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Young twelve-year-old Harry Potter ran through the halls of Hogwarts heading for Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. There he knew the Chamber of Secrets lied. He had to save Ginny! If she was taken into the chamber who know what could have happened? By now the basilisk had probably put a mitten on it's tail, popped Ginny into an oven, and baked her till she was crispy brown!

But, while racing to the Chamber an idea formed in his head, so brilliant, so simple, that he could not believe he didn't think of it before.

* * *

Smiling smugly Tom Riddle watched as young Ginny Weasley was being drained of her life force. She served the dual purpose of not only bringing Potter to him but also giving him life. Why, even if Potter did not show up, he would still regain full power, and kill him anyway!

Just then the snake door opened and Harry Potter appeared with a square lump in his pocket. Odd.

“Ah, Potter!” Riddle hissed.“I was expecting you!”

“Look Voldemort, this time I'm not letting you get away so just surrender now!” Harry declared.

Riddle looked confused.

“Um, Harry, in the book it says that your not supposed to know who I am yet. Aren't I supposed to reveal it to you?” he questioned, putting on some reading glasses with a metallic snake bridge and pulling out Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

A look of comprehension dawned on Harry's face.

“Oh crud I messed the hole thing up didn't I?” he asked worriedly.

“No it's quite alright, we can just continue from 'surrender now!'” Tom assured him.

“Oh, Ok, good.”

But then Riddle pulled out another book and started reading.

"Ha ha! In your sixth year you actually get interested in this girl!" he said laughing and pointing at Ginny.

Harry sighed.

"Look Tom," he said, pinching the bridge of his nose."If your going to pull that out every five seconds I might as well take Ginny and run."

"What? Oh right, sorry, this thing is just so bloody addicting!"

"Oh, well, I guess I would know that would I? Seeing as everyone's allowed to read about my future but me." Harry grumbled.

Riddle cleared his throat.

“Ah ha! But it is you that shall surrender Potter! For I have the might of the basilisk on my side! Come forth my beast!”

Suddenly the mouth of the statue if Salazar Slytherin opened up and the giant snake slithered out.

"Ha!" exclaimed Harry."I'm not afraid of you, your basilisk, or your stupid satue of Saladbar Slytherin!"

"IT'S SALAZAR!" roared Riddle."Alright, you just earned yourself a one-way ticket down death road Potter!"

"That is like, the oldest death threat in the history of mankind! Can't you even make up good insults?" asked Harry laughing.

“Kill him.” Voldemort hissed to the basilisk in parsletounge.

The basilisk immediately took action and sped toward Harry as fast as a bullet. But Harry was ready.

At the last second Harry pulled out a mirror from his pocket and shined it at the basilisk. The giant snake took one look at itself and died.

Voldemort looked flabbergasted.

“That was easy.” commented Harry.

“I hate you.” put in Riddle.

“Noted.” replied Harry, and with that he stabbed the diary with the basilisk fang, slung Ginny over his shoulders, and walked away.

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