the plot, and only the original ideas of the plot. Still waiting for Tom or Draco to go on sale, though new images from the sixth movie would indeed make me happy.

Watching Draco leave the room, Hermione gaped for a few minutes before reaching into her robe to get out her wand. Placing her hand out onto the compartment doorframe, Hermione entered the hallway slowly. Seeing all the other students in the hallway also, many with their wands lit up, Hermione quickly pushed her way through them in an attempt to get back to Ginny. Seeing the flash of red hair, Hermione hollered at her friend.

“Ginny, come back!” Shoving through a few more bodies, she’d almost gotten to the point where she’d seen Ginny, before she heard the students behind her screaming.

Stilling her hand from shaking, Hermione turned around to see what had caused the screaming and commotion behind her. Internally knowing what she was about to see, Hermione had no change in her facial features as she saw the Death Eaters swarming the cabins, terrorizing students in the process. With the Death Eaters almost on her, Hermione still hadn’t moved until a hand whipped out grabbed her arm, pulling her into a compartment.

About to scream, the girl breathed a sigh of relaxation when she saw it was just Ginny. Ginny motioned for her to remain silent and pushed her into a door that had appeared in the compartment. Squeezing herself in, Hermione felt a body beside her, but had no idea who it belonged to. Seconds later she felt Ginny step in and shut the door, leaving the group in complete darkness, not even cracks showing from the door. Standing very still, and combating the slight feelings of claustrophobia she had, Hermione listened as she heard the Death Eaters enter the compartment.

“I don’t see anyone in here, do you?” A voice asked in hush tones, a sly and fast paced voice Hermione had never heard before. Leaning her ear against the wall, she listened a little harder to see if she could tell what they were doing. By the sounds of it, she presumed they were going through the trunks and bags that were in the room. A hissing noise startled Hermione into jamming back, where she hit her head on the wall behind her.

“Damned to hell, stop bumping into stuff man.” The same voice hissed, and Hermione breathed out in relief as the Death Eater attributed the noise to his partner. Several long and boring moments passed by with no one talking before Hermione heard a voice she recognized.

Closing her eyes tightly as the silky voice spoke, Hermione almost felt like crying. “If you don’t at least endeavor to execute your job correctly, you’ll get all of us killed.” The voice lashed out, and Hermione could almost imagine it wrapping itself around the other Death Eater and squeezing him to death. In the confines of her space though, Hermione’s only thought was how she had been in the same room as a voice that had sounded exactly like that less than ten minutes earlier.

Eventually the two Death Eaters left the compartment, but the group still waited in the hiding space for several more long minutes, wanting to be sure that they wouldn’t come back through and find them. Finally Ginny opened the door back into the compartment, and the group filed out. Seeing Neville and Luna come out behind her, Hermione smiled partially at them. “I’m going to go check the other compartments. I need to make sure students are okay.” With a brief wave, Hermione clutched her wand as she entered the hallway.

Stealthily looking into compartments before entering them, Hermione went into each compartment, checking that students were okay. Most of the students she talked to said that they hadn’t noticed the Death Eaters do much but search the contents of the compartment, but she finally reached one where the girl was crying hysterically. Asking what was wrong, the girls’ voice cracked as she sobbed to Hermione. “T-t-they took m-my brot-brother.” Pulling the girl in close to her, Hermione stroked the girl’s hair, noticing that it must be the girls first year since her robes had no house colors. Cursing the Death Eaters mentally, Hermione eventually detached the girl from her body before taking her to the compartment Ginny was in, and giving the girl to her friends to take care of.

Heading back towards the front of the train, specifically the Heads’ compartment, Hermione froze in her tracks as she heard talking and a muffled chortle from inside the room. Shrinking into the shadows to watch, fear overtook her body causing it to shake to no end as she saw two Death Eaters leaving the very room she was about to enter. Thanking whoever was looking down on her that day that no one had bothered to look back into the shadows and see her. Waiting a few mere minutes, that seemed to be hours, the brunette stepped cautiously into the compartment, looking behind her the whole time.

Turning around slowly in the dark, in an attempt to make no noise, Hermione froze on the spot as she came face to face with one of the masked Death Eaters. Several long moments passed by as the two stared at each, and it was unclear which one was more shocked at the appearance of the other. Finally pulling up her wand feebly, Hermione gulped deeply. “W-why are you here?” She whispered, her voice barely making an impact in the silent cabin. The Death Eater silently snaked out a pale hand out and grabbed her wrist, using little effort to lower it down so the wand was no longer pointed at him.

The two stood like that for several seconds before the voice slithered out from the mask. “You never saw me here. If you breathe this to anyone, we’re both dead.” The silky voice filled the small compartment as the two tangoed around in a circle, so that the Death Eaters’ back was to the door.
Gulping as she recognized the voice from earlier, Hermione stared dumbly at him as he reached his hand back to grab the door handle. After several moments, Hermione finally realized he was waiting on her.

“I give you my promise.” She whispered staring at her hand as his fingers unwound. About to say something else to the masked figure, Hermione stared as she looked up and saw that he’d already left and closed the door without making a noise. Shaking to no end, Hermione sat down on the bench in the compartment, breathing deeply to calm herself. “I won’t tell a soul.” She whispered quietly to the already gone Death Eater.

