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Lunaric Storm by Tonks1247
Chapter 1 : Kissing in the Rain
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Luna Lovegood was outside searching. What she was in search for was an aguabler, a creature her father had read about while in Wales, and had said one could be found by hogwarts. She was really curious as to how an aguabler looked and wanted to find one herself so she was out in the heavy downpour searching.

She had been out searching for about a half-hour and had found no trace of anything, but wasn't going to give up yet. She had a feeling it would not take her much longer to find one. The one thing Luna didn’t know was that she was no longer alone. She completely missed the fact that the oak front doors had opened and that a blonde haired boy had slipped out of the school.

The boy, Draco Malfoy, had made his way toward Luna, and she still, hadn’t noticed as her search continued..

“What the hell are you doing out in the rain Lovegood?” asked Draco, who was completely soaked from the heavy down pour from only 5 minutes out in it. His hair was dripping wet and hanging down in his face.

Luna didn’t jump, as Draco had expected her to. Instead, she sent a glance in his direction and said “I’m looking for an aguabler, Malfoy.”

“What the bloody hell is an aguabler?” questioned Draco, Brushing his hair from his eyes and looking around.

“An aguabler is a creature that only comes out during a rain storm in November. It can’t swim or run fast, but it can fly. No one has seen one since 1247, and-”

“Since 1247? Don’t you figure it to be extinct,” Draco interrupted, irritated that she had to give as much detail as possible about something he didn't really care about.

“ If everyone stops looking for it because they think it instinct, who knows if it is still out there.” said Luna thoughtfully, pulling herself to her full height and looking Draco in the eyes. 

“Lovegood,” Draco shook his head as he replied “you are so weird sometimes, yet so attra-”

Draco stopped in mid-word. He hadn’t meant to say the last part of the sentence out loud. And truthfully, he didn’t know where it came from. 

Since when did I find Luna Lovegood attractive, thought Draco, hoping Luna didn’t hear the last part of the sentence.

“ I missed the ending of that, what did you say?” said Luna, looking at him hopefully.

It would be quite a day for Luna if Draco may have fancied her. She had fancied him for the better part of the last year, but would never say anything to give herself away. She thought Draco would be too cold to have that sort of feeling for her.

But, Luna thought. If Draco called me attractive that means he likes me… I think.

“I…uh…nothing Luna,” said Draco, stuttering.

“Wait, Draco. You called me by my first name. You never call me by my first name,” said Luna smiling.

“I…ahh…umm…well..” Draco stuttered again. “You called me by my first name too!” Draco finally said childishly.

“It’s not like I haven’t done it before.” Luna pointed out, feeling hope bubbling up within her.

"Ummm....well....I have used your first name before, haven't I?" Draco replied, frantically trying to come up with a time he had used Luna's first name in front of her.

"Not that I can recall at all,” said Luna, not really trying to remember a time.

“I had to of once,” said Draco,thinking out loud.

“Luny Luna Lovegood doesn’t cou-”

Luna was cut off by Draco leaning forward and kissing her. Luna was too stunned to do anything.

Draco pulled back slightly and whispered, "Is that a reason to use your first name Luna?"

Draco was about to turn around and head back up to the castle, when Luna leaned forward and kissed him again. As their lips met, lightning struck .

"I like your reasoning," said Luna, inches from Draco's lips.

A loud crack of thunder sounded as they started kissing again.

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Lunaric Storm: Kissing in the Rain


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