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Love Agianst the Will by Invisible_Prongs
Chapter 1 : Train Shocked
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Rose Weasley is on her way to the Hogwarts Express. She is the daughter of the famous Harry Potter’s friends, Ron and Hermione. She has red bushy hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is starting her final year at Hogwarts. She is really excited that she is Head Girl.

“Come on Rosie you have ten minutes to get on.” Hermione warns her daughter

“Mom why did you have to point out the obvious.” replied Rose “ and don’t call me Rosie, it is embarrassing.”

She helped her brother, Hugo, get his trunk on the train along with his owl, XZYL, on the luggage rack, she already put he trunk and her cat, Ace, on the train.

“Wow, Rose this is my last year at Hogwarts with you.” said Hugo sadly

“It is okay, you have your friends and you still have our cousins too.” said Rose in a matter of Fact voice “Now I am going to Head Boy or Girl compartment. See you later at Hogwarts.”

“Yah, See you at Hogwarts!” said Hugo and went back to his friend

Rose is making her way though the hall of the train. When she trips over someone’s leg. She looks up to see Albus laughing at her and his leg under hers.

“What the bloody hell was that for!?!” said Rose as she got up in a huff.

“ I just wanted to let you know I was on the train. You also should beware of my pranking manner. That’s all. See you later!” said Albus as he ran before Rose could Hex him.

‘oh one of these days he is going to pay for pranking me all the time.’ Rose said to herself. She finally made it to the Head Compartment. The compartment looked more comfortable than the student compartment. It was similar to the Prefect Compartment. It was empty she was the only one there. so she thought until …

“well, is my Rose Head Girl to my Head Boy.” said a sly voice

‘ oh no, Headmistress Myer didn’t make the person I loath the most in the entire world Head Boy’ Rose thought. She turned around and the last thing she remembered seeing was Scorpius with his silver eyes and shocking blond hair.

Scorpius caught Rose before she fell to the ground. He placed her on the closest seat to them. He decided to go get Domie (Dominique) and Roxie (Roxanne), Rose’s Cousins, to help wake rose up. He ran down to the corridor. He found them talking with each other. He finally got them to come and help Rose. They followed Scorpius there.

“What did you do to her!” Roxie exclaimed at once. She rushed over to Rose. Domie followed her closely

Rose of course still unconscious but she was dreaming. She was in a field of thorn less roses. The dream sifted to an awful nightmare. The roses turned into scorpions with Scorpius’s heads. Scorpius said “Me, I didn’t touch her all. All I said ‘well, is my rose Head Girl to my Head Boy.’ she turns and starts to fall over.”

“Sure you did!” said Roxie “Name one reason I should trust a word you a utter ot of your bloody mouth, MALFOY!”

“YEAH!” said Domie

Rose started to stir. Roxie and Domie turned their attention to Rose. All of a sudden Rose sat up bolt up right. Then screamed bloody murder. Then out of no where Hugo comes running into the compartment.

“what wrong!” Hugo cried “Is Rose all right? I was just walking in the corridor on prefect duty. I heard her scream.”

“she’s fine, Hugo.” said Domie. She lead him out of the compartment and came back. Before Hugo left from the compartment door window he stuck out his tough and made a Raspberry.

Roxie said to Rose “Are you okay?”

“Oh Yeah. I am peachy keen.” said Rose sarcastically “I just woke up from a terrifying Dream. Where I am in a field of roses but all of it turns into a field of scorpions. The scorpions had heads that looked like Scorpius.” she took a deep breath and continued “ The dream before this one is terrifying. I was in this compartment by my self. I turn toward the door to see Scorpius and he was Head Boy.”

“Ahem!” Scorpius cleared his throat. Rose looked at him. Then Scorpius straighten his robes more. The gold badge glinted on his chest in the lamp light.

“Good fake, MALFOY!” said rose hopefully

“You sure don’t give me any credit, do you?” said Scorpius “Do you wish for me to take it off and show you?”

Rose nodded stunned. Scorpius unpinned it . Then he handed it to her.

“I…” Rose managed to get out before she dropped the badge and clamped her hand over her mouth. Then ran for the nearest bathroom. Scorpius rolled his eyes and laughed as he picked up his badge. Domie and Roxie rushed after rose. They find her in the first stall with the door locked.

“Rose, are you okay?” Domie and Roxie said in unison.

“I’m f …”Rose started to say. Domie and Roxie heard her throw up. Then Rose unlocked the door and said “… fine” as she wiped her bottom lip.

“Are you Sure?” Said Domie

“Yeah, that was a big shock for you.” said Roxie “and that didn’t sound fine.”

“really guy, I’m Fine” Rose said in a stiff voice.

“Okay, would you like us to go back to your compartment?” Said Roxie

“No, I will be fine and besides I will ignore him.” said Rose

The cousins split up. Rose went back to the compartment. Scorpius tried to look casual because he was watching Rose come back. He opened the door for Rose.

“Are you okay, my Rosie?” said Scorpius smoothly

“First, I’m not your Rosie. Second you’re gross! Third You make me Sick, Literally!” said Rose Disgusted

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