Breathing in under the mask, Draco leaned against the wall outside the Heads’ compartment. If anyone were to find out what he just did, letting go of the one person they’d been trying to get a hold of, everything as he knew it would fall apart. Listening to the girl inside, he pushed off the wall to make his way stealthy down the aisle to a designated meeting place for the students who had participated in the raid. At least he knew Hermione wouldn’t tell anyone, in fear of her own life. He could see the fear in her eyes as he talked to her. And it scared him that he held that much power over someone as strong as her. Shaking the ridiculous thoughts, Draco quickened his pace, his footsteps echoing off the walls in the silent train.

The changing rooms located at the very front of the train finally came into sight and small echoes off the wall became more frequent Draco’s speed quickened. The door opened right as he was about to put his hand out, and Draco obediently entered the room. Seeing the boy bound on the floor, Draco pulled off his mask in frustration, facing the one he knew was his father. “We only came for the girl.” Snarling at his father, Draco’s thoughts churned in his mind.

He was the one who had been put in charge of this operation, him and no one else. The reason there were even adults to accompany the raid was to take away the girl when they’d gotten her. Voldemort had given strict orders that the mission was to be the younger Malfoy’s, not the older Malfoy’s. The mask slowly came off his father’s face, and the long pale hair fell in cascades. Glaring as his father merely rubbed his nose, he waited for him to answer him. As the minutes ticked by, and still no answer from the elder Death Eater, Draco snapped out his question. “Why is the boy here?” Each word came out crisp and sharp, and he saw the other Death Eaters in the cabin flinch back from the tone of his voice.

The stand-off between father and son continued with no interference from the observers until the lights on the train flickered back on. The next series of events was a blur as Malfoy senior and two others quickly grabbed the boy and ran out of the compartment, to flee from the train before it began to move too fast. The rest of them stripped off their masks and pointed their wands at their cloaks to turn them back into the school cloaks. Shoving the masks into a bag Draco held out, a quick spell was muttered and the bag disappeared with a faint pop to be stored safely. In pairs, the groups began to leave the changing room until only Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini remained.

“Your father is going to get us all killed.” The soft spoken boy grabbed Draco’s arm as he had tried to leave the compartment. “Our Lord doesn’t like to be disobeyed. Does your father forget the last time?” As his friend raised his eyebrows, Draco hissed as he was reminded of the last time his father disobeyed orders – the entire Malfoy clan had been punished for his father’s folly.

Turning on his friend in a flash, Draco twisted Zabini’s arm into a painful position. “Of course I remember, but what do you propose that I do? My father is nonsensical about everything he does. Even if the instructions required getting a solitary piece of pie, my father would fuck up the plans.” The once grey eyes had turned black in his anger as Draco glared at his friend, who in turned pried off the pale fingers from his dark skin. Snatching his fingers away, in fear that his friend would in turn exhort his own strength by breaking his fingers, the platinum haired boy ran his hand through his hair. The last couple of missions had all turned out sourly, just because his father had determined that he needed to gain the glory for the mission and that his own son could not usurp him.

The train jolted to a stop once more, and the two left the compartment to join the stream of students filling off into the station In Hogsmeade, blending in as if nothing had happened. “I only wanted to warn you. If the rest of us get in trouble for your father’s foolishness, there will be many disgruntled Death Eaters.” With those words, Blaise walked off into a group of Slytherin’s who greeted him, where he was assaulted by Pansy.

Sneering as the boy walked off, Draco stalked onward on his. Towards the end of his sixth year, Pansy had decided that it wasn’t worth the misplaced affections on the Malfoy heir and had instead turned her interests to one just as wealthy, the Zabini heir. It was a relief to have the pestering girl around him at all times, but it also meant that many of the others he had hung around had transferred their friendship along with the girl, leaving the Malfoy boy to have quite a solitary life, though he hardly had a complaint about it.

Moving his way towards the front of the crowd, Malfoy reached into his bag and pulled out the pin that declared him Head Boy. Pinning it to his robes as he hurried along, he jumped inside the first carriage, barely glancing at the thestrals, and had just taken a seat beside some terrified second year as the carriage jolted off. Not even bothering to smile reassuringly at the younger student, though he was sure his counterpart in the job would have, Draco looked out the window as the carriage made the long trek up from Hogsmeade to the castle. As soon as the carriage stopped moving, he once again bounded out of the carriage, slowly making his way in with the rest of the students that had gotten off the following carriages.

Eyes alert for a professor, the Head Boy turned down a separate hallway from the rest of the students, intent on heading straight up to his room to sort out a few things. Taking the stairs, impatient as they continued to change on him, the boy rushed through the hallways, ignoring the clatter of his feet, finally reaching the portrait of the first Head Boy and Girl. Standing in front of it, the boy’s eyebrows knit together as he racked his brain to remember the password. “Password?” The boy asked; his nose rose into the air as if he was better. Glancing briefly at the robes the Head Boy wore, Draco scoffed as he saw they were also Slytherin robes.

“Rapport,” He finally said, the password coming to him after several seconds of the two in the portrait staring at him. Jumping as the portrait slid past him, barely missing him, Draco jumped inside the common room, not bothering to pay attention to the directions, but to instead rush up the stairs he saw. Opening the first door he came upon, he let out a disgusted noise as he saw the room dressed in red, obviously meant for Hermione. Shutting the door quickly and opening the door across the hallway, Draco entered the room and shut the door behind him quietly, unaware of the Head Girl that stood at the bottom of the stairs, glaring up at him.

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